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Verizon: 4G LTE Outage Resolved Overnight, 3G Operated Normally?

Another Verizon 4G LTE network outage happened yesterday and lasted upwards of 12-14 hours for some. Big Red has finally addressed the downtime this morning by sending out the Tweet that we have posted above, letting customers know that the issues have been resolved and that life should be normal again. While that’s good news, I can’t help but disagree with their “3G operated normally” comment that was also included. And I have to disagree because there were more than a few of us that were left without both 3G and 4G for all of yesterday. 3G-only phones may have continued to hum along on 3G without a hiccup, but those of us with 4G phones could not even connect to 3G during the majority of the outage. There is a time and a place to spin things, this would be a great time to be up front and honest about why we have had 3 major outages in one month on the “most reliable network” in the land.

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  • Ron

    What??? 3G or 4G did NOT work. I was still having some problems early this morning. It’s working now. I still like Verizon. I have been with them for years. I wouldn’t change. I just hope its fixed.

  • Xquisitedi

    Outage in minnesota 4g right now

  • Anonymous

    4G/3G were both out for me, as was voice.

  • droidian1441

    HA, I have a DROID 3 and even I couldnt connect to 3G or 1X in S. Virginia — I hardly believe the 3g operated normally crap. How do I Know? I shouldn’t be getting important text messages sent at 4:00pm for example, at 3:00am later that night. VZW has got to get their facts straight.

  • DaveTea

    Here in So California both 4G and 3G were not working for either my G-Nex (I was at home in Orange County) or my Wife’s G-Nex (she was up in LA). Toggling CDMA only did not make a bit of difference. It was a pretty solid 12 hour complete data outage so I call BS on VZW’s claims that 3G was working fine. It was not, at least not for or phones.

  • I had to restart my gnexus to get 4g back

  • Herbert M

    F yourself Verizon. All data was out in Tucson yesterday with EXTREMELY intermittent service.

  • Anonymous

    What makes the most impact on me is the fact that people are still surprised at being lied to. We’re paying what amounts to extortion fees for services and products that cost a fraction of what they are charging and we’re opening our wallets for every new tech snap cookie they throw at us (and by us I mean me) so the fact that it’s “Hmm?” moment whenever they fill our ears with puffery and plastic promises should come as no surprise and goes right along with the puffery and plastic trinkets they put in our shopping bags. *poof* <——that's what would happen to the very fabric of society if honesty were suddenly introduced into marketing. 

  • Anonymous

    3G only phones were unaffected…however, going into settings->wireless and networks->mobile networks->network mode and clicking the box next to CDMA only effectively turns a 4G phone into a 3G only phone…i had 3G all day yesterday by doing this

  • bmac420

    if your on a 4g phone and 4g goes out basically so does ehrpd and then you won’t have “3g”, change your network setting back to cdma only then airplane on and off and you’ll have full 3g service because it doesn’t use ehrpd.

  • Tyler

    Have to agree with you. Was snowboarding yesterday and all day got no data at all. My friend has the incredible and was getting 3g the entire day. I finally got 4g back towards the later part of the day

  • Reillyfactor

    finally its working.. needed new sim

  • DWM

    Guess it all depends on where you were. My GNex was without 4G for a couple of hours, but handed over flawlessly to 3G and kept on trucking until 4G service was restored.

  • lightlong

    No connectivity again for me and my gnex in the Boston area. Here we go again…

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t have 3G…….. 🙁

  • I didn’t have any issues with 3g yesterday. Worked fine. Nexus Prime.

  • Gary Pasler

    In SE FL, I lost all data for 30-60 mins, then 3G came back.

  • Anonymous

    My phone said 3g, but I noticed that when I was trying to have a conversation on Google Voice that was very delayed and messages and emails were coming in in bunches. I then realized that my data connection must have been spotty, an low and behold, when I sent myself a test email from my voice account, it didn’t come through. I bet there were a lot of us that thought they had 3g and didn’t without even realizing it. 

  • Anonymous

    My 4g went out and my gnex didnt jump to 3g. I forced it into cdma, and after cycling through airplane mode, I had solid 3g with no problems.

  • Dhuff44

    I also did not have 3g or 4g all day yesterday, its even been some what in and out today.  I called Verizon and they offered to take $3 off my bill because of the 3 outages this month, told them not to bother just fix the network. Most non-reliable network

  • No data on 3G yesterday as i have no 4G yet in my area.  Just voice yesterday.

  • sog805

    Thats bogus because 3g was in and out all day yesterday on my droid charge (non-4g area)

  • Millerthyme59

    Just got 3G back here on the Oregon coast.(Tillamook area.)

  • I call BS on that… I sat at work, unable to do any voice / text / mms. I had to connect to wifi, and set up a google voice. 

