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Asus Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out Now


The Asus Transformer Prime update to Ice Cream Sandwich is live now. If you own the device, check for it!


Cheers Bill!

  • isnt the galaxy tab 10.1 suppose to get ics very soon?

  • Anthony Vella

    Wifi issues may be a problem but we can FINALLY REMOVE THE ASUS OVERLAY!!! ITS IN DEVELOPER OPTIONS, HELL YEA!!

  • David Parrella

    Updating now!!! WOOOOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    is the bootloader unlocked in this update?

    • Anonymous

      or should i say unlockable?

  • Anonymous

    Wtf Kellex you live in Troy? I live really close to there!

    • Anonymous

      no kellex lives in portland, the person who sent the screen shots in lives in troy

  • got it. now waiting on bionic ICS update.  Wondering how long it will take Motorola to get this to customers.

  • Anonymous

    What are the chances of ICS hitting sometime for those of use with that “ancient” TF101?? 

  • whackjester

    I checked for updates first for the .33 update and now for ICS and I get a message that there are no updates pending.  Do I need to do anything special?  What gives?

    • Make sure you have more than 50% battery, and i would just restart the device