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With The Bootloader Unlocked, HTC Rezound Now Receiving First Batch Of Custom ROM Goodness

Now that HTC has unlocked the Rezound’s bootloader, you can be sure that we are going to see a huge influx of developer support for this beastly device.  It’s only been a few days and we can already find a few ROMs that will definitely interest Rezound owners, including ones that will take away HTC’s Sense skin completely, remove the Verizon bloatware, and plenty of other great tweaks.

We have been able to locate a handful of flashable ROMs over at RootzWiki – you can see the entire list here.

Cheers Franky J!

  • Gdivecha

    Does that mean I can buy this on Verizon on contract and then unlock it and use it in India?

  • Anonymous

    MultiUpload – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    MegaShares –http://ln4.me/3dwff
    RapidShare – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    FreakShare – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    MediaFire – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    x7..to – http://ln4.me/3dwff

  • Christopher Riner

    man this is awesome.  congrats to everyone that bought one of these, honestly out of the big three (rezound, razr, and g-nex) this one was my last choice simply because of sense.  At the store, even the demo unit rezound was lagging up on me and I heard it was because sense was such a heavy ui.  

    However, with all the great news about bootloaders and htc I am definitely looking forward to seeing what they put out in the near future.  I definitely think I would love playing with the rezound now that its unlockable and ready to roll.  Hope all you htc’ers enjoy all the dev community goodness that us nexus owners are getting.

  • My upgrade isnt till April, and likely a new HTC phone will be out. But id definitively would get the rezound if it were up.

  • Chris Clancy

    Rented the Rezound and now have a Nexus. I prefer the GNex over the rezound but I can see where this phone would be appealing to some. It is rather thick and heavy, but some people like that. I wasn’t really impressed with the Beats audio but the screen was nice. Im sure this will be a very nice phone for many people. Unfortunately i see somewhat limited dev support for this as alot of the key dev’s are focusing on the gnex … although the s-off is a huge step as there was already several nice ROMS just collecting dust beause nobody could get s-off

  • The Round Mound Of Rezound!

    I am loving my Rezound, even with the “lag” and it does have it, but I have not rooted, and won’t as long as it voids my warantee. I’ll give it a year, see what the ICS upgrade looks like on it and then root, just like I did with my Incredible. This thing is the Incredible on major league baseball steroids! I really struggled with choosing between this and Nexus, but in the end my satisfaction with the Incredible won it over for me…It’ll be hard to wait until next year to root, but I can wait…

  • Hello Moto?

  • Jer85008

    Awesome news for us Rezound owners. I’ll leave mine stock until a good ICS ROM is out, but great to know there will be lots of options.

  • Richard Durand


  • Jose Cardona

    My Nexus was returned the day after I heard this thing was unlocked. That was all I needed. Went through two Nexuses, got tired of the issues and poor quality radios/camera. Had the Rezound for a few days now and haven’t look back. I don’t even miss the Nexus anymore. This is the most underrated phone in the market. Can’t wait to start modding this beast. 

  • CharlesHussell

    Now that the bootloader is unlocked this is the best phone available.

    Best screen, best processor, and matches every other phone in camera, RAM, memory etc.  Plus the Beats headphones are great.

    Anyone who thinks this is too thick hasn’t spent a day with it.  Don’t know how anyone could prefer the RAZR.  

    • Oryanh

      Best Processor? please provide some proof.

      • Anonymous

        Well its still a great processor, to all their own, was probably a reference to its 1.5ghz factory clock?  Definitely right on though with screen, it is the best.  Along with standard top of the line camera, ram, etc.  Turned around and sold my ibeats for $75 too and replaced them with my klipsch 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I’m with ya man! I’m gonna sell my ibeats and I already got my Etymotics!

        • CharlesHussell

          1.5 factory clock, superior GPU and it doesn’t have to be underclocked to get decent battery life.  The GNex STILL doesn’t get decent battery life.  I was expecting this to be a problem with the Rezound as well, but my sister has had her’s for about 2 weeks and it has been great.  

          The screen is amazing and the camera takes great shots.  It seems to me everyone got caught up in having the thinnest device possible, which is ridiculous.  

          The Rezound has good thickness like a hot spanish chick.  The others can be proud of their pancake ass if they want.  I’d rather have the better device. lol

          • PUKE

            Gnex doesnt need is processor to be clocked at 1.5 ghz to have comparable performance to the rezound because the gnex doesnt use HTC Sense. Now that you can take that crapware off the rezound you might see some wicked impressive numbers.