  • San Diego

    Weird, guess I got lucky. Had 4G all day yesterday here in San Diego.

    • Anonymous

      if your phone never had to handoff you would have been fine. The SIM device authentication server into the CDMA Nexus (not the phone) is at the heart of the matter.  

  • Whenever this happens i usually switch to cdma only. Seems to work for me. Yes we shouldnt need to, but…Alsoi usually wait to turn lte back on after the problem is resolved.

  • heck no, all yesterday and continuing today my 3G is iffy at best. Im around 16kb/s. And about 75% of the time it says i have connected signal but my downloads and internet do not work.

    this is on my Droid 2

  • I’m here in Chicago and its nearly 11 and I still don’t have 4G or 3g or anything 🙁 

  • Corey Foltman

    Traded in my Razr yesterday for the Nexus. VZW rep “couldnt activate it because of the 4G outage”. i skipped activation, put it in cdma only and then activated it just fine. however 3G did pop in and out throughout the night….albany, ny


    • Anonymous

      I had 3g… Until I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Shivelydavid

    When i had my 4g radio on yesterday my phone wouldnt connect to 3g once the radio was turned on to just 3g it did work fine. Using a Droid bionic without buyers remorse:)

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused by these last few outages. Over the last 3 outages my gnexus didn’t lose any connection however my gf’s gnexus which was right next to mine for most of the outages did lose connection. She believes that there is something wrong hardware wise with her phone and wants to take it back to Verizon for an exchange. I told her that it must be the Verizon outage but couldn’t explain why my phone was working and hers not. we’re in NYC. thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      My gf thunderbolt was fine but my nexus wasn’t. Sitting next to her. Her area code is california mine is Michigan. Go figure

  • emdubs

    Just north of richmond va, cdma only mode (no 4g locally). Lost everything. Galaxy Nexus. This reporting is not true, and I have never lost 3g ever in 10 years.

  • S DFW, TX. I’m outside of the 4G service area and had full 3G service all day with no problems.
    Phone had decided to not connect to any service when I got up this morning, but a power cycle solved that.
    I leave the phone in CDMA-only mode.

  • I saw on other news sources that there was a coronal mass ejection yesterday, is it possible that could have messed with the LTE?

    • Mimeo Ink

      Sounded to me like that would be more of an issue today and tomorrow (and would have affected more than just Verizon), but stranger things have happened.

      But hey, aurorae!

  • Anonymous

    Dayton, Ohio… Galaxy Nexus, I didn’t have 3G either… BS

    • Madcow06

      Same here, also Dayton, also nexus.

  • Reillyfactor

    ha I don’t have any connection still.. just north of boston…TBOLT
    their trouble shooting…. go into settings and click wifi.. muhahaha…
    bunch of crap…..
    now on hold for someone more technical….

  • Sirx

    “Because we believe we have been abundantly clear:  As a Verizon Wireless customer, f*** you!”

    Verizon Wireless

  • Anonymous

    After toggling from airplane mode a couple of times i was able to get 3g back up and working most of the day with no issue. Gnex.

  • Anonymous

    Which phone?

  • Anonymous

    Your 3g authentication died. The network was still there. You could still make calls and text. Who’s lying?

  • Anonymous

    It didnt effect everyone and some of us who have 4G phones operated on 3G normally.  My Tbolt couldnt get 4G during the day but where i work they dont have 4G anyway.  But my 3G service functioned normally.  Browsed the web, downloaded some files, and even watched netflix.

  • So aside from the rediculous amount of network outages lately. Anyone from around Boston have signal issues with the G-nex? According to Verizon there are 6 towers within 3 miles. One of which is less than a mile, but I am LUCKY if I get consistent 4G signal. How about anyone with a RAZR around Boston as I just may need to switch if this is what I am going to deal with on the G-nex! Please LMK, even if you dont live around Boston…

    • Anonymous

      GNex most definitely has a weaker radio than other LTE phones. Aside from the ‘signal bar’ issue fix coming, it will still have weaker signal. I notice it on mine. Even my wife’s Charge gets slightly better signal strength and it’s also a Samsung.

      Motos and HTCs have stronger radios.

    • Anonymous

      Im trying REALLY hard not to troll and gloat about many “G-Nex” users poor signal issues…….even when for 4 months straight literally tens of thousands of troll comments were made about the 886 radio Bionic.

      With that being said….could you get data if you switch to CDMA only?

    • lightlong

      Yes! I’m in the Cambridge/Arlington area and don’t ever have full 4g. It’s either one bar of 4g or two bars of 3g or no g. I have the G-Nex. With Verizon’s terrible launch of this phone and now the crappy coverage, they’re doing a great job of ruining the Nexus experience. Take note Google!

