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Looking for a WiFi Tether App that Doesn’t Require Root Access? Here You Go


We understand that not everyone is interested in rooting their Android device. While doing so usually introduces you to a whole new world of phone fun, some just do not have the time or simply do not care. One thing is clear though, they still want a wireless tethering solution that doesn’t include calling up Verizon and forking out another $30 a month. That’s where “Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether” comes into play. There are both free and full versions of the app that according to our readers, both work with the Galaxy Nexus. It even has a snazzy little toggle widget to get you up and tethering in seconds. Oh, and the developer offers a 5-day warranty of sorts to get you a refund if you can’t seem to get the app working correctly.

Worth a shot, I’d say.

Market Links:  Free | Full ($9.99)

Cheers Scott and everyone else that sent this in!

  • drlmg

    Portable wi-fi hotspot didn’t work for me either. I have a droid x2 with android v 2.3.5….. However, FoxFi v1.95.3 worked well. It is free but has a has a full version upgrade for $6.97, I am unsure as to what the upgrade does.

  • I can’t get it to work on my Droid X , not rooted, Android 2.3.4 and System Version 4.5.621

  • Ross Newhouse

    bought paid version for my GNEX. worked fine for my moto XOOM, but not for XBOX?  It connects and to it and the internet but cannot connect to XBOX live?  any thoughts on this?

  • Chitomanas

    I tried the Trial version on my Droid Bionic, it works great.  Developer……..Great Job!

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way to connect an android tablet to a wifi(phone) hotspot?

  • Bjrunkel

    I have used this app for 3 days on my Galaxy Nexus. Works great. Have had 2 computers and 1 ipad on at the same time without noticing any decline in speed. Love it!

  • Lee

    Will this work on a D Bionic?

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  • Gladiator52x

    Yeah seems to work at first then when you try to tether a device to your phone it redirects to vzw hotspot referral page and prompts you to sign up, will not let you past the vzw agreement. Moto DX.

  • I’d like to root my Galaxy Nexus like I used to do with my Droid X, but I just don’t have the time. I found an app that I can tether with, which also enabled me to play online over XBOX live. It’s called 1 Click Wifi Tether

  • Iseid0441

    Doesn’t work on sprint’s nexus s 4g
    Easytether works great though, it’s on sale on amazon for  4.99 only

  • DroidVader

    I don’t get. No root no appp needed. D2 and Xoom connect via bluetooth. Done I’m on it all day.

  • Anonymous

    For kicks, I downloaded Portable wi-fi hotspot widget by taiseiko on my NON rooted Gnex and it works….for free. Soooo, ten bucks for a toggle probably not in my future. Going to play around with it and see how it works and how long it lasts, so far, just as fast as the app noted here.

  • Kevhilton

    All these comments about working, not working, will verizon allow it, will they not? Just root your dang phone, install wireless tether which is free, and be done with it! So simple

  • Kerrythebeast

    Works amazing via wifi to my galaxy tab at work!

  • Anonymous

    I had that thing up and running the day after I got the Gnex.   Works good for now….

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    NO RAZR  🙁


    is anyone on 1x today? just a question… my tb seems to only want 1x… and i cant get 3g!…getting my nexus soon but come on tb…!

  • So pretty much root or pay $10

  • Thefever75

    I have a Droid Bionic and have been able to tether through the usb without an app of any kind, and I’m also not rooted. I would however, have to purchase a plan for the wireless hotspot. Btw, I have an unlimited data plan as well, so maybe that made a difference….

  • Lilac

    This app does work for the phones listed. To the guy who got the pay up screen, you may have hit the hot spot app instead of the wi fi app. Also you don’t use this for your everyday tethering. It is for occasional use really. If you draw attention to yourself with streaming music and such well you may be in for it. I use this when there is no other way and I’m away from my home. 

  • Anonymous

    I just have two questions I would like to see be answered before I buy it. Will Verizon bill you the $30 for the hotspot if they see that you are using it? Second, will it be taken down and I pay $10 for something that doesn’t say?

    If anyone is using it let me know, thank you.

