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Wednesday Poll: What are you hoping to see in 2012 from the world of technology?

2011 by all means, was an incredible year for Android and mobile technology. We saw dual-core processors everywhere, two new versions of Android, tablets galore, NFC, 4G LTE, and so much more. But now that we are 4 days into 2012, it’s time to start talking about the year ahead and the things you would most like to see. Next week’s CES is always a good gauge for how 2012 could unfold, but we have a feeling there will be more than what we see there that will still make waves throughout the year.

Are you wanting more tablets? More quad-cores? The next version of Android? More NFC? You tell us. Our poll includes some of the first things that come to our minds, but feel free to leave anything you wish to see in the comments below.

What are you hoping to see in 2012 from the world of technology?

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  • Applemac

    I’d like to see Verizon 4g…working!

  • Tyler

    It was a close tie for me between higher quality apps and the next version of android, but I choose higher quality apps. I could care less about hardware because I will be using my Galaxy Nexus for two years so that is only going to make want a new phone. Even though I cant wait for Jelly Bean, which my phone should get first, I still would like higher quality apps that work well with both phones and tablets and utilize my 720p display and Android ICS properly. Google needs to make sure they get a good majority of apps in the market up to date and working how Google wants them too with their new UI paterns used in android 3.0/4.0. New features will be nice but high quality apps is one that that Apple has and Android needs more of. After reading some of the comments too I also like the idea of better battery life. Also more NFC phones would be nice so I can actually use beam with someone.

  • While better battery life is a given. I would love to see phones with higher build qualities and perhaps a replaceable screen.  Something with a premium feel like the iPhone, the resilience of the Defy, and some means of replacing scratched or broken screens.  I know that the iPhone is fragile, but damn, it feels so good.  I wish my GNEX felt that solid and I would easily pay another $100-$200 (which is really insignificant given the cost of a contract) for a phone using premium materials.

  • Andy-roid

    I would like to see an “all in one” smartphone!  I think a lot of people would agree that Our smartphones need to be true all in one devices that deliver the best of what a computer, cell phone and camera can do.  I would like to see a high megapixel camera with outstanding optics and several great features that rival high end point and shoot cameras.  Battery life, call quality, signal strength, rock solid carrier network and phones that are optimized for the carrier that you are contracted through (why so much variation from different brand phones with similar specs on the same network???) These are some of my cell phone wishes.

  • Something Else: Windows 8 Tablets

  • guest

    thin battery that can last would be great

  • Wickedspa2

    How about better battery technology.  That would be something worth while

  • Anonymous

    Motorola nexus device with quad core, 12 mp cameras, ics or jelly bean, less bloatware, no more skins, and hopefully a uniformed look and feel of android.

  • I missed this poll yesterday, but I wish there was an option for “improved power consumption/battery life.”

  • PSU_DI

    We need better batteries, more power efficient apps, & more efficient hardware.  That’s really what I’d like to see in 2012 a complete focus on optimizing life on our phones and tablets.

  • i voted for something else because i would like to see phones released that are READY TO BE RELEASED! Tired of seeing phones released that are not ready, need to be updated and updated to fix the previous updated. Make sure the phone will work before its released and not wait until everyone buys one and then try to fix them. 

  • Better battery technology!

  • Anonymous

    how about some actual technology instead of OS or hardware updates (lame poll). For example, Apple just got a fuel-cell battery patent. We need better batteries, 12 hours with moderate use is shameful

  • Anonymous

    BATTTERY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Something else … with 4G LTE, faster phones, apps that run all the time, someone must develop better batteries for the devices.  Getting 1/2 a days use out of a single charge is horrible IMO.

    So, I vote “Something else” … BETTER BATTERIES!!!

  • R. Wayne Craft

    better battery life.

  • Anonymous

    A quad core 10″ GALAXY NEXUS TABLET (under $500)! As well as significant software upgrades/fixes for the Galaxy Nexus phone.

  • Anonymous

    The ability to disable custom skins, the same way we can disable some of the bloatware now.

  • Better battery technology!!! It’s about time we see powerful, cutting edge phones that last more than 10 hours!

  • Chad Payne

    New battery tech would be great. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the next-gen LTE chipsets to come out, ie. better battery life. I’m also thoroughly hoping to see more phones with decent physical keyboards this year WITH high-end specs.