            <— ~30 hrs on my Gnex with normal everyday usage. Of course you arent gonna get great battery life playing games on a phone with a 4.6 inch screen, lets be real here.

          • CharlesHussell

            You’re blaming the .35 extra screen for the awful battery life of the GNex?  LOL

            If you are getting 30 hours from your GNex you probably don’t even need a phone that powerful since you obviously aren’t using it to anywhere near it’s full capacity.

            Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting the Rezound was a phone GNex owners would be interested it when it was locked down, I know I wasn’t.

            But now that it’s open it’s definitely the best phone.  And $100 less.  And not backordered.  And doesn’t have data/battery/volume issues.

          • Chinkyone

            not just the fact that is a bigger screen, but that the AMOLED screen eats battery at a quicker rate as well.

            Yes, 30 hours. Mainly because:
            A.> I dont live in a 4g region so that radio is never on
            B> i dont stream video if im not plugged in, or at least if I know I’m not gonna be near a charger soon
            C> I dont play GPU intensive games on my phone. It’s a F***in phone for christs sake, not a PSP.

            I still use it for work, email, texting, phone calls (imagine that right?), facebook, price checks while shopping, managing bills, managing support tickets for my private job, simple math, navigation (granted in the car on the charger) buying fast food and gas (google wallet $) identifying songs on the radio, a flashlight, checking movie times, taking pictures, taking HD videos, checking up on football scores, and checking the weather all within that 30 hour time frame. I’d say I get my usage out of it.

          • CharlesHussell

            Your battery life is a direct result of never using 4G.

            I suspect Verizon’s 4G LTE Network is having issues with the GNex processor and this is what caused the delay, the need for a bigger battery than the GSM version and the continued poor battery life we are seeing.

            It’s just disappointing that they talked so much about how great the Nexus was going to be and in the end it just isn’t.  It’s nice.  I wouldn’t mind having one, but this was supposed to be the phone that creamed everything else when really its just the first phone with ICS and a bunch of compromises.

          • Chinkyone

            I never got the impression that it would be the device to cream everything, A first look at the specs for it a few months ago confirmed that for me, But the fact that it was the first to run ICS, one of the first to run google wallet (well was supposed to anyway, at least thats what verizon things, snicker snicker) and just the plain and simple fact that it was a pure google phone being offered on my carrier for once is what did it in for me. The specs are just on par with everything thats out there, Nothing stands out. But its not a bad phone by any means, and with the specs it does have it runs very, very well. sad that 4g users are having bad battery life. But seriously, just turn 4g off when you arent using it? how often do u honestly need it?

            streaming music
            streaming videos
            internet usage

            thats about it. and video streaming shouldnt be done when you arent close to a charger anyway,

          • Anonymous

            The Nexus uses the same processor as the Razr and Bionic, it’s just a higher binned chip.  So your “theory” about it causing issues with the network are false. 

            The larger battery was done for LTE.

            The Nexus is still the best phone out, you can say it’s opinion, but the Rezound/Razr will still have their skins on top of ICS and you will have to use custom roms to ever get what the Nexus has by default.  

            The majority aren’t having any issues with the Nexus, the minority having issues will always be the most vocal online, which makes you believe that the problems are worse than they are.  

            All polls done here and on Androidforums show that the majority of Nexus users have no network/signal issues.

            The Rezound is a great phone, has a great screen and camera, no ones denying that, but saying the Nexus is “disappointing” is just a lie.

            I would even bet you haven’t used the Nexus for more than 10 minutes.

          • CharlesHussell

            You are not being truthful.  

            There is no one in the world who is getting 13-15 hours from the GNex using it on 4G without plugging it and recarging throughout the day.

            There is no one getting that kind of battery life from ANY Verizon 4G LTE device who is using as you claim to.

            I’m glad you like your phone but there’s no reason to lie.  Other people are going to read this stuff and use the info you provide to make a purchasing decision.

          • Anonymous

            If you’d like me to post my screenshots  getting 13+ just let me know.

          • CharlesHussell

            I’d love to see “constant 4G use” with 13-15 hours of battery life.

            Everyone else is struggling to get more than 4-6 hours without plugging it in.

          • Anonymous

            Battery proof on 4G, couldn’t post images on the other reply.  This is the standard battery, brightness at 40%.  Showed 2 different days to show it’s not just a one day fluke. 

          • CharlesHussell

            Dude, how can you say you are “constantly” using 4G when your browser use is at 2% in one screenshot and doesn’t even register in the other?

