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Looking for a WiFi Tether App that Doesn’t Require Root Access? Here You Go


We understand that not everyone is interested in rooting their Android device. While doing so usually introduces you to a whole new world of phone fun, some just do not have the time or simply do not care. One thing is clear though, they still want a wireless tethering solution that doesn’t include calling up Verizon and forking out another $30 a month. That’s where “Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether” comes into play. There are both free and full versions of the app that according to our readers, both work with the Galaxy Nexus. It even has a snazzy little toggle widget to get you up and tethering in seconds. Oh, and the developer offers a 5-day warranty of sorts to get you a refund if you can’t seem to get the app working correctly.

Worth a shot, I’d say.

Market Links:  Free | Full ($9.99)

Cheers Scott and everyone else that sent this in!

  • drlmg

    Portable wi-fi hotspot didn’t work for me either. I have a droid x2 with android v 2.3.5….. However, FoxFi v1.95.3 worked well. It is free but has a has a full version upgrade for $6.97, I am unsure as to what the upgrade does.

  • I can’t get it to work on my Droid X , not rooted, Android 2.3.4 and System Version 4.5.621

  • Ross Newhouse

    bought paid version for my GNEX. worked fine for my moto XOOM, but not for XBOX?  It connects and to it and the internet but cannot connect to XBOX live?  any thoughts on this?

  • Chitomanas

    I tried the Trial version on my Droid Bionic, it works great.  Developer……..Great Job!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way to connect an android tablet to a wifi(phone) hotspot?

  • Bjrunkel

    I have used this app for 3 days on my Galaxy Nexus. Works great. Have had 2 computers and 1 ipad on at the same time without noticing any decline in speed. Love it!

  • Lee

    Will this work on a D Bionic?

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  • Gladiator52x

    Yeah seems to work at first then when you try to tether a device to your phone it redirects to vzw hotspot referral page and prompts you to sign up, will not let you past the vzw agreement. Moto DX.

  • I’d like to root my Galaxy Nexus like I used to do with my Droid X, but I just don’t have the time. I found an app that I can tether with, which also enabled me to play online over XBOX live. It’s called 1 Click Wifi Tether

  • Iseid0441

    Doesn’t work on sprint’s nexus s 4g
    Easytether works great though, it’s on sale on amazon for  4.99 only

  • DroidVader

    I don’t get. No root no appp needed. D2 and Xoom connect via bluetooth. Done I’m on it all day.

  • Anonymous

    For kicks, I downloaded Portable wi-fi hotspot widget by taiseiko on my NON rooted Gnex and it works….for free. Soooo, ten bucks for a toggle probably not in my future. Going to play around with it and see how it works and how long it lasts, so far, just as fast as the app noted here.

  • Kevhilton

    All these comments about working, not working, will verizon allow it, will they not? Just root your dang phone, install wireless tether which is free, and be done with it! So simple

  • Kerrythebeast

    Works amazing via wifi to my galaxy tab at work!