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Thursday Poll: How Do You Pay Your Verizon Bill Each Month?


The talk of the last day has clearly been the new $2 “convenience fee” that Verizon plans to charge customers who pay their bill each month via credit or debit card over the phone or online starting January 15. While there are plenty of options out there that can get your around this fee, we couldn’t help but wonder how the majority of you currently pay your bill each month. Are you paying with a card online or over the phone and are subject to this new charge? Do you use autopay? Anyone using snail mail? Let us know.

How Do You Pay Your Verizon Bill Each Month?

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  • Anonymous

    it seems i’ll be paying thru my banking instead of vzw direct. I’d like to do mail-in just to spite them but Im too lazy for that

  • Gunther

    Maybe I’ll start charging Verizon a $5 convenience fee for paying my bill on-time too,.

  • Abba Dalla

    So everyone knows we could as the customer get Verizon wireless to dismiss this charge by all asking for paper billing costing them millions and millions of dollars; having to mail out almost everyone’s bill will be pricey even if they somehow were able to handle all the packing and mailing internally. If we each ask for paper bills this will definitely make them change their tune. What they are trying to do is gain guaranteed money for people paying bills with errors and then stating that the customer paid the bill, because they have it somewhere in their statements and policies that if the customer pays a bill they agree to all the charges. This will give them the upper hand in giving or not giving credits to customer for shiesty sales reps and telesales reps ripping off customers. Think about that policy that if everyone or the majorities now pay errant bills online with auto pay then try to dispute a bill they will now receive money they weren’t supposed to have.

  • Anonymous

    This is how I intend to pay for now on… It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

  • Anonymous

    I throw it

  • Steve Patak

    This was already hitting the local news last night.  I give ’em a week before they change their mind.

  • morefees

    yeesh. i thought only Bank of America had these kinds of retarded fees for everything…

  • Anonymous

    Online bank bill pay it is…….

  • Anonymous

    Wheres the option for “my parents still pay and so idk” option?

  • Rogue_5

    i guess i will go back to paying by check.

  • johnny

    from now on i will be sending in the exact amount via snail mail….plus at least ten cents so that management has to look through it ;]

  • Downey1971

    Dear Verizon: I will gladly pay the additional $2 fee, if it will be used to keep your 4g network from going down anymore.

  • Bobber

    If they are going to try to be like the Bank of America, then I’ll do whatever it takes to make it worse for them. I’ll start writing checks again and they can go through the work of processing them.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone should go to their Verizon account and Reactivate “Paper Billing” @#$%%^& Bastards, and is paying in cash an in store option, cause I will stop at the bank get all change, and pay they ass in all loose quarters. WTF – charging for an Internet bill pay. Now, they’ll be printing and mailing me a bill every month, think that should cover each $2 they get from me. Efn Bastards.

  • Samthewise28

    verizon sat down and saw the largest form of payment they get is one time CC payments.
    so they added a fee because they know most people will just pay it and not notice. after the way they handled the nexus release i guess they feel that they can get away with anything.

  • Letsmotor

    Other options are blood or first born

  • Its not right to charge 2 bucks for doing the right thing …

    • How is paying by cc the Right thing ?? You could say that with any type of payment so I don’t see how paying by cc is the right thing ??

  • Looks like I’m going to be stopping into the store every month to pay with a rewards card… and I’m calling for a service credit every time there’s any service issue…

  • RavnosRavnoscc

    If they are trying to justify applying the fee to one time cc payments online by saying cc companies are raising the cost of those transactions, then WHY is “auto pay” online not also subject to the fee?

    • Anonymous

      Also this is illegal in some states such as california (to charge more cor someone using a credit card that is)

  • Anonymous

    Great news for pre-paid customers I take it the same BS would be true there?

  • Pruittcy

    Just str8 silly……………

  • For those who don’t know (and perhaps it has already been posted here), but Verizon charging a convenience fee for paying your bill isn’t anything new. If you want to pay your bill in cash at a Verizon store, you get charged a $3.00 convenience fee. 

  • Bionic

    i pick out the hottest female employee and give her a good humping with my massive rod

    • Anonymous

      I’ll beat ass if someone flags this. LEAVE IT! We all need a good hump!

