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Samsung Revisiting Idea of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab


You can imagine that there were some unhappy people after hearing that Samsung was planning to leave out the original Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab lines from its Ice Cream Sandwich update plans. Apparently there were enough that Sammie is now revisiting the idea to see if they can somehow make it happen. This is good news for the millions of folks that bought Galaxy S phones across the globe, but we’ll have to recommend that you not hold your breath, hold on for dear life, or cross any appendages as it could be a while. With TouchWiz reportedly the blame for the initial “No,” and also knowing that Gingerbread took almost a full year to rollout, it could be a while.

Via:  The Verge

  • It’d be nice but I doubt it will happen. 

  • mguests

    I wonder if the Galaxy Nexus will recieve the official update to 4.0… I hope so…

    Haha just kidding

  • Anonymous

    Not to bash on your statement but isn’t that not the case anymore?
    Correct me if I’m wrong but the original iPhone and 3G models not
    receiving updates anymore. Is that the case? I haven’t followed iOS
    since I gave up my 3GS 2 years ago…

  • Anonymous

    Not to bash on your statement but isn’t that not the case anymore? Correct me if I’m wrong but the original iPhone and 3G models not receiving updates anymore. Is that the case? I haven’t followed iOS since I gave up my 3GS 2 years ago…

    • Rsims26

      The iPhone 3GS was allowed to take the iOS5 update.  Although I’m not an Apple fan, I do feel the way they continue updating older models should be mirrored by Android phone manufactures.  The Charge has been out all of 7 months and already has been shelved by Verizon and Samsung.  The iPhone 3GS has been out for over 3 years and still receives updates.  

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Sammy tossed that out there in hopes that people will eventually forget about these devices and probably have new phones/tabs by then…

  • Antonio German

    iOS updates go out to all devices and Android has a wait and see approach. Granted, the Android OS is more fragmented by hardware and manufacturer but I think this will always limit Android’s success and acceptance. It is the most common mobile device OS out there but they may be asking for long term trouble. Any thoughts? BTW, I’m typing this on my second Android phone. I’m a fan.

    • PC_Tool

      Most folks couldn’t care less about version numbers…and the fragmentation is a lement by folks who’ve no idea what they are talking about or the few devs who’ve chosen to go NDK as opposed to SDK and have hit chipset issues.  It remains a non-issue for the vast majority of users and devs.

      oh, and if you’re going to go ahead with the “fragmentation” argument, you might as well add the 3G, Siri/4s to the list of fragmented devices. 😉 …just sayin’

    • The original iPhone as far as I know didn’t get iOS5 if I’m not mistaken. And the 3GS is missing certain features from iOS5. At least the manufacturers aren’t shaving down the OS and giving people a limited experience compared to the full. I would much rather a Manufacturer be up front and say “Hey this device simply can’t run the OS because of this reason.” then pull the “Here’s the OS without half of the new features!”.

      Now I do believe though, this issue mainly happens because of the custom UI’s. If manufacturers took the approach of “Ok our Custom UI, uses up x amount of memory, we need to build around this to ensure this phone can be updated with no issues.” They then would double the amount of memory or so, so they can fit everything instead of going with bare minimum.

      Would this increase the price a bit? Yes, but it’s a trade off everyone would have to make to ensure their phones were kept up to date.

      • Anonymous

        This argument is stupid. Whonwould expect a 4 year old phone to receive a major software update? And as for the missing features, you realize the Nexus S didn’t get ICS face unlock right? I mean honestly I understand people dont like Apple but give credit where credit is due. And their updating process deserves some credit.

  • Doing this is some sort of reasonable time frame would do wonders for Samsung’s credit with its Galaxy line phones. I had a Fascinate and just got really fed up with the lack of updates from Samsung and the incompatibility with custom ROMs because of their wonky drivers/hardware.

    • PC_Tool

      How many other phones ever got updated all the way from Eclair to GB? (hint: It’s a very short list.)

      There was a vocal group that complained about “lack of updates”….but the phone made it from 2.1 to 2.3 and now possibly 4.  That’s nothing to sneeze at considering how that relates to other Android devices.

      I still have my (no longer activated) Fascinate, currently running MIUI, and my wife’s (who is still using hers) is still stock (though still on Froyo…by choice) and they both remain very functional phones.  The Nexus I now own is only just now reaching a point where I am not missing the Fascinate.

      • How did MIUI run on the Fascinate? I know it was installed similar to CM7.1 but I eventually gave up on CM because speaker phone wouldn’t work and it just wasn’t as smooth as some of the PowerWashed Touchwiz ROMs. Did MIUI have any problems?

        • PC_Tool

          I loved it. It ran beautifully. Before the ICS version started popping up, they had it running with a “Glitch” kernel and the thing flew. It was fast, stable, and *beautiful*.

          In fact, I miss it. They’re putting the ICS MIUI out now…which pales in comparison at this point (half the features I loved from MIUI are missing still…). ***To MIUI fans…I know it’s still early in the dev cycle. I miss certain features, deal with it.

          Wish I could put the GB MIUI on my G’Nex…or even my Spectrum. It’d be *real* nice on either of them.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for 12/27/2012 when the article title reads “Samsung Revisiting Idea of (insert new os name) for the Galaxy Nexus” and I’ll be looking at my currently new phone with spite and angry faces.

    • Updates come from Google not Samsung. So that wouldn’t happen.

  • Here’s an equation on how they can make the roll out go faster:

    ICS AOSP + Hardware Drivers – TouchWiz = Faster Updates

    • EC8CH


      start the scrapping of touchwiz with these updates.  Just push stock ICS in all it’s awesomeness to these devices.


    • PC_Tool

      …some folks buy Samsung smartphones *for* TouchWiz.

      Yeah, I know…

      Hard to believe, right?  …but it’s true.  🙂

      • EC8CH

        I have no problem believing that considering how many people buy i*hones

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  • victor manso

    Samsung need start thinking about put ICS on DROID Charge 

  • El El Kool J

    Anyone know the app to record what your doing on your screen?

  • Anonymous


  • Alexa White

    I wouldn’t mind ICS on my Tab, but I wasn’t expecting to get it anyway.  I didn’t think the hardware would be up to the task.

  • ICS has already been ported to the Fascinate

    It is stock ICS not TouchWiz. Very cool. However, I have already moved on from my Fascinate to the Galaxy Nexus.

  • MastaMp3

    The vibrant still hasnt got official gb lol

  • Michael Forte

    As long as it took them to get Gingerbread to the US versions I’d say it isn’t going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help it, I’m excited at the prospect of ICS on my Tab. (more likely to be visiting XDA frequently though) 

  • Anonymous

    Same thing happened with the HTC Desire I think but with GB. The ended up doing a “lite” version of sense. If only all the SGS owners would be so lucky.

    • PC_Tool

      Meh…  I actually *like* TouchWiz 4.0.  if 5.0 is just a lighter version of that, I’d be happy.