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Tuesday Poll: Who is your favorite Android phone manufacturer today?

Back in August we ran a simple poll asking which device manufacturer our readers favored.  Motorola had a strong following just a few months ago, but now that the Galaxy Nexus is out, we have a feeling everyone’s opinion of Samsung might have possibly turned around.  So down below, give us your take on which manufacturer is your favorite.  Motorola for their history of high quality and tough builds, Samsung for their screens and lighter hardware, or even HTC for making music lovers their main priority with the acquisition of Beats Audio.

Tuesday Poll: Who is your favorite Android phone manufacturer today?

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  • Someone

    Just answered a similar poll in the Majority Feud app… Samsung won there too 🙂

  • Motorola. I’m surprised Samsung is at the top considering they have an extremely disgusting and awful iPhone UI ripoff called “TouchWiz”. Maybe if they didn’t have the garbage they would actually be worthy. Motorola on the other hand makes very very very quality phones, and even designed ICS visual styles. (see: Motorola’s Gingerbread UI)

  • John Dixon

    Moto has the best built phones quality wise… samsung/htc suck ass and always will. If it wasn’t for Samsung Nexus being a nexus then it would be at the bottom as well. Build quality of even the Galaxy Nexus sucks compared to any Moto phone. Yes i have used them all. Wait till next year and ask the same question when the next nexus phone comes out (if it is Moto – which i forsee being that the Google/Moto merger is going threw) then the Moto will be back on top of every favorite list.  Why judge Blur and TouchWiz when you can root your phone and do whatever you want with it? I am running Eclipse with my 901 Bionic and it is by far the best phone i have used. And since 901 came out i have not dropped data ONCE! Running super fast and super smooth. Camera also is fast. Not blurry fast like the nexus but it is a great camera now!  

    Don’t hate on peoples opinions. If you like to follow the band wagon then be a poser and do so but you don’t need to voice your opinion when you don’t actually have a valid argument.

  • Abba Dalla

    The problems I have with this post is that people are voting after purchasing the Samsung nexus and are completely hyped over the Samsung nexus lore fluffing the numbers towards Samsung. Although I know that people who have previous Samsung devices that have not been updated after 1 or 2 years of being out should technically level out the voting, but it won’t matter if people who previously had HTC, Motorola, or LG devices who would have voted not Samsung, showing a better representation of who the actual preferred manufacturer is. Overall I think HTC is better for development of software and working with their customers, Motorola is better build quality but it’s a bitch to the carriers never stepping out of line, and LG is just a back seat driver copying the trends with fairly adequate iterations. I vote HTC because i can deal with their “terrible” battery life issues over having decent build quality and updated software with consistent attention paid to all of thier devices, second is motorola because of the dev community backing.

  • RoadReaper

    I kinda wish moto and samsung would merge. Moto has a hell of a build quality but sammy has the superb hardware and and awesome screen. Imho the motos screens have become horrible (pixellation). If the razr would of had the sammy screen i would have taken a second look… but then again… i cant stand motoblur. I would rather have htc’s “sense” if it wasnt such a resource hog. Oh well… LOVE MY GNEX! Sorry Moto!

  • My Droid X has been leaving a sour taste in my mouth with Moto. I work in a cross platform app shop so I see almost all the phones come in. I know Samsung has some bad/cheap parts, but ever since I first saw the Nexus S I have longed for a Samsung phone.

    Moto has actually made my Battery life worse in some later OS updates and lately no app can stay open on my phone a second after I background it. This does have something to do with the age of my phone though.

  • LOLG

  • Chaz

    Only if we could combine the best features form all phones.

    Samsung- Screen quality
    Motorola- Built Quality
    Sony- Design and Camera Quality
    HTC- Beats by DRE
    LG-Not sure

  • Kat Selezneva

    The most expected smartphones 2011-2012 http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/most-expected-smartphones-2011-2012.html

  • Dpry3580

    Moto is my android device brand, unless something drastic changes.

    My OG Droid was great at the time, my HTC Inc, was ok, but my Droid X was by far, the best phone I’ve had, for the 2 years I used it.
    I can’t count the number of drops and abuse it went threw, and it kept on ticking, no problems at all.

    Now the Razr is my favorite of course. My God this phone is great.
    The Moto LapDock 500 is AMAZING as well with it.

    To each his own, Samsung and HTC make great products as well, but are constructed NEARLY as well as Moto. The Razr is a perfect example.

  • rrosotho

    I see Nexus made Samsung # 1 but Motorola has better quality phones. Its crazy how 1 phone changes people minds… Lets wait and see who will make the super phone of 2012!!!

    2009- Moto OG
    2010- Moto Droid X
    2011- Sam Nexus
    2012 – ??   ??

    • EC8CH

      I thinks its more that for the past two years Motorola has taken all the wrong steps as far as making developer friendly phones, whereas Sammy has taken all the right ones.

      • rrosotho

        I didnt think about it like that and Samsung is making all the right choices right now and I am amazed how they did it in a short period of time. On the other hand Motorola is trying to make up for not being in the game most of 2011.  Thats why i am curious who will make the next “phone to get” for 2012.

  • Martin Nilsson

    I know this site is biased (but not in a bad way) towards the American market and that Sony Ericsson has yet to make an imprint on the market “over there”, but I still think they earn the “manufacturer of the year. Sure they made a few bad moves before, but now they have come around. A few things to mention:

    1) All their phones from 2011 will get official ICS.The the only manufacturer who does this.
    2) All phones can get the boot loader unlocked. The the only manufacturer who does this.
    3) They support the developer community and even release open sourced drivers to help third party developers make better custom ROMs. The the only manufacturer who does this.
    4) They recently released an ICS alpha, for nerds and developers to play with. The feed-back will be used to improve the final product. The the only manufacturer who does this.
    5) They make some creative and innovative products and software and release almost everything on Android Market. Making it possible to run SE specific hardware/accessories on most Android phones. They aren’t the only ones doing it, but it’s still nice to see it. V-screens is one app that aint too bad (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.vscreens.android)!