  • Gibbs

    Just better battery tech. All of the upgrades and bells and whistles are
    cute, but if you are constantly running for a plug or needing to
    replace the back with a ginormous one and a huge battery, it’s a waste.
    Don’t really see the point in having a car with 950 horsepower if it
    gets 2 miles to the gallon

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy Note on Verizon!!

  • Madcowdisease25

    Better Battery

  • Anonymous

    Better battery life without a doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Better battery technology for sure. It’s really long over due.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that is completely fine with a phone that has just 1 solid day of battery life? With standardized chargers I’m pretty much always around a power source and if I’m not for over a day then I’m probably in a place where I don’t want my phone anyways.

    • Zachary Manville

      I wish I had one solid day of battery life, and I dont know of a single smart phone capable of 12 hours of netflix streaming.

  • I voted for something else — I want to see more than one manufacturer making Nexus this year. Imagine having a Sony Nexus Xperia, Motorola Nexus RAZR, LG Optimus Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, HTC Nexus … (I have no idea what crazy name HTC would pick), all launched at the same time next year when the new Android is released!

  • Kat Selezneva

    IBM scientists predict holographic projections and 3D mobile phones in 2011-2015. I really look forward for that! 3-D holographic phone calls and mind-reading phones http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/3-d-holographic-phone-calls-and-mind.html

  • diabetesman88

    I would like to see better Battery life before anything right now. Phones are in such a great state from where they were 2 years ago I think its time to work on battery life before any more advances. 

  • mstearns

    More efficient battery technology resulting in longer battery life…especially with 4G phones.

  • Anonymous

    In my dream-world, I see a phone with a holographic display or sunglasses that have built-in display (there was a commercial that had a concept pair of shades for a stock trading app).

    In reality land though, I’d like to see an application that better syncs with my desktop. Currently, Motorola is on the right track here with it’s MotoCast software. There are competitors out there, but Motorola’s is the best one I’ve tried with it’s ability to stream content straight from my computer to my phone.

  • Better Battery LIFE FOR LTE devices!

  • All the other options are good, but I think better battery technology is a must before anything. Phone companies like MotoGoogle are doing things like pential matrix displays to conserve battery, but sacrificing display quality for battery life. I want batteries that allow Quad-Core processors and brilliant displays while still lasting at least 15 hours.

  • How about better battery technology?

  • Thgolfer

    I would love to see a reversal of the trend toward giant screens on “phones”. I love my original Droid Incredible. It is the perfect size. We need more like it. Some of us don’t want to carry around mini tablets in our pocket.

  • C-Law

    BATTERY LIFE!! How could you leave this off! 4g lte and battery life need much improvement this year!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish it would be better battery and screen technology, but I imagine we’ll see more cores and a billion more tablets that we don’t need or buy.
    Le sigh…

  • Anonymous

    I want to see an end to the patent wars

  • Manuel Olague

    Why wasn’t new battery technology on the list

  • 4g LTE Radios that aren’t bullsh!t.

  • Scott

    Battery Life!

  • Regrub

    definitely more battery life!!

  • I would like someone to offer a phone that has all the CURRENT technology features. No compromising this for that. I want a phone with at least an 8mp camera that shoots as fast as the galaxy nexus minimum. I want a phone that has 4g that doesn’t crap out all the time. I want a phone that has a battery that can last through an entire day of heavy use without me having to have or even think about charging it. I want a phone with an unlocked bootloader, developer support, and the most current screen technology. For sure in 2012 I REQUIRE a phone with NFC. I will not buy another phone until this is standard, and I live in the middle of BFE.

  • Anonymous

    Batteries that can last a few days just like the good ole days AND
    Exchange syncing of TASKS
    WI FI everywhere
    Virtual tablets, keyboards, etc.

  • Jdiamjr

    Longer battery life.

  • Awfredricks

    I’m hopeful for better 4G technology going forward. Not just in regards to better battery life but reliability as well.
    It would be awesome to be able to buy a new 4G LTE phone from Verizon and not discovery connectivity issues days later.

  • Mosskingpin

    Better battery technology. Better cell tower tech for rural coverage

  • Simcona

    I would like to see bettery battery life by any means necessary. Software or Hardware

  • BestDeathEver

    All I want are batteries that last longer.  That’s priority #1!

