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Contest: Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra #9 – Win a Sony Tablet S (Updated: Winner Picked!)

It is now Day 9 of DL and NVIDIA’s Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra.  There are only two days left, folks.  It’s coming down to the wire to be able to snag up a Tegra 2 powered Android device.  Today we have a very popular Honeycomb tablet called the Sony Tablet S.  Want it?

Update: And the winner of the Sony Tablet S is….

1bad69z28 – I am fortunate to have a job and play Santa Claus this Christmas so I am hoping to score and witness my little girls smiles and giggles when they see their presents!!!! Ahh PRICELESS.

Congrats! And a huge thanks to everyone who entered!

The Sony Tablet S is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core processor with an exceptionally unique teardrop design.  The tablet features dual-cameras, and a beautiful 9.4″ display.  Definitely an excellent gift for anyone with a good eye for high quality.


1 (one) Sony Tablet S.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what you are hoping to score this Christmas.
2.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
3.  Tweet the following message:

Just in time for the holidays. Win a Sony Tablet S from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/cI8ar #android

4.  U.S. residents only.


At 5PM Pacific, we will randomly chose a winner from the comments. This post will be updated, comments closed, and the winner notified. Prizes will be shipped at the end of the week.

  • Stretch Armstrong!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping to score a XBox 360 or PS3. Behind the times, but kids do that to you.

  • keurig coffee maker

  • Frankly, just a nice horsehide belt.

  • Anonymous

    A sweet rc helicopter setup!

  • 84mdh5303

    I am looking to score the car dock and multimedia dock firthe GNex! I already have my GNex and that makes this the best Christmas ever!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Gaius Baltar.

  • Bam727272

    Hoping to score a galaxy nexus or this tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Im hoping to get the Nexus with great battery life.

  • New android tablet

  • I’m hoping to score a car dock for my Nexus!

  • Waiting to get a TI Nspire CX CAS calculator so I can finally speed through some differential equations in my physics classes!

  • Dapinkslip

    I am hoping the GIANTS score against the JETS this Christmas.

  • I spent all my money on the nexus. Here’s hoping I get some accessories for it as well.

  • Adrienne

    I hope to score a tablet on the cheap (or free), but might have to wait until after Christmas.

  • Last minute – hoping to score this tablet!!

  • Well I was going to get a Droid4 from my son but well we know that went down the tubes so now I am hoping to score a new tablet that would be fabulously awesome!!! I would never be able to buy one myself so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous


  • Rational Man

    I’m hoping to score a Sony Tablet S or an Asus Transformer Prime.

  • GNexisexy

    I am hoping to score a job promotion next year.

  • Im not too picky just want some cool gadgets.

  • HRLady

    I am hoping to score a miracle diet after the holidays!

  • TheAndroid1

    I’m hoping to score some accessories for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Artsantos24

    I am looking forward to getting anything at all, particularly from my kids, for Christmas. Im not picky. I treated myself to the one thing I really wanted this year…… my Nexus. 🙂 But a tablet WOULD be very cool.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping to get a Transformer tablet from the wifey. Hopefully she can make it happen. She always takes good care of me so even if I don’t get it I’ll be happy I’m sure.

  • a big bag of cash to buy a galaxy nexus and a new car 

  • Jonathan Boileau

    Im hoping to get tons of camping and fishing gear so I can take my son out on the weekends.

  • Hoping for the Transformer Prime of course 🙂

  • I was hoping to score an Android tablet for Christmas…

  • Adryan Maldonado

    Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, if I could score anything on the 25th I would totally want a Galaxy nexus.

  • Rock826

    something special

  • Some quality time with the family, the only time of year we are all in the same house! 

  • A new tablet maybe?

  • Anonymous

    Hoping to score some Tegra activated Android sweetness!

  • BbyDol

    Being able to make it downstairs to see my kids open their presents.  I just had abdominal surgery this morning and I AM SORE.  Steps to the family room are gonna kill me but I want to see the kids faces!

  • MITBeta

    Hoping to score a free tablet in an online contest.  Or hoping my Galaxy Nexus ships before New Years…

  • Michael

    Hoping to score a Galaxy nexus. Or possibly this tablet