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How to: Flash Your First Custom ROM on the Galaxy Nexus

We had held off for the most part on walking you through the flashing of a custom ROM for your Galaxy Nexus until there were a number of options out there that were stable. I think it’s safe to say that there are more than a “number” that are well worth your time at this point. We have highlighted a few in the past, all of which have made incredible progress in just a short amount of time. So to get you into your first ROM (if you haven’t flashed one already), we have the step-by-step guide below to get you living the Nexus dream.  


1.  Unlock the bootloader of your phone. [Instructions] 2.  Root your phone, flash a custom recovery and make your first backup. [Instructions] 3.  Before we get into all of this, you may want to backup all of your apps and user data.

*When flashing a ROM, you almost always have to perform a factory reset (wipe data) which clears your phone of all personal apps and settings. A tool like Titanium Backup from the market can back all of these up for you to be restored after flashing a ROM. This is a must-have app for frequent ROM flyers.

4.  Find a ROM that meets your needs. A couple of ideas here and here. [More]

*I personally chose the CM9 kang because it included the 4G LTE notification bar toggle we posted over the weekend. So far, it appears to be fully functional.

4.  Download that ROM to your phone along with the “Gapps” that are listed near it.

*”Gapps” are your core Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, etc.

5.  Once they have finished downloading, you need to boot into recovery (easiest way through ROM Manager).

*If you did not flash a “permanent recovery” you will need to open ROM Manager and flash Clockwork Recovery before rebooting into recovery.

6.  If you did not create a first backup in step 2, do so now before flashing your first ROM.

*Using volume keys, scroll down to “backup and restore” and select it with the Power switch. Then select “backup” and allow your phone to create a backup.

7.  Once your backup finishes, scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset.”

*This will wipe your phone completely clean. Hopefully you backed up your apps and data in step 3.

8.  From here, you will want to read specific instructions that the ROM developer has given.

*Some ROMs require you to wipe specific caches or wipe data twice. Do as they tell you.

9.  Time to flash the ROM. Scroll to “install zip from sdcard.”
10.  Select “choose zip from sdcard” and find your ROM.
11.  If you downloaded the file to your phone directly, it should be in your “Download” folder.
12.  Once you have navigated to where your ROM of choice was downloaded to, select it. Then say “Yes.”
13.  Your phone will now flash your first custom ROM.
14.  When it finishes, “Go back” to the main menu. It’s time to flash our “Gapps” package.
15.  Head back into “install zip from sdcard” and “choose zip from sdcard.”
16.  Likely in the same place as your ROM, you will find your Gapps file. Select it and flash it just like the ROM.
17.  Once that finishes, back out to the main menu and reboot the system.
18.  The first boot can take a while depending on the ROM. Just be patient and let it boot all the way.
19.  Once it finishes, enjoy your new ROM.
20.  You may want to download Titanium Backup immediately and start restoring all of your apps and data.

Any questions?

To find out even more about this device, check out our Complete Guide to the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Teddy O

    The upgrade went very well for me (Coming from Vicious V1). My nexus runs alot smoother with this version. I was able to get root back by installing
    Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed.zip after installing the update. It can be found at http://androidsu.com/superuser/

  • guest.indeed

    So I flashed CM9 today (1.21.12) and I can’t get root access (yes I did allow it in settings).  I don’t see a lot of postings about how ppl fixed this and you don’t seem to remark on it but I can’t seem to get TB or ROM manager to fxn.  Can anyone tell me the clear answer I’ve overlooked?

  • Duck Dodgers

    I noticed that even after we get the phone a lot of you still carry a “wait and see” attitude. What are you waiting for? So what if it’s buggy or unstable, we all know why we got this phone, to flash and make it as non-stock as possible right? We should all be flashing custom ROMs based on principle alone. We have the factory images, you can always go back if your scared, but stock OS is blasphemy….just my 2 pennies.

  • Milyenair

    The  CM9 link has Mirror 1 & 2, Gapps and Blue Keys. Do I have to so the same thing with each one individually?

  • Guest

    keep getting android.process.acore stopping after flashign CM9…anyone else having this issue?

  • Anonymous

    Forgive my ignorance.  I am not as technically savvy as most of you on here are.  I am a noob!  What is the purpose of “flashing a permanent recovery” and, I see someone posted that 4.03 is out yet I haven’t received the update.  Is this because I have unlocked and rooted the phone.  I have not put a different ROM on it.