      • Bionic

        Hell yeah girl, tell it how it is! My services are available, LOL

        • Anonymous

          Pinche Vzw must be on to me! As I posted the above threat, I lost 4G!

      • QtDL

        I second this! 😉

  • Honestly, I think it would be hilarious if we all started paying in store, as mentioned in the comments of the original post. Imagine the sheer amount of time lost for their (commissioned!!) usually-none-too-bright salesfolks.

  • Chefmelv20

    Mr. 4000

  • Shane McKeever

    Via “My Verizon” app; fingers crossed

  • Anonymous

    Use paying with check routing and account number still an option without the $2 fee? If so im going that route now. Use to pay with debit via my verizon app on phone.

  • Anonymous

    Making my last payment in 2 weeks, they charge WAY too much $$$ for there services! i’m going to someone else for HALF the money, and still using there network, and ANDROID!! 
    Verizon, you GREEDY bastards can get blood from another stone!

    • Bionic

      just because a certain company uses verizon towers does not mean you will get the same coverage.  My brother has a pre-paid phone that uses verizon network and we went camping out west.  I got signal on my bionic, his pre-paid phone did not.  We called customer service and the guy explained that bascially the rights to each individual tower in a region is negotiated.  

  • Anonymous

    Blow me, Verizon.

  • Rebelfag68

    So every time u loose 4g service…call cuts care for ah credit…they want to nickel and dime…so can we!

  • Anonymous

    MyVerizon app on my phone.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I use…does that fall in line for the $2 charge?

      • Yes because your essentially paying by phone and using an internet connection.

  • No wonder they want to enforce a $2 free for online pay LOL. Its the number 1 used payment method. That’s ok, I’ll have my bank send you that mail bolonga by doing it online. Thanks Chase!

  • Mjsplicer78

    Used to pay by card via web. I’ll let em deal with a check from now on. .!..

  • Godzeera

    Verizon has had the option to enter your checking account information for years! I get an email that says my bill is ready, I log in and click pay bill. I’ve been doing that for more than 3 years Anyone who would pay that fee deserves to lose money. How lazy can you be?

  • I pay with Verizon One-Bill. It bundles my FIOS and Verizon Wireless bills together and gives me a discount. I pay One-Bill with direct payment from my checking account so i guess this does not effect me.

  • Jeff Tingey

    I’d set up an autopay if there was a way to use two different accounts. I use my phone for work and can expense a portion of the bill if I pay with my company card. Seems like they don’t want corporate business. 

  • Lyric Motionless

    I’ve had Verizon for 5 years. I have never had a billing problem with them. I’m a customer who pays online using a credit card and it’s a shame that they’re are going to do this. My bill is high enough with two lines on the plan that we have to be charging customers like me who pays on time or early and always the full amount online by credit is a shame. I think that if they’re trying to substitute for what the credit card companies are charging them, they need to take it out of the company another way. They have some of the highest prices for plans so they shouldn’t be punishing those who pay their bill and pay on time no matter how they pay it. They need to stop trying to force customers to pay the way they want customers to pay.  

  • Jeremy Morrison88

    Debit card on My Verizon. Auto pay after today.

  • I would use the app but every time I do it complains about my cc and doesn’t save properly.  So I go to the website once a month and pay it usually only a day before the next bill prints since I am paying for next month’s service they can get the payment 1 day before that service starts.

  • Italia1918

    Thats that im all done with Verizon….  I will leave carriers once another carrier puts out a worthy phone worth leaving for… Does anyone know the verizons twitter page so I can post some hate comments…lol 

  • Anonymous

    No option for paying with my verizon app?

  • Anonymous

    We need that Southwest Airlines team of refs who call BS on baggage fees to work in Verizon stores!  They be regulatin’ on greed!

  • Anonymous

    I guess electronic check online?  We use PNC’s Virtual Wallet thingy.  We tell PNC where and when to send the money, and PNC does the rest.

  • Peace

    Here we tried saving a tree by going paperless and help them to save stamps to mail out bills….now this? 
    Oh…the outage?  What do we get out of that?  

  • Auto Pay works great for me. 

  • Voice of Graber

    I like autopay and I have never had an issue. Paying with anything other thn a reward earning credit card is, in my mind, throwing money away

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I’ve had autopay set up for years now. Earning 1% back on my cellphone bill adds up  after a while. In my opinion, why wouldn’t you have it set up? Are you just not going to pay your bill one month? Doesn’t make sense in my opinion, especially if you are on contract.