    On top of that they have a pretty non-intrusive skin on-top of Android. All in all very nice phones and that’s why they get my vote =D

  • Honestly, it used to be Motorola, OG Droid FTW! But even though I now own the Galaxy Nexus, I can’t vote for Samsung because of the build quality. So my vote is no favorite 

  • Google whipped Samsung into shape with their Nexuses. Can’t wait for Google to colab with HTC. 😛 

  • GalaxyLTE

    Samsung. Everything inside is great and b/c it is so thin a simple case perfectly protects it (g.nexus)

  • Just cause of SGN im guessing.. HTC for me!

  • Phoenixy

    If we don’t count the Nexuses and the updates for those Nexus phones.
    Motorola is the best!

  • Justin Ellis

    LOL at all the Moto fanboys and their pride in Moto’s “superior radios”. Ive owned an OG Droid, Droid 2, Incredible, Thunderbolt and now a Galaxy Nexus. I cant tell the difference in call quality in any of these devices. You have to be a serious tool to brag about something so arbitrary that cant even truly be measured. Either the call goes in clear or it doesnt. It stays connected or it drops. And being on Verizon, all these phones will perform well. Way to grasp at straws fanboys. 

    • Anonymous

      Ive owned all + the X and can agree its verizon. I notice moto phones to have bug issues more than others.

      • Justin Ellis

        I share the same experience as well. I had two OG Droids go bad on me, my Droid 2 was a piece of trash, constantly rebooting. HTC was not buggy for me because I put CM on those phones. 

  • Chris Eckeard

    After comparing different Samsung and Motorola devices, it’s clear that Motorola makes better hardware. Design may lack some desire but the build quality and radio performance from the Moto devices are far superior.

  • Speedygw

    After all my troubles with the t’bolt and seeing how smooth my wifes bionic runs, I have to give it to Moto for just plain working as it should!

  • Anonymous

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  • obviously rigged apple isnt a choice….trollololol

  • Ishbu

    uh how does 16 votes for LG mean 1% but 30 for Sony equals 0%? odd

  • Ishbu

    Only because Samsung makes the Nexus, All other fav phones of mine where Moto

  • boo Jay

    HTC is everything Apple claims they are.

  • Never purchase a LG phone. Ever! Their phones aren’t good. They hook you with a nice display, but the hardware and specs suck (for a lack of better words) monkey testicles. 

  • Chimera

    I would have gone with Moto, but lately their screens have sucked; horrible on the Bionic, slightly better on the Razr but still crappy compared to the Resound and G-Nex. If their screens were on par with the bodies of their phones they would be back on top in my eyes.

  • eduardo vera

    90% of people who voted for motorola are still rocking the OG Droid 😀

  • Thatdroidguy

    Its all about preference but let’s not forget its wasn’t till Moto came out with the OG Droid that Android really took off. Yes, Big Red would like some of the credit for the boost, only because it became available to 94 million subscribers. For two years the OG has been kicking it…….I had an htc phone and it felt like a toy in my hand. My OG DROID, 3 DROID X’s and my XOOM says Moto is my preference! Took my 10 year phone shopping with me……..her analysis on the phones we looked at Samsung had a pretty screen, htc feels like a toy and kept returning to moto, then she proceeded to ask if the OG DROID could be hers? That’s my girl!!!! You can say what you want but im waiting for Googles first phone after buying moto mobility……keep your samsung nexus and u htc with beatz……..i’ll stand pat with my DX.

  • Zephyrzypher

    I love the variation and quality in samsung phones… I just can’t tell you how much I hate touchwiz! Touchwiz is boring… it makes my phone look like its running iOS, could I be more embarrased?

  • s3 is gunna be amazing

  • Anonymous

    LG gets no love? The only OEM that typically supplies Android in stock, 2Gx for T-Mo, the Verizon version, etc. Not to mention that the build quality is way better than cheap plastics from Samsung.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I like the Motos always seem to be well built. But my GNex is (as they say in San Francisco) Fabulous…

  • Sk102704

    Tough question for me.  I have a Motorola Bionic and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I love them both!

  • Abu_Noah

    I so badly want to get a Galaxy Nexus, but I still wouldn’t pick them over HTC. I want a Nexus for the Software and features, but HTC makes way better quality phones.

  • Before the Galaxy Note my vote would have been for HTC with Sense.  But it feels like HTC has let Samsung leap ahead of them with their faster phones with better screens (not to mention how thin they are with decent battery life.)

  • Anonymous

    In the past, I always liked HTC’s phones, but as of lately, I’m starting to like samsung’s light and thin phones. Ever since I got the nexus, I really appreciate how light and thin it is for such a large phone. My thunderbolt was like having a brick in my pocket. This is a welcome change. If samsung can continue with this type of quality, I may get a samsung model for my wife when she wears out the my old thunderbolt.

  • Motorola WAS my favorite. but lately they’ve disappointed me. I had the droid, then moved to the x and loved both. but from the X2 on they’ve been going downhill. I used to HATE samsung, but since the fascinate they’ve gotten better with each phone. my vote goes to samsung for now.

    • Anonymous

      Dude go play with the Droid razr, it is such an awesome phone. Even the bionic is a good phone for those not wanting to spend $299.

