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Droid Life’s NFL Eliminator Challenge has Come to an End, Two Perfect Entries Separated by a Tiebreaker

The NFL’s regular season has come to a close, and with that we have a winner for this year’s DL NFL Eliminator Challenge that was hosted over at ESPN. Over 1,500 of you attempted to win the grand prize, which was a phone of your choice. Unfortunately, not all of you were able to last the entire 17 weeks – many of which were eliminated back in week 1 (like me). Two players did crush the competition though, choosing correctly for 17 weeks straight and bringing the title shot down to a tiebreaker.

Players therealjohnmark and lookingup24 picked the Eagles and Bears respectively in week 17 which were both correct, however, the Eagles put up more points (ESPN’s tiebreaker rule) giving the win to therealjohnmark. Nice work, boys.

John Mark’s prize is a phone of his choice, which he has decided should be the DROID 4. Obviously the phone is not out yet, but he is willing to wait until that time to get his hands on the first truly powerful 4G LTE slider on Verizon.  Congrats!

Thanks again for playing, everyone!

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  • Oregongirl4419

    Wow, that is so absolutely awesome. Like winning the lottery! Fun fun!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Any phone of his choice and he goes with the Droid 4? That better be one hell of a keyboard. To each his own I guess.

  • Ryan C

    Am I the only one who had no idea this was even going on?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. I was totally unaware until it had already begun (a few weeks into the season) and I’m a regular reader of DL and have been since February of 2010.

      • I didn’t know either.

        • no idea and i read this site every day.  perhaps this announcement came on a weekend????   just kidding there are no announcements on weekends around here.

      • Ryan C

        I am a regular reader also (as in every day) since about November 2009. And I honestly do not remember anything about this. However here’s the original post I dug up from Tuesday September 6th 2011: http://www.droid-life.com/2011/09/06/contest-enter-the-annual-droid-life-football-eliminator-challenge-win-a-free-phone/

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  • Jikhead

    Congrads to therealjohnmark….well played!!!!

  • Mark Lordi

    Nice job guys! Contrats 

  • jason6g

    I think both therealjohnmark and lookingup24 should get a prize 😀

    • lookingup24

      I totally agree… I think I developed an ulcer the last few weeks at the thought of a new galaxy nexus…My Dinc is on it’s last leg. Oh well I understood the rules from the beginning.  

  • Anonymous

    Congrats John!  The Droid 4 looks like it will be pretty cool.  Enjoy it.

  • Greg Holtz

    That is a pretty crappy tiebreaker rule.  It should have been the selection with the bigger defeat.  Even though in this case, the eagles won by 24 and the bears only won by 4.   But still, DL should have gave both entires phones for lasting that long without picking a loser.

  • Anonymous

    D4, nice choice.

  • John-Mark Clawson

    But I’m the real John-Mark??

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex can we do a NFL Playoff Eliminator Pool??  That would be a good one 🙂

  • I lost before week 1… How did I miss this?!

    • T Hall

      Not a daily Droid Life visitor 🙂

  • T Hall

    Good job John!  Hope you enjoy that Droid 4; I would’ve had a hard time passing up the Galaxy Nexus but that is just me 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The Nexus was tempting. I generally prefer Moto and have a rooted Bionic. The D4 will go to my wife who will like the sliding keyboard.

      • Mack

        Now that’s a classy guy, giving the brand new phone to his wife. Earning some brownie points at the same time I assume. Congrats on the win.

      • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

        You know taking a Droid 4 over the Nexus is risking a sh*tstorm of negative comments from the Moto haters. Congratulations and good choice. I’d have picked the same.

  • shdowman

    The eagles screwed most of us…funny how they are what won it

  • Congrats to you two! Hope that DROID4 is worth it!

  • Ian Wilson

    Lookingup24 looks back down at his OG Droid on its last leg of life… soon he will be *forever alone*

    • lookingup24

      my OG Droid died in a rain storm when i left my car window down on a camping trip… I am nursing a Dinc from ebay until my upgrade this summer.

  • Michael Forte

    Yeah I lost in week 1 as well…

    • Edwin M

      Same here, week 1.

    • Stupid Chiefs.

      • Chiefs got me as well…

        • Todd Haley

          And me too. F*@$ing Cassel

          • Anonymous

            Add another Chief picker to the list!

          • Robbie Gerling

            yup, write me down too