  • Anonymous

    Online from home-banking service provider website

  • Anonymous

    I will pay may usual $277 bill give or take a few dollars each month in change. I’ll make them count it since the machine only takes bills.

  • Thomas Fusco


  • Raven

    I pay with Autopay, but for some reason this poll won’t let me cast a vote today.

    Why would anyone pay one time or via phone calls, what a PITA?

    • Raven

      Off topic, but does Disqus base poll uniqueness off of IP addresses?  There are a dozen Droid fans in my office that could possibly be voting, so whoever got in first would be it because we all would show as the same IP to the outside world.

    • katie

      because verizon messes up on my bill regularly so i will not let them automatically take my payment! if they overcharged you, youd never get the money back!!

      • Raven

        Sorry about your luck.  I have never had a problem in 7 years with Verizon.
        Autopay with a credit card and dispute the charges if you have to.

    • Anonymous

      Also I am on a family account and I pay 2 different times a month. So is it anyone’s business the way we pay just as long as we pay. 

  • Does the “My Verizon” app count as online?

    • Yes as it uses data via phone internet connection. Your paying by phone.

  • I’m surprised more people don’t use my verizon application to pay their bill.  Looks like I will just pay late with a check every month.  no way I am paying 2 dollars a month so that they can take my money.

  • David Verba

    Just a heads up.  Verizon is also changing rates on their “administration fee”  
    $0.83 to $0.99 per line! 

    MATERIAL ADVERSE EFFECT is a $0.83 admin fee has increased $0.16, which is 19.3% 

    Verizon is OUT OF CONTROL. 

    • Anonymous

      I liked you better when you came with gifts…such as Social Living coupons! Gee DAVID!


  • HolyGrail

    Guys….I didn’t even know what an Electronic check was…..but because of verizon I came to
    find out, all it is -is setting up a  bill pay with you’re bank online.  
    For example: on my bank…I clicked on Schedule a payment….it then
    asked me “search by company name”…Verizon wireless popped up….it
    will then ask you for you’re verizon account number which you can find
    on you’re My Verizon home page. It will save the info.  From then on you
    can pay every month when you see fit, by just adding the amount and the
    date for a one time payment…..without having to deal with that auto
    verizon bullcrap.

  • Turbine Tech

    You need another option. 

    My Verizon bill is bundled with my home phone and internet through Century Link. I just write Century Link a check every month…

  • Anonymous

    I would have gladly set up a checking account for a one time payment (had it in the past), but for some reason, I have had boatloads of trouble getting it set up since they changed their website a couple of years back… hopefully those issues are resolved, because forcing auto-pay is just BS.

  • Ang3lmack

    My parents isn’t an option. 🙂

  • Altkorn2005

    They killed unlimited data and added a $2 fee to pay your bill all in one year.   Is it me or does this seem REALLY greedy?

    • Altkorn2005

      Just set up Bill Pay with Navy Federal for Verizon…..$2 fee to pay my bill on time my a**

  • this is a perfect example of consumer exploitation. ” company sees what form of payments are made….sees a very high percentage are made via online payments. then decides to stick it to the consumer for paying their bill that way AND make money for being responsible…  one word for ya verizon…”bastards”.

    • Verizon customers…FIND a way to fight back on this. Don’t let them do this crap to you..it will only get worse…we as cellphone users have to take a stand at some point because we are slowly getting pushed around and not doing anything to stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is 4G still down? It came back for 2 hours and now it’s gone… shmeh

  • Jrer34

    I’ll be going into the store to pay now. switched from T-mobile to Verizon less than a year ago and it seems like little things like this keep coming up. Verizon is not what i thought it would be. 

    • Altkorn2005

      I have been with Verizon since 2005…..it wasn’t this way until about 6 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to be paying Verizon $2 less per month effective January 15’th. 2012, when they ask why I will simply tell them due to the credit card companies and greedy carrier Verizon, I am implementing a $2 subscriber fee for paying my bill. See how they like it.

  • Strange1435

    Being paying on there site but they can kiss where the sun don’t shine. I will start sending it through my bank.

