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Today Only, Buy Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3 From The Android Market For Just $0.99

Back when we first heard Gameloft was listing all of their games for just 99 cents through the New Years, everyone got a little excited.  But at the time of the announcement, Gameloft did state that their newest title, Modern Combat 3 would only be available for one day at the marked down price.  Well today is the day, so if you have been meaning to check this game out then do so now.  It features an extensive list of missions for single player and of course, the fun never has to stop with the ability to use the multi-player feature to “pwn newbz” from all across the world.  Definitely worth the buck.

Market Link

  • Ltcade

    Dosent work on my LG Spectrum WTF!!

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  • Dbarden31

    How is this game not compatible with my Droid Razr but its compatible with a mytouch 4G? strange!

  • Doesn’t work on Droid 3 🙁  That’s why i have Dead Space i guess….love that game

  • Foe

    I wouldn’t download a gamefart game if it was free

  • Unique

    I check 3 different phones to see what phone that it may
    work with and all 3 said not compatible so then I used my computer from there
    site and selected other phones by Verizon like GN etc… and still not compatible
    WTF???  Is it that GAMELOFT don’t like Android phone ???  I will NOT buy a *Phone to just get there game(s).

    • Dude

      Runs very well on the Bionic. I’m impressed!

  • Genius

    I’m over Gameloft and their “pay for play” games, the free ones are even worse than the pre-pay games. Either way, they find ways to try and keep the player paying and paying. 

  • Greg Czepiel

    Really!?!  I can’t play this with my Tegra 2 Transformer?   Why would I waste 99c?  Gameloft sucks

  • Pat Walsh

    No way to see list of phones compatable with these games?? not even on Dev site?? wow this is insane

    • Anonymous

      Go to the Market through a browser and it’ll tell you which of your devices are compatible.

  • to bad it doesn’t work for my phone

  • Anonymous

    This looks amazing on the Nexus, I’m highly impressed with how interactive it is as well.  Last game I downloaded was angry birds on my OG lol, definitely a step up. 

  • So just a quick question…is this more for tablet users or is it just as much fun on your phone?

  • Gama87

    Anyone know of some sites with a comprehensive list of Android game reviews? I’m looking for games with more focus in the storyline.

    • SSnake32

      I don’t know of any good sites with good reviews for Android games. Mostly just short blurbs about the game. As for games known for it’s storytelling then I don’t know of any. Your best bet is to use emulators if you want in-depth plots and twists.

      • Anonymous

        http://www.droidgamers.com is about as good as it gets…and I would call it more of a series of blurbs and initial impressions than detailed reviews. 

        Just DL’d this on my Bionic.  Even though I despise Gameloft and their crooked practices, this is a pretty sweet game for a buck.  It’s just phenomenal how far Android gaming has come in 2 years.  That said, FPS titles still don’t fare too well on the small screen and I had these games that try to mimic a real d-pad with onscreen controls. 

        On a related note, Sony really blew it with the PS Vita.  They should have utilized industry-standard microUSB, microHDMI, and microSDHC on the Vita (like the Xperia Play) and made something that real gamers could toss in their bag alongside their smartphone instead of having to fiddle with a bunch of overpriced proprietary crap. 

    • GizmoDuck

      You’d be hard pressed to find detailed plots in today’s dedicated console and handheld systems let alone on a smartphone.

    • nasgadth

      i don’t know but i never pay attention to android games actually, i always play real game with ps emulator such as xenogears, ff9, bla bla bla

  • Granted

    The word “combat” makes it not a total ripoff, haha! I can’t wait until they release “Gears of Skirmish”! It’s too bad they don’t invest all this time and extra content downloads on something original for once.

    • Anonymous

      No.. it’s all about that Beckoning of Responsibility… coming 2013.

  • Anonymous

    Now we need portal 2 or steam…:D

  • Anonymous


    Happy New Year, ya all!!

  • Eric Payne

    Purchased…now to wait on that 749mb download.

    • Eric Payne

      So far everything works fine on my G-Nex, have not tried the gyro controls yet though.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully this works great with my PhoneJoy!

  • Flyers Cup

    Not compatible with the razr? So i can’t even buy it at the cheaper price, bs

    • Jadam6118

      I think you can on the website version of the market. Just load it on a tablet when you get one.

      • Anonymous

        Nope.  You have to have a compatible device registered with your account in order to purchase something.  Luckily several of my previous devices are compatible, so I can pick it up.

    • STiK

      I just purchased it and had it sent to an old compatible device. Once compatible with my Razr I’ll download it 🙂

      • Unique

        How did you purchase it (by computer)? And what device
        did you send it to or did you download it to your computer? How do you get all
        the extra data that comes with the game? Will it not tell you that you do not
        have a legal version?

  • Jadam6118

    What im about to drop the 360 remote and lay down 99 on this bad boy