      • The sad part is i play with one everyday. I like it but couldn’t bring myself to part with the nexus for it.

  • Bill Anderson

    You left out the correct answer: Whatever company most recently made a Nexus device.

  • Samsung, then HTC, then Motorola.

    Motorola used to be solid… well only the OG D1. But honestly they have been falling. Hopefully with Google purchasing them they can right the ship. Samsung is proving they are for real with the amount of units sold.

  • Samsung for now because I love my Nexus, but I am disappointed in how Samsung treats their other phones.  Motorola treated me well with the OG Droid, but their other phones are an abomination.  However, once the the Google acquisition is finalized, I will switch my vote to Motorola.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say Moto easily beats my Nexus on build quality, radio and gps (though they are each one and the same essentially). My Nexus takes at least 10 minutes to get a GPS lock. ****ing Samsung and their shyte build quality. 

    • Quyendg

      Weird, my Nexus has the fastest GPS lock of any phones I have owned (OG Droid, Droid X, Sammy Fascinate (CM 7.1). 

      • EC8CH

        I’ve noticed the same thing.  I used to have turn on wifi (with OGD) to lock onto my position indoors at home and work. With the G-Nex my indoor position is down to less than a meter with GPS only, and it locks on FAST.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed – GPS lock is mighty fast. I chalk that one up to ICS and the barometer. 

  • Anonymous

    The next nexus phone will be manufactured by motorola, probably what I’m upgrading to!

    • Anonymous

      Source?  Or are you just predicting?  If so… did you hear the word ends in 2012?

  • Anonymous

    Might as well be a poll with one question and two answers… Q. Are you a fanboy?  A. Yes or No

  • Even though I now own a Galaxy Nexus, I got a love for HTC that won’t go away…shoutout to my old XV6900!

    • Anonymous

      I hacked and installed custom ROMs on my HTC Wizard (GSM) back in the day

  • Eric Payne

    I love my nexus, and loved my droid x before that. BUT, every phone manufacturer needs to improve greatly in some aspect, no one is my favorite for this very reason. I will always choose my next phone dependent on the specific device rather than the manufacturer, until something changes. Maybe Google buying Motorola will be that change.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone will go nuts when google finally summons Motorola to build the next Nexus…it’s bound to happen

  • Anonymous

    Can you do a poll that divides this up? like fav hardware/software/updates/design/build quality? I am sure many people would be interested.


      long time no see… sticking with the tb? or did u get a nexus?

      • Anonymous

        Nexus or die 😀

    • That would be overkill, there would be far too many things, just picture all the crap:

      Favorite screen

      Favorite UI

      Favorite Build

      best Battery

      Best Radio

      best Call quality / reception

      Favorite overall design

      Quickest updates (would be fact, not an opinion and should not be surveyed)

      • Anonymous

        Oh. Gasp. That’s horrible. 8 questions.

        • GNEX(MOTOX)


          • Anonymous

            It’s not like it’s graded. Jeez


    Ugh, the good old days of the Htc Nexus 1. It was a great device, though some problems. I want an htc nexus….see what that would be like… 🙂


      though i have sammy’s nexus right now and an thunderbolt… 

  • Jbunch07

    If Motorola built a nexus that would be a legendary phone.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree, but I don’t think we’ll ever see a Moto Nexus, unless it was US exclusive. Moto doesn’t have a global impact quite like Samsung does. Heck, Moto doesn’t have an impact on the non-Verizon US carriers. 

  • Jdevore64

    I voted Samsung…. If I could get a stock Motorola phone I would have said Motorola……… I absolutely Hate Moto Software! Stop it Moto!

  • moto phones.. now if they only made a nexus phone…

    • Anonymous

      I would agree, but I don’t think we’ll ever see a Moto Nexus, unless it was US exclusive. Moto doesn’t have a global impact quite like Samsung does. Heck, Moto doesn’t have an impact on the non-Verizon US carriers.

  • I want to say Moto products because I love the build quality. But at the same time it doesn’t seem like their products truly stand the test of time. My wife and I both bought the OG Droid when they came out, within 9 months we had both gone through 2-4 refurbs and I have since gone to an HTC Thunderbolt (got sick of waiting for the Bionic) and to be honest I’m very happy with the T-Bolt. My wife’s OG Droid has turned into a usless PoS and on some days barely able to answer a phone call. With that said HTC has way way too much crap running and battery life is trash, I dont mind the visual aspects of Sense UI. Samsung has always had some of the best screens in recent history. How do you really choose one? Maybe if I could take bits and pieces from all three I would have a favorite but right now I cannot vote for any one company… the only thing I can say for sure is LG burned me years ago with their “Chocolate” junk… and I havent seen anything to make me thing differently about their phones now. – Sammy screen, Moto build quality (and unlocked bootloaders despite carrier wishes), Dev device stock Google experience device (IE Xoom).

  • Surprise surprise the popularity contest puts Samsung at number one. Motorola’s don’t feel cheap like samsung or HTC.. but with the beats audio they might be onto something just too bad you wouldn’t be able to listen long because the battery is so horrible. I have a Bionic and im still in love with it. I have no problems with it and it works. blur is a love/hate relationship but it’s not the worse.

  • Djlowproz

    Still on the OG Droid…2012 and beyond

  • Anonymous

    I would have to say HTC. I have owned the Incredible, Incredible 2 and now the Tbolt. Moto just plain sucks, from their stupid blur, to their locked boot loaders. Samsung was crap at first but now they are putting out some good devices never owned one so cant say for sure on them.  I have heard their touchwiz is junk but that can be replaced.

