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Samsung Puts Up Record Numbers This Quarter, HTC Falters For The First Time In Two Years

Both Samsung and HTC released their Q4 earnings today and the results are no where near similar. Thanks to shipping over 32 million smartphones and a hefty $1.38 billion dollar deal for their hard drive business to Seagate, Samsung’s operating profit jumped an entire 75% to $4.5 billion. While HTC struggled to make a new place for themselves in the smartphone market, they dropped 26% to just $364 million of net income. Samsung seems to have all the right moves lately as back in October they were named the world’s #1 smartphone manufacturer over Apple. 

HTC shipped an estimated 10 million smartphones, but are expected to ship an even lower 8.5 million this quarter. Thanks to the stiff competition from Samsung and Apple, HTC needs the ability to find their, “competitive edge” which analysts are projecting may not happen until mid-2012.  It is easy to see that these newest numbers somewhat reflect the numbers we posted when we asked our readers which devices they owned.  The Rezound was definitely a device HTC might have banked on, but thanks to the Galaxy Nexus, it didn’t see as much success as they might have hoped for.

Via: Bloomberg, Venture Beat

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  • Wowzor

    I bet the overwhelming sales are more related to the very popular Galaxy S II sold world wide. In fact it sold very successfully world wide before the S II even hit the states. Not the Nexus on Verizon. 

  • boo Jay

    C’mon HTC, you guys make better phones than Samsung, who make better phones than Apple.  Unfortunately, in terms of marketing it’s the other way around.

  • HTC spent all their money on Dr. Dre while the quality of their phones did not improve. At least their bootloaders are open though. {{-_-}}

  • Rick

    the bolt turned me off too htc slow to fix last with gingerbread…piss poor battery life..

  • jayblack1

    Sense doesn’t even feel like android.. I was immediately disgusted when i got my dinc2, I couldn’t wait to root it and get stock android back.

  • May be Cher Wang should spend less time buying a TV station in HK, and spend more time on making phones …

  • HTC hardware with a Samsung battery and samsung processer with MotoBlur is a dream for me that will never come true :/

    • WTF people actually LIKE MotoBlur? Wow I feel bad you have not experienced what Android really is yet…….

      • I take that back now. I actually have an Epic 4G Touch on it with TouchWhiz.

  • Parrothead

    G-Nex was the best decision I’ve ever made, in terms of phones…

  • Anonymous

    But…, but… what about Beats by Dr. Dre? That didn’t magically fix everything? I though celebrity gimmicks were major money-makers.

  • diabetesman88

    cool samsung is up and they dont even keep there phones update with latest firmware… thats really annoying

  • Anonymous

    Using an HTC phone is like trying to navigate a Rubik’s cube.  My father hasn’t downloaded a single app on his Dinc2 and its so loaded down with so much crap that I couldn’t even figure out where to start making his phone work better for him.  He tells himself every day that he should have gotten an iPhone.

    Sense looks like it was developed in the 90’s for phones in the 90’s.  Putting it up against my Galaxy Nexus made it look like a LG Dare in comparison.

  • I wonder how many of those millions of shipments are due to replace POS buggy Nexus phones. I know I myself account for two devices, until I returned the damn thing and got the Rezound, which actually works. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes. this.

    • Anonymous

      Troll much?

      • Depends. Do I need to be a kool-aid sipping fanboi to comment here? If so, then guess I’m a troll, cause I don’t like the taste of kool-aid. I waited months for the Nexus. I wanted to love it. But it didn’t work out. What good is a phone with no signal and a 6hr battery life? My Rezound has been perfect. 

        • Anonymous
          • JustinD2473

            Yeah, on 3G only.  We could all do that.

          • I wish I could have gotten that! Mine would lose about 10% while just sitting on my desk, with 4G turned off. If I turned the screen on at all, it would go extremely quick. I see you also have very high ‘Android OS’ usage. This was my problem too. The CPU would stay awake for hours on end. Both the phones I had did this, and adding kernels just made the phone laggy. 

            That, and the data drops. My bars would show 3G or 4G, but it would be grayed out, and I’d get no data. It would only work when it turned blue again. Battery life I could almost live with. Data drops, not a chance. 

          • Rolo72

            This was my EXACT experience. Thanks for reconfirming my decision to bring it back and not try another one. My wife loves her Rezound and now that its unlocked, I may get one.

          • SarahMarsh

            Troll much?

          • Jam120992

            Troll much

    • JohnWellington

      Juan, you do realize that a returned phone offsets the original sales, so 2 bought phones with 2 returns = 0 sales.   Adios!

  • Anonymous

    and just wait for them all to start fuming once they realize they can’t upgrade to jellybean because samsung would rather not ditch touchwiz to make space for it 😛
    How quickly we forget.