  • nice guide. was looking for it. will try it soon.

  • does anybody know if CM9 Kang is deodexed?

  • I can’t wait to flash stock 2.2 on my Galaxy Nexus

  • I’m thinking of waiting until this 
    http://rootzwiki.com/_/articles/secure-element-error-locking-users-out-of-google-wallet-r280 gets sorted out before i start switching roms.

  • flashaholic

    Excellent noob guide. Just be sure you know what you’re flashing and always verify the md5.

  • Guest

    I have installed custom roms before on my og droid. But now I have a question about wiping data on the galaxy nexus. Does titanium backup create a separate partition or something so that it does not get wiped? Or do I need to copy it to my computer and then put the data back on my phone after the wipe. I knew this wasn’t a problem before on the og droid because it had an sd card. Help is appreciated.

  • I have a dumb newbie question. I flashed the Clockwork bootloader, and rooted my stock ROM, but have otherwise left things intact. Will I still be able to receive OTA updates, and if so, will I still be rooted when an OTA update is installed?

    I want to know if it’s safe to re-lock my bootloader, basically.

    • gregwilliams

      from my experience you won’t receive OTA, it will give you an error when trying to install if you have flashed clockwordmod recovery.  

      and you will have no problem unrooting or re-locking, done both of them and then unlocked and rerooted again (just to practice)

  • has anyone had probs with gwallet after flashing a new rom? and/or know of a way of keeping it from locking you out before you do flash a new rom?

  • Bgill0827

    I have rooted a couple of phones in the past. With this new nexus and no sd card where will backups for app data and ROMs be stored? Do these back up to a pc or is there a designated partition for this kind of stuff?

  • minishcap

    So, to clarify, exactly the same process as on our OG Droids, even with the virtual sd card?

  • Anonymous

    OMG, multiple data wipes do nothing but waste your time. They’ve never been helpful, never will be. I’d like to see where a credible developer is recommending multiple wipes.

  • Dshudson

    the gapps link doesn’t work? 

    • Dshudson

      forget that lol

  • steve

    Do you have to put your Titanium backup onto your computer and transfer it back on afterwards?

    • Anonymous

      I never had to. Somehow the Market recognizes your account, pushes titanium back and all your other apps to. This also happened when I changed from the DX to the GNEX. As long as you install Titanium and backup before the wipe, you will be good to go.

  • When downloading a ROM directly on the phone, it’s not appearing in the downloads or on sdcard. Anyone else? Have a fix?

    • Never had this problem. What phone are you using? On mine, everything I download goes into /mnt/sdcard/download. Also, what browser are you using to download the file? I guess custom browsers can use custom download folders.

  • Can someone explain why Titanuim is always listed in these posts? I have done plenty of ROMing, and everything that I can think of has been backed up by Google. Whenever I have wiped my phone in the past, Google syncs all my settings and apps to the new ROM, and it’s fairly fast if I am on Wifi. I used Titanium once, and remember it being way more of a pain that just waiting 20 minutes. Aside from other backup purposes, why use Titanium when flashing a ROM?

    • Anonymous

      Google backs up side loaded apps? And remembers all of my app configs/notification settings, etc.?

      Just kidding, I know they don’t.

      • Well, no, they don’t back up side loaded apps, but how many of those do people have? I know I have two, and I’d rather install them by hand again — it’s faster than Titanium. As far as settings, Google does back those up. They have an API for that and it has been around for a while. All the apps I have seem to use it, because every time I have wiped, they get restored with the settings I previously had. There’s probably ones that never implemented it, but again, how many people use these outdated apps?

        • Anonymous

          Google never restores my settings for BeyondPod (including the incredibly useful to me SmartPlay feature. Further, they do not restore my Gentle Alarm, SMSbackupAndRestore, Autostarts, Calendar Snooze, ConvertPad customizations (I am a scientist and I have several custom units), NewsRob, TouchDown, or Widgetsoid settings. I guess I’m just an unusual Android user who uses a ton of not very useful and woefully outdated apps. It takes me a few hours to go through and get all that back starting from scratch. If I were a custom ROM fiend, I would probably not care about having a highly customized app experience though as it would cramp my fiendish style.

