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Browser Plus is Like an Advanced Ice Cream Sandwich Browser with More Quick Controls, No Root Required


One of the best features in the browser of Ice Cream Sandwich is easily the “Quick controls” that can be toggled on or off in Settings>Labs. If you haven’t been using these, trust me when I say that you are missing out. Browsing has never been so, well, quick with these enabled. The only issue that I can even come up with for them, has been the lack of options like a forward or back button, the ability to instantly add a new browser window or even bookmark a site. It looks like I wasn’t the only one that was in need of these options though, as a new release on the market called Browser Plus brings all of them to any Android 4.0.1+ device. And better yet, you don’t even need to be rooted.

Market Link | More Info

After installing on your phone, you still need to enable quick controls and the extra set of options. You can do that by visiting Settings>Labs.

Cheers Stigy!

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  • Jmdm78

    There ws an update for Browser+ today thab changed the icon.

  • No thanks, I’ll stick to Firefox Beta for its larger feature set and the fact that it syncs with the desktop client.

  • Frandy Vertus

    missed all these options from my tablet..didn’t see why google did not add them to ICS..now i can go back to using my browser on my g-nex

  • ACR

    the search key in your softkeys, i have  rooted unlocked but stock Galaxy nexus (LTE)  wondering if thats available for me? and if so where you did it

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t realize the quick controls either. Time for me to invest some time in the galaxy nexus guide there obviously will be other things there that i dont know of. The only proves that my purchase of this device was nothing more than the best purchase i have ever made in a smartphone. Galaxy Nexus owns android..

  • You mean Honeycomb?

    • Anonymous

      No. Even though we’ve had these for months now(almost a year?) it doesnt matter. The “G-Nex” was THE first device to sport this. Got it? 

      Idc that everyone with Honeycomb had this already the “G-Nex” had it first! 


  • Anakin Solo

    Browser Plus requires the stock browser to be enabled.  I had is itdisabled and it just FC.

  • Asdf

    wow scary permissions

  • s2k_848

    Why does this want permissions to my Google account? Requesting permissions to SID?

    • possibly because it has to do with the internet browser which has to do with those things. just an idea

    • Bigbox

      I believe it’s too sync bookmarks, browser settings.

  • Anonymous

    A basic question about “Browser” (or Plus): dose it have function to fit fonts to a page when enlarging as Opera does.  If someone knows, please let me inform. Thanks. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    We have this as a stock feature on the Asus Prime and I personally love it. By using this, you also get more real estate as no top browser bar is shown.

    1 other minor downfall is that if you have items that are clickable up against the edge of the browser window you will not be able to click them as it will trigger this tool. So, you have to zoom in the window. Minor as the pros far out weigh the cons.

  • permit

    what is with the insane amount of permissions? Looks too scary for me to install

  • J3ss3 Priest

    what rom are you running, kellex?

    • Hsuede7

      I would like to know the same thing.

    • Probably AOKP, but it could be any one of the deodexed 4.0.3 ROMs with the battery percentage mod on XDA.

  • Anonymous

    Aww man i wish i new how to root i like the search button on the soft keys

  • Adam Stockett

    these quick controls have been on my 10.1 for some time now.  In fact they are the reason i stopped using dolphin pad and switched to the stock browser.

  • Bewara2009

    Doesn’t work for X2 🙁

  • Ben

    Quick Controls were in Honeycomb… just sayin’.

    • David Henry

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. What I don’t understand is why Beansoft is taking these controls as their own?

  • Rcpresti

    Doesnt work on galaxy tab 10.1 or, MT4G WTF???

  • Legendsoftroy

    Hey, will this to work on my pantech jest 2 or lg chocolate?

  • Anonymous

    im non rooted Gnex, can i get an app or something that displays my battery percentage on the status bar like in the pic?

    • No. You have to root to flash any of these mods, or the ROMs that build it in.

    • kph3

      If you don’t want to root, try battery monitor by Simmo….it will put the % in the left corner of the notification bar.

  • Greg

    Only works when I launch the browser from the Browser + icon. When I launch from stock browser icon, it is not available. Does it work like this for the rest of you?

    • Mike

      yeah, looks like it’s a separate browser app.

      • Greg

        Blah… i don’t want that ugly green icon on my bar. I like the blue planet browser icon

        • Mike

          green is for gb, blue for ics… i agree

  • napes

    Damn, can’t use it with my DX. 

