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DROID 4 Dummy Unit Poses for the Camera

Has the DROID 4 been pushed back to February from a late December launch? We will likely never know, but what we are sure of, is that the droiddoes.com landing page for it is almost 100% complete, that training materials for the device were released a month or so ago, and that demo (dummy) units are now floating around the back halls of tech blogs.

The folks over at TechnoBuffalo spent some quality time with a non-functional until, taking a handful of multi-angle shots for your viewing pleasure. You get thickness, how it compares to the iPhone, and another look at its new edge-lit keyboard. As you can see, it looks just like the functional unit we first posted for you back in October.  

To see how the dummy unit compares to the real deal, be sure to check out these pictures.

Via:  TechnoBuffalo

  • I’m not after the look, the thing is what a gadgets can do.

  • This looks pretty nice, but I will only buy it if it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Anonymous
  • Gary

    It’s an ugly, overgrown Bionic with a keyboard.

  • Anonymous

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  • Looks like Amazon already starts shipping this Motorola DROID RAZR 4G for Verizon Wireless: http://cl.lk/21gb0l3

  • Anonymous

    Product cycles on these Droids is just crazy… at this rate, a year from now we will be talking about the Droid 17

  • Damn, they screwed up the keyboard. No symbols.

    I guess I’ll have to wait for the Motorola Nexus. {{v_v}}

    • Postdante

      very true…
      still I hope that there will be possibility to map the keys for special symbols without need to use SYM key

    • Raven

      Most of the Symbols that the Droid 2 had are now up on the number row.  As far as I can tell from a quick glance, all that it is missing from the Droid 4 are the , and ~.

  • Anonymous

    Everything always has to be compared to an iphone, it really is annoying.

    • EC8CH

      I actually find the i*hone 4s to i*hone 4 comparison quick amusing 😛

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    When I first saw images for the D4, a big turn off was the apparent non-removable battery. While it’s no big deal to the normal user, as someone who regularly roots and ROMs their phone, this can be a problem. However, it looks to me like this phone will have one. 

    And for what it’s packing under the hood, this phone is hella thin. especially for a slide out~

    • EC8CH

      battery is removable, but the back cover requires a tool to remove it.

  • Motosurf

    Its even thicker than the Droid 2… not very appealing…

  • Craig

    While I really would love a VZW Global phone, as thick and heavy as the Droid 4 is one could almost carry both the VZW Droid Razr and the International version with similar weight and thickness!

  • David Hayden

    Does this have a removable battery?

    • Tyler

      Don’t believe so.

    • Gary


  • Its just as thick as the OG? With the same crappy screen as the RAZR? 

    Ugh, this is not for me…

  • Anonymous

    I foresee good things for this phone. Personally however, after giving up my OG for a GNex I don’t miss a keyboard what so ever.

  • Goldmember

    And yet it the screen will never reach the responsivness of the iPhone…

    • Tyler

      My Galaxy Nexus screen is very responsive, i don’t know what your talking about. Galaxy nexus has a pentile amoled screen and so will this phone so it shouldn’t be that much different I would assume.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve got a Gnex too, which I LOVE, but he’s right.

  • balls

    not nearly blurry enough

  • pete

    The keyboard droid always came out with the newest android version like og droid with eclair,droid 2 with froyo and droid 3 with gingerbread. I think the that can be the reason for its del ay that i might come with ics out of the box. M not sure but this could be the reason for its delay.

  • Nakouro28

    All I could think is how would ICS look on a this. Being a slide-out keyboard. With on-screen buttons, would be interesting to see.

    • Ja

      Probably the same as when you turn a non-slider landscape.

  • Remember when the DROIDs were smaller than iPhones, and when the lock button wasn’t awkward, and when the bootloader was unencrypted? 🙁

  • InsertName

    Does anyone else see this? I’m so confused. The last picture in the gallery shows that the bump doesn’t follow all the way so I can only conclude this. Not that it would affect me buying the phone, just that it looks kind of weird to me.

    Excuse me for my MS paint skills.

    • Postdante

      strange, indeed.

      unfortunately, this design seems so inconsistent… I would rather prefer simple angular and quadratic slab.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the front camera. The Droid 3 is the same way.

      • InsertName

        Ah that makes sense, thanks for clarifying that. I always thought the D3 was big enough that the back was flat. 

  • Trophynuts

    does anyone even care about the Droid4 now that the Nexus is out? 

    • Oh I’m sorry, does your Nexus have a built in hard keyboard? because the ones at my local verizon store sure don’t.
      Yes people care, maybe not on NexusTroll-life.com, but somewhere…

      • zach taylor

        I had the OG and loved the keyboard except for the fact the keys eventually started falling out so i had to switch to swype so when i finally got the Gnex i was worried i would miss it but with the new swype im doing just fine.