    • Dont say it as fact because in my opinion htc sucks and ive actually owned an htc and motorola and samsung device

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        htc makes some nice devices, just wish sense 3.0 would be the last of sense and maybe include sense.com on verizon? also… the battery life… but they do make great phones… 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What is Kellex’s opinion?

  • J Grekk

    Sorry About the split comment!
    Anyways, I want to get my dad a new phone, he’s holding onto a flip phone that might be 5 years old.

    I would love to get him a new smartphone, but he doesn’t need a data plan. 

    Is there a way to get a nice big touch screen phone through Verizon (his carrier) without getting the required data plan?

    If they do offer a phone without a data plan, is it a good phone?

    Or can I just buy something like an old Droid X from someone and switch his number to it?
    Will that get around the data plan if I don’t go through Verizon?

    And something as old as the Droid X is all he needs, no Rezound, Nexus, or Razr or anything that just came out.

    Thanks for the help!


      not really… even if u try to activate it through verizon’s site, it’l make you put a min $15 data plan on… so your answer is no, sadly not.  You could get him a pantech hotshot or lg curve touch but again yea those are basic but have some other features even pure basic ones don’t have. I think one has a 3.5 mm headphone jack? Otherwise yea… new flip phone? lol

    • Every smartphone requires a data plan sorry

  • Mralexdsmith

    Any of them that will actually put together a sleek, solid phone to go with android

  • Moto FTW. Screw sammy and their weak a$$ radios.

  • Ben

    I voted Moto even though I returned my Razr for a Nexus.  I wanted an unlocked bootloader and a stock google experience and unfortunately Moto just couldn’t provide that right now.

    I don’t have the extra money to throw at a new phone every 6-8 months, so the open bootloader gives me the peace of mind to know that I will be able to prop up an aging phone 2+ years into its life (As I did with my OG).

    If Moto and Samsung were both offering a “Nexus” device, I would pick the Moto.  My OG looks almost as good today as it did when I bought it, and it has never seen a protective case… I’m hoping my Nexus will hold up similarly, but I’ve already put a small nick in the plastic from a pocket-drop in the car.

  • Gino Fratto

    You starting trouble Tim-o-tato?

  • Davros

    I think Motorola builds the best hardware but I’ll take an unlocked phone over their build quality every time without any question.

  • I would love to see Moto’s hardware including camera sensors, Samsung’s screens, and Google (and ONLY Google) building the software.  Tell me we wouldn’t all go immediately buy this beast!

    • samsungs 8mp camera is better then motos. but that would be pretty nice only problem is , and this is one of the reasons why i think there will enever be a moto nexus is because google is moving forward with no buttons, so that means a bigger screen, the nexus is a big phone and if it had been made of metal or possibly even heavier plastic it would feel like a brick, so motos build quality wouldnt work too well. 

  • J Grekk

    Hey DL Community I need some some help!

  • Anonymous

    Used to be HTC, but I got so bored with them.  It feels like they’re not even trying anymore.  They just release the same phone over and over.  At least Moto and Samsung are trying new things.

  • appreciate the solid build of motorola devices, but I’m going to lean samsung just based on their willingness to cater to end users who love to customize their devices. the galaxy nexus has officially carried the torch from the OG Droid.

    • Anonymous

      Well said

  • I voted HTC even though I’ve never personally owned one. I’ve always admired their (seemingly) high craftsmanship and design choices.

  • The Nexus is a unique Samsung phone, but besides it, all of the handset makers have their pluses and minuses.  I chose no preference, only because I’ve owned a Motorola(OG), HTC(TBolt), and Samsung(GNex) and they’ve all provided their own unique experiences.

  • J Dub

    I think Samsung is the most in touch with what consumers want right now.

  • Joseph Picone

    Motorola has been garbage since the droid 2

  • Samsung released both Nexii this year, so they get the golden ribbon.  The GSII is also the best phone on the market after the Nexus.  So Samsung gets the top 2 phones of 2011, tough to argue with that.  I had an OG Droid and a DROID3 before getting the GNex.  The DROID3 had hardware keyboard issues, which sort of defeats the purpose.  It did have a better camera sensor I must confess, but the shutter lag mate it nearly obsolete.  This is probably resolved on the RAZR.  But honestly, who wants a locked and encrypted bootloader?  Maybe poor Moto will get their act together and release the next Nexus, then all will be well with the world.  

    My only wish is that they used the GS2 camera sensor in the Gnex.  Why in the world is this not the case????

  • hate to say it but iphone is looking pretty good… android devices are just getting to big ! i have a thunderbolt and i love it a lot ! but i mean i cant go any bigger than that and all my friends are getting the 4s and it just seems like a good choice right now. cant wait to see what android has to offer at ces ! otherwise im about to sell my soul to apple and become a human centipad (south park ! :D) 

    • Guest

      What does THAT have to do with THIS?

    • Anonymous

      I have had the Gnex since launch and loving it. I used my wife’s Droid Incredible last night, and it’s the same sized screen I used to have, and it was terrible. I am not having any problem with the size of this phone or its screen. The problem is going back to a tiny one

    • Anonymous

      of all the things to leave the Android platform the screen size is pushing you away?  :p lol that’s the silliest thing I’ve heard all day.

      • why have a phone that i could barley use.. i have pretty small hands.. dont get me wrong i love android but i really need to have a phone thats easy for me to use.. and i want to see some better cameras.. htc has my favorite cameras but motorola hardware is amazing. my sister had a d2 dropped it all the time and nothing happened.. my thunderbolt fell out of my pocket and it broke…

  • Kuboo99

    I picked Motorola, because their hardware and design rocks in my opinion and now the bootloader locking seems to be the carriers decision now. However, my Gnex is still pretty awesome.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ?? it’s a close race

  • Anonymous

    crazy how one phone can change everyone’s perception of samsung so quickly..
    the power of OPEN!
    moto, htc, take notice!