    • From the “Legal” section on their Market page: “Software updates by Android or a wireless carrier may cause this app to stop working in the future.”

  • So what’s the free wifi hotspot app for rooted Gnex?

  • I’m a little wary about this. It seems to be using the normal wifi hotspot built into the phones, which Verizon can watch for and start charging you $30 a month.
    It basically seems to just bypass the UI guards that require you to accept the Verizon TOS and data plan, etc.

    • Anonymous

      I’m using it about twice a month, for a total of 1GB a month starting a day after Gnex launch.  I’ll be the first to let everyone know if Verizon starts to charge me twice for my data.

  • slr199

    So what about people who dont have a galaxy nexus like i have a T-bolt and i bought a xoom wi-fi and i need a wifi teather app for my t-bolt 

  • Jbird1713

    Does not work on Droid Bionic

  • Anonymous

    Got it to work on my GNex.  When I changed the password it wouldn’t connect, but I left the default password and this fool next to me was able to connect.  Now he’s smooching off my data checking those naughty sites.  What a fool.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry.  I just couldn’t help myself.

  • Greg

    Got paid version. Works just fine with Nexus

  • Anonymous

    Works on GNex for me as well. Actually, connects faster and seems to work better. Could be nothing more than my perception, but instant feel is that the app works better than the built in option through VZW. How long it lasts of course, is the big question. 

  • I can’t imagine this will be around long.  It is advocating stealing a service that you are not paying for.  I would imagine that is against the rules on the market.  

    • Greg

      Not stealing any service. I already pay Verizon $30 a month for unlimited data.

      • Anonymous

        Word!!  I feel the same way!

      • You are paying for unlimited access using your smartphone’s standard interface only.  This is a statistically different data profile than a wi-fi hotspot user  (and a different profile than a laptop user).    So, you aren’t paying for it, and a carrier has a right to charge for each level of service.   Sorry.

        • Anonymous

          We are Borg.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, When I signed up, I was paying for Unlimited DATA, not unlimited smartphone browsing.  Verizon has no right to Dictate which 1’s & 0’s I use or how I use them.  For those that Abuse the system, Verizon, like all the other carriers, is throttling data and new customers are capped.  For those of us that paid for unlimited Data (not unlimited data for smartphone browsing), the restrictions placed on our phones for wi-fi tethering limits the full capability of the phone (Much like the inability to uninstall certain apps).  By your logic, any device that uses bluetooth (or any other wired or wireless technology – NFC, IR, etc) to connect and retrieve any form of data from the internet should be disabled as well so pandora, etc… which many new aftermarket car stereos use with smartphones would violate these terms as well.  All Hardware Add-ons that retrieve those ones and zeros including some clock radios, fitness/blood pressure monitoring apps, etc… would be affected.

          Simple point is, Data is Data, it is just Ones & Zeros and I should be able to use it as I please  (as long as I am not selling off these services to others). Similar to ripping a DVD or CD to digital form for personal use.


    • Anonymous

      Less than what VZW is stealing from us every month. Yea. I went there too.

  • Anonymous

    This thing isn’t working with my GNex!!!  WTF!!  I’m a genius and can’t figure this out!!  What a conundrum!!  I’ve set everything up and this fool next to me can’t connect to my $hit!!  I’m starting to get pissed off by all this!!  I need help!!  I need HELP!! Speak any english!?  D1CKHead!!

    • Mike

      Ferris Buehler’s Day Off?

      • Anonymous

        My old man pushes me around!!  I never say anything!! He’s not the problem, I’m the problem!!

        • Mike

          I’m afraid that in my weakened condition…

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t you stick your thumb up your butt!!

      • Dcdiver08

        Rooney eats it

  • Anonymous

    Does not work on Bionic. It says “wifi hotspot is not supported on this device” WTF am i doing something wrong? Is the USB tether on the Bionic free? 

  • Wheres the love for Mac. Bionic unrooted says call VZW C.S.

  • Works for me AWESOME!!!

    “Android All The Way”

  • Sk102704

    Does anyone know if there would be any consequences if Verizon found out you were using this without paying the $30/month fee?

