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Wednesday Poll: Favorite Feature of Your Galaxy Nexus?

You are almost a week deep into your Galaxy Nexus and we want to know if anything in particular is “wowing” you. If you could pick your favorite feature so far, what would it be? Is there something that keeps you constantly grabbing for your phone? Is it the crazy fast shutter speed in the camera? The beautiful 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED display? The nature-inspired design? Beaming with friends? It’s 3-pin docking connector (right)? An easily unlocked bootloader that opens up unlimited possibilities? Or is it Ice Cream Sandwich as a whole?

  • Datascoop on Twitter

    I love the ICS 4.0 update, the feel of the phone in mypalms and the 4.65 inch Super AMOLED screen!!

  • hi i dont know if anyone is posting here anymore but i know i got somwhere on my phone where i could input info about mu self such as area code, first name, last name. and it would auto fill them for me later, but i cant find this place again, please help, its driving me crazy :/

  • stock android with immediate updates

  • Its ability to take over all of droid-life, and leave behind no stories that are not about the Gnex. 

    Seriously though, can we have news that doesn’t involve the Galaxy Nexus??

  • none

    the battery life on this thing is wayy more than acceptable. I’m glad I only paid $24.99 for the extended battery, I haven’t had the need to switch over to it yet!

  • Anonymous

    : It’s [almost] perfect in every way. Now if I could just figure out how to start up a Hangout we’ll be all set. lol

  • andrew z

    The best feature is the fact that exactly a week later there’s almost 10 different developers already producing new software for the phone. (for the LTE version)

  • gadgetryan

    Do i have to pick one??

    Dev / Phone side: easy unlock / restore of the phone
    Consumer: Panoramic Camera / zero lag
    Phone usage: Swipe to close / dismiss
    Gimmick: Face unlock ( I love this feature) I will use this more than the 3D camera on the evo 3d.

  • Currentsupply

    Typing this from my Nexus. This thing is badass. It’s so damn fast. And the screen is impressive. Makes the iphone look like a toy.

  • Weege

    Im not saying its aliens, but its aliens.. 

  • Anonymous

    why is 3 pin docking connector crossed out?  Yes the vzw version vehicle dock doesn’t have the pins but don’t all the other docking stations have them?

    • Jwhitson1976

      What other docking stations?  I’ve seen nothing released…

  • Anonymous

    I love my pseudo-nexus!! 

    I’d say the screen is probably the best part so far…  but that’s just me.

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE the keyboard its completely amazing the screen is nice too

  • thing i like the most, besides the screen, is the little quick menu button you can enable in the browser. it gives you full screen, and then you can use the pop up menu on the edge to go to a new page or an open window.  very handy for one handed web browsing.  

  • RW-1

    ***On a side note and I emailed in as a tip, I find when I use the speech to text on the browser here in disqus, that I can say anything but it types out an array of my contact list names, first or last, can anyone else try this? It’s driving me crazy!  And I haven’t done anything to it to cause it, works fine in email and SMS/MMS’s … Please someone else chime in here.

    Anyone, cmon GN’ers …

  • Anonymous

    Camera speed for me. I am a fairly new father, and my OG droid was always focusing when it should have been snapping photos. Now I fire off 3-4 in a row and pick the best one, it’s awesome.
    Everything else is pretty sweet too, the huge beautiful display, quickness and 4g, and how damn easy it was to root!

  • Anonymous

    Love the browser, ICS as a whole, Screen is beautiful. just don’t love the battery life.

  • Anonymous

    I like everything about the phone, but am in LOVE with the HD screen. So crisp, so beautiful!

  • Newbero Uno

    Favorite feature I forgot to mention,the screen is gorgeous!!!! Love the USB cord/ac adapter.

  • surprisingly the group-able icons has been the most useful feature for me. It was going to be Google wallet until I realized that I cant reload it without a Mastercard :(. 

    • Lakerzz

      I loaded mine with my VISA debit card.

    • Lakerzz

      Just add funds from your credit card, or debit card into The “Google paypass debit mastercard”. Thats what I did, and it works. Greatest thing since sliced bread. 😛

  • Newbero Uno

    I love this phone and can’t put it down.This is my first smart phone, up until Thursday I had been using a Casio G’z one. I know I have to be delicate with this phone but where the charger plugs in seems a little flimsy already find myself having to toggle the cord to get it charging

  • switching from an original Droid, i’d say pretty much everything

    • Anonymous

      Same here, bro!

  • Robbie Gerling

    mine is most definitely the tricolor LED

  • Anonymous

    So sad to see this post get hijacked by argument… anyways, my fav feature is the snappiness of the browser

  • What’s this? a comment that actually pertains to the subject! Amazing! 😛

    Honestly, its a phone. Its just as “amazing” as every other modern phone. The only real difference is the giant screen (I’ve got a love/hate with that) and ICS. both of which will be normal over the upcoming year.

    Gripes start with the crummy battery life (remember my gripe about the screen?) and the lack of a SD card slot. I know, 32gb is a lot of space, but I liked the removable option.

    Coming from a OG Droid running CM7, there are times where I wonder why I upgraded, its not nearly as much faster as the specs would indicate.