    • Anonymous

      Funny guy. Only works with ICS-enabled devices.

      • Dave

        Like my Droid X?

      • Anonymous

        Like the Droid 2 Global, Droid X, Bionic, Atrix and Xoom?

        Oh wait you think JUST the “G-Nex” has ICS…..thats cute. 

  • Derek Ross

    Kellex: What battery mod and launcher or mod are you using for the ICS colored soft buttons? Or ROM?

    • gregwilliams

      yeeeeessss….inquiring minds want to know

    • Try Android Open Kang Project (AOKP). GSM and CDMA versions are available, and offers a whole host of UI options like this. 

  • aww not compatible on Droid2 😛 still have a year to upgrade device.

  • Anonymous

    It really doesn’t make me feel confident in Android Market’s search results when I search “Browser Plus” and the app by that name is the 8th result.

    C’mon Google.

    • Chet Stovepiper

      google market search is so terrible in this respect

  • I hadn’t seen the “quick controls” option in the browser…that is seriously awesome!  Doubt I will download this app, but thank you for letting me know about the built in stock option!

  • Anonymous


  • Awesome enhancements, but the icon is hideous.  Can we get something that matches up with ICS?

    • Chet Stovepiper

      signed on this. looks so bad in the app drawer

    • Anonymous

      for your home screens and app dock I would suggest installing nova launcher and then installing the adw ICS theme to reskin the icons. as for the app drawer itself, I think you’re SOL.

    • Anonymous

      ADW —> Minimalist. You can switch it to any icon you desire

  • Posts like this is what makes DL so completely awesome. Not sure how in the world I missed the Quick Controls in the first place. Thank you!

    • Glad we could help. Been using quick controls for some time now and will probably never go back to pre-quick controls heh.

      • I can completely see why. This solves every frustration I would have kept fighting through until CM9. Much appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, these types of posts are what make DL awesome. I’m hoping for more like these now that the G-Nex hypebeast campaign of 2011 is over. Too bad hardly any devices have ICS though.

      • John

        You need to get out more..

        • Anonymous

          I get out plenty. Last time I checked, only the Galaxy Nexus had ICS. Maybe it’s you that needs to get out more.

          • John

            Maybe but I was just referring to your constant complaining about it

          • EC8CH

            Notice how he finds a way to complain about it even after he’s done complaining about it?

          • Anonymous

            Someone needs to teach you morons the difference between a complaint and a statement. There was nothing even close to resembling a complaint in my comment.

          • EC8CH

            “now that the G-Nex hypebeast campaign of 2011 is over.”

          • Anonymous

            You’re right, that phone was hardly discussed on this site.

          • EC8CH

            and you hardly complained about it

          • Anonymous

            Again, we’re all not DL and G-Nex sheep like you.

          • EC8CH

            Yep, some of you are unable to understand why the first truly developer friendly phone to be released on Verizon since the OGD would get a lot of press on a blog focusing on hacking Android phones on Verizon.

            I guess we’re just all kinds of different people here.

          • Stereopc

            You should change your username name to McSarcasm …

          • Dave

            And my Droid X 😉

          • Anonymous

            Maybe it’s just that you need to go away more, and stop coming back to droid-life.

          • Anonymous

            u mad bro?

      • Bewara2009

        I have to agree, the G-Ne is old news now, Its 2012 man.

    • Anonymous

      You and me both, bud. Seriously, had no clue these quick controls even existed in the first place.

      Wow, thank you Kellex and Droid-Life, you guys bloody rock!!

      • Anonymous

        HC had them tried them out on my Xoom.

        • Anonymous

          Yup. I tried them many months ago with my Xoom. But because the “G-Nex” has them all of the sudden it’s “NEW!” and “AMAZING!” 

  • Anonymous

    they just added the second “row” which is already in honeycomb (not sure if its in 4.0 on tablets). but its a welcome addition

  • Anonymous

    CM9 Kangs have all of these except the back/forward/refresh option.  Stock browser should have had the extra buttons to begin with. If I was still on stock ICS, I would probably use this.  

  • Anonymous

    This is really nice! I’m just one of those idiots that needs text reflow.

    • Tim242

      Yes, I miss auto reflow from HTC Sense. Now, I have to double tap toreflow. Not a huge deal, but auto would be great!