  • Will Frame

    Doesn’t work on my HTC Vivid, though the app says that it might not.  I get the “call 611” message as soon as I turn the hotspot on.

  • Anonymous

    I bought Easy Tether Amazon and its never given me any issues.  Can use ad-hoc on the pc and project your wifi signal to other around you.  Works great. No Root required.

    • Hmm well I have the same app and I’ve never found a wifi option on it so I went to the site to read about it and sure enough….there is none so you’re talking about a different app or…..I dunno

  • Blood

    And now that you posted this on your blog I say this app has till the end.of the day to get taken down.

    • Blood

      By verizon of course.

  • James

    guys…there is a much easier method…im sure many probably already have this but if you dont its 99 cents. DL switchpro widget, it has a toggle for hotspot. works great on my GN no root. Or if you want something free DL Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Widget

  • Tim242

    As pointed out…all you have to do, is download a hotspot toggle from the market. It bypasses the Verizon subscription and uses the phone’s built in hotspot. Works flawlessly.

  • Chris G

    this is the only reason i rooted.  i have no interest at this time in mods and roms.  and i hardly ever use the wifi tether, but it has already saved my bacon once having it.

  • I’m Your Huckleberry

    If you get some message that you don’t like….force
    stop and clear data. All fixed. You’re welcome.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. If i install the full version and when vzw pulls it, it will stay on my device, yes?

    • lostsync

      Yes. Verizon can’t pull apps though. The Marketplace is Google’s territory.

      • Anonymous

        They can’t be pulled, however Verizon can chose what apps are available on their devices.

        • lostsync

          Yeah, I was pretty annoyed when they did that with the first wave of tethering apps like WTfRU and PDANet. I’m not 100% certain, but I think if you’ve got it installed once, then flash a ROM or whatever, even if it’s been filtered by Verizon, it will autodownload with the rest of the apps after the initial setup. It didn’t really matter…I just kept the WTfRU apk on my sdcard.

          I’m on CM9 now though where it just works, and am glad to not need to rely on an app anymore.

  • Interpol818

    Not sure about this. If verizon catch you they could cancel your unlimited data plan. Cant risk it.

    • I don’t think they can switch you to a limited plan. They can terminate the contract though, but I doubt they’ll do that.

    • I dont think they can really do anything, as youre not rooting and just downloading an app from the Android Market, no different than Angry Birds. Any schmo with an Android phone can get this and use it and plead ignorance. Worst they could do I think is get it pulled from the Market and find some way to disable it.

  • Anonymous

    So the first thing I tried was the Full Paid version and it wouldn’t connect… The Free Trial worked just fine… anyone else???

    • Lilac

      Did you uninstall the free trial first? 

      • ETSTOW86

        Didnt need to because i attempted the paid version first… then when that didnt work, i removed the paid verson, then trued the free version and it worked….

  • Anonymous

    Noob question here.. but whats wrong with using the “Portable Wifi Hotspot” feature in the gnex that people still are using apps? 

    • DBK

      Because that costs money. And the people here don’t like spending money.

  • I think some people are missing the key words here -> Does not require root

  • Anonymous

    No tbolt

  • Anonymous

    It works great on my GNex … Thanks for the heads up Kellex!!

  • Ahuevado

    gee kellex, did you actually test this crap before publishing it?   2 out of 3 fails including GN….

    • Works great on my Gnex

    • Anonymous

      gee huevado, Yes he does and it works fine on my Galaxy Nexus. He didn’t say it work on every other phone….

    • OreoMan

      Works on my GNex!

  • I thought Verizon put an axe in all of these. Im actually kinda scared to do this because i’d have a heart attack if Verizon billed me

  • ricky

    I tried this a few days ago and all it did was take me to the verizon prompt to buy the wifi plan droid 3

    • Anonymous

      It seems to not work for other phones, but it works on the Nexus.

      We would welcome you over here on the dark side!

    • Yeah, same here on the Droid 3, looked promising though. It works perfectly otherwise.

  • Alex

    How about PDAnet? Anyone try that?

    • It’s USB only, wired. Works just fine. There are a plenty of USB tether apps, they all work well.