          • Anonymous

            What do you want me to post?  Streaming netflix for 5 hours?  I don’t understand your point, I’m on 4g browsing/video watching/downloading, on phone calls for an hour, played Modern combat for about an hour on 4g.  This is normal use of a phone.  I never leave a 4G area.  

          • CharlesHussell

            the “proof” you provided did not show you were using 4G “constantly”.  I’d rather the GNex get amazing battery life and live up to what it was supposed to overall…i’d buy one myself.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t need to show you anymore proof that the battery is solid on the Nexus, but I think the main point is you shouldn’t feel like you have to slam other devices to make the Rezound look better.  

            The Rezound is already an excellent phone with the highest PPI, great GPU and one of the nicest cameras on the market.    

          • Dude, your problem is Modern combat. I’m sorry to tell you this, but that device in your hand is a cell phone, not a gaming console. Even an hour of 3d accelerated graphics is going to tear through that 1800mh battery. Add on top of that the fact that this phone has a SAMOLED screen, quite possibly the biggest battery drain of a screen there is on a cell phone yet (notice its the top of your list there by a HUGE margin in both screen shots?) and you have your culprit.

            Just because they make games like modern combat for android devices doesn’t mean they will play nicely on your battery.

          • Anonymous

            I was defending the battery on my Nexus Joe, Charles was saying normal usage is getting 5-6 hours when I get 12-13 hours day with normal usage which I consider excellent.

          • Christopher Riner

            amen.  my screenshots were both with very little 4g but still, can’t complain with a phone’s battery when its lasting twenty hours on wifi and automatic brightness.  Check out my screenshots replying to chuck huss up top.

      • CharlesHussell

        Maybe they should underclock the GNex to 800mhz so it can make it through more than 4 hours of use.  

        The Rezound is smooth at 1.5 and has a better GPU.  

        Can’t think of one reason to buy the GNex aside from fanboys who waited 3 months for it and feel compelled to go through with the purchase.  I would have been one of those fanboys but I had 4 friends buy on launch day and have all returned them.  Most disappointing device since the Xoom dropped without 4G.

        • Chinkyone

          Processor has very little to do with the battery live on the Gnex, The big battery eater is the screen, but srsly with the battery comments. Have you forgotten the Rezound is an android too?

          Play with your rezound for 4 1/2 hrs straight and see if your battery lasts all day. Bet it wont.

          • CharlesHussell

            I don’t know anyone who has returned their Rezound because the battery life sucked worse than expected, in fact everyone I know who has one has been pleasantly surprised.

            This is in direct contrast to the GNex owners I know who have all returned their phone.  

            If battery life was a screen issue then why did they underclock it in the first place.  The .35 of screen that displays blue outlined buttons over black is not using up that much more juice, unless its a SAMOLED issue.

            Methinks the real issue with battery life is that the processor is not playing nice with Verizon’s 4G LTE.  The GSM phones don’t seem to be having the same issues and didnt require a thicker battery.

          • Chinkyone

            battery life has been a problem with all LTE phones, not just the GNex, because the LTE radio is a juice hog. Maybe the rezound is better at it than most, i wouldnt know, as I wouldnt know if my battery life in my gnex would be cut in half by running in a 4g environment.

          • Tyler Cameron

            I couldn’t stand how laggy the Rezound was, but I give it props for having EXCELLENT antennas!

        • Christopher Riner

          I wouldn’t necessarily say the battery on the g-nex is bad….but like a fine hoodrat hoodrat hoochie mama, you need to know how to work her….

    • Oryanh

      Sorry, that sounded snappish… Let me try that again… I’m a bit on the fence with these two devices, so I’m a bit anxious for more information (“proof”). 
      As for processor, OMAP 4460 is A9 whereas S3 MSM8860 is A8 correct? …and regardless of clock speed, better instructions will result in more ops per clock cycle… (I assume) I’ve noticed that Linpack yields a higher single thread mflops on the S3, whereas the OMAP stomps it in Multi-thread. -I’m not sure if this is proper, but it does attest to the future of OMAP I think… OMAP has NEON and IV3 Media… which explains the “optimized for OMAP” S3 does not.
      It seems the only reasons for choosing Nexus over the Rezound would be: 
      1. SAMOLED, which is more preference than superiority… 2. Dev community, although Newt and Chingy have already put out a fantastic ROM for the Rezound. 3. Camera (which some speculate can be greatly improved with software. (within the confines of 5MP of-course)…  4. and I hate to say it, Status. “look i got a Nexus, which is moar” -look feel and weight are choices of discretion of an opinion, yes?

