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New DROID Bionic 5.5.893 Fastboot Files Released

A huge “thanks” again goes out to daywalker04 who has released another set of fastboot files that a ton of DL community members will benefit from. Just yesterday we saw files for the RAZR, but this time it’s the DROID Bionic that gets the love. These are not the first fastboot files we have seen for the Bionic, however, these are built for the newest OTA of 5.5.893 that most of you upgraded to within the last couple of weeks. So going forward, should you soft brick your phone, you will have an easy path to recovery that doesn’t include jumping back 2 or 3 OTA updates.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • warren harding

    Ok I’m still running on 5.5.886 on my rooted Bionic. If I installed this, would it “update” my phone?

  • It seems a lot of us went from the OG Droid to the Droid Bionic including me…..except I had a few phones and different carriers in between 🙂

  • Spamsump

    New to this site, the Android OS and the Bionic.  I arrived here from the iPhone 4 after 2 months of it being neutered by the 5.0.1 downdate.  Will be happily paying ATT the $155 for the privilege of being untethered from “ve vill make it dis vay, AND YOU VIL LIKE IT!” Apple. 

    I love the Bionic!  I love the super-slow responses of the touch screen which can lead to who knows what will happen next.  Because of this outlandish screen response speed I think the Calculator should be renamed Random Number Generator. 

    I love the dual-purpose removable battery!  I actually did remove the original battery and put the extended one in, only to take it out, and out, and out, and out because the phone locks up, a lot.  Even the vaunted Backup Assistant locked it up one morning.  The web provided a method of kicking BA to the curb without resorting to rooting, though I suspect I may have to root it someday.  Apps which lock up the phone from here forward will be removed or neutered, one way or the other. 

    But it’s the sheer, unadulterated speed of this OMAP4430 dual-core processor that really stuns me!  If I could just talk as fast as this processor runs people would probably stop telling me that I sometimes talk too fast.  Does the Bionic come with one core shut down?  If so how do you turn them both on?

    I am getting used to the Android OS, but after less than a month I am not ready to say which is better since I really have a lot to learn about how to get it to do what I want it to do.  And with ICS supposedly not too far down the road, this may change.

    The bionic is somewhat of an improvement over the iPhone 4.  The wireless works, whereas not so much for the Bluetooth, both of which my iPhone 4 (and its two replacements under warranty) lost with the 5.0.1 downgrade. 

  • Tony

    I went from the OG Droid to the Bionic in early December. I’m lovin’ it!! I was concerned about battery life but I took the risk knowing the .893 update was on the horizon. It was available about 2 weeks later and now I get all day out of a charge with heavy use and sometimes almost 2 days with light use on the standard battery. I didn’t want the Razr because of the inaccessible battery. I’m thinking of going to the hi-cap battery now. I run 3G routinely and only switch to 4G if I have a big download. Honestly, 3G is very fast for what I need it to do. With the larger battery I may run 4G all the time.

    As for what the Bionic is capable of, all I can say is WOW! I find new capabilities all the time. It does way more the the OG Droid. I especially like the 2.3.4 OS over the old Froyo.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised how good the Bionic is. For all the negativity it got, it’s still a great phone and super fast/stable. Not nearly as thick as all the nerds made it out to be and has a very nice feel in my hands. Also not the mention that the screen looks very good despite all the pentile woes. Now I’m going to root and rom it for my brother and unleash this beast!

    Good news for Bionic owners. Happy rooting everyone, and now back to my Nexus 🙂

  • Vnvjeep

    Could someone please tell me how I can get my hands on the 901 update? I’m still on 893. Thank you!

  • Thank you Kellen, for continuing to bring us Bionic owners good news.  I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

  • this is the unrootable one right?

  • as to owning the Bionic, as an OGD owner, it was everything I wished for in an upgrade. So it’s thicker and .2ghz slower on the CPU…I’m sure I won’t be watching my watch as things load. I DO like to be able to remove my battery. As for the Nexus, you have to remember, it IS a Samsung…Nice TV’s, Not so reliable phones. I’m sure the two years I squeeze out of my Bionic will be good ones.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes I believe it is similar, not totally sure. You would use this file to recover your bricked phone.

  • I’m waiting for the .901 FXZ files.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, I actually have a comment/question releated to the topic at hand: what is a fastboot file? Is it similar to the SBF files we use to see on the DroidX? If not, what will fastboot do for me?

  • I have the 5.7.893 leaked update . Is there anyway for me to get back to 5.5.893 stock so i can get a warranty replacement ? i would need to revert my radio and kernel back right ? but with a locked bootloader, thats not possible … or did someone already find a way ?

