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Custom CM9 ROMs Becoming More Stable For DROID2 Global and DROIDX

We have been searching around the Interwebz trying to make sure everyone is able to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich as much the next person.  The underground developers are working hard to bring CyanogenMod 9 to as many devices as possible and the DROID 2 Global is the newest phone on the list.  It may not be daily driver stable, but at least we know that Moto’s locked hardware is still receiving love from the community.

Have any DROIDX owners been enjoying the EncounterICS ROM we posted a week ago?  Then make sure you download the newest beta version which has been receiving tons of love from the community. It now has working MMS, but still lacks camera functionality.

Threads:  DROID 2 Global | DROIDX

Cheers Vishnu!

  • is anything going on with the D2 (not G) these days? we’ve got Droid 4 on JB but no stable ROM for D2?

  • Anonymous

    I’m rockin’ EncounterICS X. Working quite smooth. Only wished the camera and voice input worked. Other than that, I have had no problems with it…

  • Abalsor

    If you really want to know whats going on with ICS for the D2G check out this thread over at rootzwiki… 

    credit goes to bikedude….

  • nailbomb3

    the D2/D2G are complete ripoffs of other people’s work. Just kangs and a donation scam. Pretty sad that people have to sink that low just to score some cash.

  • Vishnu


  • Anonymous


    My X doesnt get much love nowadays since I got my Bionic. I also now get to play around with the wife’s D2G since she now has a D3. Ive been looking for some ROM love to show the D2G…..hell even a good stable Gingerbread ROM would do. I had Hexen(Froyo) on the one prior to this one(D2G’s dont like 30′ drops….just in case you didnt know) and liked it. 

  • Anonymous

    My droid 3 has it to getting close to having a stable rom.  I’m using it at the moment, there’s some bugs that are driving me nuts but not a deal breaker for me.

  • Jon

    I’m dying to get an ICS rom on my Droid Bionic. The only one I know of still doesn’t have 3G/4G data working yet. 

  • Still running APEX 2.0 RC4 and i like it very much. The battery life is so good that i average about 18+ hours with normal everyday use. I want to give Encounter a go however i need the camera to work as i use it all the time to take pics of the kids.

    • Anonymous

      Do what I’m doing right now, back up APEX and load in Encounter.

      If you don’t like it, switch back!

      • Frank Rik

        Im running apex right now.  Do i need to flash sbf or anything before moving on to Encounter?

        • Anonymous

          Nope, moving to encounter is a simple flash as long ad you’re on 602 or 605. Moving back to a non 2-init from might require an sbf.

          • Frank

            Im on 596 right now.  I think Im supposed to SBF back to 340.

          • Anonymous

            Why not just flash a rooted 602 or sbf to 602 and then root?

  • Anonymous

    What are the bugs involved? This I’d my daily phone and I’d hate to lose full features.

  • Anonymous

    Been using Encounters ICS. It’s improving dramatically over such a short period of time. By the way Kellex, you might want to update the link to the ROM. It has been moved here: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/13425-romcm9-encounterics-x-beta-3-stability/

    • Jason

      Poor Tim… peeps assume Kellex writes every article for this site.  Keep up the good work Tim-o-tato!!

      • Anonymous

        My bad XD The huge article title draws attention from the minute font size used for the author. Didn’t bother to look for it. :/

  • marty jones

    Why da hell dey still werkin on da Droid x?

    • marty jones

      I’m not trying to be snarky this time. Isn’t there an X2?? Do they stay with X because it is more “open?”

      • Aholeinthewor1d2

        its just better duh

      • Anonymous

        There is an X2 but the developer has an X. Which is why he took it upon himself to work on ICS for it.

      • Are you simple? Not everyone can get a new phone any time they wish. Not everyone has the money for it. If they did, Verizon certainly wouldn’t offer discounts for people extending their contracts.

    • uhh….yes?

    •  Why da hell does you talk liek dat?

    • Why da hell dont ju lern to spek englesh?

  • where is the love for the droid 2 without the “Global”

    • That’s what I want to know. Its not my daily driver anymore, but I still have one as a ready-and-able backup incase I do something stupid with my Stratosphere.

      So, where is the D2 love?

    • Jason

      I’m with ya!  But if you do some snooping around (rootzwiki) you will find that there are devs working on the D2 (less the “G”).  I think I even read that someone found the DX version of the ROM booted on the D2.  We should definitely see some official ICS love for the D2 in the near future.

      • Yeah, I’ve been following the Rootz threads. JBirdVegas and a couple others are working hard trying to get ICS on the D2. We still have a lot of issues with the latest builds, but hopefully it won’t be too long before some of that gets worked out.

    • Anonymous

      The non-global has a thread going too…

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  • Lmrojas

    So know I can receive nude pics on my X but can’t send them? Great looks like I wont get burned.

  • I too am running beta3 and i must say it is faster than ANY rom i’ve ever put on my X and i’ve tried them ALL. Some small bugs here or there but it has been my daily driver since it came out and i couldn’t be happier, alas i was waiting for the rezound to either get s-off or bootloader unlocked and that day has come so i will be switching over to that as soon as it arrives in the mail :).  Will be keeping the X though just incase i miss ics too much over the next few months lol :).

  • Beta 3 runs awesome on my DX which has a broken camera anyway.  Just need Flash working for bathroom time.