  • Jrm5021

    it’s gotta be motorola cause of the OG Droid until Samsung figures out some issues with the gnex.

    On a semi-related note-When actually making a call with the gnex, does anyone else have trouble hearing the other person? does volume+ fix this as well or does it simply make the rear speaker louder? 

    • Anonymous

      Call volume through the headset speaker has been fine for me. The phone is so big it is sometimes hard to line up the speaker with your ear canal, but otherwise, it’s awesome!

  • I really hope the manufacturers, especially Motorola and HTC read these comments. Nobody likes when a manufacturer bastardizes Android with locked bootloaders and UI’s.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for HTC, because unlike the others they are the only manufacturer who seems to get mostly everything right. 

    • oh yeah a 3 year old processor is getting it right, justsayin 

  • Anonymous

    It use to be htc But now its who ever makes the nexus.

  • RW-1

    Yes Moto, you should look at the posts here and do somethign not seen since before the Razr, and I mean flip phone razr – L E A R N.

    Your customers are leaving you, while it may be small in total numbers, we are the group that counts – the ones the lemmings go to to ask “What about this moto phone?”

    You lie about bootloaders, about removing blur, and of course the HW has to be top notch- becuase your SW brings it back down on par or sub par with other phones in its class.

    L E A R N – if you released another Droid – unlocked, free with a vanilla android OS, well… you won’t, according to you you can’t, and that’s why I left. As to what would happen? I don’t believe its in Jha’s mind at all how much $$$ they could make. Stupid stupid stupid.

  • This is a tough question to answer. I like Moto’s build quality but I love how my Galaxy Nexus is unlocked.

  • Anonymous

    I answered based on how the question was worded–“who is your favorite manufacturer”. I prefer HTC in that respect over any of the others. If the question were “who is the manufacturer of your favorite Android phone” then my answer would be different, as I <3 my G-Nex.

  • LazyLlama

    What I really want is a phone built by Motorola, with Samsung’s screen and stock Android.

    • Peter Kelly

      That’s a phone I’d buy next year with my wife’s upgrade.
      Shoot, even Moto build and stock Android.  A year from now, screens will all be excellent.  

      • Anonymous

        Screen technology is the place that really needs advancement. Quad core processors that use less power are great, but the thing that uses the most battery by far is still the screen.

    • don’t forget to LOSE Moto’s bootloader policy!

      • Anonymous

        Im sitting here typing this on my unlocked Motorola Xoom….and I look over at my unlocked Motorola Atrix…..dont you mean VERIZON’s bootloader policy? Verizon strongarmed Moto to do that. 

        • angermeans

          then why are sprints bootloaders encrypted and you said it before i could the xoom is still a great buy as its vanilla and will get ics sooner than later

  • It used to be Motorola (Original Droid) but now its Samsung (Galaxy Nexus) because I like my Ice Cream Sandwich Vanilla flavor =D


  • Anonymous

    HTC is complete crap to me and sense is pure bloatware garbage, Motorola’s hardware is excellent and blur has improved but I still freaking hate it with a passion and those locked bootloaders are a bitch, Samsung’s hardware is okay but their phones always look sexy and their screens are beautiful, touchwiz has actually become the least bloated skin, the one on the GSII is pretty light and adds some nice features but I still hate all skins.

    I have a Gnex and I love it so Samsung is definitely my favorite manufacturer!

  • Nex

    I prefer Moto’s hardware, but hate their bootloader policy.  HTC lost me with thunderbolt, so i gotta go with Samsung after release of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus.  When Samsung sent CyanogenMod team Galaxy S2, that sealed the deal for me.

  • Gunther

    This is a hard question. I mean, I love Motorola’s sturdy build quality, which makes my phone feel like it is indestructible, but I hate their software customizations like Blur, which cause nothing but headaches for owners. Their design has also improved. I love the feel, and quality of the Droid Razr, I just wish it was a stock Android phone without a locked bootloader.

    I like Samsung’s products, and although they may be durable, the plastic makes them feel cheap. Besides, their design is too close to the iPhone for my liking. I mean, if I wanted an iPhone, I would have gotten one. That said, their screens are gorgeous.

    HTC, well, also plasticky and cheap, and battery life usually sucks on all HTC devices. I guess my least favorite is HTC, and favorite is Motorola. I know, I know…I don’t quite believe it myself.

    • Anonymous

      How are samsung phones like iphones? Last time I checked iphones are glass on front and back and metal on the sides with meta buttons and switches making it feel like a really high quality phone…..I wish holding a samsung phone was more like that.
      And HTC phones seem pretty heavy duty. I will agree that moto phones are very durable tho too.

  • I currently have only owned Android Devices by HTC.. but my vote still went to Samsung for a number of reasons (Screen/Cameras/Design/etc.) Looking forward to upgrading from the Evo to a Samsung offering.

  • Mmoreimi

    Samsung? Really?
    HTC makes much higher quality hardware
    HTC has the best skin…if you’re gonna have a skin, sense is the way to go.

    • ChuckyCheese

      If you think HTC makes a better quality product, then you haven’t owned a Motorola device. The build quality is amazing. Too bad they kill it with their software implementation.

      • Anonymous

        Our family has owned 5 Android devices, and I’ve used all of them extensively: HTC DInc, DInc 2, Moto D2G, Moto D3, and now Samsung G-Nex. I obviously like the G-Nex over all of them, but I far prefer HTC to Moto in every respect. I’ve had time with a Bionic and a Razr, and simply prefer HTC over Moto every time. There are clearly many others who feel the same way I do–it’s just personal preference.