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded to the Bionic coming from my OG Droid.  I was happy, ready, and needed to upgrade my phone and didn’t think I could wait any longer.  It was a good decision at the time, but, I will say I was ultimately disappointed.  The Bionic is a good phone, but I learned what having a locked bootloader finally meant and what exactly Blur was and how it effected my experience.  After jumping ahead to download the .893 release early and that caused all kinds of problems that I couldn’t get back to basics with.  Since the kernal updates, it doesn’t revert back when you try to install an earlier firmware update.  Long story short, I decided that this wasn’t the phone for me…not after everything I was able to do with my OG Droid, not with this phone having as many bugs as it did after waiting months and months for it to finally be released, not having an unlocked bootloader, etc.  So I finally sold it on ebay and sucked it up to pay full retail for a Galaxy Nexus, which I’m extremely happy with.  Again, Bionic is a really good phone, but it is in my opinion a phone for someone who isn’t going to root/tinker with.

    • John Dixon

      Sorry to hear you didnt like your bionic as i also came from the OG. I am happy as ever with the bionic. I am running 901 update (no more data dropping at all!) and Eclipse custom rom and wifi tether.  I dunno why people say you can’t do eveyrthing with this phone? I can’t think of anything i haven’t been able to do with the bionic as i was the OG. Kernels was the only reason i wanted unlocked bootloader due to the fact that the OG was 512mhz and i wanted more out of it. I am happy with 1 ghz phone. I haven’t seen a need to want more out of it. I played with the galaxy nexus and it felt like a toy compared to the built quality of the bionic (moto phones are usually tanks… quality is top notch). The screen? Well Its great, what can i say i cam from the OG. I played with the Nexus and didnt really notice a huge difference. Camera? It was fixed with the 901 update on the bionic. Not super blurry fast like the nexus but it snaps as fast as i want a mobile phone to do.   

      Anyways Put ICS on bionic and what will advantage will the nexus have? Unlocked bootloader?? I haven’t seen a reason to need unlocked bootloader yet. I am no DEV so i guess i don’t have to go through the frustrations like they do. But i do love my bionic and will wait for the next quad core upgrade when it comes out.

      • Anonymous

        So if you didn’t try to update ahead of schedule, then you’re probably enjoying your phone just fine.  But when the updates happen, it changes something on the kernal. For people like me, when I updated from a leak, ultimately there was something different on the kernal with my update vs what came OTA.  That pushed me off the path to upgrade to anything else…possibly with the release of this fastboot, that could have corrected it, but I was at the point of having other issues with the Market and what not that I decided it was time to wipe it and get something else.  Also, the issue I just described (I think) is directly related to the bootloader being locked and unable to correct it.  Had it been unlocked, I should have been able to get back to a previous state that would have solved all issues.  If you’re running a custom ROM, then again, you’re probably not going to have a lot of issues with the phone because those generally are better than stock.  But, if you are running stock, when ICS does officially come out on it, you can bet that it will be ICS BLUR.  Again, not my bag.  Like I said, I think it was a great phone, but ultimately, not the one for me.  

    • Wpryjmak

      Go Launcher reduces the crappiness of Blur to tolerable levels IMO

  • Bifflet

    does anyone know how to root the bionic after the latest OTA update? 

    • Bionic

      i dont think there is a way yet.  

    • Anonymous

      OTA 893 users can gain root back with zerg.


      • Bifflet

        ill try that thank you so much

    • Anonymous

      I just saw a post about a new Root Unlock tool (http://www.unlockroot.com/), but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m on the latest 5.9.901 update and am very scared to try it out. Will these Fastboot files help if I brick my phone?


    I wonder how many people actually own Bionics and are thrilled with their decision in buying it… 

    • Wpryjmak

      I like mine after the update. It kicks major ass

    • reyalP

      I wonder the same thing.  I feel sorry for people who purchased this phone. Especially, since the droid razr and the galaxy nexus came out so soon afterwards. I would be highly disappointed especially given the fact that this phone was delayed for so long and then the razr came out a little over a month later. It’s obvious where motorolla spent their time.

      • Bionic

        not really,  Razr has a non-removable battery, screw that.  