    • Well good thing Verizon is on top of things…lol. According to the 5 different reps I have talked to. None of them have heard of issues with the radios/signal on the G-nex. So next question would be. Do I take up demand a different phone ie the RAZR or just suck it up and hope for Google or Verizon to fix this? Really like the phone, even though I am not much of a tech-ster and won’t get as much out of the Nexus as most tech savy people would but like it none the less. Just want to get my money’s worth.

  • Travisgary

    i dont even have 4g yet, and my gnex wouldnt get on 3g. 

  • I find it amazing that when I spoke to the VZW rep that they personally acknowledged that the outage affected 4G phones 3G/4G capabilities, yet the corporation refuses to believe it.  I think the problem has to be with the rapid expansion.  Hopefully 2012 brings more stability.

  • The Product

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus around 4PM CST yesterday and it couldn’t be activated until around 7AM CST this morning. At least I could connect to WiFi, I guess…

  • KELLEX… Could you give me some new of any up and coming phones for early 2012? The GN wasn’t for me. Hoping to see something coming soon that would fit me better.

    • Anonymous

      What company do you like more? Ive got news about 2 upcoming Motorola phones(with true HD screens and badass camera’s) but they most likely wont be posted here. 

  • Anonymous

    I think they refer to the 3G only people as 3G unaffected and the 4G affected was whatever you could or could not connect to.  If anyone looked at their status under settings, it stated that the 3G network was there but the mobile network was just “connecting”.  Think it has to do with how the 4G phones authenticate on their network, hence why we had connection issues.  But since voice travels over a different system, that was not effected.  Damn SIM cards causing problems again!! 😛

  • Anonymous

    4g still authenticates using 4g methods when in 3g areas. 3g phones thusly never saw a blip

  • Michael G

    I have the Galaxy Nexus and the other day my 4G went out.  It took me switching networks to 3G and rebooting my phone to get 3G back.  Data outages and now this new b.s. “convenience fee” is making me really think VZW may not be the route to go anymore.

    • I feel ya, but I’ve been with Verizon forever and I honestly dont like another enough to want to switch. 
      AT&T drops calls like nothing, customer serviceT-mobile just drops service to where you cant make calls or send texts. Sprint has so so phones. US Cellular is a joke when it comes to smartphones 
      and virgin mobile and boost wouldn’t be bad if they had more powerful phones

    • Anonymous

      I’m chomping at the bit to find a better service. There has to be one, but damned if I can see  it. (in terms of speed and call quality) VZW, although uncaring on the matter, will see the puff of smoke from me road runner’ing away at the first sign of a new and improved service.

  • Guest

    How about some compensation big Red,

    • Anonymous

      Like $2 For every hour it was out, that will work

    • Tim

      Your compensation is the $2 convenience fee in two weeks

    • Marcunwired

      Honestly … we all pay less than a dollar a day for data, I’d much rather they take my dollar (or 3 if you count all 3 outages) and add some redundancy to their 4G network, or 4G authentication systems and whatever else has single points of failure. I’m pretty sure Verizon has some extra space in their Data Centers and extra cash in their wallets to add some extra equipment. Better yet, I’ll bet they have more than one data center so they can add some geographic redundancy too if they wanted.

      It’s pretty stupid to have a single component or single system failure cause an outage of this scale (no I don’t really know what the cause was, I’m just guessing). These outages cost them reputation points, and that matters (See RIM).

  • I didn’t even notice the outage on my Bionic in CDMA only mode…..

    • Anonymous

      My Bionic lost LTE but kept strong 3G the whole time. Woke up this morning and LTE was back. Either way I still had data the entire time. 

  • Michael Forte

    I believe the reason why 4G phones lose data altogether when the LTE network goes down is because the 3G eHRPD network goes down as well, which is the 3G network that 4G phones default to because it makes for better handoffs between LTE and 3G. Too bad the 4G phones have such a hard time switching back to the CDMA Rev A network and that’s why 3G can be hard to come by during an outage.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think thats the case. During an LTE outage my Bionic just switches back to 3G without a problem that I can see. I think it depends on both the phone and area youre in. 

      • Michael Forte

        Mine would go in and out on 3G unless I switched the network mode to CDMA only.

        • Anonymous

          Interesting. Im in florida ATM so more people around me have LTE phones, during an LTE outage my Bionic(893 radio)just flips back to 3G. I leave my LTE radio on all the time. 

          However in Georgia where Im stationed….is i*hone country. Hardly anyone there even KNOWS about 4G LTE let alone have a phone capable of connecting to it. So whenever I read about people having LTE drops my Bionic is unnaffected up there. I like to think because maybe only 100 at most even have a LTE phone so our network isnt stressed so much. 