        • Jordan

          Many others who feel the same??

          I doubt that as The New Razr is an all around beast of a phone.. Only this to dislike is VZW Locking the bootloader. Shame.

          • I agree with OP, i had a razr for about a month and disliked it. It was too thin in my hand, too wide, the screen had a green hue, ran EXTREMELY hot, and got abysmal battery life.

            Build quality was excellent, but i have a feeling that if the phone were just a bit thicker moto wouldnt have to make all the sacrifices which lead to the problems i had with it.

            Different strokes for different folks i guess!

          • Anonymous

            Yes many others. At least 1 in 6 of the people who responded to this poll favor HTC over Moto, probably more. That’s many.

    • Anonymous

      Dude are you kidding me?  Sense is god awful, it is just one gigantic piece of bloatware.  It has so many background processing running constantly that using a task killer actually DOES give it better battery life.  Plus it looks super corny.  Sorry don’t be mad bro

      • Anonymous

        Obviously he’s not kidding, dude….It works for him, not for u…..Diff strokes, Diff folks and all that, its the beauty of Android. Nice to know your so open-minded & respectful of other peoples opinions though, smh……

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Samsung makes the best looking devices. They might not always have top of the line hardware but it works. Touchwiz is my favorite manufacturer bloat. All though i prefer none. Hence why i own a Galaxy Nexus. Motorolla is a very close second. Think they need to work on their sex appeal though.

  • You shall be crucified if you choose LG lol 

  • Moto is still the best. i have a GNex, but the fact that its from Sammy had little to no bearing on that decision.i would have gotten it even if it was made by HTC, and i can stand HTCs designs or Sense. I would much rather have a Moto Nexus. The metal they use always makes their phone feel nice and sturdy

  • I love Moto hardware but can’t in good conscience vote for them.  There’s NOTHING to love about what they do on the software side of the phone.  

    • Anonymous

      Being the vets in this Motorola has the best radios out of ANYONE bar none..call quality is always excellent on moto phones…that’s the only thing that stops me from getting anything samsung after buying the Nexus S 4G

  • Would be moto if it weren’t for the locked bootloaders, the hardware is solid and they still sort of make keyboard phones.

    • Anonymous

      Actually Moto DOES have unencrypted bootloaders, it’s the carrier that’s forcing them to encrypt it

      • Anonymous

        They have to lock it, I doubt they have to encrypt it. It’s probably something along the lines of “do your best to make sure it’s not unlockable” and they went with encrpytion.

      • Peter Kelly

        I have no insight to MOT-VZW lawyering, but I would guess that the whole bootloader issue can be summarized in 

        Moto:  We told the world we’d unlock the bootloader, based on the carrier.  Can we unlock our bootloaders here?
        VZW:  Uhm.  I don’t think so.
        Moto:  Okay.  We tried.  I saw what you did with the Google Wallet thing.  Everyone bought it.  It was security.  
        VZW:  Uhm.  Don’t unlock.  And shut up.

        • QtDL

          And then Google gave GWallet to everyone. 🙂 So Moto should just give instructions on unlocking the bootloader right? 😉 I’m assuming it takes a little more programming finesse than ‘reload bootloader-oem unlock’ in a simple command prompt. There has to be some hacker willing to take the challenge right?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Moto has great radios within their phones with great hardware. The locked down bootloaders leave a horrible taste in my mouth. I think I’ll be saying hello-no-Moto on my next purchase.

  • Anonymous

    Moto makes too many phones too often and always seems to leave an important piece out plus the UI skin is meh and they need to unlock their bootloaders, Samsung needs to build better hardware and their UI skin is awful, HTC needs a design overhaul. All others aren’t important enough.

    Choose your poison – I’m not in love with any of them.

    • Edwin M

      So do you own an i*hone? Asking honestly because if you’re not in love with any of them, then you must own something else. I love my Rezound, not so much the bloatware but I’m waiting for a permanent root.

      • Anonymous

        I own a GNex. I like it a ton but not IN LOVE. It has issues like anything else.

        • Edwin M

          Fair enough.

          • Anonymous

            I can hold any new Motorola in my hand and fall in love. Then I turn it on and it’s a different story.

            I wanted the Razr but don’t want to wait for an official OS update and didn’t love the screen or non-removable battery.

            The GNex has a great design, solid build (even for plastic) but appears that it does indeed have a weaker radio – which I can lve with as long as I get a connection. Lesser of the evils. Plus I’m already writing apps for work on 4.0 with the GNex, it’s the best dev device I can get.

          • Edwin M

            Cool. I had the RAZR too and liked it a lot. I didn’t like the battery life and the non-removable battery either. I ended up liking the Rezound more. I agree that no phone will be perfect and there will always be something we wish we could do with the phone that can’t be done yet. Obviously if your writing apps, you would definitely go with the GNex.

          • Anonymous

            Honestly either the Rezound or Razr would be fine for writing apps – in fact, my boss kept pushing the Razr on me. 

            But since the GNex is so damn easy to unlock and root, with a stock OS, with a gorgeous screen, those three factors heavily outweighed the weaker radio and plastic form factor. 

        • Peter Kelly

          Whoops!   The honesty meter went off.
          Stick a few Moto radios in the G-Nex, and it might be perfect.  Stick an unlocked bootloader and ICS in the RAZR, and it might be perfect.
          Best guess, neither is perfect.  Even if you did….

          At least neither is an Apple product.

          • Anonymous

            “At least neither is an Apple product.”

            That, my friend, is something we can ALL agree on.