  • Bilbobagggins

    From now on…with a paper check that has a penis drawn into the memo field.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t…

    Corporate line ftw!

  • Anonymous

    Has there ever been a more boring poll in the history of polls?

    • Anonymous

      at least I’m voting from my GNex!

  • Anonymous

    Full frontal nudity.

  • I pay with a credit card on a monthly basis because that way I earn credit card points on my bill. 

    I would never sign up for automatic payments because it’s always harder to get money back from them if I overpay.

  • Steve Patak

    I pay with my FIOS bill with AutoPay.  I get electronic statements ahead of the withdrawal date for review.

    • Anonymous


  • Androidoc

    think I’ll start paying in pennies at the Verizon store

    • QtDL

      I really hope someone has the balls to do this and records the whole incident to post here….would make for a good laugh!

    • Babz

      I once paid a divorce lawyer that I was firing in pennies for copies of documents that I needed to give the next attorney. Good thing I had a courier do it since she threw a vase at him! He found out it was perfectly legal! I can’t wait to see who will do it and post!

    • Anonymous

      While perfectly legal to do so, they have every right to deny your form of payment.

      • They can refuse it for new sales on goods and services, but not if you want to use it to settle a debt (like your bill on post-pay).

  • EC8CH

    are those 2 Druids standing outside that Verizon store?

    • Anonymous

      the one in the fur coat is a pimp

      • EC8CH

        it’s probably an old photo… two Jedi’s standing in line to pick up their R2-D2 Droid.

        • Anonymous

          Ha I was thinking the same thing!

        • QtDL

          You guys don’t dress like that all the time? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll install a PayPass terminal in stores so we can use Google wallet.


  • Anonymous

    Autopay FTW! Besides, any discrepancies become credits to my account.

  • Anonymous

    I would gladly use Autopay if I didn’t have to call them up to correct mistakes 6x a year

    • Deiler

      Agreed.  I have to call on about half of my bills to have them correct it.  There is no way in hell that I would set up auto bill pay with them.

      • Anonymous

        The day the GNex was released I logged online and saw they messed up my upgrade date. The reason was because they “claim” they never verified my returned Bionic’s ESN in the warehouse (but the rep clearly stated on the phone the tracking # stated it was received).

        There was a $700 device fee on my account – and I shipped that Bionic back way back in early October!!!

        Yeah – and they want me to use Autopay. No thanks!!

        • The same thing happened to me with a returned Thunderbolt! Thanks for reminding me about that! Now I won’t use Autopay, just in case!

          • Anonymous

            If they had some sort of built-in alert system that would text you or email you everytime a charge was added to your account then I’d sign up for autopay so there wouldn’t be any surprises.

            Hey verizon, *hint hint*

          • Npoulos

            They do have an email and/or text before you get charged. I get text messages 5 days before it being paid.

          • Eddieg28sp

            Unfortunately there would have to a $5 convenience charge for that service so it would not solve anything 🙂

        • my renewal date changes every time I log in.

        • Dskneon

          did they ever credited your 700 back, im in the same boat you was in im stuck with a 900 bill because they said i didnt return the iphone 4s when it was clearly stated it was delivered, how did you solve that problem

          • Anonymous

            I had the tracking no. Of the package I sent back, which said received by the warehouse.

          • Mark

            Same thing happened to me.  It took about 3 months to finally get the full credit back because they apparently credited the money to a different line on my account.  *puzzled*.

          • Maybe whoever received the 4s threw it away thinking it was worthless, not realizing that some people think they’re actually worth money so Verizon charges for them?

    • S Allen

      Exactly my thoughts when I read this news last night.  I joined Verizon in July and only 1 of my bills since then was correct.  I’ve spent almost 2 hours on the phone since July getting them to correct my bills…  Autopay scares me.  I guess it’s time for ACH.

    • STiK

      Funny… I’ve never had an issue using autopay.

    • Anonymous

      yup thats how i feel!

  • None of the above…sort of…I have Verizon FiOS as well…So I pay on-line through the “one bill” website…I wonder if that will be affected?

  • EC8CH

    My job pays my monthly service… sweeeeet 🙂

    I think my wife mails them a check for her’s.

    • Michael Forte


      • EC8CH

        also gives us a 15% discount from Verizon on my wife’s line for the voice and data.