  • longer lasting batteries

  • How about new battery technology…? It’s long overdue we need something to improve our battery life. Maybe even a MORE efficient screen which is tough to do

  • Cabraswell

    I’m looking forward to a Nexus tablet. Hoping it’s around the $500 price point or better.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping to see a new Nokia WP7 on VZW….just want a top notch rear cam and a FFC. If LTE can be involved, even better.
    As far as the Android side goes, I would hope Google will work on bug fixing and polishing what they have….they seem to have no patience for that sort of that thing, it’s going to cost them in the end.

  • Kevin

    Better battery technology should be #1 quad core phones are unnecasary when they only last 6> hours

  • Vulgaritypolice

    I would like to see more dick pix on Droid Life….really how do you guys let some of this stuff go on the comments section.

  • ItStillSucks

    I want a 4G phone from Verizon that will maintain a data connection and for the Google servers to retain a connection to the so-called push email service.

  • Anonymous

    I chose something else because CES is for all kinds of electronics not just mobile technology. Their is sure to be some great new ideas this year. I just want to see more openness across all things mobile. I want proprietary to be a thing of the past and their be some unification of things. But I suppose this is reaching to far in some ways. No one makes money if the system makes sense. Amirite?

  • Nick Wortley

    Better Batteries!

    “8 hours of battery life” is unacceptable.  I’m pretty sure I’m awake for at least 16 hours each day…

    And I’m not talking “switch to 3g”.  I mean, 24 hours of full power usage.

    That, or batteries that recharge in 15 minutes.   I’m sure MIT is working on something 🙂

  • Anonymous

    App Quality is really important to me. Can’t take the greatest phone ever seriously without more decent apps to go with it!

  • raphael gray

    some new battery or screen tech to make my phone last more than 10hrs or so.

  • Stating El Obvious

    I’m hoping to see an Android phone without lag, but I’m also hoping Megan Fox will bone me.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    I would love to see crapple nut up and stop the pointless lawsuits and patent trolling. 

  • Anonymous

    From the mobile world specifically, better battery life, whether from battery tech or efficiency elsewhere.
    From the World of Technology, the death of patent trolls and sanity with so-called “Intellectual Property.”  I’m tired of hearing about another lawsuit or three every week..

  • Rebel447

    Better battery technology! Whats the use of all these quad core stuff but only lasts a few hours! Whoever makes a battery that lasts two days is gonna make Buku!

  • a phone with a 3.7 or 4 inch screen

    • gdcq

      That would definitely help battery life. I would rather have longer battery life than a big screen.

    • Tyler

      I like the larger screen that my Galaxy Nexus has. It has more screen real estate space for browsing the web or scrolling threw lists. I have large hands that can still use one hand and slide down my notification bar and then hit back without repositioning my phone in my hand so i can understand if that’s your complaint but you didn’t really explain. All personal preference i guess.

  • Anonymous

    VoLTE for the galaxy nexus

  • Porschephile2k3

    How about letting battery tech catch up first?

  • reliable battery life!

  • Anonymous

    All of the above.

  • Better apps and a more streamlined android across multiple carriers and manufacturers. 

  • Anonymous

    how about lte battery improvements.

  • Nkfujiwara

    Better battery or energy efficient lte chips and display.

  • Dan

    Battery life number one to make better use of the new technology

  • Anonymous

    I’d prefer to ammend your first choice and say “manufacturers ceasing to utilize skins with Ice Cream Sandwich.” It’s a fabulous UI, why ruin it with Blur, Touchwiz or Sense?

  • Kahnm22

    I voted something else….how about batteries catching up to our devices?

  • Jmasterj

    Better battery tech and lower power SoCs!

  • John Davids

    really needs to be “improved battery technology” on this list



  • Anonymous

    I’m going with something else… namely new battery technology.  I’m hoping for thinner, lighter, smaller batteries that last longer.

  • Android+1

    iPhones steal more Android ideas. Voice spoken GPS? Widgets? What will they steal next?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah…..I hope the iPhone steals multitouch, visual voicemail, pinch and zoom, proximity sensor, pop up keyboard, accelerometer, gyroscope, App Store, App Store business model, folders concept, magnifying glass pop up, and screenshots from Android……what??? You mean Apple had those features FIRST???? You mean Android COPIED EVERY ONE OF THOSE FEATURES??? You don’t say??????