    • Anonymous

      You’re pretty close. eHRPD is the brains for allowing LTE on Verizon and bane of our existence at the same time. The whole thing is quite the Franken-network. Essentially  eHRPD or Evolved High Rate Packet Data isn’t really a network. It allows for the handoff between two entirely opposite standards and handles device authentication to the CDMA brain server. If you’re in CDMA-eHRPD think of it more as your SIM card and GSM radio emulating CDMA rather than actually running the true CDMA-Rev A network. There are benefits to that, as it allows for the seemless handoff back and forth and actually will run and respond faster than Rev A. But there are two problems here. One, as the Verizon’s master network and ‘gatekeeper’ is still CDMA, it’s old in that it was never meant to handle GSM device authentication, therefore it breaks, a lot, and we’ve seen the results. The other is that for our devices Rev A is such a low priority in the baseband it takes forever or in some odd cases never to get there. Switching your phone to CDMA only (Auto PRL) should (and this has worked for me) after a few minutes finally dump you in Rev A and stay there. But if you keep fussing and toggling and pinging, it won’t. There needs to be a way to reduce the timeout of eHRPD data so I can fully switch to Rev A. Because it can talk through eHRPD but not authenticate, it hangs in purgatory. Either way, Verizon needs to deal with the device authentication issues or the problem will only get worse. 

      • Anonymous

        interesting. +1 for the knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    I agree as I also had NO 3G service yesterday while the 4G system was down.  Samsung Galaxy Nexus through Verizon.  I don’t know who they think they’re fooling with the PR lies but their 4G customers know the truth.

    • djembeman

      Did you switch to CDMA Only? Every time we’ve had a 4G outage I lost all data connection until I switched to CDMA Only (3G). I’ve never been without 3G service on Verizon since I bought my Original Droid about 2 years ago.

  • Jaydee56

    Yeah, but they forgot to mention that activation of 4G phones (like my new Nexus) wasn’t possible either….

    • I had the same issue. Just got mine activated at like 10 this morning. Such BS…

      • Lvc

        Hi. so i bought my nexus yesterday and the man could not activate my phone due to the 4g outage. He filled out all the paperwork and told me that once the 4g returned my old phone would stop working and my nexus would activate. So i skipped activation to play with the phone.. is there any way to get the phone to activate ?

        • Ron

          go into your settings app, press backup & reset, press factory da ta reset. This will reset your phone. When you turn your phone back on it will begin the startup / activate it. Hope this helps!

  • For me, switching to CDMA only allowed 3G use w/o incident on my Galaxy Nexus in the Baltimore area.

  • reyalP

    More spin just like their ads!

  • I don’t know if this was regional, but I’m in FL, have my Nexus set to CDMA only (there’s LTE on either side of me but neither is close enough to pick up), and didn’t experience an outage.

  • Anonymous

    I had no problem.  I work nights so until noon, and then after 7 LTE worked with absolutely no issues in Hampton Roads.  Guess I got lucky.

  • Don

    I agree with you, and Iam going to bring the og droid out of storage and port the number next time. My area wont even see 4g till 2013!

  • Anonymous


  • Tim

    Ive found that during these outages flipping your phone to cdma only (instead of cdma/lte) will let you pull a 3g signal.

    • Don

      This did not work for me Tim, I leave mine on cdma only all the time.

  • They are talking about 3G only phones. 3G only phones that used CDMA were completely fine.

  • In areas I normally had 4G, I had 3G.  I was in the Verizon Center in DC last night, and got spotty 4G while walking around the arena, but had 3G when I didn’t have the 4G.  Galaxy Nexus

  • They are talking about 3G only phones. 3G only phones that used CDMA were completely fine.

  • They are talking about 3G only phones. 3G only phones that used CDMA were completely fine.

  • My OG DROID lived while you fancy dual core 16geebee’s phones were out in the cold. 😉

    • Anonymous

      we have 32geebees.  🙂

      • TC Infantino

        Actually, I have 48geebees. And a couple of BeeGee’s songs. lol

  • Anonymous

    Google Voice users – Google Voice calls worked fine for me throughout the outage, but texting did not. Still, kudos to Google for that!

  • Anonymous

    Prob 3G only devices

  • Tcbear67

    Authentification takes place over 4G first. If you have a 4G phone and it does not authenticate over 4G first you will be left without 4G or 3G

    • Tcbear67

      I set my 4G device to CDMA only and got service. GNex Dayton,OH

  • Vaglvr

    no verizon, my 3G was sporadic to say the least. and then at about 7pm, my 3G went out completely..up until 1015pm when everything came back online again.  

  • MFG

    They’re so smug sounding when they say 3G was unaffected when we KNOW it was!

  • reyalP

    I lost my 4g, 3g several times yesterday.  I couldn’t make any calls at some point yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Kellex, calls worked, but I had no mobile data on my GNex.

  • Destroythanet

    I believe 3G only phones like the iPhone were unaffected.