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Samsung: Galaxy S Series and Original Galaxy Tab Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Come on folks, you didn’t actually believe the original Galaxy S series would see Ice Cream Sandwich, did you? Whenever you put “update” and “Samsung” in the same sentence, you should know how that situation is about to go down. While I’m a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus and the newest versions of the Galaxy Tab series, the original Galaxy S line of phones took how long to see Gingerbread? The Fascinate just received Android 2.3 on December 1…as in 3 weeks ago. The original Galaxy Tab was about a month sooner than that, but with single-core processors, TouchWiz, and a focus on the future from Sammie, you should have expected this news. Not that that makes it good or “OK” news, but just that the world’s jaw would have dropped if they had announced that they would receive ICS.

Don’t worry though, if the original DROID can see an Android 4.0 port, I’m sure these phones and tablets will as well. Go developers, go!

Via:  SammyHub, Samsung Tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone 3GS, older than the Droid, is still largely supported by iOS 5. iPhone users upgrade, I’m assuming, because they love the experience and support (Apple claiming Siri needs dual-cores, however, is similar to the underhanded tactics Android manufacturers use, but that’s besides the point). Conversely, Samsung, by unnecessarily discontinuing updates to the Galaxy S, are fostering a bad user experience in an attempt to force the user to upgrade. Space limitations for TouchWiz my ass. (Note that the Nexus S, with almost identical internals runs ICS just swell.) It’s pretty clear which method is superior for consumer loyalty. (And I have an OG Droid and a GNex, so don’t call me an Apple fanboy.)

  • Derek Ross

    I’m really hoping Samsung does the right thing and pushes out an official ICS build to the Verizon 10.1 I own.  There is no reason it won’t support it spec-wise, unfortunately Samsung is so slow to update things (even on the vanilla build the 4G 10.1 currently has) that I fear it will either never come or come so late it hardly matters.  I knew this going in (regarding Samsung’s timeliness of updates, coming from an OG Droid), but still…

  • ivo passos

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  • Anonymous

    The Nexus S is getting ICS.  Isn’t the hardware the exact same with that and the Galaxy S?

  • i gave up on gingerbread a long time ago lol 

  • Evanwalden95

    Will the Droid charge get ics

  • WhatsUp

    My samsung captivate is running ICS like a champ. 

  • has it been 18 months already….? arent they supposed to support updates for 18 months from release? the galaxy s phones are barely a year old and some newer than that ie the stratosphere. thats just plain dumb. google should smack samsung and stop giving them nexus devices, they cant even keep up with there other phones.

  • My Galaxy tab is great for entertaining the kids and watching Netflix. I much rather have them play on that then my XOOM. 

    I’m surprised it even got Gingerbread. Samsung loves to ditch their devices as fast as they make them. It’s my reminder as to why I shouldn’t buy Samsung devices 

  • Tony Allen

    If some devs get a good build of ICS on the original Galaxy Tab, I’d more than happily buy a few and flash for my family members.

  • What about the Charge???

    • Anonymous

      imnuts is working on it right now and talking with jt about how it’s going on the Fascinate.

      Between the RIL for the Galaxy Nexus hopefully being compatible and the general hardware being similar to the Fascinate this should get done.

  • Ogy Ego

    As long as my brand new Galaxy Note gets some ICS treat I will be happy. By the way, I am not quite sure why there is no more talk about Galaxy Note!? It is by far most amazing mobile device currently on the market (subjective opinion – of course:)

    • Anonymous

      I think they have already said the Note most likely wont either.  Trying to find the article where i read that so don’t put stock in it yet.

      • Ogy Ego

        I hope you are wrong! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        They said the opposite. The Note is on of the list of devices that WILL get it.

        • Anonymous

          Yup, Note has been confirmed by Samsung for ICS…….when, is anybody’s guess

  • Anonymous

    Okay then Samsung, I won’t be receiving anymore of your phones in exchange for my cash.

    Oh, dang it, Nexus. Ummm, please Google choose someone else.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    bwaa ha haaa ha haha

    Hello Asus Prime.. goodbye lame tabs like this, HTC, Moto, Sony, Toshiba, etc

  • Google’s update alliance doesn’t really mean anything, then… yes, the Galaxy S/Tab came out before, but when it’s clear that you’re being denied an update for reasons largely unrelated to hardware, it’s a bit hollow.

    At this point, it’s still pretty clear: if you want the same kind of fast updating and feature boosts that iPhone users get but on Android, you’ve gotta have a Nexus phone.

  • Anonymous

    Per Google, any phone that can run GB can run ICS. Up yours, Sammy.

  • Eric

    “Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!”

