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MoreQuicklyPanel: Pull-Down Notification Toggles With No Root Required


Been jealous of all those custom ROM users that are able to choose to have system toggles in the pull-down notification bar?  Be jelly no longer.  Introducing MoreQuicklyPanel, which allows for a variety of system setting toggles to be controlled right from your notification bar including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and so much more.  You can change the color from ICS blue, Gingerbread Green, or even the white as shown above.  But, the most impressive part yet is that no root is required to run the app.

It costs a mere $1.28 in the Android Market and is surely worth the asking price.  Have fun all you non-root users!

*Note – Ice Cream Sandwich or Honeycomb only.

Market Link

Cheers Muffnman!

  • Nkeaton

    too bad they didn’t design this for gingerbread as well……

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  • Rob

    Man this thing doesn’t work on my Droid3? Ughhh

  • ppm

    Brightness control needed

  • Matt S

    Try Elixir 2, free and does this and WAAAY more.

  • Widgetsoid in the market (free) also does this, but it works on gingerbread as well. but on my DX with the ICS port, it works perfectly like this 😀 on gingerbread, when clicking a toggle it would pull up a popup with what you can enable/disable (annoying imo) but on ICS it natively works just like a CM toggle would

  • Kelly

    yours looks really close to mine 🙂


    I couldn’t get the flashlight to work though, did you?

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t. I’ve settled on the screen flashlight, which passable.

      • Kelly

        gotcha, I am using the tiny flashlight + led widget instead

        • Anonymous

          hey what is the number for the cyan color you’re using for widgetsoid to match ICS?

          • Kelly


    • jonny c

      is there a way to have the widget appear in the notification shade
      WITHOUT having to create one elsewhere on one of my homescreens?

      also, was there an update to widgetsoid that fixed the flashlight toggle? i’m late to this party, just installed widgetsoid and flashlight works fine (using flashlight v 4.4).

      • Kelly

        i still cant get the flashlight toggle to work, which method did you choose in settings?

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Returned it already. Cannot rearrange, no brightness option, and the icon is incredibly annoying

    • no brightness option?  I found it under display dude

  • Kelly

    I’ve been using Widgetsoid2.x, does this one allow the gps toggle without just opening the settings page?

    • MoreQuicklyPanel will open up the setting page for the GPS if you click that button.  That’s one of the reasons I decided to uninstall it (I didn’t make the 15 minute window for a refund 🙁  ).  On the Galaxy Nexus, Widgetsoid2.x doesn’t do this for me.

      • Kelly

        Widgetsoid2.x opens the settings panel for me
        Was just wondering if MoreQuickly would actually toggle it instead

        • Anonymous

          as i wrote above: this is a security ‘enhancement’ in gbread just like it does not let you toggle cellular data like it used to.

          • Kelly

            Gotcha thanks! Wish that was something you could toggle like unknown locations”

          • Anonymous

            yes it is a pita, especially when i know i will be in a bad data location but still want cell on for texts.

  • only problem is it moves own with your notifications

  • grrrr

    how do you get widgetsoid to work in the notification bar? i can only get it to create a widget on the homescreen

    • Anonymous

      You have to go in and edit a widget you’ve added to your homescreen. Go to the advanced tab and check the notification option. That will stick a copy of your widget into the notification pane. Keep in mind that you cannot delete the homescreen widget without losing the notification. Fortunately, you have the option of defining separate styles for notifications.

  • Cliffton Jones

    HOW ABOUT support for Froyo and Gingerbread?? I’ll include it in my rom and everyone will be happy as a “lark”

  • Anonymous


  • Davros

    I use Widgetsoid. Can pick your buttons, icons, colors of icons and off/on bars, and add apps like flashlight. and it was free.

    • Kelly

      me too, but the flashlight wouldnt work for me so I was using tiny flashlight + led – did you have any luck with the widgetsoid2.x flashlight?

      • Davros

        I use Tiny Flashlight. Pretty good especially for free.

  • Anonymous

    Can you post your theme settings?

    • Anonymous

      This app is kinda convoluted, so its hard to explain.  See my response directly above for some background info.  First check the option for “use custom style” on notifications (you only get one style for all of the notifications).  I went with the default options, plus “no indicator” and “custom color” for the icons.  I just eyed up the color and it turned out alright.

      • grrrr

        what is the color code to match ICS? i cant quite get it to match so nicely…

        • Kelly

          I used #FF32B7E8

      • grrrr

        also, is there any way to hide the little icon in notification area? i know you can make it invisible, but now it just looks like a dead space when i have other icons there (email, etc)

  • Anonymous


  • Gigabit

    has anyone noticed that there’s a verizon wireless logo on the lock screen now? I dint recall it ever being there?

  • Bionic

    Awww damn!!  ICS only?  That blows.  Oh well, i like the HD Widgets toggle switches.  

  • Gdyf

    LAME!! Quick settings has offered this for years.

  • Zebra

    Widgetsoid is free and does the same thing, and includes a lot more customization options…

    • Anonymous

      The only issue I seem to be having is the GPS toggle only opens the locations settings menu, as opposed to actually toggling the setting. 

      • Anonymous

        this is a security ‘enhancement’ in gbread just like it does not let you toggle cellular data like it used to.

    • I’m glad you posted this.  I tried it out and am now a huge fan of it!  I’ve been wanting this exact thing for a while, and it does a great job.  The only thing I still want from it, though, is the ability to switch LTE 4G on and off (there’s an experimental option to do this, but it’s grayed out for me.  I think it’s just for WiMAX 4G).