      • Sk102704

        Don’t be.  There is nothing to feel sorry about.  It is a great phone and I love it.  The Nexus and the Razr are nice but as was said earlier my OG Droid wouldn’t last and besides I’d prefer my Bionic over the Razr (I don’t like not being able to pull the battery) and from reading the forums the Nexus is having as many if not more problems than the Bionic did.  The biggest problem the Bionic had was the data connection which seems to be a 4gLte issue and not a Bionic issue.  I feel sorry for people who say stupid things like “I feel sorry for Bionic ownwers” beacuae they have no idea how dumb they sound!

        • reyalP

          I’m not saying its a bad phone, it’s just that there was soo much change so soon after its release.  I just wouldn’t be happy with it for 2 years but thats just me.

        • LUUKKEE

          I’d be really pissed too if I bought a droid bionic lol… phone is the biggest piece of garbage and was delayed almost a year.  I actually bought one recently because my paper weight on my desk at work needed some company….

          • your dad

            You are a dumb ass and not funny at all. Bionic is solid! Not a piece of garbage..

        • interesting thoughts

      • Anonymous

        I bought the bionic after my girl bought a razr. I like the bionic more than any of the phones that are currently available, even the GNex. I like the removable battery, lapdock, speed,interface and build off the bionic, amongst other things. Razr = non removable, Rezound = sense 3.5 is laggy and phone is thick, GNex = non expandable memory (cloud is no good during outages), no lapdock, Samsung radio, etc.

        • Adam Metzner

          I see ”
          non expandable memory” as your first reason that you don’t like the Nexus. Can I ask why you need more then 32 gig? And what do you mean cloud is no good during outages? You can still keep music on the phone too.
          Really I don’t know why Im even asking. Its apparent that you don’t know much about what you are talking about

    • Bionic

      me, and yes im thrilled.  You have to remember when the Bionic came out, many people including myself had a dead or dying OG Droid.  Bionic was absolutely the best option at the time.  It was get a bionic or continue to wait.  

      I love my phone and regret nothing.  There is ALWAYS a better phone coming out soon after your purchase, you never truly win.  

      Nexus owners will find out next month what if feels like to hear about the next cool thing.  “AWWWW man i shoulda waited cuz now the Galaxy Nexus Viagara is coming out”

      Never ending cycle

      • Smrzzy

        You are absolutely right as I was in the same boat as you. No regrets and still have the stock option with no intentions of rooting.

    • Anonymous

      to each his own. I would’ve kept mine but the 1st one they sent me had the radio bug, so did the 2nd one – VZW told me to wait for the ‘early November’ fix. No thanks.

      But to each his own, it’s a good phone.

    • Sk102704

      I am!  Now go back to trolling

      • LUUKKEE

        just morbid curiosity… 

    • I’m actually really happy with the Bionic, especially after
      the recent update.  I had the option to
      trade-in the Bionic for the RAZR and already had plans to buy the Galaxy Nexus
      or Rezound.   So I could own two of the four “newest”
      phones (Bionic, Rezound, RAZR or Galaxy Nexus). 
      I ended up choosing the Bionic and GNex.

      I opted for the Bionic over the RAZR for a few reasons:

      1. Although thicker, the Bionic feels better in the
      hand.  The RAZR just feels too wide.
      2. Removable battery.  I now have the
      Mugen 2000mah extended battery that fits in the original backing.
      3. RAZR’s HDMI and USB ports are on the top. 
      Accessories plugs-in awkwardly versus the Bionic

      The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone but it has more bugs then
      the Bionic had.  If I had to get rid of
      one of my phones I would sell the Galaxy Nexus and keep the Bionic.  Only because the Bionic has better
      accessories, is more stable, will get ICS…eventually, I can use my phone in
      daylight and I can hear the Bionic ringing from other rooms in the house.

    • Anonymous

      I waited since I saw the first version of the Bionic(Etna) and wanted that phone even WORSE than the iNexus idiots wanted their “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!! JEEZUZ PHONE!”. The day I finally got my (Targa) Bionic was perhaps one the the BEST days for the last couple years. I finally had the phone I wanted and it honestly was everything I had hoped for.

      I’m perfectly happy with it, hell I’ll go on record saying I’m “thrilled” with it. It’s exactly what I wanted…..well it’s a bit better since I was drooling over the Tegra2 powered Etna version and I ended up with the 4430 powered Targa which ended up with twice as much RAM as the original was supposed to come with.

      Am I in any way disappointed that the RAZR came out so soon after? Nope. Not one bit. I don’t even see them as being related. Does the RAZR have a better camera(software, the camera part numbers are the same) screen and “faster”(I use that term lightly. Anyone who knows a thing or three knows that 95% of the time our phones DON’T operate at the advertized speed)CPU? Yeah but I don’t care. The pentile screen doesn’t bother me, the 893 camera is just as fast as the RAZR’s anyway(though I use the DX camera apk) and a 200Mhz bump is a speed increase of almost nothing so it doesn’t matter to me. I use my phone as A PHONE. Not a quadrant benchmark bragging queen.