          • Hmm… I was under the assumption that most developers use this API. I have been using it for a while, and all my apps backup to Google. Maybe email the devs about it, it really isn’t too hard to implement in an app. And I never said they are not useful, it was more a note on devs that want to have relevant apps yet they don’t keep them updated.

  • Raptor2679

    where is this virtual sd card that everyone is talking about? i’m using astro file manager – where would it be on it?

    also, do i need to save my photos in my camera folder? what gets backed up by titanium and what doesn’t?

    • The virtual SD card is the exact same as an SD card was on other phones. It is virtual in that it is a separate file system on the internal memory, and not a physical card. It will, under almost all circumstances, behave like a regular SD card. Astro sees it in /mnt/sdcard the same as before.

      Your photos should be saved in DCIM/Camera on the SD card, and that’s probably where they should stay, because that is where most apps will look for camera photos.

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  • QtDL

    Hopefully I don’t screw this up this weekend when I have time to attempt this. Any suggestions as to which one I should try first? I’m a (ROM) flashing virgin. 😉

    • Do Axiom 2.3! It is by far the smoothest one I’ve tried. I’m not a big fan of the other ones floating around, but this one made a noticeable difference, and it is being updated frequently.

    • Qt, find a Rom that is a package…  ROM and Kernel… meaning that the install process will install the ROM of your choice and new Kernel code that will enhance your speed and battery life. 

      Check out this site to see all the different ROMs avail, and choose the one you like.  I have used Axi0m (my fav), RootzBoat, Gummy & Revolution… all great ROMs… you can tell by the following and activity of posts…  

      Reason I like Axi0m, complete package, smooth, lots of community support, LOTS of customized modifications (MODs) that make the interface slick, and a dedicated set of followers who continue to contribute, test, support, and help the ROM.  Also, the ROM fits the needs of the novice who is just looking for a speedy and longer lasting battery life to the Developer who wants tweak it every day, and test our new items. 

      I have installed Axi0m on my wife’s phone, she is a novice… she does not even know what a ROM is, but she loves how smooth it is, and likes the battery life with the stock battery.   Hope this helps

      • QtDL

        Thanks guys. I will be looking into it. 🙂 I’m assuming everything works in this one right? Camera, etc. Usually I see the “what works, what doesn’t work” list.

  • Jeremy

    When I switch ROMs I always format /system too in case the ROM installer script doesn’t do it for you.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s worthing pointing out that you don’t actually need to flash CWM to make a complete backup/flash a custom ROM/wipe, etc. Although it’s not as hassle-free as flashing it, temporarily booting into CWM works just as well.

  • Really? If you need to post this then people should not be doing this. Just plain and simple. 

    • PC_Tool

      They can read it here, or on any other of a number of sites, including stickies on every dev site for the device.

      What’s the big deal?  This *is* a dev phone, after all.

    • Have you ever thought that people simply just don’t know how to root the Galaxy Nexus and are new to rooting?

      Everyone has to start somewhere especially if they’re new to the rooting game. Take a step back and realize that at one point you were new to the rooting scene and had to look up instructions like this once or twice. You wouldn’t know how to root your phone without posts like this, assuming you are rooted.

      My OG Droid was rooted but I had no clue how to root my new Nexus. In fact I’m probably not going to simply because I’m receiving updates. I’ll root though when the phone is no longer supported. However I do see that the process is rather similar to my OG.

      I stand behind all of those who don’t know how to root and encourage them to do so if they are so inclined but as long as they know the risks. I highly disagree with your comment.

    • Interstellarmind

      Erica, this site at least, is a friendly Android enthusiast site. “Screw yiu, n00b” mentality will make this a not fun, and dead, hobby in no time. Be more open and less narrow-minded. How would you feel if soneone said this to you the first time you looked up how to root?

      Android is an open source OS. Take the metaphor there to heart.

      P.S. I really want to tell you that you suck, but I won’t because I do not wish to start a flame war. 😉

      • At the end of my post I really wanted to tell her that too haha.

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone falls out of the womb knowing how to root every phone. Nor does everyone want to be the first to try it without some guidance. Seems these sites are filling up with an arrogance that I thought was reserved for Apple sites only. 

    • Interstellarmind

      I would also like to add….