    • I’ve had PDAnet on my OG Droid and Thunderbolt. It work sometimes really good and others not to much. :/ 

  • MFG

    These are the things I’d rather you didn’t report on. Don’t want VZW to see!

    • Guest

      Doesnt work on Verizon anyway.

      • Evan Knofsky

        Yes it does, just not for certain phones

      • Anonymous

        Sure it does…

      • Anonymous

        Works perfectly on my VZW Gnex.

  • Working great on my GN. Seems kind of inevitable that it will be incapacitated by Verizon at some point though : /

  • Yianni Mavrophilipos

    You can just download a free hotspot toggle from the market and it will work as well…  I use Portable wi-fi hotspot widget by taiseiko on my non-rooted galaxy nexus and it works great.  I think it verizon put a restriction on enabling the app through settings but the widget bypasses it.

    • kJaggy

      exactly correct.

    • Because I Got High

      It doesn’t piggy back on the standard app on the phone already? Works the same as WiFi Hotspot being reported on?

    • Can you post a link to it? There’s multiple ones on the market.

    • Anonymous

      Took your advice and saved ten bucks. Efharisto.

  • Anonymous

    And I literally just rooted for the first time less than 12 hours ago on my GNex.

    • Welcome to the otherside.. Theres a ton of development on the GNex so you can flash ROMs until your hearts content. 🙂

  • Does not work on my Droid X…  

    • Jbegs23

      From the app description…
      “NOT compatible with Motorola Razr, Droid 2, Droid X, Bravo, HTC Thunderbolt, EVO, Photon, Rezound, Inspire, Samsung Epic, Intercept, Prevail, LG Esteem, Casio Commando.”

      • Anonymous

        There will be many who fail to see this. Then will scream that it doesn’t work right.

        • Jbegs23

          It is there. If someone tries using on a non-compatible device they should not be allowed to get a refund at any point.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    ive had it for weeks and still working flawlessly

    • Gnostic

      Which device are you using?

  • Needunbiasedreview

    Will this still work when the Nexus receives 4.0.3 OTA ??

  • Works fine on my GNex


    Now requiring me to contact Verizon

    • Anonymous

      LOL, oh well. Wireless tether for root users never fails… Ten minutes unlocking and rooting and installing and you are good to go.

      • Kevin Kelly

        actually wireless tether for root users does fail in many cases (assuming we’re talking about the same app).  i like wireless tether for root a lot, but i’ve actually been in too many situations where i wanted to tether a tablet, phone, or other mobile device to the wireless tether for root and they can’t even see the network. i actually have more of these situations than the situation where i want to tether a laptop or desktop machine (which have no problem seeing the wireless tether for root network).  i’m assuming this is because that app creates an ad-hoc network, but at any rate, i just tested this app on my droid charge and both my OG moto droid and logitech revue are able to tether perfectly to the app’s hotspot.

  • Hockytyaz

    What is the best tether app for a rooted Droid X?

  • Anonymous

    doesn’t work on my bionic. when enabling wifi hotspot it kicks me over to the prompt to purchase verizons mobile hotspot service. usb tethering may or may not work on it, i already have easytether for that though. bah humbug.

    • Vtxtank

      You may have to SQLlite and go in there and set the notifications from 0 to 1.

  • Dom Suppa

    wheres the catch?

    • Guest

      Catch is, for most phones, it just piggy backs the existing wifi Hotspot feature on the phone.  For Verizon users, it means still having to pay the 30 bucks a month since as soon as you attempt to enable the hot spot feature the phone will flag and boot you to the subscribe screen for Verizon..  So no reason to buy the app. 

      • Dom Suppa

        I just installed this and ran it, no questioning for me to upgrade to hotspot….

  • Pattont

    Wonder how long this will be in the market. I’m betting days.

    • Keezyrick

      No worries.  It doesn’t do anything more than access the Mobile Hotspot function already on my Droid Bionic.  In other words, it doesn’t do anything that I couldn’t do by going into settings and asking Verizon to pork my for Wifi Hotspot service.
      Maybe it works on other phones, but my guess is you need root for a reason; to circumvent the Verizon stub that checks for using the Wifi as a host radio.