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Tuesday Poll: Who is your favorite Android phone manufacturer today?

Back in August we ran a simple poll asking which device manufacturer our readers favored.  Motorola had a strong following just a few months ago, but now that the Galaxy Nexus is out, we have a feeling everyone’s opinion of Samsung might have possibly turned around.  So down below, give us your take on which manufacturer is your favorite.  Motorola for their history of high quality and tough builds, Samsung for their screens and lighter hardware, or even HTC for making music lovers their main priority with the acquisition of Beats Audio.

Tuesday Poll: Who is your favorite Android phone manufacturer today?

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  • genefer s

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  • Someone

    Just answered a similar poll in the Majority Feud app… Samsung won there too 🙂

  • Motorola. I’m surprised Samsung is at the top considering they have an extremely disgusting and awful iPhone UI ripoff called “TouchWiz”. Maybe if they didn’t have the garbage they would actually be worthy. Motorola on the other hand makes very very very quality phones, and even designed ICS visual styles. (see: Motorola’s Gingerbread UI)

  • John Dixon

    Moto has the best built phones quality wise… samsung/htc suck ass and always will. If it wasn’t for Samsung Nexus being a nexus then it would be at the bottom as well. Build quality of even the Galaxy Nexus sucks compared to any Moto phone. Yes i have used them all. Wait till next year and ask the same question when the next nexus phone comes out (if it is Moto – which i forsee being that the Google/Moto merger is going threw) then the Moto will be back on top of every favorite list.  Why judge Blur and TouchWiz when you can root your phone and do whatever you want with it? I am running Eclipse with my 901 Bionic and it is by far the best phone i have used. And since 901 came out i have not dropped data ONCE! Running super fast and super smooth. Camera also is fast. Not blurry fast like the nexus but it is a great camera now!  

    Don’t hate on peoples opinions. If you like to follow the band wagon then be a poser and do so but you don’t need to voice your opinion when you don’t actually have a valid argument.

  • Abba Dalla

    The problems I have with this post is that people are voting after purchasing the Samsung nexus and are completely hyped over the Samsung nexus lore fluffing the numbers towards Samsung. Although I know that people who have previous Samsung devices that have not been updated after 1 or 2 years of being out should technically level out the voting, but it won’t matter if people who previously had HTC, Motorola, or LG devices who would have voted not Samsung, showing a better representation of who the actual preferred manufacturer is. Overall I think HTC is better for development of software and working with their customers, Motorola is better build quality but it’s a bitch to the carriers never stepping out of line, and LG is just a back seat driver copying the trends with fairly adequate iterations. I vote HTC because i can deal with their “terrible” battery life issues over having decent build quality and updated software with consistent attention paid to all of thier devices, second is motorola because of the dev community backing.

  • RoadReaper

    I kinda wish moto and samsung would merge. Moto has a hell of a build quality but sammy has the superb hardware and and awesome screen. Imho the motos screens have become horrible (pixellation). If the razr would of had the sammy screen i would have taken a second look… but then again… i cant stand motoblur. I would rather have htc’s “sense” if it wasnt such a resource hog. Oh well… LOVE MY GNEX! Sorry Moto!

  • My Droid X has been leaving a sour taste in my mouth with Moto. I work in a cross platform app shop so I see almost all the phones come in. I know Samsung has some bad/cheap parts, but ever since I first saw the Nexus S I have longed for a Samsung phone.

    Moto has actually made my Battery life worse in some later OS updates and lately no app can stay open on my phone a second after I background it. This does have something to do with the age of my phone though.

  • LOLG

  • Chaz

    Only if we could combine the best features form all phones.

    Samsung- Screen quality
    Motorola- Built Quality
    Sony- Design and Camera Quality
    HTC- Beats by DRE
    LG-Not sure

  • Kat Selezneva

    The most expected smartphones 2011-2012 http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/most-expected-smartphones-2011-2012.html

  • Dpry3580

    Moto is my android device brand, unless something drastic changes.

    My OG Droid was great at the time, my HTC Inc, was ok, but my Droid X was by far, the best phone I’ve had, for the 2 years I used it.
    I can’t count the number of drops and abuse it went threw, and it kept on ticking, no problems at all.

    Now the Razr is my favorite of course. My God this phone is great.
    The Moto LapDock 500 is AMAZING as well with it.

    To each his own, Samsung and HTC make great products as well, but are constructed NEARLY as well as Moto. The Razr is a perfect example.

  • rrosotho

    I see Nexus made Samsung # 1 but Motorola has better quality phones. Its crazy how 1 phone changes people minds… Lets wait and see who will make the super phone of 2012!!!

    2009- Moto OG
    2010- Moto Droid X
    2011- Sam Nexus
    2012 – ??   ??

    • EC8CH

      I thinks its more that for the past two years Motorola has taken all the wrong steps as far as making developer friendly phones, whereas Sammy has taken all the right ones.

      • rrosotho

        I didnt think about it like that and Samsung is making all the right choices right now and I am amazed how they did it in a short period of time. On the other hand Motorola is trying to make up for not being in the game most of 2011.  Thats why i am curious who will make the next “phone to get” for 2012.

  • Martin Nilsson

    I know this site is biased (but not in a bad way) towards the American market and that Sony Ericsson has yet to make an imprint on the market “over there”, but I still think they earn the “manufacturer of the year. Sure they made a few bad moves before, but now they have come around. A few things to mention:

    1) All their phones from 2011 will get official ICS.The the only manufacturer who does this.
    2) All phones can get the boot loader unlocked. The the only manufacturer who does this.
    3) They support the developer community and even release open sourced drivers to help third party developers make better custom ROMs. The the only manufacturer who does this.
    4) They recently released an ICS alpha, for nerds and developers to play with. The feed-back will be used to improve the final product. The the only manufacturer who does this.
    5) They make some creative and innovative products and software and release almost everything on Android Market. Making it possible to run SE specific hardware/accessories on most Android phones. They aren’t the only ones doing it, but it’s still nice to see it. V-screens is one app that aint too bad (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.vscreens.android)!

    On top of that they have a pretty non-intrusive skin on-top of Android. All in all very nice phones and that’s why they get my vote =D

  • Honestly, it used to be Motorola, OG Droid FTW! But even though I now own the Galaxy Nexus, I can’t vote for Samsung because of the build quality. So my vote is no favorite