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Wednesday Poll: What are you hoping to see in 2012 from the world of technology?

2011 by all means, was an incredible year for Android and mobile technology. We saw dual-core processors everywhere, two new versions of Android, tablets galore, NFC, 4G LTE, and so much more. But now that we are 4 days into 2012, it’s time to start talking about the year ahead and the things you would most like to see. Next week’s CES is always a good gauge for how 2012 could unfold, but we have a feeling there will be more than what we see there that will still make waves throughout the year.

Are you wanting more tablets? More quad-cores? The next version of Android? More NFC? You tell us. Our poll includes some of the first things that come to our minds, but feel free to leave anything you wish to see in the comments below.

What are you hoping to see in 2012 from the world of technology?

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  • Applemac

    I’d like to see Verizon 4g…working!

  • Tyler

    It was a close tie for me between higher quality apps and the next version of android, but I choose higher quality apps. I could care less about hardware because I will be using my Galaxy Nexus for two years so that is only going to make want a new phone. Even though I cant wait for Jelly Bean, which my phone should get first, I still would like higher quality apps that work well with both phones and tablets and utilize my 720p display and Android ICS properly. Google needs to make sure they get a good majority of apps in the market up to date and working how Google wants them too with their new UI paterns used in android 3.0/4.0. New features will be nice but high quality apps is one that that Apple has and Android needs more of. After reading some of the comments too I also like the idea of better battery life. Also more NFC phones would be nice so I can actually use beam with someone.

  • While better battery life is a given. I would love to see phones with higher build qualities and perhaps a replaceable screen.  Something with a premium feel like the iPhone, the resilience of the Defy, and some means of replacing scratched or broken screens.  I know that the iPhone is fragile, but damn, it feels so good.  I wish my GNEX felt that solid and I would easily pay another $100-$200 (which is really insignificant given the cost of a contract) for a phone using premium materials.

  • Andy-roid

    I would like to see an “all in one” smartphone!  I think a lot of people would agree that Our smartphones need to be true all in one devices that deliver the best of what a computer, cell phone and camera can do.  I would like to see a high megapixel camera with outstanding optics and several great features that rival high end point and shoot cameras.  Battery life, call quality, signal strength, rock solid carrier network and phones that are optimized for the carrier that you are contracted through (why so much variation from different brand phones with similar specs on the same network???) These are some of my cell phone wishes.

  • Something Else: Windows 8 Tablets

  • guest

    thin battery that can last would be great

  • Wickedspa2

    How about better battery technology.  That would be something worth while

  • Anonymous

    Motorola nexus device with quad core, 12 mp cameras, ics or jelly bean, less bloatware, no more skins, and hopefully a uniformed look and feel of android.

  • I missed this poll yesterday, but I wish there was an option for “improved power consumption/battery life.”

  • PSU_DI

    We need better batteries, more power efficient apps, & more efficient hardware.  That’s really what I’d like to see in 2012 a complete focus on optimizing life on our phones and tablets.

  • i voted for something else because i would like to see phones released that are READY TO BE RELEASED! Tired of seeing phones released that are not ready, need to be updated and updated to fix the previous updated. Make sure the phone will work before its released and not wait until everyone buys one and then try to fix them. 

  • Better battery technology!

  • Anonymous

    how about some actual technology instead of OS or hardware updates (lame poll). For example, Apple just got a fuel-cell battery patent. We need better batteries, 12 hours with moderate use is shameful

  • Anonymous

    BATTTERY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Something else … with 4G LTE, faster phones, apps that run all the time, someone must develop better batteries for the devices.  Getting 1/2 a days use out of a single charge is horrible IMO.

    So, I vote “Something else” … BETTER BATTERIES!!!

  • R. Wayne Craft

    better battery life.

  • Anonymous

    A quad core 10″ GALAXY NEXUS TABLET (under $500)! As well as significant software upgrades/fixes for the Galaxy Nexus phone.

  • Anonymous

    The ability to disable custom skins, the same way we can disable some of the bloatware now.

  • Better battery technology!!! It’s about time we see powerful, cutting edge phones that last more than 10 hours!

  • Chad Payne

    New battery tech would be great. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the next-gen LTE chipsets to come out, ie. better battery life. I’m also thoroughly hoping to see more phones with decent physical keyboards this year WITH high-end specs.

  • Gibbs

    Just better battery tech. All of the upgrades and bells and whistles are
    cute, but if you are constantly running for a plug or needing to
    replace the back with a ginormous one and a huge battery, it’s a waste.
    Don’t really see the point in having a car with 950 horsepower if it
    gets 2 miles to the gallon

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy Note on Verizon!!

  • Madcowdisease25

    Better Battery

  • Anonymous

    Better battery life without a doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Better battery technology for sure. It’s really long over due.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that is completely fine with a phone that has just 1 solid day of battery life? With standardized chargers I’m pretty much always around a power source and if I’m not for over a day then I’m probably in a place where I don’t want my phone anyways.

    • Zachary Manville

      I wish I had one solid day of battery life, and I dont know of a single smart phone capable of 12 hours of netflix streaming.

  • I voted for something else — I want to see more than one manufacturer making Nexus this year. Imagine having a Sony Nexus Xperia, Motorola Nexus RAZR, LG Optimus Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, HTC Nexus … (I have no idea what crazy name HTC would pick), all launched at the same time next year when the new Android is released!

  • Kat Selezneva

    IBM scientists predict holographic projections and 3D mobile phones in 2011-2015. I really look forward for that! 3-D holographic phone calls and mind-reading phones http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/3-d-holographic-phone-calls-and-mind.html

  • diabetesman88

    I would like to see better Battery life before anything right now. Phones are in such a great state from where they were 2 years ago I think its time to work on battery life before any more advances. 

  • mstearns

    More efficient battery technology resulting in longer battery life…especially with 4G phones.

  • Anonymous

    In my dream-world, I see a phone with a holographic display or sunglasses that have built-in display (there was a commercial that had a concept pair of shades for a stock trading app).

    In reality land though, I’d like to see an application that better syncs with my desktop. Currently, Motorola is on the right track here with it’s MotoCast software. There are competitors out there, but Motorola’s is the best one I’ve tried with it’s ability to stream content straight from my computer to my phone.

  • Better Battery LIFE FOR LTE devices!

  • All the other options are good, but I think better battery technology is a must before anything. Phone companies like MotoGoogle are doing things like pential matrix displays to conserve battery, but sacrificing display quality for battery life. I want batteries that allow Quad-Core processors and brilliant displays while still lasting at least 15 hours.

  • How about better battery technology?

  • Thgolfer

    I would love to see a reversal of the trend toward giant screens on “phones”. I love my original Droid Incredible. It is the perfect size. We need more like it. Some of us don’t want to carry around mini tablets in our pocket.

  • C-Law

    BATTERY LIFE!! How could you leave this off! 4g lte and battery life need much improvement this year!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish it would be better battery and screen technology, but I imagine we’ll see more cores and a billion more tablets that we don’t need or buy.
    Le sigh…

  • Anonymous

    I want to see an end to the patent wars

  • Manuel Olague

    Why wasn’t new battery technology on the list