  • John

    Sucks how these phone manufacturers are using a new OS to their advantage & saying that only newer phones with dual core+ can utilize their skinned ICS OS. So they’re using that excuse to push the purchase of a new phone. I know that’s business nowadays…”all about the $$$” bs… but it still sucks =/

    • No I think it’s because these single core processor cant handle it. 

      • John

        Some of the older models, yes. Nexus S seems to run ICS just fine.

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly what Samsung wants you to believe. The Nexus S, being a Google Nexus phone, runs ICE perfectly fine, and the Galaxy S series uses a _very_ similar CPU and GPU.

        • Fulaman

          They don’t use a very similar CPU and GPU, they use the SAME CPU and GPU.

          • Anonymous

            I misspoke, I was aware that they used the same GPU, however, after another google search, I found that I was not aware that the Exynos on the Nexus S was a rebrand of the Galaxy’s Hummingbird.

      • Fulaman

        Wrong Answer, the Nexus S and Galaxy S are the same internally.

  • Anonymous

    The Nexus S was the secind phone to receive ice cream sandwgich. It cintains the same internals as the galaxy s line and was actually based off of the galaxy s. Samsung, you just suck. Tgere is no reason why cant update your phones when Google did in about a week…

  • Anonymous

    Is it because of Christmas that Tech sites (including Droid Life) have no news today? sorry work its boring today….

    Merry Christmas Droid Lifers!!!! 🙂

  • As a past Fascinate owner, I’m still very hesitant to buy a Samsung device that is not a Nexus. They really screwed their customers with regards to Android updates on their first flagship line of phones (this was the carriers’ faults too but that doesn’t free Samsung from the blame).

    The next problem was that the US Galaxy S phones were all different, bloated, and must have used some crazy non-standard hardware. HTC phones, even after being abandoned by HTC or the carrier as end-of-life had almost no problems getting custom ROMs and the holiest of the holy, CyanogenMod. With the Galaxy S line, the GSM versions were first (and I believe support was officially dropped from the T-Mo version for being just absolutely retarded with how it handled emergency calls). The Fascinate officially got supported in CM7.1 but there are a number of features that still don’t work (speaker phone, in call volume must always be adjusted at the start of a call, constant data dropouts, etc.). The Epic I believe has an alpha build at best from CM and will likely never be supported.

    Now I don’t expect developers to put forth a ton of attention on the less popular phones and we’ve seen a glut of models making it much harder to get a popular and highly developed for model like in the days of the OG Droid (this saturation is another discussion entirely), but somehow HTC has managed to make a line of phones for all carriers on similar enough and not wonky hardware as to be easy to support. Why wasn’t Samsung, a company that essentially owns South Korea, able to do the same?

    tl;dr No I never expected my Facinate to get ICS (I had custom ROMs for GB so I stopped paying attention to it’s updates thinking they’d never come … if only I waited over a year!), but Samsung should also not expect continued business from power users who want updates with the stuff they’ve done in the past.

    I’ve heard they did the S II series differently and even worked with the CM team (or game them free phones) to correct this. I don’t know anything other than I heard that through the grape vine at one point.

    • 0silentmage0

      I’ve got a fascinate and there is a very nice ICS build from JT1134 out, and teamhacksung is now working with him on another. I’ve been using the alphalulz ROM since the end of november and I love it.

  • wow, to be stuck with a TW-free Bingless ROM sounds just horrible lol

  • Michael Forte

    Well that’s odd, since the Nexus S IS essentially a Galaxy S phone, just stock instead of Touchwiz. I’m not surprised though.

    • T4rd

      I came in to say this.  The only exceptions is the Fascinate variant of the Galaxy S which only has 384 MBs RAM for some reason, so I can understand not bringing ICS to that.  The rest of them though (Captivate, Vibrant, Galaxy S 4G), there should be no reason as to why they couldn’t support it.  But given Samsung’s support track record for these phones so far, I’m not surprised either.  They just don’t want to put forth the effort.

      • Tony Allen

        Funny enough, the dev build of ICS for the Fascinate runs great. It’s just TouchWiz, not the hardware limitations. ICS would run just fine on the GS phones. So ultimately this is Samsung’s fault, for filling their devices with TouchWiz and making it impossible to update to ICS because of the additional bloat of their crapware.

      • Fulaman

        This is actually incorrect, the Fascinate like every other Galaxy S phone has 512 mb of RAM, LIKE other Galaxy S phones 128 mb of that 512 is allocated to the GPU and the other 384 is allocated to the CPU.

  • Anonymous

    no ICS on the original galaxy tab? this will piss off about 5 people in the world.

    • John


    • Anonymous

      As an OG GTab owner, I approve this comment.

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    And this is why I’m glad the GNex is a developer device, and won’t need Sammy for updates!

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy S series are already seeing ports of ICS, rootzWiki is a good place to look. TeamHacksung and CM9 early builds are already very functional