      That if you prize yourself highly as a rooting savant and can claim omniscience in all things computer-phone-modding, then you should know game theory (computer knowledge, math, not a stretch, right? – OK, I’ll make it simple: EVERYone’s seens The Dark Knight). Which can be used to demonstrate the following:
      If “people” with resources distribute what they have, “others” will benefit. If “others” benefit, then they can produce more resources also, thus benefitting EVERYONE in the long-run. Now, if “people” hoard these resources, they will benefit only short-term, and will probably be chased out of town with pitchforks by the “others.”

      But did I just have to tell you that? You shouldn’t be talking compu-tech if you need me to tell you this. Just plain and simple.

  • duckphan

    I know this is off topic, but can anyone tell me how to sync Facebook profile pics to my contacts. Might be a n00b question, but I really can’t figure it out. Help??? Thanks so much

    • You have to use another app from the market.  FB and your android phone no longer sync.

      • duckphan

        figured it might be something like that. thanks!

    • Anonymous

      i couldn’t really figure it out in settings either, so i just used the app “syncmypix”.  does a pretty good job of accomplishing this.

      • duckphan

        thank you

    • From what I understand, the Facebook app hasn’t been updated to support syncing contacts ISC. For whatever reason the functionality was lost between Gingerbread and ICS.

    • Dc Garcia

      Friendcaster app does the sync for u

  • Anonymous

    Can someone clarify what happens when you wipe the gnex? What gets deleted and what doesn’t? That’s really holding me back.

    • OreoMan

      That’s a good question.  I unlocked my GNex and forgot to move my photos over.  I lost about 30 pics, but lucky for me I posted the important ones and the rest were test photos.

      • Anonymous

        You forgot to move them where?

      • Anonymous

        unlocking the bootloader is different than doing a data wipe.  Bootloader lock and unlock will both return the phone as it was when purchased.  Doing a datawipe from CWM is not unlocking or relocking the bootloader so what OreoMan has said will not happen.

        • Anonymous

          Unlock wipes…re-locking does not… I’ve tested this.

          • Anonymous

            ok cool.  I haven’t had to relock any bootloaders on any of my devices so I assumed that the process was the same but its cool that it doesn’t.

    • Anonymous

      All applications and data for the applications is deleted.  Nothing in the sdcard folder partition is touched.  All system settings and accounts are erased. Kernels and battery statistics are set back to a clean slate.  When wiping data I would also very much recommend wiping the Dalvik Cache.  The Dalvik Cache is a application specific cache that can sometimes store settings or application behavior.  Titanium Backup is your best bet to save applications and data.  When the market auto restores your apps you can use Titanium to restore the application settings.

      • Anonymous

        Ok. Thanks. I have done roms on all off my older phones but I haven’t had one with only internal storage 😛

      • Anonymous

        Which does it delete? Mnt/sdcard or /sdcard

    • Anonymous

      Factory Reset will wipe it all though. Keep that in mind.

      • Anonymous

        Is factory reset required for some roms or just flashing the stock image?

  • Franzie3

    Axi0m 2.3 is running very nicely.  Excellent battery life using the kernel that comes with it.  Today alone using 4G, lots of texts and gaming as well as emails and such im still at 54% with just under 5 hours of use.  While on 3G and wifi at home i was able to get 10% drian with light use and it lasted 8 Hours

    I know the rootzwiki threads is over 520+ pages but just read the OP if you intend on flashing.  DroidTh3ory has made this buttery smooth.

    Overall the Dev community has made this the phone to have for the next 6-12 months i believe

    • Anonymous

      Loving this ROM, can confirm incredible battery. This kernel + setCPU (interactivex) + JuiceDefender has my phone running 2x longer

    • agreed, Axi0m rocks… very smooth, responsive… tried LeanKernel & JD Kernel Tuna, and both are great… used Lean for a while, but always come back to JD.   Great battery life.  Using an extended battery, and I am heavy users.  anywhere from 12-20 hours on the phone…  using the SmartAssv2 gov on JD Kernel. 

  • Anonymous

    Where is the troll that says that this website has gone to crack because of a noob post? Is droid-life back to normal?

  • StinkHole

    ROM? Put a glitchy ROM on a pure vanilla OS? WTH?

    • I guess some people don’t like the idea of having better performance and battery life.