  • Jaymoneyman100

    Great idea but its not free. I just gave Verizon 300 bones for this phone so I don’t feel like paying for another app

  • Without 4G and brightness I still need widgets on my homescreen, so I might as well stay with power control and 4G RAZR toggle.

  • Anonymous

    This app is a must-have, looks good too.

  • Traviesonyc

    Is this better than toggle notification from the market?
    Toggle notification is free and does not require root by the way.

    • jbonics

      status bar settings. worked fine years ago

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Anyone know which app is better?  Wigetsoid or this one?

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  • Anonymous

    Needs brightness toggle and Im in.

  • Gottheguds112

    Is there a 4G toggle though?

    • Sean Bello

      betcha it gets added

    • Anonymous

      I askd Tasker and they claim there is no API for accessing that setting in ICS yet.  So it’s unlikely there will be a way without an API that doesn’t involve root.  Having said that if they could just put you into the dialog box choosing between cdma and cdma/lte that would be a good fix for now.

  • lol wut

    widgetoids is ugly as hell, this goes with ics much better. yummy…

  • Derp

    No brightness setting!? 

    • Steve Rajek

      Nope.  If they add brightness as well as a volume control setting button like SwitchPro has, then I might make the switch.  For now, SwitchPro is what I’ll keep using.

  • Much <3

  • FortitudineVincimus

    would it have value on a tablet?

  • Anonymous

    does it actually work or does it just create a pop up after you tap it. (widgetsoid)

  • Anonymous

    And this is why you get a Nexus.  =x  Want a mod?  Done.

  • shdowman

    So what if we don’t want to root just yet……. 😛

    • GNEX=SEX

      This app is for non rooted users.

  • tanknspank

    This is only going to be 4.0 compatible. In 4.0, you can now interact with notifications. The music app now has back, pause/play and forward. For this to work, it needs 4.0.

    • Derp

      Wait I’m confused, you’re saying this will work in 2.3?

      • Anonymous

        How the hell did you assume that from his comment lol

  • Anonymous

    You should let folks know this is for ice cream or honeycomb only.

    • tanknspank

      This. Half the comments are already about how it’s not compatible with their device. 

  • Anonymous

    Not compatible with Razr. Bummer.

  • Greg Morgan

    Not supported for Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    Widgetsoid is free and does the same thing.

    • tanknspank

      Probably not the same thing. This allows you to toggle it directly in the notification itself, like in cm7 and touchwiz.

      • Anonymous

        Yup. This does that too.

        • Anonymous

          Right. I’ve been using Widgetsoid for a long time and didn’t realize this. Thanks for the heads up

        • tanknspank

          Weird. Doesn’t work on cm7. *shrug*

          Not a big deal since I got toggles already. Just curious, are you using an oem rom that has, say, a music notification that you can pause directly in? 

          I could only get it to open the popup for me, no matter what settings I checked.

          • Anonymous

            I got the Galaxy Nexus and I don’t use the music toggles with this widget, so can’t help you there, but I know the options for them are there.

      • OBJECTION!

        I don’t know why but I just had the urge to yell that.

    • Anonymous

      Why does widgetsoid require so many permissions?

    • I just gave Widgetsoid a try quickly, it has much more customization options and more toggle options.  Thanks.  🙂

    • Jeffrey Kaplan

      Widgetsoid does not provide control via the Notification Panel in GB, it’s only able to view the status there.  Since it will open a popup panel to make changes, may as well just use a 
      Widgetsoid widget.

      • In ICS, Widgetsoid works just fine in the Notification Panel.

    • Widgetsoid doesn’t use the new ICS notifications API, the only real difference being that whenever you click on one of Widgetsoid’s toggles, the notification bar closes. Doesn’t do that here.

      • Anonymous

        It does not close the notification bar on my GN.

        • Calvin Williams


    • jbonics

      there is a better oneits called notification settings or something like that i used it 2 years ago before i was rom hungary… +1 for being 2 years late on the post. oh its free free free. oh boy……

      • jbonics

        status bar settings……. free clean works on my phone years ago that is…..

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded this a couple days ago. Me likey.

  • Michael Forte

    Of all things that ICS kanged from CM and manufacturer skins, why did they not put in notification toggles?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Such a nice feature to leave out. Considering how much work they did on everything else, they should have definitely slid something like this into the mix.

      • Bill Gates

        Sense 2.1 has quick settings in the notification bar, how would this look over that?

        • Anonymous

          HTC’s Sense notification bar has two tabs; one for notifications and the other for quick settings. When going to the quick settings tab, everything is on/off with a simple touch.

          MoreQuicklyPanel is directly on the notification bar (as seen in the picture). The biggest difference is that GPS cannot be toggled on/off (clicking on the GPS icon goes to the Location settings). I believe clicking on the Bluetooth icon does the same thing (goes to Wireless settings, or whatever it’s called in ICS).

          Since I don’t use Bluetooth and my GPS is always on, neither of these is an issue for me. The toggles look great though in the notification drop-down. Using the default ICS blue, you would seriously think that the toggles were actually built-in by the folks at Google. They definitely should have added this functionality into the build.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not a fan of how HTC does quick settings, samsung does it best.

          • Calvin Williams

            And that was one reason I loved my Charge so much. It made me hate Sense too. I loved my Touchwiz.

          • Rob Morris

            htc’s quick settings look so fugly 

    • Hope this comes in Jelly Bean!

    • Some stuff they prefer to leave to the devs.  That’s how android should be.

      • Christopher LaPointe

        No, Google should be making the best looking, most functional version of Android possible.  From there the devs can decide which parts they’d like to remove or which parts they’d like to build upon.

        It’s obvious that notification bar toggles is one of the most useful addition they could have made.