      • Stating El Obvious

        android sheep response:  “these were trivial and obvious”
        normal person response: “android sheep are dumb”

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        1) Multitouch – Developed most recently by Fingerworks (starting around 1999), BOUGHT by Apple (not invented by them, and clearly not the “first” to use it). Hell, Apple was sued and settled against Elan for multitouch as well, proving they didn’t “invent” diddly, nor did they have it first: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2398412,00.asp
        2) Visual Voicemail – I can see an earlier application (2006) on BB via “SimulScribe” app, as noted here: http://www.blackberryforums.com/general-blackberry-discussion/52295-voicemail-text-services-simulscribe.html… in other words, also NOT invented by Apple (iPhone released in 2007)
        3) Pinch to zoom: http://gadgets.softpedia.com/news/Apple-Gets-Patent-For-Pinch-To-Zoom-Gesture-12014-01.html – Apple’s patent was severely hampered since pinch to zoom alone was not allowed to be patented, so they had to reword it to make this patent “only covers gestures that require the user to perform a second pinch to zoom within a preset timeframe”… ie, NOT the original pinch-to-zoom. The bottom line is, they didn’t invent this, nor do they “own” it, since they couldn’t even get a patent for it.
        4) Popup/virtual keyboard: http://www.google.com/patents/US6882337 MS has a patent far predating the iPhone here (2002). I didn’t look any further than this, since there is plenty of reference to other prior patents in that filing.

        With that, I am going to ignore the rest of your clearly factless ranting. I will grant Apple this – they certainly put all these together on one RELEASED CELLPHONE “first” (even that is somewhat debatable, since many features were available far sooner than the iPhone, including some of the ones above. If anything you can say that this SPECIFIC MIX of features was theirs “first” to be RELEASED… and that’s about it. And I certainly give them credit for that.) But they didn’t invent or even come out “first” with these features in any way. They bought their way to the iPhone feature-set, and put it together into a single package.

        And yes, Android did a lot of these too (keep in mind, “Android Inc” was created well before the iPhone (ca 2003?), though it wasn’t released as a product until Google bought it as a platform in 2005)… so Android didn’t steal these ideas from iPhone (nor the original concept of a smartphone). Hell, Palm had that released before either of these two.

      • Guest

        you a dick bro??

  • akhi216

    Xperia Play 2

  • Anonymous

    I think if they can figure out how to make batteries a whole lot stronger then we will really start to see new tech in our phones

  • Joejoe509

    I have a Galaxy Nexus sooo… Jelly Bean. Duh. Other than that, better apps and more prevalent NFC uses.


    Honestly i don’t see why everyone is exited about quad-core phones. In my opinion..im buying a galaxy nexus this weekend for my upgrade on verizon, and really i think dual core is enough. Really we need our phones more powerful than laptops? even some desktops? i think its a little absurd and as much as i do play probably 4-5 maybe even 10 hours on my xbox, we rely on technology a little to much. It also costs a lot… i mean really? how can you upgrade every year…your on contract which means you still have to shell out money to buy the new phone and then a new one the next year comes along and the process goes over again. I just don’t see the point of it so im looking forward towards the next android update.

    • Anonymous

      People said the same thing about dual core phones. 

    • Tyler

      What sort of crappy desktop computer are you looking at that are slower then the potential quad core phone?

  • Oie

    Battery life has to be #1.. no doubt..  

  • A phone from Moto/Sammy/HTC where performance isn’t thrown under the bus for design.  In other words

    1) At a minimum, a 2000+ mah REMOVEABLE battery, or something between what is stock and those ginormous extended batteries.

    2) A hardware shutter button and that small, but much appreciated, lanyard slot.

    3) No more compromise on flagship phones such as RAZR (waterproof, Gorilla Glass, but no removeable battery) and GNex (ICS, great screen, but a crappy camera -you all know it’s true- and no SD slot). 

    Damn it all!  They no how to make a phone with all these features-why won’t they?

  • Bewara2009

    I want motor built with a quad core, rumning jelly bean on a super al.HD screen 4.65″running Verizon second Gen 4g LTE with beats by dry solo headphones..did I miss something here?

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Stock, vanilla Android and an easily unlockable bootloader like that of the Nexus. Without this part it will just be another disappointing device from Motorola just as every device released post-D1 have been – no matter how good the rest of the specs might be.

  • Butters619

    AT&T G-Nex

    That and better battery life!

    • Anonymous

      While not subsidized, the GSM Galaxy Nexus will work on AT&T just fine. 

      • Butters619

        I’ve been up for contract renewal for some time so I want to actually use my discount instead of buying out of contract phones.  I know I could use it and sell the phone.   Still considering doing that.