      Plus having a 2880mAh battery allows me to leave LTE on all the time and not have to worry about finding a charger every 10 minutes like Thunderbolt owners do.

      All in all I love my Bionic and am happy with it. I’ll keep it until June when Moto releases it’s quad-co…..wait I’m not supposed to talk about that here…….

    • Love my Bionic.  I never had most of the issues that others had but battery life was my only real complaint.  Since the update I’m now getting 20+ hours of heavy use on my extended battery which means I never have to throw my phone on the charger until I go to bed.  Like others have already said the lack of removable battery on the Razr was a deal breaker for me  and while the Nexus is a pretty cool device I like the idea of having a SD card to easily transfer pictures and such from one phone to the next. 

    • Mine has been OK. The phone should have shipped with the extended battery. it still has the occasional data drop. What I’d really like is if they would unlock the bootloader. I used to flash new ROMS to my OG all the time and I miss the enhancements.

    • “Thrilled” isn’t the word I would use now, maybe when I first bought the Bionic in September… until the data issues kicked in.  Fortunately, I searched out the 5.5.893 update and had a stable Bionic within 2 weeks of buying it.  Then I was pretty darn happy with it.

      I won’t bash other phones to make myself feel better.  It was time to upgrade from my DX when the Bionic was released, and I got it for $199 at Radio Shack during their promotional sale.  I also got the LapDock for $179 (with discounts) and I would say I honestly do love this phone now.

      It stung a little bit that the RAZR was released so quickly after I had purchased the Bionic, but after a friend of mine let me try his RAZR, I was at peace again.  It’s a nice phone, but after actually getting to use one I lost the feeling that it was “that” much better than my Bionic.

      As for the Nexus, sounds great, looks great, probably is great.  But if I’m happy with what I have (and kind of stuck with it for awhile), I’m not going to stress about it.  I’ve spent the last 2 years of my life obsessing over Android phones and what I can do with them… I need to take a break and concentrate on life a little more, and enjoy what I have – not what I could have.  Hey… maybe that will be my New Years Resolution.  😉

    • Love my bionic. Size… yes it would be nicer to be smaller but performance wise is great. like all my other fellow bionic owners below, the battery life with the extended battery is absolutely great. can go a whole day (even sometimes a day and a half) on 4G with constant gaming, internet, emailing, music and more all in the same day. Like im serious, it takes a lot for me to drain this thing out. and with go launcher (or even default blur) it runs absolutely smooth. Never had really a big performance issue. bionic is a phone that was worth having for 2 years when the time it was released. there are always gonna be better phones coming out but that doesnt mean the one you bought before them makes it any less other than the ciricle of life of technology

      • Anonymous

        Smartphone technology will always have that wow factor but I feel like we are too used to how readily available it is made to us. Despite the Bionics ups and downs its still turned out to be a brilliant phone and will likely last those two years. Glad the Bionic owners are happy with it.

    • I love my bionic except one thing:

      The data is super unreliable.

      This has been going on the last month or so and I am really frustrated

    • Smrzzy

      I have been happy with the Bionic and getting the extended battery is highly recommend.

  • bballer619

    Since not many purchased the Bionic, let me explain the real excitement of my last “First!” comment.  I’ve been reading this site for the last 2 years everyday. I can’t start working at work until I’ve checked http://www.droid-life.com and caught up on the sports section of MSNBC, For all these years, I was never fast enough to get a “first!” comment in.  Today ends that streak.  I am sitting at work where I am supposed to be concentrating on month end numbers, but instead, I am hear…..commenting. On the last business day of the year 2011, after 2 years of struggling and trying to be “First!”, it has finally happened. YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! God Bless America!

    • I pray you are better versed with numbers than you are with the English language…

      • bballer619

        Because everyone basis the literary skills of someone on a comment made on a forum.  So what if I accidentally used “hear” instead of “here”…or a “,” instead of a “.”.  Big  deal! It’s a forum! I pray you enjoy life more. Namaste. 

        • Anonymous


    • You were not first XD

  • I tried to love this phone but with all the trouble it gave me they upgraded me to the Rezound happily ever-since

  • Anonymous

    This is good stuff for Bionic owners. 

  • bballer619

    First!  WHOOHOO!