  • Anonymous

    Manufacturers will drop skins if people don’t buy them. The success of the Galaxy Nexus is a positive step for the community.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with what you said but disagree that the GNex will have an impact outside the dev and tweaker communities

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t say that it will change things, but it is a start. If the only devices that sell in huge numbers are plain ol’ Android then things will change. It likely won’t happen, but this is a good first step.

  • Justin Ellis

    I pick Samsung due to the screens, and nice design. 

  • Blood

    Why is Sony Ericcson 0%? They have the fastest updates out of all these manufacturers. They were going to build the nexus s but then samsung stepped in.

  • Taylor Steele

    Samsung, hands down. Granted their build quality isn’t quite like Motorola’s, but their screens are just pure eye candy. That, and they don’t lock their bootloaders.

  • Samsung – but not because of the Nexus. Samsung because of their brilliant PR move to give a couple of dev phones to CyanogenMod developers. That (and their brilliant TVs) were what made me want a Samsung phone. Luckily the Nexus came out, or I would have caved and bought an HTC (but never again a Motorola – they pissed me off too many times tweeting hate at phone hackers).

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU!  Finally someone who acknowledged that massive gesture towards the dev community…even if you don’t particularly like CM, it’s arguably the most recognized ROM, and I give Samsung MASSIVE credit for being the only major manufacturer to work with the dev community instead of against it.

  • Kuboo99

    0 percent for LG. Hm.

    • John

      hah…not surprised about that

    • Anonymous

      Based off the Nitro HD and the rumored Spectrum, I expect LG to make some waves early next year. Where Samsung was the HTC of 2011, I can easily see LG becoming the Samsung of 2012.

  • Even though I have a Galaxy Nexus, Motorola’s phones have always had better build quality…

    • Anonymous

      I can’t like this comment enough. 

    • Gino Fratto

      Use the Nexus every day and tell me that amazing screen doesn’t make up for it not being a tank… If you are worried about breaking it, get a case 😉

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I like both Samsung’s AND Motorola’s phones(was using a Droid X, and now a Galaxy Nexus).

      • I like Both Also!!!

      • Calculatorwatch

        My first phone was a Moto flip phone, then I had a cool Samsung flip phone, then the OG Droid and now I’m getting the GNex. Hopefully in 2 years Motorola will make a sweet ass vanilla android phone and my trend will continue.

    • EC8CH

      *pple’s most afraid of Sammy though… for good reason.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Vio

      I wouldn’t have a Samsung phone if it weren’t a Nexus.

      • Abu_Noah

        I agree with you. Samsung phones in general are cheap feeling and that Touchwiz looks like it’s made for girls. Nothing wrong with that if you’re a girl.

      • angermeans

        I second that, and I wont ever buy a samsung device unless it is a Nexus device or at least vanilla Android. TouchWiz is by far the worst skin on all of them in my opinion and it looks aweful

        • Anonymous

          Vanilla all day everyday for me, but i gotta be honest & say that the newest version of TWiz on the SGS2 & the gTABs is pretty slick & i would take it over any of the other skins if i had to choose. The older versions are unusable & a disgrace to Android, but they really stepped it up with the latest version.

    • Anonymous

      I had the Droid 2 four times over, and every one of them had keyboard failure. Miss me with the Motorola hardware quality talk.

      I’m happy with  my Galaxy Nexus.

      • Les

        I’ve had the D2G for a little over a year now. The keyboard and everything else works as well as when I first bought it.

        • Lucas

          Same here with my Droid 2. Also the same with my old Droid 1 I gave to my brother which he is currently using. Hardware wise, the Droid 1 is working the same as always.

          • OBrian

            It’s user damage no matter what the person says. I’m sure these people would have similar experiences with any other phone manufacturer with anything less than MIL-STD  build.

          • Anonymous

            Operator head-space and timing as always 😉

      • Anonymous

        Along a similar line… I had two OG Droids and a Droid X, and all three had the headphone jacks fail. I was never overly rough with my phone, but after the first one, I was extra careful to not torque whatever was plugged into it. Apart from the jack, Moto has really solid construction imo.

      • Anonymous

        My OG was replaced 2x – 1st time the power button sunk in on itself, 2nd time the headphone jack died.

        I agree that they can take a beating but I think the whole “Moto Build Quality” tagline is a bit overrated. 

        • Anonymous

          Same thing happened on my OG but in reverse order. However, I was hell on my 2nd OG.

      • angermeans

        I get at least 6 calls a day with people that have the Droid2, X, and X2 for that same problem. It is beyond me that they let this go through testing and even worse that it isnt fixed. 

    • Ive been a moto fan since my second phone ever. The build quality was amazing. The reception on the external antenna was better than anyone else. And we all know the build quality with the DROID. I trust them. I wasn’t against getting the Nexus cause it was Samsung, but i wish it was Moto.

      • angermeans

        If Moto would just dump that awful Blur I would be right there with you, but I can care less about their build quality if the software drags the entire experience down. Blue and Touchwiz are unusable.

        • djembeman

          Once I got used to Blur on my Bionic, it’s just fine! I don’t think all the Blur hate is at all warranted. I just had to get used to the different icons, like text messaging and browser.

          • I like blur kind of too, its the bootloader that gets me.

    • Anonymous

      Had a razr returned it for ics not a nexus. To be honest as soon as the razr gets ics ( and the recovery files) I will be selling my nexus. This is big bulky does not have nearly as good reception and the battery sucks! I am being honest here and the fade action that is in the screen makes t look bad, and that’s the whole bottom of the screen until the soft keys. The razr camera was much better as well sharper pictures as well as better indoor low light shots.

