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Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Expands All Over Eastern Washington and Idaho

Verizon announced a surprise expansion of their 4G LTE network into the majority of eastern Washington and Idaho over the holiday weekend. Up until December 22, Spokane was really the only city in the area to enjoy the upgraded speeds, but now you will find coverage all the way from Colville to Coeur d’Alene to Kellogg.

For those not familiar with the northwestern section of the U.S., I’ll just say that as someone from the region, I’m impressed at this expansion. Some of these are incredibly small towns that I would have expected to be last on the list. And for those of you currently living in smaller VZW markets without 4G, these are the signs you have got to enjoy seeing. The goal was to have LTE in every market that had 3G by the end of 2013 – I’d say we are well on our way to that.

Now if only Big Red could figure out how to keep this shiny new network up for more than a week at a time.    

Here is the list of new markets:

  • Chewelah, WA
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • Colville, WA
  • Deer Lake, WA
  • Fairchild AFB, WA
  • Harrison, ID
  • Hayden, ID
  • Kellogg, ID
  • Kettle Falls, WA
  • Medical Lake, WA
  • Newport, WA
  • Plummer, ID
  • Ponderay, ID
  • Post Falls, ID
  • Priest Lake, ID
  • Priest River, ID
  • Sandpoint, ID
  • Schweitzer Mountain, ID
  • Silver Mountain, ID
  • Spirit Lake, ID
  • St Maries, ID
  • Washington State University Campus

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Travis!

  • I never thought It’d get to Twin Falls so fast.

    I’m geeking out right now.

  • WHY does Bellingham STILL not have 4G? There are like a hundred thousand people here!

  • Still waiting for 4G in central NJ, and we’re much denser than any of these areas, come on Verizon your based in NJ cover your state 🙂

  • GladiD-S

    That really sucks, why not SAGLE.   I live in Sagle and want 4G

    • Gladi

      sent b4 I finished.   supposedly came to  Sandpoint, ID then on to Hayden and CDA, ID as well as Priest River ID.  I’m in Sagle, ID in between Sandpoint & Hayden, wtf  … why not 4G here.  Come on bring us into this century with everyone else. 

  • Anonymous

    I understand that Bellingham, WA will be getting upgraded two months *after* Hell freezes over. /sigh.

    • Czarembo

      Hell may have frozen over then, http://www.opensignalmaps.com shows some 4G coverage in Bellingham as of a few days ago.  Heretofore, Verizon’s coverage was far as Arlington and Stanwood.  It appears they may have, for the moment, skipped Skagit Valley, if the 4G coverage reported in B-ham is accurate.  Whoo-hoo!

  • Pjpherr

    Wish they would have brought it to the tricities….. 

  • Also by the end of 2013, Verizon LTE will be at 100Mbps

  • Anonymous

    “And for those of you currently living in smaller VZW markets without 4G, these are the signs you have got to enjoy seeing.” – What about the bigger VZW markets that still don’t have 4G??? Those of us in these places (myself in a densely populated suburb of Philly) continue to watch Verizon deploy LTE in these little or middle-of-nowhere towns and think WTF?!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve become pretty well positive that the deer in Potter County, PA will see LTE before I do.

  • Eric815

    I didn’t know potato farmers had a need for 4g??

  • Anonymous

    That is NOT, I repeat NOT allover Idaho!! There is still NO LTE in Southeastern Idaho, which includes Twin Falls, Burley Rupert, Jerome, American Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Arco, Mackay, Hailey, Malad, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, St.Anthony, Ashton, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Tetonia, Montpelier, Soda Springs, McCammon and Malad.

  • Soooooo close to Missoula! C’mon!

  • Paul Bolton

    I remember someone saying that everytime they expand coverage they have an outage within a couple days. I didn’t put much into what they were saying but I am starting to see what they were talking about….lol

  • Anonymous

    they really need to bring it to every major college town… I mean if 20,000+ college kids isn’t enough of a reason why is a town of 1600(most of which likely don’t even know what lte is) good enough of a reason?