      • Had an OG Droid, now have a GNEX, dont miss the keyboard at all.
        U mad bro?

      • Gary

        Lol @ NexusTroll-Life.com

    • Anonymous

      Yes, of course they do.  I have not had a phone without a physical keyboard in 4 years (blackberry, OG Droid).  For that matter, every “dumbphone” I’ve ever had has had a numeric keypad.  I rather impatiently await this phone.  I can’t guarantee that I will get it, but my wife has pulled the trigger on a Droid RAZR and she very much misses the physical keyboard.  Sliders are very popular with a segment of smartphone users and they have been poorly served in the LTE era.  One phone with a single core processor, at least here on Big Red, does not a lot of choice make.  I do wish the screen was larger, though. 

      I personally will touch and feel every phone that’s out there before I get one with my next, and last, NE2.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t, as it would be a cold day in hell before I bought another Motocrapola device. But…if people didn’t care, there wouldn’t be a dozen phones coming out every 15 seconds. Everybody has their own loyalties or requirements and since none of these android phones can fulfill all of them, there’s dozens of phones to satisfy dozens of needs. 

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Waiting for the first iNexus idiot to mention how “horrible” the screen looks……

    • SliderFTW

      Why are you baiting them? You’re just as bad.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a Motorola phone…..that’s MORE than enough bait for them.

        • GNEX(MOTOX)

          why would we bash it if we don’t know what specs it even has yet?

    • Anonymous

      Wait till I see the screen and then I’ll accommodate you.

    • Abundis5555

      The screen looks horrible, even though I don’t mean it. You’re welcome bro

  • I kinda dig the look, and if I was in the market for a Keyboard slider, encrypted bootloader, motoblur or what ever they call it now, I may have been interested. 

  • Anonymous


  • Looks ugly to me just like the RAZR did.

    • Yeah, I know, when will Apple realize how ugly that stupid iPhone is?

      Oh, you were talking about the Droid 4? Well then, I must disagree!

      • I am by no means an iPhone person, I’ve had an OG Droid and now a Galaxy Nexus, however, this phone and the RAZR are really truly ugly inside and out. The edges are hideous and motorola Blur is horrendous. Ill stick to my button-less pure Google Icecream Sandwich.

        • Anonymous

          I have to disagree, I went in the other day and held the Nexus in-store and even though the device wasn’t as thick as I thought it was going to be, I ended up preferring the build of the Razr better.  Much more polished in my opinion.

    • q`Tzal

      While you’re carrying a pretty little status symbol I’ll be carrying a droid that is functional and useful for longer than half a warranty cycle.

      • Anonymous

        No reason to be defensive and all that. The way you sound, it seems like you agree with him that this phone is “ugly”, and so you must resort to the “functional” rationale.

        Phones can be functional and beautiful, too, you know.

        Motorola’s design team needs to pick it up. In these corners of the interwebs, no one will shoot you if you proclaim the Xyboard or the Photon a “miscue” design-wise.

        • q`Tzal

          I’d rather my smartphone look good too but if I have to choose between form and function it’ll be function every time.
          I’m buying a smartphone, not a piece of jewelry.
          Given the limited market with a physical keyboard what ever I do purchase needs to be very high quality and last for a very long time. A beautiful phone does not service that purpose.

          • Anonymous

            I’d rather my smartphone look good too, so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have to choose between form and function.  I’ll take both, please.

          • q`Tzal

            Does this ultimate fusion between form and function have a full physical keyboard?
            If it does not it has failed the function test for those with large fingers or users with any of a number skin conditions that make touchscreens flaky.

  • IkeD

    Would be great if this is really global or HTC comes out with a high end global slider. Whichever comes  first.

    • Brent

      It may not look nice but I’ll take it. Global capabilities and a keyboard are more important to me  than making a fashion statement.

      • BoostLib

        Having the phone look “sexy” isn’t a big priority for me either. As long as it’s not a brick or extremely ugly then function trumps all. With most phones coming out with beta status, I’m not expecting much on the function part though.

        • Anonymous

          Had to give u a like & an added +100 for the “beta” comment, soooooo true…..it seems like OEMs & carriers recently eliminated the last part of the testing process they used to have & nominated us to do it for them. I know no device will be perfect at launch, but it’s def gotten worse in the past year regarding bugs at launch.

  • Anonymous

    It’s thicker than I expected. (that’s what she said)

    Still sucks they pushed it back. I know a lot of people are waiting on a nice slider.

  • It looks nice and curvy compared to the D3.  Cant wait to check it out.

  • spickle

    not bad looking.

  • Anonymous

    My wife wants one.

  • Anonymous

    Ew… just saying