      • CharlesHussell

        It really does seem like a status thing with Nexus Owners.  Having a developer phones doesn’t make you a developer. I get it, but at least be honest with yourself.  

        Considering the Rezound can be had for $150 on Amazon for anyone with an upgrade it’s easily the better choice.  

        It feels like a more expensive, well built device than the GNex.  I am saying this as someone who has been checking Droid-Life every day since the rumors of the GNex came out.  I’m only hating because there are reasons to hate.

        I was going to hold off and save my upgrade for something better since the Rezound was locked down and the GNex was such a disappointment but now I’m going to get the Rezound.  

        There just aren’t any drawbacks to it, again, unless you are so worried about the thickness of your phone.  And again, if you actually hold it and use it you will see it’s not even anything to get excited about.  These thin phones are just marketing gimmicks to grab headlines from Apple.  They aren’t better in any way.  Just thinner and apparently wider or longer which is less desirable IMO.

        • Fapfap

          Or it could be preference?

          -No physical buttons, all screen
          -720p HD screen
          -Curved shape (feels a lot better help up next to the ear and in your pocket if the screen is facing you it hardly feels llike theres anything in your pocket.)
          -pure google, no manufacturers skins
          Rezound is a nice phone, but this phone felt better. I don’t need to defend my decision anymore than that.

          • CharlesHussell

            I’m glad you like your phone.

            I’m just posting for the benefit of people who have yet to make a purchasing decision.

            The Rezound got no love from Droid-Life for whatever reason, and its simply a better phone than the RAZR in every way.  Aside from ICS, I see now advantage to the GNex.  

            When the Rezound gets CM9 it will be the best device, period.  And you can actually buy one right now for $150.

          • The Rezound also has a 720p Screen. It’s also smaller and non-pentile so it actually has a higher ppi than the GNex. Seems to me the Rezound actually has the advantage in screen quality.

          • jefbystereo

            I agree, when I compared them in verizon I was surprised the Rezound got such little press, it blew the GNX screen away IMO.

        • George Cherian

          Where do you see 150 for upgrade? I am seeing 249 for upgrade at amazon – am I missing something? Thanks a lot.

          • CharlesHussell

            They must have just changed it back in the last couple days. It was $150 for all upgrades for weeks.  That sucks.

          • Legendsoftroy

            The rezound and the razr are selling real cheap at costco… check their website or go the store, dont forget you get 90 days to return or exchange.

      • Richard Durand

        I dont really care too much about cpu for the most part.  Maybe another consideration is the adreno220 the rezound has inside as well, which to my knowledge is the best mobile gpu in any current handset (please correct me if im wrong)?  You look at games like modern combat 3 by gameloft (yes I hate them too, but none the less) which was developed for nvidia components, and how great it looks.  I would like to see them do that for the adren220 which, should, look way better while still maintaining a good frame rate.

        • Oryanh

          I think GPU’s go something like this: 
          1st: PowerVR sgx543mp2
          2nd: 4210 Exynos 
          3rd: PowerVR sgx540 @ 384MHz
          4th: Adreno 220
          5th: PowerVR sgx540 @304 MHz

          • Anonymous

            except the sgx540 in the Nexus is pushing waaaaay more pixels than it is in any other device except for the Xoom 2 as far as I know. So even at 384 vs 304 MHz, I don’t think it’ll perform better.

          • Oryanh

            good point… but the Adreno220 in Rezound will have the same pixel pushing challenge. I suppose if gaming is your priority, you shouldn’t be looking at either of these phones.

          • Oryanh

            Found this which puts it in perspective:  “SGX 540 in the OMAP 4460 is running at 384 MHz. At 200Mhz it gives 3.2 GFLOPS so at 384Mhz it should be giving you about 6.1 GFLOPS! Thats better than the Tegra 2 and over 2x the performance of the original iPhone 4!”
            -dead horse, I’ll stop.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see HTC unlock the Rezound, seems like a great phone.  They’ve definitely improved their quality this past year.  If they come up with a great design at CES, I bet we see them become a lot more popular.

  • Anonymous

    Still think this phone sucks balls. Would rather have a Razr or Bionic. Im still very happy with my Gnex. Why buy anything else?

    • CharlesHussell

      What sucks balls?  

      The superior screen, camera and processor?  
      The removable memory?  
      The reliable 4G?  

      Everyone I know who bought the GNex has returned it and bought the Rezound.  They are all happy.