  • I voted for more NFC, but not necessarily just in phones. I want to see it in other things… tablets, PCs, etc. Rarely am I going to want to send things to s friend that just so happens to have the correct phone, but I want to send things to myself every day (for example PC to phone, or phone to PC). I know several companies, including Broadcom, are working on it, now I want to see it.

  • Anonymous

    Defffffinitely better battery tech, because all of these awesome new features we’re adding to our phones really make the battery struggle.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a train and I go to play a game or watch a video on my phone and think “Wait, when’s the next time I’ll be near a power outlet??” =

  • eze4

    An updated software for the galaxy nexus’s camera as well as the battery life lol

  • Vaporware

    The first batch of quad core phones is meaningless until the OS and apps are written to take advantage. Hell even the dual cores aren’t being utilized efficiently yet. I would prefer higher locked dual cores over quad cores until the next version of Android is released. To my mind the biggest omission from the poll is battery tech. I would most like to see some batteries that can keep up with our mobile needs.

  • How about better frigging batterie!!!!!!

  • Mikedeamicis

    Battery life. The rumored new batteries that will power phones for a lot longer and the new processors that suck less energy combined in a sealed handset that is waterproof. All this ruing ICS with a quad core 2gh processor and 32gig memory with selectable app and storage partitions without rooting your phone, maybe in a nexus devise.

  • how about improved battery life? seriously, we don’t need faster phones at this point, we need ones that can easily last a day, not just struggle through 8-12 hours with moderate use.

  • OR – Nothing, I just got the Nexus!!

  • Bogglefassie

    who cares I have my nexus!!!!!

    • Bewara2009

      U happy you got a plastic phone bro?

      • Bogglefassie

        you mad you dont????

      • Guest

        you a dumbass dick bro??

  • More Advanced Battery Technology!

  • Anonymous

    Other: Lower prices. One can dream right?

  • Anonymous

    A device released without bugs.

  • Dominick

    A Galaxy Note for Verizon LTE in the first quarter!

  • Anonymous

    More Android, Less skin

  • Unlocked bootloaders from ALL manufacturers… is that too much to ask?

  • I’m hoping for more advances and adoption and implementations for [email protected] and USB OTG. (and battery life, and Jelly bean.)

  • How about 4G phones that have a lot better battery life? My G-Nex does pretty well with the extended but I check it often to make sure. I’d rather just know it’ll last at least 36 hrs on normal use.

  • battery life

  • i might also be in the minority but 4g lte phones that use battery at the same amount as 3g chips

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah and better battery life.

    • Lgreg64

      4″ would be just perfect 

    • Tyler

      How much smaller do you want? Verizon has two 4″ screen phones. Pantec Breakout and Samsung Stratosphere aren’t good enough for you? Guess you better keep waiting. Droid 4 is going to be the next good 4″ 4GLTE phone.

      • Anonymous

        I want a 4″ screen. I think both of the phones you mentioned are crappy. All the good ones are 4.3″+ I am going to probably end up getting the D4, but I don’t use physical keyboards so it’ll just be for the screen.

        I mean, I think about it and it’s like… they get all this crap for having 4G phones with terrible battery life so why don’t they make them with smaller screens so they are more efficient? No, we’ll just make the best one. 4.65!!! man, so annoying.

        • Anonymous

          If i wanted a tablet…

  • Anonymous

    What about better batteries? That’s what i want.

  • Flying Cars, Hoverboards.

  • Thin phone.. screen size 4- 4.3 in with 720p resolution no pentile(its not bad but no pentile is much nicer..) new 4g LTE chips.. better cameras.. at least dual core(quad would be nice ..) 

  • gregwilliams

    on the main page it thinks i already voted…and once i click on the article it gives me the option to vote. any ideas why?

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  • Anonymous

    My battery to last more than 4 hours!

  • From the Android world, I’m hoping to see higher hardware quality standards… make phones that look quality, feel quality, and are quality.

  • Pooch Nuts

     I would like to see Gameloft recognize more phones/tablets for their games.  How the hell is the Asus Transformer not compatible with any of their games except Uno.

    • lol because only one game is.. uno lmfao i crack my self up.. good thing im not an egg !! LMFAO 😀 IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT !!! BAHAHAHAHAHAH! !!

  • Anonymous

    Hoverboards.  Come on Mattel 

    • Anonymous

      I’m still waiting for a flying DeLorean.

