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Google Announces Google TV Partners For 2012 CES – Samsung, LG and Vizio Included

Who said Google TV was a dead platform? After launching a major Honeycomb update a few months back, Google is ready to re-launch its TV product again this year at CES by adding on a handful of new and important partners. With more than 150 specific TV apps already available and improvements happening all the time, companies like Samsung, LG and Vizio have jumped on board and will start releasing Google TV products in 2012. Many of them will also have products on display next week at CES, a boost the platform is desperately in need of.

Here is what you can expect to see from these new partners next week and throughout the year:

  • LG – We’re thrilled to welcome global consumer electronics leader LG to the Google TV family. LG will showcase a new line of TVs powered by Google TV running on their own L9 chipset at CES.
  • Marvell – Also new to the Google TV family this year is Marvell, an innovative worldwide leader in chipsets. Marvell will be showcasing a new generation of Google TV solutions which will help bring more products across more price points to consumers.
  • MediaTek – We’re also excited to partner with MediaTek, the leading Taiwanese chipset designer. MediaTek chipsets will power yet another wave of Google TV devices.
  • Samsung – We’re excited to work closely with Samsung to bring Google-TV powered Samsung devices to market in 2012.
  • Sony – We’re happy to build on our partnership with Sony. At CES, Sony will unveil new devices for the US and plans to offer Google TV powered products in several countries around the world in 2012.
  • Vizio – Last year we announced our partnership with Vizio at CES. This year we’re excited to join Vizio as they hold private demos at CES showcasing their new line of Google TV-powered products.

Can Google TV make it this time around? With big time partners like these, I’d say they stand a chance.

Via:  Google TV Blog


    so should i return the logitech revue i just bought and wait to see if sony or someone else comes out with a standalone box. i dont need another bluray player

  • Anonymous

    This is great news but meaningless until there is seamless integration for all android powered devices. It’s borderline silly that one button operation between my chrome laptop, nexus, and google tv isn’t a reality yet.

  • Sony? The best Sony can do is to port GoogleTV to PS3. I doubt it’s going to happen, but it would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Look that’s cool and all but we really need better TV content. I would like to subscribe to something like HBO or whatever…surfing the web is fine but at least give me a computer capable browser. 

  • Garrick Raigosa

    As someone who just bought a Sony Google TV this holiday season, how disappointed should I be? You think these new sets are going to be better in terms of everything besides the screen?  

    • yes but that tv you have is still very nice

      • Bossman2

        The actual sony google TV’s (not the set top box) that have been out for this past year is a pretty nice TV for the price.  $600 for the 40″.   I did some research and its actually the least expensive 1080p LED TV made by sony and samsung, who are the only two manufacturers I would buy from (because they are the best quality)

        I ended up returning mine along with many other people because there is an unplayable amount of lag on video games when using this TV.  Sony never added a “gaming HDMI” port to bypass all the filtering and scaling HD LCD/LED TV’s do.

        It is a deal breaker for most and the biggest reason why these TV’s have not sold well.   Literally 1-2 full second lag playing COD.  Talk about destroying your K/D.

        Hopefully Sony and samsung release new models that don’t have this lag in 2012…and hopefully 1st quarter 2012 cause now i’m back on my 27″ CRT until these new models come out.

  • Anonymous

    I was waiting for some news like this, it’s exactly what was needed and will give Google TV just the push it needs. Onward and upward!

  • Big Red

    Loving my Logitech Revue!!!!

    • Ditto!

    • Anonymous

      I like mine too but unfortunately they are discontinued…I don’t know what that means…we have one lol. 

  • Anonymous

    I bought a 37″ Toshiba (open Box) for 228 at BB. No frills TV. I then bought the Sony Blueray with Google TV built in for 199 at BB. Take a simple HD TV, add a Google Suppported Box. Viola! The Sony remote with full QWERTY was the only way to go for me. I bought a second one and hooked it up in my living room to my big screen. Kinda makes me wish I saved my money and not bought a TV with all the wifi and junk. The Sony unit has it all. BTW, it updated to Honeycomb as soon as it hooked up. LOVE IT!

  • I just want Hulu Plus. That’s all. Is it too much to ask?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… I’ve got an off-brand HDTV that I got for Christmas a few years back. This seems promising, so it might be time to upgrade soon. All about the price point, though.

    • Anonymous

      Sony’s BlueRay Player with built in Google TV is an awesome deal right now at BB. 199 out the door. The unit will upgrade to honeycomb the second you get it up and running. Keep your TV, add the player and you have a full SMART TV. 🙂

  • Scott

    Amazing News! Top 4 US manufacturer’s all bringing a new line of TVs powered by Google TV! The future is bright. 

    • EC8CH

      I believe Vizio, Sammy, and Sony make up the top three selling brands as well.


    mmm, interested in what Vizio puts out

  • EC8CH

    Once they get a major manufacture to use Google TV across their entire product lineup instead of on one or two special ones, then they’ll have something.

    Hell… even let ’em skin android like the phone manufactures do if that’s what it takes, but the sooner we move away from every TV manufacturer having their own proprietary TV OS, the sooner we can pull TV into the 21st century.

    • Anonymous


  • Bill Anderson

    As a guy who used to work for a TV chip provider, having MediaTek support is a big deal. They are in a TON of TVs shipping. Their supports should make implementation pretty easy for the brands.


  • I need to start thinking of good TV app ideas!

    • Anonymous

      Kinect angry birdz

    • Anonymous

      Easy. DVR. Period. DVR capability to a plugged in USB device. I have Google TV now in the form of a Sony Blueray player. There is no reason it should not be able to record. All of the hardware is there. You make that app, I bet people would pay $20 for it! I would pay right now!

  • Bewara2009


  • Anonymous

    I’m excited for the switch to ARM chips…should make for much better app compatibility