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DROID 3 and LG Revolution Reaching “End of Life” in January?

According to sources over at The Verge, the DROID 3 and LG Revolution have reached the end of the road. Come January, both will hit “End of Life” status and will not see their stock replenished going forward in stores. This comes as a slight shock seeing as the D3 was released only 6 months ago, but then again, we all know that the DROID 4 could be here any day. As far as the Revolution goes, it’s in the same boat as the D3, meaning it has a successor already in the works, known as the LG Spectrum.

Both were solid devices, but with one not having LTE and the other running 2010-esque specs, neither really stood a chance long term. They will be upstaged by complete devices that have LTE and dual-core processors – “end of life” only seems appropriate.

Now, the real story here is whether or not Verizon will unveil both the DROID 4 and Spectrum at CES. If I were a betting man, I’d consider dropping a couple of bucks on that line.

Via:  The Verge

  • Anonymous

    The life of most Android Phone is shorter than that of a fly.  Hell I think the Pantech Breakout hit its EOL about a week before it was released. lol

  • Anonymous

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  • Kiteless

    Very annoying. I realize that Android handsets roll out very quickly but when I got my Droid 3 in the first week of it coming out I didn’t think it would get EOL in only 6 months. I can only hope that it will eventually get ICS, and even if it doesn’t, I am enjoying my phone. Best QWERTY slider I have ever had. 

  • Anonymous

    As long as I get ICS Idk D3…

  • Droid3Owner

    I craiglisted a Droid 3 up from a DX.  Mostly I needed a keyboard for functionality and am enjoying the dual core a bit more. It bogs down from small RAM, but otherwise a good phone for a while. I need a spare battery though… 

  • Wow.  Did I fall asleep for a year or so ?  These product life cycles are getting a little out of hand.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know manufacturer’s supported their phones?!

  • Richard Ericksen

    this is why we can’t have nice things. the iphone has one thing going for it, and that’s a consistent form factor that allows 3rd party mfrs to make addons or accessories, because they know an iphone 4 maybe bo two generations in the same outer shape.

    We have 800,000 different android phone form factors released every 4 days, and they hit end of life after 7 minutes on the market.

    • Blood

      6 minutes and 21 seonds to be exact.

  • mike

    Better get ics from moto!

  • Anonymous

    You can kill the D3 off for all I care, after the bugs are taken care of and it gets ICS ^_^

  • Anonymous

    So if the Droid 3 is at end of life this month…if my Droid 3 is accidentally damaged what will it be replaced with on an insurance claim…or better yet, how long does it take until there are no more replacements availiable and they have to give me another device in it’s place???  

  • Anonymous

    I honestly think is a bad move for Verizon to kill the Droid 3, it could become a pretty pretty solid mid-tier smartphone, I just can’t see why it cannot coexist with the Droid 4. But as long as the community keeps bringing updates for the phones we (Droid 3 owners) will be all right. 

  • Sdod

    well as long as we have hashcode us droid 3 users should be fine for a bit. go hashcode!

  • Nkmett15

    Hmmmm, surprised the X2 isn’t mentioned. I’m also surprised that a DROID X3 rumor hasn’t been thrown out there yet……

    • The droid X3 is the Droid Razr

      • Anonymous


        The X3 has a 720p screen and a 13MP…..wait a second…this doesnt belong on nexus-life….nevermind forget I said anything. 

        • Peterlomason

          I must know more, I love my droid x and will be getting the x3 as soon as it comes out. I’m looking everywhere for rumors, anybody have more info?

  • Lovely. I like my D3, as a 16 year old, i dont need 4G. So what do i do? I guess the simple answer is keep using Hashcodes ICS!

    • Alex

      lol im 13 and dont need 4g either as for the second one i completely agree go hashcode!

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t realize that 4g is for older people. They didn’t ID me at Verizon???

        • Blood

          You have to be 18 or older to use 4g.

  • Anonymous

    Then they need to bring back the one year contract option.

  • guest
    • Anonymous


    • guest

      nvm its just the regular one

  • Well atleast the D3 has some great Dev support, between Hashcode, Chevy, MavTeam. Who needs VZW? lol Now we just need Moto to unlock the bootloader :/

  • what i want to know is when the thunderbolt gets its oel so i can accidently droped it in water and call assurion and get a replacement with a REZOUND holla

  • Anonymous

    Goodbye, dream of receiving any official ICS update for my DROID 3 in the near future.

    • Blood

      You will get it, especially if it’s a duo-core. This just means they will stop selling it. Droid life just made it seem like if it’s the end of dev support or motorola supporting it etc.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t doubt I’ll receive it, I just fear it will be pushed back on their priority list. Much like has happened to past Moto DROID devices in the past.

  • Greg Morgan

    If Verizon is going to start EOLing these phones in less then a year, we should be able to upgrade sooner then 2 years.

    • KevinC

      this only means they stop selling it.  not stop supporting it.

      • JosephL

        Will they (ie. OEMs) actually support it with updates once their replacements are out?

        • Kiteless

          Hoping the D3 still gets ICS. Its low on Ram with only 512, but it has a dual core OMAP. 

  • q`Tzal

    If they want to stay on schedule they will need to start right now making Droid 5 accessories while banishing all official Droid 3 accessories.

  • Anonymous

    I found out about this on Sunday. I went in to buy the extended battery for my Galaxy Nexus and my wife was asking about the Otterbox for her Revolution and they told her that it was going EOL shortly so all of the accessories are on clearance.

  • If the Droid 3 is EOL already, then they need to release a bootloader unlock.

    • Anonymous

      So true, specially with another brand offering unlocks for all their newer phones. But unlocking the D3 would be awesome since that could only help people get ICS on it faster and better.

  • Anonymous

    No one should be too surprised. It’s called “planned obsolescence”.

    • Anonymous

      cept it isn’t “obsolete” yet

  • and will they be hooking any of the faithful Droid line customers up with an upgrade? nope.

  • EC8CH

    That’s gonna be a pretty sad Verizon event at CES.

    They’d be better off just reminding everyone they still sell the RAZR, Rezound, & G-Nex.

  • Michael Forte

    I wouldn’t say the Revolution had much of a life to begin with. Does anyone have that phone? 

    • Yes 🙁

      • Dangerous


        • It’s not a bad phone once you root, de-bing and rom it