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CyanogenMod 9 Music Player to Feature Custom Controls and Themes

Having a new CyanogenMod means there will be a ton of new awesome features available for users.  One of the soon-to-be released additions is a completely redone music player.  The developer behind the newest player spoke with The Verge and gave some interesting details about the upcoming app.  In the application, you will be able to set up shake controls for skipping songs and other settings, swipe gestures, and even a complete theme engine for people to pimp out their player however they see fit.

You have to give it up to the CM boys.  They got it going on.  No word as to when it will be baked into CM officially, but word is that it will also make its way to the Android Market as a stand alone for all you non-root users too. We’ll keep you posted.

Via: The Verge

  • HELL YES. This is the reason I miss CM the most from my OG D1. The Music controls and customization were just amazing.

  • Anonymous

    i hope one of the themes looks and runs like ubermusic —> zune with those nice background photos

    • Aaron Abdis

      I was so disappointed when MS deprecated the Zune HD. Im not far from outgrowing my 64GB, and was looking forward to a 128GB v. 🙁

      • MightyQ

        Love my zune 120gb…. 

        • Found a 120 in a Walmart the other day. I got it since my other one is ending its life soon, and phones are too unreliable as PMPs and iPods are too expensive.

      • Anonymous

        I was killing time in brookstone (like everyone else there) and a sales lady came by and asked, “what player is that, it looks really cool”. I replied, I’m sorry it’s not an Apple product it’s a Zune HD by Microsoft. (I’ve given up on trying to convince people how great of a music player Zune is). She responds, “Oh I had an iPod but I hate iTunes, I want something that works with windows media”. Although I don’t use windows media to organize my music, I felt a little rejuvenated about my Zune and that there are people out there who don’t enjoy their iPod experience. I mean… sure there’s alternatives to iOS phones in android and maybe even Mango but what’s the alternative to the iPod after MSFT killed the Zune HD?

        • Nice story. The Zune’s were nice. I just don’t think Microsoft advertised them enough.

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  • Anonymous

    I hope power amp gets google music streaming. It’s so good.

  • Instant_lunch

    Someone please help a noob out,
    Is Cyanogenmod9 only for rooted phones? 
    Or what is it that is being released exactly?

    • DroidzFX

      Rooted? yes

      Whats being released is a ROM. It will replace everything you ever knew on your phone. 

    • Anonymous

      Root only. We don’t know.

    • CM is a custom rom. To run custom roms, you’ll need a phone that has an unlocked bootloader. Most custom roms comes with root access.

      • DroidzFX

        You do not need an unlocked bootloader to run CM. You can thank 2nd init for that. 

        • That’s only on Motorola’s though. On every other make of phone, an unlocked bootloader is required.

    • rooted and with an unlocked bootloader.

  • Don’t care if it don’t stream Google Music…

    • Anonymous

      The Google Music App doesn’t always stream Google Music. 

      • Never had a problem before.  Are you sure that isn’t a connectivity issue? And i should add that I stream for an average of 3 hours a day ever day.

    • Don’t count out CyanogenMod

      • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t underestimate what CM can put out, its just that my horde of digital music files were a nightmare to manage before Cloud streaming.  I missed my old blackberry that just synced right up like an mp3 player.

  • DroidzFX

    Natural Progression

  • Lmrojas

    They will look good with my Beats

  • Anonymous

    support for google music too?

    • Doubtful, Google hasn’t released an API for it yet, I imagine it’d be dicey legally to integrate.

      • WormDoes

        Which is BS, IMO. I can understand not releasing when it was in beta. Now that it’s out they should release it. Would love to see other music players be able to see and play my music from GM.

        • Anonymous

          Ya that sucks. Im sure the cyan player will be awesome, but I like GM too much

        • lostsync

          I think there will be an API eventually. An open API for Google Music would be a huge move against iTMS.

      • Which really is the App killer.  Functionality over appearance…