  • Jim McClain

    i would just like for samsung to make my speaker and camera better, how do put a phone like this out and not know these two things suck?   my original droid has a 5 mega camera and its a lot better,when you blow the pics up the still have good detail, my nexus pics are blurry as hell when you blow them up

  • Anonymous

    I voted “something else” for battery life

  • Steve

     I want more energy efficient displays since it’s the number one killer of battery life. Heck, I’ll sacrifice visual quality for battery life like the Qualcomm Mirasol display.

    • Mark

       I saw the Mirasol display. If the battery life claims are true then I’d take it. It’s easier to read outdoors too.

    • Shogun45

       Lower power displays would be second on my list after better batteries.

      • Jae

        droid bionic displays take up almost no battery life.

        • djembeman

          So, is it just 4G and/or graphics processing that kills my extended battery so quickly.

      • Paul S.

        My top 2 also. I doubt Nvidia’s marketing claims will amount to much.

      • Timo62

        There really hasn’t been much advancement in the power efficiency of displays and batteries. I often hear about researchers making breakthroughs but I hardly see them in actual products.

  • More unlocked bootloaders!!!

  • Seeing a lot of “battery life” talk. Couldn’t agree more. We’ll do our best to see what we can find in the battery department at CES.

    • Anonymous

      Now, can you add it as a poll option?  🙂

      • Lgreg64

        to late to add it now but i think it’s what we all want. whats the use of quad-core phones and 4G with the battery life we have today.

    • Anonymous

      Simple. 2nd gen LTE radio.

      • Lgreg64

        this will help in the size of the phones and speed but 3G phones can’t make it a day with out charging. we don’t need lager and faster phones they need to work on battery life.

        • djembeman

          My wife’s Droid 3 recently had 50% battery left after 1day and 10 hours without any charging. Dual Core and 3G is a good combination.

          • Anonymous

            You are NOT allowed to say something positive about a Motorola product here. Shame on you. 

          • Lgreg64

            that is so ture. i love my OG and i like the new moto ui. if she got 34hours how much was she using it? to have it on and never pick it up most phones will go more than a day.

          • Guest

            you a dick bro??

  • Charlienesh505

    deff battery life

  • Anthony Armando

    battery life & software improvements across the board. these actually go hand in hand, as better software/apps would help to improve battery performance.

  • Anonymous

    Where is better 4g LTE tech so that the battery can last all day with very heavy use?

    • Ahh yes +1 here.

      • Anonymous

        I put new display because I still think the screens are sucking waay too much juice. On a rather sad note, I broke the display on my Droid RAZR on Sunday. Total crack out black out, complete loss. I got insurance and fired up my Droid X while I wait for my replacement to ship. (backorder due to SIM cards, weird right?) Anyway, what is funny though, could not power down the RAZR because I cannot see the screeen nor can I pull the battery. I know how to hard reset, but that resets, doesn’t actually power it off. I figured, what the heck, just let the battery die off. Well, it is still on, 3 days later…. since Sunday. Without the screen, the phone is actually pretty economical on battery… lol 

        • Lgreg64

          and that is with 1st gen LTE. 

  • Andrew

    i might be in the minority, but more phones with a physical keyboard

    • Anonymous

      I would add a tiny bit more to that. I want to be “wowwed” like the days when the Original Droid came out. I don’t want improved this and better of that, I want more BRAND NEW this, revolutionary that. Why not a RAZR thin device with a “detachable” Flip out keyboard ala Droid4? Maybe a design like the Asus Transformer on a phone scale. You could have an optional gamepad also that could plug into the same port. A flipout double touchscreen would be cool. Workdays, keep the keyboard plugged in, vacation days, keep your gamepad plugged in. Why not put a TV reciever or TV add on for our phones. There is a tuner that fits in a USB drive for my PC, can we not make a small one to fit into the headphone jack? Every device should come with some type of webtop interface pre-installed. If you plug an HDMI into your phone, it should be full capable of running on an HDTV wether mirrored or via improved interface. FM Modulators should come standard so users can play music or use speakerphone from a device in your car, wirelessly through FM radio. All devices should have enough onboard battery power so users can change batteries on the fly without powering down. All LCDs should have a “black and white, zero backlight” option to run under outside light. (like a kindle) A kinect energy charger and solar panel on the battery door would be cool. These are just a few things I think we all wouldn’t mind seeing in our future devices.   

      • Butters619

        I like the enthusiasm, but most of these ideas wouldn’t work.