      • Pallen310

        Or the idea of introducing new bugs to your phone. I have tried every ROM and within a day I get softkeys disappearing, performance issues, not being able to charge and then boot while phone is off, camera taking pictures slower, google wallet and other apps all of a sudden not working, secure element lock outs, should I continue or stop here? I am very proficient with the Android OS and and by far am not a novice and realize there are fixes, patches and workarounds to all of this but what’s the point when stock rooted doesn’t have any of these issues? Besides you will likely spend every other day reflashing, performing backups/restores, etc.. IDK about everyone else but I am getting over 24hrs battery with heavy usage on my GNex just using the rooted stock ROM that came with the phone.

    • Anonymous

      i hope you’re missing a “/s” in that statement. stock rom with about 6-7 hours of battery life with minimal usage….psh

      • I have tried a bunch of roms but came acros glitches every time. Waiting a few more weeks until those all get ironed out. Although I am getting about 12-14 hours of medium to heavy use on my stock rooted with extended battery. 

        • Anonymous

          i’m on hour #32 with custom ROM and standard battery…still have 40% left. i was barely on stock ROM for 3 days before I rooted.

          I know we can agree to disagree on customization, but one thing for sure is that somehow the OS and OEM folks need to come together better b/c 7-12 hours with medium usage on a smartphone is just not acceptable (and somehow we have all accepted that fact). smh

    • PC_Tool

      How about an updated Vanilla ROM?

      4.0.3 has been released by Google and is stable.  It also has quite a few performance improvements over 4.0.2.

      • Anonymous

        Where can one get this update?

        • PC_Tool


          Literally dozens of AOSP builds here. Same source Google uses for the Nexus. I personally am using Rootzboat v6, which is stock 4.0.3 with some minor mods and the ability to OC.

          I set the launcher to auto-rotate, the navigation (softkey) buttons to alwys show menu/search, and set max OC to 1350. Good to go, solid as a rock. You can also toggle battery percentage in the status bar and mess around with the clock display.

          I’d give you screenshots…but it’s AOSP. It looks exactly like your phone does now. :p

      • IamAguest

        Does it matter if i want to flash this on a CDMA vs GSM? Anyone tried this?

        • PC_Tool

          GSM = GSM, CDMA = CDMA. Do not mix the two.

          There is a GSM Galaxy Nexus forum for developer ROMShere: http://rootzwiki.com/forum/230-gsm-galaxy-nexus-developer-forum/

          • IamAguest

            Maybe i should have typed “and not a”
            I know they are different i was just wondering if the update you mentioned will work smoothly on myCDMA nexus.

          • PC_Tool

            Rootzboat V6 happens to be a CDMA ROM, so you should be just fine flashing it on a VZW LTE Galaxy Nexus. 🙂

    • Hj

      Yeah, no point in this at all./

  • Bewara2009

    Yo Kellen one question for you..why do you always talk about the G-NEX? The HTC Rezound has been unlocked and.I am sure there are in lot of ROMS for it. NOT THE WHOLE WHOLES HAS A G-NEX JUST SAYING..

    • Anonymous

      May be true, but doubt there is as much dev interest in the Rezound as there is in the GNex.

      • Bewara2009

        Trust me I know there is a lot of interest, but once again if this is all Kellex will talk about, you will never know.

        • The bootloader has only been unlockable for all of a few days and we had a massively long holiday. Give it a bit for the dev community to get excited and produce some stable work and we’ll be all over it.

          I found 3-4 ROMs this morning and we had fully planned to let everyone know. 😛

        • Anonymous

          The Rezound is a sweet device, I’m sure it will soon

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious…

    Now that I have no microSD card slot do I have to completely wipe the 15-20 gigs of music and other files I have on my phone every time I install a custom ROM?  That would freakin’ suck!  It takes quite a while to transfer all that data onto the phone.  Before it wasn’t a problem because only the phone’s internal memory got wiped.  Now there’s ONLY internal memory!

    • J Scott Savage

      No, you don’t wipe all internal memory.  There is a virtual sd card that remains even when you do a factory reset/wipe.  As far as the music goes, I would start using Google Music.  I used to copy all that music onto my sd card, but now I have 50 gigs of music anytime I have an internet connection.  Thank god for my unlimited data plan!

