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Words with Friends Updated, Brings In App Purchases For People Who Seek Advantages


We here at DL have always been supporters of Words with Friends ever since Zynga ported their popular iOS application over to Android.  There was a notion that the more good games that came over to the Android side, the better.  But to many who play this game, that was never the case.  The game has also been seemingly riddled with bugs and other issues that sometimes made the app unusable for people. 

For others, the app has worked perfectly and could not be any better.  Well just a while ago, Zynga introduced the Words with Friends Store.  Users now have the option to purchase “tokens” which you can then use for certain features.  The main feature being able to disable in-app advertisements.  How much will that cost you?  Just $3. But what about some other features such as “Tile Pile” and “Word-O-Meter?”  There are purchase options that range up to 1000 tokens which run $100.  Why you would need to spend that much money on Words with Friends’ tokens is beyond us, but you never know.

If you feel the need to seriously dish out pain to your friends through WwF, then now is the time to do it.  Have at it.

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  • Gotta love playing Words with friends, I find myself glued to it, instead of going to sleep. But the best secret with  this game must be the ANAGRAMMER, to give me a little hint here and there in times of trouble.I just got the words with friends on my iphone, so much fun..google it my peeps!”

  • WordFeud is one of my favorites, but for the past few days  i prefer jeebboo. Its great! 

    • Sp

      yeah! you’re right! Jeebboo is great !!!

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  • Anonymous

    I wish they would fix it to keep the damn screen alive while playing.  I prefer WordFeud, but I still keep this app handy so I can play with my unfortunate friends who have iPhones.

  • Anonymous

    If you need a quick battery drainer from poor coding, definitely grab this app.

  • If you’re going to cheat, at least be smart about it and do it for free…

  • I would like an update that had push notifications on it…screw these extra things; can we please add something that’s worth me using data.

  • NexusIsBestus

    On my Nexus, I have noticed that when I have Words with Friends and play one game on it, my battery dies quickly.  Same goes for my wife’s Bionic.  Uninstalled this and now I get a full day on my standard battery and the bionic can go for a full 24 hours.

    • Anonymous

      Try bumping the interval for notifications up to an hour instead of 5 minutes.  Seems to work for me.

  • guestdude

    Hey guys! I think this was available for a while! PS: reading other comments is for losers

  • Anonymous

    Words with Friends is a terrible Android app. I definitely prefer Wordsmith.

  • Catastrophesyndrome

    Zynga needs to go away.

    • Cam

      Doesn’t Google own a hefty portion of Zynga?

  • Granted

    You promote the pay-free-to-play-garbage-games, then try to question why one would be moronic enough to actually buy crap in these stupid as hell crippled games. Pick a side, you can’t have both, and objectivity has never been a mainstay of your posts anyways.

  • its had this for a while…


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  • Anonymous

    I just bought 1000 tokens! Then I went in the bathroom and flushed some more money down the toilet.:-P

    • Granted

      Haha! Good for you and your above average intelligence. If people actually added up all the money they waste on the crippled released “free to play” “games”, well they might actually go completely insane and blow their brains out, once they see that they could have bought like ten or twenty quality and fully featured games with the money they’ve poured into these pathetic excuses for entertainment. “Wow this game looks amazing! Let’s see, how do I move my character? Oh….I have to buy 5 moving tokens for 5 dollars, well I’m dumb and naive as hell, let’s do it!! I wonder if I can send them my credit card in the mail, and they can just charge what they see fit for me to enjoy basic functions and features of this game?”.

      “Free to be swindled” is a more adequate name than “Free To Play”.

  • guest

    I prefer Wordfeud….

    • BigLa

      I much prefer wordfeud as well.

      • Gonna third that. WordFeud runs much faster. Loads up quicker, less bugs, and you can play up to 30 games at once. 

        • FOURTH!!!!

          • Cruzfl0w

            Fifth that. I play both, but wordfeud is by far the best app for Scrabble.

    • Anonymous

      does it disallow submitting unlimited combinations of letters on each turn? thats my biggest problem with wwf

  • Lmrojas


  • Anonymous

    Saw this the other day. Waiting for Hanging with Friends to follow suit. It’s pretty ridiculous to be stuck with ads when we’re willing to pay to get rid of them.

  • who actually pays for coins?

    • Anonymous

      I can see buying enough to get rid of ads. I can’t believe anyone would pay $100 though, or even $50. That’s just dumb.

      • Granted

        Are you insane?! You do know that Zynga actually made a billion dollars in profit from games like Farmville, this now ruined game, and countless others that users were willing to actually pay for basic features that are given by default in real games? These “free to play” games are an enormous cash cow for so many companies now, and I wasn’t one bit joking when I said Zynga made a billion dollars from this putrid garbage.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe the problem is I am sane. I guess I just don’t understand.

  • the store has been out for almost a month

  • A5q

    This has been live for quite some time now. I bought the no-ads feature in the store a week or two ago and the other add-ons were also available.

    • Well gosh! Feel free to send it in as a tip! 😛

  • Arthur2142

    This was actually introduced a little while back.