      • Anonymous

        Yep agree really exciting to have this thing unlocked

      • Anonymous

        Thats cool. No one I know even thought about buying the rezound. And as far as screen goes IMO side by side I think the Gnex smokes it. Removable storage is a thing of the past for me, Amazon cloud and Google music work fine. Ill NEVER use the 32gig onboard to full capacity. Never have issues as far as 4g reliability goes. How bout that shutter speed on the Gnex compared to the Rezound? Oh and beats audio is a joke. This is all opinion so get over it bro.

        • CharlesHussell

          So the ignorance of the people you know is the final measure of the quality of the device?

          You are crazy if you think the GNex screen smokes the Rezound.  The Rezound has a higher ppi, actually the highest ppi available on any device.  It is the superior screen.

          Is the shutter speed on the GNex a product of hardware or software?

          Beats audio might be marketing, but I’ve never head better, louder sound from a phone than the Rezound.  Is low sound quality not a GNex gripe?  The Beats headphones are not worth $120 or whatever they cost in stores, that doesn’t mean they aren’t 100x better than whatever cheap earbuds the GNex comes with.

          If you are just going to put CM9 on your phone anyway, there is no reason to get the GNex.  You are going to have your phone for 2 years, not 2 months.  ICS Roms will be available for the Rezound soon enough.

          Save $100 and get the better overall phone.

          • Anonymous

            Damn you have superhuman eyes if you can tell the difference in ppi without extreme magnification. I’m just not a fan of the dullness of the rezound’s display. The Gnex is clearly has more vivid colors.

            As for shutter speed, I believe it is a bit of both hardware and software. I’m definitely no expert on this though.

            As far as all your hardware gripes goes, the only thing the rezound has that the gnex doesnt is an FM radio, which would be nice to have. The low sound issue is easily fixed if it bothers you that bad.
            I think the gnex actually has “superior hardware”.

            On another note, its a Google experience device and I’m loving the quick official updates and quick rom builds.

  • Bewara2009

    Thanks Kellx, you kept your word 😀

  • Anonymous

    <3  [ROM] [MikRoms] Ineffabilis v1.0 [12/31/11] Sense 3.5 | Beats | Tweaks |

    with the inverted Notification just rocks.

  • Anakin Solo

    I agree.  If it had been unlocked before the Nexus I might have kept it.  It is a great phone with better reception and a better camera than the Nexus.  It is a little too heavy for my taste, but it is built well.  I have friends with the Rezound that are very happy about this. 

    Is Clockwork Recovery released yet?

  • Anonymous

    U mad Moto bros?

  • did anyone buy this phone and keep it?

    • Anonymous

      I did… and happily more-so now.

    • Bewara2009

      believe it or not, I know some people that bought the G-Nex, after a couple of days with the issues that the G-Nex has, most of them return it back and got the Rezound, they are very happy with it….

      • CharlesHussell

        Everyone I know who bought the Nexus has returned it. Some because of data issues, others because it just wasn’t that great.

        • I think the C in HTC is for Charles here

          • Christopher Riner


      • Herp

        I don’t blame them. Stupid samsung and stupid google for not releasing a perfectly chiseled phone right on day 1. How dare technology not be totally flawless right out of the gate…


        Rezound is a great phone. When I chose my upgrade it was between the rezound and the gnex.  I chose the gnex because Im a media junkie and LOVE the screen real estate on it, and the size of the Gnex didnt bother me. Plus I love how Polished ICS is and even more so love that there are no dedicated home buttons on the Gnex. Despite the ugly comments about the phone, I havent had one cell service issue with it whatsoever.

        In my opinion, the rezound is gonna be even more fantastic now that its unlocked and when it receives ICS, but nothing beats the feel of pure google. Not to mention I love the look I get on peoples faces when I swipe my phone to pay for my goods.

    • TC Infantino

      I did.  As a matter of fact I purchased the Rezound before the bootloader was unlockable.  I did my research and compared the 3 main phones (G-Nex, Razr, Rezound) in the store, checked all the reviews as well as read owners comments.  With all that information and my own personal preferences for how the phones felt and looked in person, I chose the Rezound.  I am more than happy with it, and now that it is unlocked and I know I will be rooting and ROMing it, I know I made the right choice.

  • Anonymous

    Have fun Rezound owners..

    Signed Sad Razr owner
    (still love my Razr though)

  • Anonymous

    Not a HTC fan….but this is great for Rezound users. 

  • Anonymous

    Would like to see beast running stock and compare it to the GNex…

  • Anonymous

    If this came out before the Nexus I would have stuck with the Rezound. Still have it but I gave it to my wife. Both of us are happy.

  • Anonymous

    chirp chirp chirp