      • Anonymous

        That’s good to know about the SD partition.  I can’t do the cloud thing though.  I like to listen to music on my phone when I’m on an airplane so I need everything stored locally.

        • Ben Taylor

          Google Music allows you to tag music that will be stored locally (for airplane mode listening).  I tag 3-4 albums before a flight, have it download/cache it, and then after I land untag it, so that it goes back to cloud retrieval.  You don’t have your entire music collection cached locally, but you also don’t listen to all of it all the time…

          Just informing you (and others) of a feature you may not have been aware of, not trying to force anything upon anyone.

          Edit: Google music support article describing the feature http://support.google.com/androidmarket/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1250232

      • Christopher Heuer

        Is this true only when wiping in something like CWM, or is it true if you wipe in the stock recovery as well?

        I guess I could just test this when I get home later…

      • Anonymous

        It will wipe the virtual sdcard if you do a factory reset. It wont if you wipe data/cache in recovery.

  • Nexus, Yea Baby!

    Axi0m 2.3 It gets updated quicker than a motherf*cker!

  • Anonymous

    if you wipe via CWM the sd card partition isn’t touched.  The backups live on that partition so no worries wiping data.

  • Anonymous

    What’s everyone favorite ROM right now? 

    I’m still holding off on root/rom/kernal until something really stellar comes out. I had my DINC done, but I really like the vanilla android 4.0 from stock.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      I like Axi0m a lot. Right now I’m testing out @bigxie’s ROM

    • J Scott Savage

      Axi0m 2.3 rocks.  I am also looking forward to actngrezy and Project Elite.

      • Anonymous

        This. Pretty heavy usage all morning (2 hours screen on, auto-bright) and I am at 45%. Kernel that comes with it is great, and with setCPU you can get a ton of juice out of this thing 

    • Anonymous

      Same. I am waiting for something feature full. Stock ICS has most bases covered.

    • Right now I’m on Axiom 2.1. I think I’m about to give GummyNex a trial run before I go to 2.3. I can’t wait for Bugless Beast and CM9 to have some official releases

    • Anonymous

      easy….get the CM9 Kang with Franco’s kernel. i’m on my third round of having 24+ hours of battery time (right now, i haven’t been on the charger since 7am yesterday).

    • Axi0m 2.3 

    • Anonymous

      Cant’ fully remember but doesn’t rooting force you to wipe your phone or is it just unlocking the bootloader? But, if that’s the case then you might not want to wait to root the phone. I agree to wait a little longer for more compelling ROMs tho.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been running kejar’s GummyNex Series because I was looking for something that was 4.0.3 and as close to stock as possible with a few options added like processor voltage control.  I am on the 0.3.8 build right now and its been running great.  The interface performance increases from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 is quite noticeable.  The kernel that comes with this ROM has awesome battery life. I went 26 hours with out a charge dipping between 3g and 4g coverage with moderate use.

    • Anonymous

      How much of each radio? 50/50?

  • Anonymous

    I unlocked mine and rooted it in the first 5 mins I had it – however, I still haven’t found any reason to flash one (yet).

    It could be because ICS is new and such an upgrade – but I don’t see a compelling reason to flash one – anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on why I should flash one already?

    • Hj

      No, no reason to flash a ROM that has parts that don’t work.

    • PC_Tool

      On stock I miss:

      Reboot menu
      Softkey options.  (search, menu, etc..)

      Rootzboat v6 floats my boat as far as these are concerned.  😉

      • glad you found Rootzboat, good ROM, tried and it works.  
        Lots of MODs floating around… from battery to 4G to customized Softkey menus… even long press options for Softkey menu… 
        Just find the Mod you want and flash it on your phone…  (Axi0m 2.3 has reboot menu and there are over 40 Mods for softkey / menus on that ROM from color to order to diff type of icons.) 

        • PC_Tool

          Rootzboat came with reboot/softkey mod already, so less work for me in the long run.  Not really interested in 4G toggle…the only data-toggle I use is to shut off *all* data overnight, leaving only phone calls and SMS to wake me in an emergency.

          But the dev scene on this phone?  A few AOSP roms and a pseudo CM9 nightly.  Have you read some of these changelogs? “Now with more butter”  “Fastest ROM to date…”

          Meh…  give me a break.