        • Michael Forte

          Yeah i get 20% off through my work so it’s not too bad.

  • Tim242

    Pay mine by one time debit via My Verizon App.

  • Awfredricks

    I know there’s been talk in other comment sections but I really just want word from Droid Life as to whether or not I can ditch my contract because of this.

    • Anonymous

      Good question. Any ideas anyone? Kellex?

    • Anonymous

      No. It is not a material breach of contract. There are also at least 5 other methods to pay with no fee.

    • Anonymous

      I read on a legal blog a few months ago that if you file a small claims suit against Verizon in your home town/city and are assured Verizon has been properly served AND they do not appear for the court date, you can get out of your contract without an ETF.

      If you are determined, do some research. There are ways to be enough of a jack-hole to VZW where they may pay you to go away!

      • Anonymous

        that seems like a lot of time and effort.

        After all, time = $$$

        • Anonymous

          Seems like a lot of crap to go through to me, too, but apparently, there are people who’d rather this than whatever shaft-fee they may be facing.

  • Edwin M

    I use my Chase account online to pay almost all my bills.

  • Joe St. Hilaire-Bona

    This is idiotic…it’s essentially punishing people who pay their bill on time using a debit or credit card.  I pay using my bank’s online service, so it won’t impact me but it’s horrible customer relations.  VZW is trying to recoup the transaction fees they are charged by the credit card companies.  No other businesses do this, Best Buy doesn’t charge a fee for using a credit card.  If it’s that big of a problem that for Verizon to need to charge for it, stop taking Credit Cards  all together.  This annoys the hell out of me.  

    • Anonymous

      “No other businesses do this” 
      Actually many businesses do this, in either billing or purchasing (cash vs credit prices at gas stations for example). And with the recent regulations more will as the CC companies are restricted on how they can directly charge the consumer, so the jack up costs on the vendor.  My utility company started this two months ago in CC payments online as well. Pay by eCheck…BFD.

      • Yeah, but those services are new to your utilities.

        Verizon has been offering online bill pay for FREE for almost a decade now. Nothing has changed. They just want more money for doing nothing new.

        And what do you think the credit card companies charge Verizon when we use a credit card with autopay? Less than with a manual credit card payment? Ha, keep dreaming.

        • Anonymous

          Actually my utility company has offered online pay longer than Verizon Wireless has. Nothing has changed on YOUR view, but it has for them as I already explained. A few % points of each bill is millions in margin dollars lost to them a month. By making it slightly inconvenient to pay this way they  are recouping what they are losing to fees, which are much more expensive than they were 10 years ago. They are public company in business to MAKE MONEY every quarter.

          “And what do you think the credit card companies charge Verizon when we use a credit card with autopay? Less than with a manual credit card payment? Ha, keep dreaming.” 

          This just shows how little you understand corporate commerce transactions and contracts. It absolutely is less. Nice try though.

    • Jim Mutter

      You think that the prices in Best Buy don’t take credit card fees into account?  

      • Rob Haney

        And you think Verizon’s prices don’t already take that into account?

    • Anonymous

      i can use my pnc virtual wallet to pay. Is this method going to allow me to avoid the 2 bucks?

  • Ive only paid twice through my phone, and I gotta admit thats a very nice feature, but normally I just pay it online, which I will continue to do reguardless of the stupid fee. Its a really petty fee when companies like US Cellular give you points for that instead VZW is trying to discourage customers. 

  • Anonymous

    Mail a check or money order” I’m old fashion that way.

  • Franzie3

    What about people with Fios One bill where the cell and home services are bundled in one bill.  will that be effected for the $2 charge or is it just wireless?

  • Anonymous

    I will continue to pay my bill online with my debit card regardless of the fee…

    • Godzeera

      Are you simple or just too poor to open a checking account because you only need to type in a bit of info ONE TIME and they will deduct it from your checking ONLY when you click ‘pay bill.’

  • Bryan Williams

    If you pay online anyhow, just use your banking bill payment system instead of paying directly to VZW’s site.

    • Anonymous

      Will this effectively allow us to avoid the charge?

      • Bryan Williams

        Absolutely, just use whatever online banking you deal with and pay your bill through them.  It’s essentially a monetary transfer from your bank to verizon.

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    First yesssssssss…(Best Napoleon voice)