      • angermeans

        Your calling the Nexus big and bulky compared to the Razr? Yes it is thin, but that is where it ends. The bezel is way too big and at least you can swap out the battery on the Nexus. Locked bootloader, horrible screen, and the worst of all it runs blur. The Nexus is by far a much better phone than the Razr

        • Anonymous

          To get the same battery life out of my nexus I am going to have to buy a extended battery and that’s going to make it even bigger like putting 2 razr’s together. Don’t get me wrong the nexus is cool with Ics and soft keys but the razr was much more polished took much better pictures, and the horrible blur… come on this is not even blur its a great buch of apps that are actually useful, like wifi PC sync, and wifi printing. Not that those kinda apps can’t be downloaded from the market but being built in is very nice, and the “blur” launcher is much nicer than a stock launcher. As for the screen I notice the bad white on the nexus screen much more than the “pixelated” razr notification bar. And as for your comments they are comming from some one who has never actually used a razr, so sad how people are so quick to judge, just because its the ALMIGHT NEXUS doesn’t make it automatically the best phone out there. And as I have said previously as soon as the razr gets ics I will be selling this brick.

          • Anonymous

            I had a Razr before the Nexus came out, and found the battery life to be abysmal and also had horrible dropped data coverage issues.  I wasn’t eligible for the holiday return policy since I got it the day it came out, so I had to return it within 14 days and use an old flip phone for a month until the Nexus came out.

            I was kind of disappointed since I loved the Razr from a hardware perspective, and coming off an OG Droid, I thought the screen was great and did not mind that version of Blur.  But the battery life (and inability to swap out with a charged spare battery) was a deal breaker for me.  What was I going to do in 10 months when the battery life deterioted even further and I still couldn’t swap out?  Maybe I got a lemon, but at that point I decided I would return it and try out the Nexus and compare it from there.

            The Nexus has been great for me so far.

      • umm, razr is hella wide and has a huge bezel. i don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Anonymous

          Lol u must have little bk burger hands the nexus and the razr are both 2.7 wide haha and the bezel that’s the lte radio the nexus had one as well, GSM still does, but now it has lte and an extended battery and its now a rectangle.

    • wow, samsung’s build quality isn’t as bad as people say. after all, i prefer light phones. i would take a Samsung over any moto any day… moto’s design is just not pretty at all. did you see the bezel on the razr~??? geez. so many haters here.

  • Anonymous

    Favorite, Moto. 

  • Anonymous

    I would pick Motorola for hardware, but the bootloaders kill me.
    I would pick HTC, but theu have their own bootloader issues and I hate Sense.
    So, honestly, I have to pick Samsung. Good hardware, unlocked phones, and a great relationship with the Android dev world.

  • What a difference a year makes – last year HTC would have been on top and Samsung would have been on bottom.

    • John

      what a difference releasing a nexus device makes*

      • Anonymous

        What a difference releasing the Galaxy SII makes*

        The Nexus S wasn’t held in as high esteem as the Nexus One. The SGS2 was the most monumental success of Android phones and the Galaxy Nexus rode out that wave. The SGS3 will be the phone to beat next year.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, most of the kudos should go to the GS2

          • lodidarkening

            Couldn’t agree more.  I rock the Galaxy SII on AT&T, it’s running CM7 and could not be more of a beast!

          • Anonymous

            yeah, except for Touchwiz. Yikes. 

        • Anonymous

          I think the thing that has sold most Nexus devices is the fact that people are getting sick of manufacturer skins and the bugs that come with them. That’s not to say the Nexus devices are completely bugless, but they’re pretty close and updates roll out quickly.

          A friend of mine just bought the Nexus, solely because it doesn’t have manufacturer bloat and it’s directly updated from Google. Being a developer phone had nothing to do with it. He just doesn’t want to deal with the buggy crap and slow skins anymore.

      • TWO nexus devices

  • Should have a “Who is your least favorite” poll as well. I vote Moto after all the crap they’ve given me and literally everyone I know.

  • Anonymous

    Google, when they finally ger their act together and figure out the right way to sell phones.

  • Michael Forte

    I love Motorola hardware but just wish they’d stop locking bootloaders. Imagine if the the RAZR were unlocked, the dev community would probably be crazy for that phone.

    • QtDL

      About the bootloader issue, isn’t VZW that wants them locked? I thought Moto was all for unlocked bootloaders. Are they unlocked on other carriers besides VZW?

      • Michael Forte

        Motorola has said they’d unlock bootloaders if the carrier would allow it, which we know Verizon wouldn’t. What I don’t get is why every Samsung phone on Verizon can be unlocked but Motorola and HTC have to lock their phones.

        • RW-1

          Because they are lying – no one forced them to lock them down, they did it because they invested in their own crap skins, and don’t want you playing with it – taking it off.

          Simple fact here – if an unlocked moto phone was such a threat to VZ, would not ANY phone in the same class range running android? Point, set, match.

          • Boblank84

            Yeah…that “if the carrier permits” is bs.  If VZW was so adamant about there phones being locked, they wouldn’t allow a nexus device on their network.

          • QtDL

            Well didn’t the Nexus technically have a locked bootloader? It was just an easily unlockable one. I was told by the resident Android nerd at my local corp store that the bootloader was supposed to be unlocked out of the box, but something in update 4.0.2 locked it – not too sure how true all this is – but it does sound like VZW style to push back a phone launch by a week to wait for an update like that.

          • EC8CH

            Yes the Nexus ships with a locked bootloader.
            No it was not supposed to ship unlocked.
            No 4.0.2 did not lock it.

  • Anonymous

    MOTO is the BEST…

  • HTC is still my favorite. I really hope they come out with a stock ICS device. 

  • That picture… GEEZUS.

    Either way… I pick Samsung just for their displays.