          Would love to see a working MIUI port and some manufacturer-skins/mods (Sense, Blur, TouchWiz, etc…) 

          I know some folks will get all derisive about the manufacturer “skins”, but ya know what? Yeah it’s an AOSP device; but that only means we can do more with it, not that we should be happy with less…amirite?

  • Anonymous

    So wiping the phone doesn’t wipe backups that are saved on the phone? Do we need to save them to a computer (or other storage media)?

    • MFG

      Yeah, I’d like to know this, too.

      • It does not remove any of your stored data like downloaded music or pictures or backups. That stuff should all be partitioned off. 

    • John

      Should do that anyway if you have some super important stuff there. Otherwise, the only time anything has wiped my internal “sd storage” partition is when i unlocked the phone

      • Anonymous

        Thanks John, very helpful. I saw EVERYTHING get wiped when I unlocked the phone and just want to make sure that is not the case when I am wiping cache and flashing ROMs.

    • PC_Tool

      The only “Factory Reset” that will do this is the one in the ROM itself (Settings – Backup & Reset).

      Unlocking/Relocking will also wipe *all* data.

  • EC8CH

    The G-Nex hypebeast campaign of 2012 continues 😛

    Gentleman… Unlock, Your, Bootloaders!

    Let the ROM flashing commence.

    • Anonymous

      So you go from complaining about my use of that phrase to stealing it. Stay classy bro!

      • EC8CH

        not really stealing… more like mocking

        stay whiny bro!

        • Anonymous

          Mocking? Lol, that is what you call stealing phrases from others to try to make your trolling look more original? I happened to pull up a few DL articles over my break last week and noticed in just the few I pulled up that you brought my name up in the comments. You really are a pathetic loser. Sorry you missed me so much that you felt the need to bring up my name for no reason. Get a life troll.

      • MFG


        • Anonymous

          u mad bro?

  • Anonymous

    great write up!  I just unlocked and rooted my nexus the other day and I’m slowly inching towards flashing a rom.  this will help a lot in that process.  

  • John

    Still don’t understand the point of wiping any data/cache 2-3 times. What makes it any different than wiping it 1 time?

    • EC8CH

      I’ve never understood that either, but some people swear by it.

      • Anonymous

        There is a lot of things you don’t understand, just learn to go with it.

        • It’s good to have you back lol

          • Anonymous

            Thanks bro!

          • EC8CH

            I thought maybe he was out of commish for a few days because he was exchanging his Bionic for a G-Nex like Micheal Forte 😛

    • I don’t know about you, but wiping once never seems sufficient for me.

      • EC8CH

        too much fiber?

        • Anonymous

          LOL Thanks EC8CH, I just about spit coffee all over my phone!

    • My understanding is that wiping physical memory means to use a charge to alter its state.  Not  100% any one time, like painting a wall.

      • Anonymous

        Jimmy Two Times says: just wipe everything twice, wipe everything twice.

    • Anonymous

      i can attest to the problems of not following the directions to the letter. just do it. wiping cache seriously is 2 clicks and 10 seconds of your time.

      • John

        Never done it more than once & never had any issues. I’ve also never read of any self respected ROM requiring multiple wipes of a a certain thing at a time.

        Not saying it doesn’t exist, as I’m sure many will point out quickly, I’m just saying that I’ve never done it & flash roms like crazy  – whether on my current device or previous device(s)

        • Anonymous

          i had a couple of DROID phones that never had that problem either, but my G-Nex has had issues when not wiping multiple times (if the dev says to do so). i got on a ROM about a week ago and stuck with the nightlies that don’t require any wipes.

          • John

            Cool. Guess it’s a ‘YMMV’ type of thing

  • Anonymous

    Just Got My Galaxy Nexus On The 31st At 12PM And 1:30PM I Already Was Running PeterAlfonso’s Bugless Beast With A Kernel 😀

    • Anonymous

      any features or extended functionality worth mentioning about bugless beast? I love Pete Alfonso’s ROMs – but there isn’t anything about ICS I don’t like (or don’t realize I don’t like yet)

      • Anonymous

        No Real Features So To Say, It Feels More Stable, I Know He Likes To Keep It As Stock As Possible, Plus With The Other Kernel I Have (Franco) It’s Better Battery Life And Faster

        • Anonymous

          Awesome – thanks!!