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LG Spectrum and HTC Fireball to be Verizon’s First 4G LTE Global Devices?

The LG Spectrum and HTC Fireball could be Verizon’s first set of 4G LTE global devices if this system screenshot is correct. You see that little “O” up there under Global Phone? That would be replaced with an “N” if it lacked global capabilities, so this is a good sign. So far, Big Red hasn’t produced a “global ready” LTE phone, even though the DROID RAZR has global GSM radios in it. In a market that seems to have more LTE choices than many of you know what to do with, having global roaming capabilities is certainly a way to separate yourself.

What else do we know about the Spectrum and Fireball? Well, not much when it comes to the Fireball. This phone just jumped onto our radar within the last week, and the only real thing we have to go on is the model number of ADR6410. The Thunderbolt was AD6400 and the Rezound is ADR6425, so that would lead us to believe that it will fall somewhere in between them spec-wise. Is this the true replacement for the Thunderbolt? Could the “10” in 6410 mean keyboard? Tough to tell.

The LG Spectrum on the other hand is expected to be identical to the LG Nitro HD that launched on AT&T this month. It should rock a 4.5″ HD screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, anywhere from 4GB-16GB of internal storage, and an 8MP rear camera that can shoot 1080p video. It should be Verizon’s best LG device yet.

No word on a release for either, but we do know that the Spectrum has been in the works for quite some time. The Fireball on the hand, remains a mystery.

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  • Andy

    Hmmmm.. Droid Incredible 3?

  • Woah, WTF! No IS-95 support? This just won’t do!

  • Pimpclark

    The same was said about the HTC rezound and it is not global so don’t get your hopes up but I need a global device that has LTE at home, my fingers are crossed.

  • Anonymous

    B-but…but I just got my Rezound? Wtfbbq?

  • Wonder if Fireball is the real name of the device or one of HTC’s codenames (like the Sensation’s was Pyramid etc)

    Fireball sounds fast. I think I’d buy it.

  • Anonymous

    I just bought the GNex and now there’s another cool phone coming out! I can’t take it anymore


    • You’ll be good with the GNex. I wouldn’t worry 😀

  • Anonymous

    People that bought the Bionic, Rezound, Razr or GNex. Hold onto your phones for a while. They will all last you a long time. We can’t be buying the latest models every 3 months and selling our old ones at half the price we bought them for. At some point it becomes sort of impulsive like an addiction.

  • Tony Allen
  • These should be cool

  • Johan

     If only they had a physical keyboard. Alas, I require global capabilities in a slider form factor. I have no problem leaving Motorola.

    • GlobalDan

       I’m just starting to look up how slider fans are being treated on AT&T. If it turns out positive and their phones are global by default then I’ll be an AT&T customer soon. 

      • Tim

        I’m doing the same thing!

    • Lanton

      I have no problems leaving Motorola AND Verizon for a top tier global roaming slider. I’m sure there are less road blocks to integrating LTE into AT&T’s GSM/HSPA network. Also, where I live Verizon and AT&T coverage are pretty much the same. While abroad, it won’t matter.

    • Phil

       “believe that it will fall somewhere in between them spec-wise”

      If that were true and the Fireball actually has a keyboard then it’s no different than the Droid # series. Outdated for months before it’s even released.

  • Anonymous

    what does this have to do with the G-Nex release da……

    oh wait. nevermind.

  • Nerdy Desi

    Since the Droid 4 has been delayed, I’m really holding out hope for that Fireball. If its a Rezound with a keyboard, its my dream device right now!!!