  • Anonymous

    The camera speed is up there on my favorites of this phone.  But its actually the overall speed of the device.  I don’t know if its mostly because of ICS or the hardware but its the best android experience ive ever had.  

  • Travisjshepherd

    definitely has to be the native screenshot.

  • Anonymous


  • Scotttyb

    I love the big beautiful screen, even looks awesome at 50% brightness, awesome for reading and playing games…another thing I really like it the multitasking feature, great for going back and forth between 2 apps, such as filling in a form and copying and pasting the data from somewhere else…much better multitasking than Gingerbread!!

  • mikeym0p

    It’s so fast! This phone flies, it’s nice in hand too. I love just picking it up and swiping through the screens if I dont have a text message because it’s fun to just use.

  • Anonymous

    Favorites: Screen, android 4.0, no physical buttons, the new metro UI, finally an android phone that looks beautiful, I like the feel of the phone (textures), I like the side on/off button, love android’s new panorama feature on the camera, zero lag on the camera shutter, the speed of the phone and optimization of android as a whole, the haptic feedback on the lower buttons (makes it feel as if they are real buttons)

    Dislikes: Volume on speaker is horrible, my phone seems to have trouble acquiring a GPS signal nearly all the time, the dialog boxes on the UI in android 4.0 have changed completely and are now ass backward usability (ie. yes for a confirmation box is on the right and no is on the left), my stock calendar widget doesn’t work or it doesn’t display any upcoming events, when you install an app it automatically puts it on any screen to the left I wish it was to the right like the app drawer swipes, i don’t know why they haven’t incorporated some kind of swiping for stock android keyboard yet, for this device it makes a lot of sense to have shipped it with a more powerful battery, the text to speak doesn’t seem to work for me as advertised (in fact it has flat out sucked) but speaking locations seems to work fine, 

    I’m sure there are a few other things i’m missing for both categories but this is what i immediately thought of.

  • Kyle Randall

    Stock Android. I’ve had several Android phones and all of them felt incomplete. I bought this to replace my iPhone 4 and I’m not looking back.

  • These comments have gotten a little out of hand! Great content, but hard to sift through… how about an actual poll with multiple choices and stats?

  • Anonymous

    The biggest differences: 
    1. Apps work like they are supposed to. My Starbucks app actually updates the balance in seconds whereas it never did on my DX. 2. Zippier than my rooted DX with Liberty for GB ROM. 3. The bluetooth function in my car is MUCH better and substantially louder. 4. People keep saying the UI takes some getting used to. Took about a couple minutes for me, but I am used to flashing ROMs which changes the UI in many ways. 5. Google wallet rocks! It works flawlessly for me and I got a free $10 debit card for installing it. 6. The camera is the best it has ever been for me. The process is so fast you can take several shots by accident. I notice no difference between the transition from 8mp to 5mp. 
    7. The screen is colorful and high quality. Noticeable difference from my DX.


    1. 4g coverage is bad in my area so I switched to CDMA only (3g). Improved my battery life substantially. I suppose this will be improved upon over time. I rarely get full bars but call reception is fine and I have had no dropped calls. Verizon coverage in my area has always be solid and surpasses that of any other carrier – especially AT&T which is the king of dropped calls and low bars with my coworkers.
    2. Battery life does drain faster but I am not running a custom ROM yet. Its right on par with what my stock DX did. It does drain from 100 to 80 fast but seems to perform solid between 70’s to 40’s with heavy calling, texting, and posting to FB. As with ANY phone, gaming and music apps will kill it fast. No phone lasts long when you are using those apps. Anyone who says otherwise is not being honest. 
    3. The accelerometer definitely needs some tweaking. This is definitely one area the GNEX lags behind my DX. From portrait to landscape there is definitely a noticeably slow transition. I assume this will be fixed.

    One thing for certain. In stock condition, this phone substantially outperforms OG droids. No question. Anyone saying differently is simply coming into this forum as a provocateur. I am a former Blackberry user who also modded my Blackberries. My DX was amazing and if this GNEX was not up to par I would be the first to post negative objective and subjective commentary. I spent $300 to get into it so I would not hold back if the phone was a flop. 

    The GNEX came out of the shoot running like a champion race horse and its getting better daily with the help of the dev community. I waited much longer for upgrades and tweaks for the DX and the love affair blossomed much slower. The GNEX experience gets better daily. I assure any newbies to this forum, you have found the BEST place to frequent for your Android essentials. 

    If another phone comes out in the future that is better, I am thrilled and excited to be a part of the Android community.

  • Michael G

    Holy Lord these weren’t the comments I was expecting.  lol

    Believe it or not the feature I like the most are the new style folders within ICS.  Who needs all the homescreens now??  I use 3 and that’s because I have full size widgets on them.  

  • shr1k3r


  • Anonymous

    Wow. It is appalling at the level of indecency in these comments. If the post doesn’t suit your needs just DON’T READ IT. There are positives/negatives for every phone, but remember they are JUST PHONES. Don’t be upset just because everyone doesn’t use the same phone you think they should.

    • But, I have to feel powerful and smarter than everyone else! Therefore, everyone that doesn’t do the EXACT SAME THING I DO is a moron!!!