        -TV Tuner in headphone jack = Co-ax cable running into phone….uhhh….
        -double touchscreen didn’t work for tablets and I don’t see it grabbing enough of the Nentendo DS crowd.

        I will stop there.  but again I like the enthusiasm

        • Anonymous

          I appreciate it. TV tuner was more for OTA stuff, adapter like the new credit card swipers that plug into the headphone jack, headphones double as the antenae. Could at least pick up some local channels.  Double Touch was a very random thought (enuf said). I am just itching for some new ideas. I have a feeling that Apple is going to pop out something very cutting edge this year, and I don’t want us all to be sitting here next holiday season wondering how we wound up behind the curve again. 

          • Butters619

            Lol I kinda like that OTA idea with headphones as antennae.

            And Apple has had 2 years (2.5 if they release in fall) to cook up something revolutionary in the hardware department….I’m betting you are right and they are going to come out with something that wows people again. 

          • Tyler

            Apple always has something that wows people (who don’t already enjoy the feature that Android user have been loving). But it will always be missing something, something that iPhone *Current generation plus 1* will have and that iPhone will be missing something that the next generation will have, that the previous one wont be allowed to do even though it can.
            /ends apple rant

          • Butters619

            Haha I’ll agree with you.  But they haven’t really had a hardware wow since the Retina, so I could see them doing something big hardware wise this iteration

    • Anonymous

      Same here. Also, longer battery life.

      • Anonymous

        Agree…I think battery technology will be the next big thing, but maybe not in 2012.  It seems the drive is for more CPU power and larger HD displays, so battery technology will have to keep up.

        Specifically regarding mobile phones, quad core doesn’t excite me that much as the top tier phones right now have plenty of processing power.  I don’t think there is an immediate need for better displays either (the galaxy nexus display is very good).

        For me, in 2012 I would like to see more improvements on the carrier side.

        • Tabe

          Indeed. I want to see REAL battery tech innovation in mobile devices. They really need to stop ignoring the battery issue and make it their top priority!

        • Tyler

          I agree batteries are very important and the technology needs to evolve for use to better utilize our phones. I just got a galaxy nexus so i could care less about hardware and manufactures skins, but a battery is replaceable. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ll second that.

      • Nexus

        iPhone 5. Really….

        • Anonymous


    • Hector Felix


    • Anonymous

      I’ll tell you what. I only had keyboard smartphones since 2004, until i got the Galaxy Nexus. The keyboard is freakin amazing. Even with the current landscape lag bug, i can still type pretty darn fast, and will probably easily match my keyboard typing speed once the bug is corrected.

    • Johan

      Same here. I have uses for both the physical and virtual keyboards. So, I need both.

      • S. Sloat


      • Shon K.

        Exactly. There are times when a physical keyboard is better while in other situations, it’s better to use a software keyboard.

    • Darren B

      Oh my god I’m not alone.

  • Dliuzzo110

    I don’t think we can go much farther until battery technology kick in

  • Hrypop

    Passive device rf charging to increase battery life with utilization of power introduce features and faster power intensive chips and net connections

  • xj333t

    Reasonable battery life on 4G LTE phones, unlocked bootloaders on Motorola phones, all OEM’s include the ability to turn off their skins (run stock Android)…

    • Tyler

      I like your idea of turning off skins, i think if manufactures didn’t customize every single thing and only added their custom homescreen and maybe some accents in menus and stuff i would be ok with it if they also game you the stock launcher too. Everyone loves options right?

  • NFC.

  • Anonymous

    Please add an option for Greatly Improved Battery Life, or Better Integration of LTE chipsets.

    • Lgreg64

      i would take a 3G phone with a battery that would last longer then 1 day. get me 2-3 days than we can talk 4G.

  • Anonymous

    New battery tech to help drastically improve battery life! (http://goo.gl/O5a8f)

  • sharks with freaking lasers!

  • Anonymous

    I’m really excited to see the next crop of quad-core tablets.  I’m finally ready to buy and I can’t wait to see what the other manufacturers have.

  • Better Battery life for me as well

  • Anonymous

    I want to see an improvement in battery life!!!  All this new amazing technology yet still the same dying  batteries.   

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU SIR…. BATTERY LIFE is NUMBER ONE! . . . I shouldn’t be waiting for Seidio to Drop that 3800MAH for my LTE NExus


  • Dude

    Something else: ICS on all dual core phones.

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