    • Anonymous

      That’s while I’ll stick with NEXUS! Once I figured out how to get an upgrade that is 😉

  • Anonymous

    Sammy’s kicking tail and taking names

    • Anonymous

      Well obviously it’s just because they build such terrible quality devices that people have to buy new ones all the time.

      /S with a capital S because it’s heavy. There will still be haters.

  • Perhaps if HTC stopped packing Sense into every phone they come out with people would wanna actually buy them. I had one HTC phone (thunderbolt) and never again.. sense is cool for 30 minutes, then my battery died. 

    • LawrenceofAbkhazia

      Not to mention, if only HTC stopped shorting everyone on batteries, and actually packed some battery power on their devices so that they last more than 2hrs, like Motorola and Sammy do.

      • Michael Forte

        Yeah, most of their devices are like tanks, yet still have tiny batteries.

        • Anonymous

          I gotta tell ya man, my Rezound gets damn good battery life for only packing a 1620. Damn better than the Nexus I had! From what I see most moto devices are pretty hefty with exception to the Razr which is too damn thin for me! Damn you for putting HTC down! Haha….

  • Got the Dinc the first day it came out. There’s only one reason I didn’t go with another HTC phone and opted for the GN…..when the “low application error” bug was identified, HTC did NOTHING to fix it. At that point, I knew I wouldn’t stay with a manufacturer who knowingly ignored a big issue.

    • Anonymous

      My friends Evo does the same. It’s their built in Email application apparently.

  • Ryan C

    I can think of 10 people i know that have not liked their Samsung device that was released in the last year. and on top of that maybe 3 that didnt like their HTC and possibly 6-7 that didnt like their Moto phone. Granted, that they were noobs, but im talking general average users.

  • Russ

    How many Rezound sales do you think they lost to the Galaxy Nexus because of the bootloader issue?

    • emdubs

      one here.

    • They lost my sale, until I actually got my hands on a Nexus, and saw what a POS it was. Returned it for the Rezound, haven’t looked back. I don’t miss the Nexus at all. 

      • Anonymous

        You’ve said this about a dozen times now, we got it.

        • Sorry. Forgot I need to load up on the kool-aid before dealing with you guys. My bad. 

          • Anonymous

            I haven’t seen any Nexus fanboys chime in here, only you stating the same thing 4 times so far.

  • Anonymous

    Sense needs a revamp and their hardware needs a facelift. They will do it and revive in 2012.

    • Anonymous

      I hope so. Sense use to be awesome.

  • Sense was originally just a bunch of semi-tolerable tweaks to Android, but it has evolved into this horrible monster that is just tackily overdone and laggy as hell. Consumers don’t want it and it’s definitely showing.

    • Anonymous

      This! This!! This!!!! I used to love HTC when sense was just an elegant upgrade to a very green Android. But Vanilla Android has progressed and doesnt need all thes ebells and whistles anymore. A coworker pulled out the HTC Sensation the other day and it did all these crazy circus animations just after unlocking it and I was like WTF?

    • Anonymous

      Was out with fiends last night and one of them pulled his phone out. I immediately recognized it as a Rezound and started talking to him about it. He’s an average user, not a technology nerd. He said Sense was one of the reasons he bought the phone.

      There needs to be an option to turn it off, no doubt.

    • Overclock to 1.83 GHz and disable the file that keeps one core off until a load hits and you’ll get rid of that lag.

      • Anonymous

        Git rid of your battery life too.

  • QtDL

    Sammy TVs are great. Glad they have come down in price over the last few years – maybe I can get another one then. Spent way too much on a LED tv 3.5 years ago. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    HTC needs to switch up their design and fix the la-a-a-aaaaag.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung makes good TVs.  Other than that…..meh

    • /facepalm lol 

      I enjoy their handsets. Some say they’re cheap feeling, but I think they’re just fine 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sammy TV’s are definitively the best. All 4 TV’s I own is Sammy. Though LG is coming on strong now.

      • Rolo72

        Amen. I took a chance with an LG LCD TV 5 years ago and its never given me one problem. Based on that I bought an LG LED 2 years ago and have been completely satisfied. Considering they’re generally cheaper then Samsung, they’re an excellent deal. Samsung’s are top notch too though.

  • Hmmm…

    Samsung = unlocked, unencrypted bootloaders
    HTC (until September, and not announced until recently) = locked bootloaders on most handsets

    Coincidence? I think not!

    (Actually it probably is, but I feel all warm and fuzzy thinking that this is the reason instead of lackluster and problematic phone models.)

  • Anonymous

    HTC has been slipping for some time.  The G2 was the last HTC phone that I’ve actually wanted.  Hoping this will be their wake up call.

  • Same old Sense!
    Nothing to set it apart!

    • Russ

      There are a lot of things I like about Sense like the predictive dialer and the smooth scrolling (and much faster to use) date/time selectors. The rest is just flashy “look at me” stuff and most of us have seen it already and are tired of looking.

  • I love Sammy <3