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Here is Some Added Proof to the DROID 4 Launching in February Rumor

You know how we mentioned earlier in the day that the DROID 4 may not be launching until February? Here is a bit of proof to add to that rumor. Some Verizon retailers have adjusted their target schedules from a launch date of tomorrow (12/22) to February 2. Does that seem like the oddest and longest push back ever? Yeah, pretty much. But at the same time, if Moto and VZW were going to release this phone, the market would have been completely over-saturated. I know that many of you have dreamt of a 4G LTE slider for years now, but this is most definitely not looking like the right time. The Galaxy Nexus is about to get a huge marketing push, plus the RAZR and Rezound are still new enough to grab some attention. That combination could have spelled disaster for the D4.

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  • Hopefully it won’t be like the Bionic, which experienced tons of poor reviews until they updated it later. Maybe Motorola or Verizon learned a lesson there. We all want it NOW. We also want it to work out of the box. Hmmm. Been waiting months already. Nexus didn’t do it for me. I guess I can wait another 5 weeks. Boogers!

  • Most younger people I know don’t want a keyboard and won’t go near the droid 4.

    I hope the droid 4 has a removable battery (no soldering and no extremely fragile contacts) and is a world phone.

  • I want a keyboard.  The delay in the droid 4 may make me willing to wait longer for the CES super phones.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the fact that the phone was delayed that surprises me, but more the idea that they were *that* far off on their projected release date. This seems to be a pattern–if the actual release date is 6 weeks after the initial projected release date (GNex…) then maybe there’s a bigger problem with the process here.

  • Ben

    It seems like a “leaked document” with typos and questionable descriptions would be suspect at best…

    “Low-end feature phone that’s looks like a Smartphone”  Who describes one of their products like that?

  • Anonymous

    Unless they are taking the time to redesign the battery compartment so that it has a removable battery (which I highly doubt), this is a bunch of BS.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I’ll have to keep buying and returning Rezounds untill this slider is released…

  • Mikewoods94

    slider phones suck

    • Nnnn

      Nobody cares about your opinion.

      • Mikewoods94

        Ha and yet you replied so you obviously do.

    • Anonymous

      Ya know what – You suck! (Can you name the movie?)

  • This image has to be a fake.  It’s the _SAME_EXACT_IMAGE_ that we’ve already seen, except with the red text added.  Consider:  The paragraph at the top says the word “today” in it, and all of the other text is the same.  Any email or text message or whatever that said the D4 was pushed back would have been written/published on a different day.

    The following, however, might be real:

    • Definitely not fake. Trusted source on this one.

      • hmm… interesting.  (maybe the same person as the twitter post?)  oh well.  Thanks for letting me know, though.

  • Brent Stewart

    Well isn’t this great. Their goes my wife’s Christmas present. She won’t use anything but Moto slider phones and has been trying to get off the crappy ass Devour for months now. Way to screw up my Christmas Verizon! Over saturated my happy ass! There are barely ANY slider selections out there.

    • Anonymous

      Dont like the Stratosphere?

      • Brent Stewart

        No, she didn’t really like it at all.

        • Anonymous

          I’m a big slider fan, and it didn’t impress me at all either. Old specs aside, it felt cheap and flimsy. The slider mechanism was surprisingly sloppy for a brand new phone.

  • Trumindgame

    Droid inc 2 just got an update this am FYI

  •  Is that a coincidence?

    it got moved from “12 22” to “2 2 12″…

  • Anonymous

    This could very well be to add Ice Cream Sandwich. That would be the smartest thing Verizon and Motorola could do at this point.

    • Not impossible, but I would say that chance is pretty small.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Now that you mention it your right.. It is a pretty small chance that Verizon and Motorola could do something smart.. 😀

        • Well, except for the OG Droid. Which is just plain genius. I would go so far to say that the OG Droid single handedly save the Android platform (at least in the US.) But after that, VZW (and to a lesser degree, Motorola) effectively kill the brand by diluting the brand so much that a “Droid” means pretty much everything AND NOTHING now.

  • Dominick DeVito

    looks like another 5 weeks of dealing with a tired og droid

  • >> The Galaxy Nexus is about to get a huge marketing push

    Really? So far, Verizon seems to be playing down the Galaxy Nexus as much as it can. It’s still promoting the RAZR heavily on TV and radio. In fact, I think there are more commercials about the Stratosphere than the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      “I think there are more commercials about the Stratosphere than the Galaxy Nexus” – hmmm, I have yet to see a commercial for the Stratosphere… though I have yet to see a commercial for the GNex too. They sure as heck are pushing the RAZR around here though.

      • The only TV commercials of the Galaxy Nexus I’ve seen is the one that they mentioned the Stratosphere right after they mentioned the GN. On the other hand, just this morning, I heard a radio commercial that ONLY mentioned the Stratosphere. VZW is promoting the $50 sale of the Stratosphere.

        FYI, the TV commercial isn’t a big one like the RAZR one. Basically, it’s just a phone spinning on screen with someone talking about the phones.

        • Anonymous

          Gotchya… Yeah, around here, all you hear or see is RAZR – not sure I’ve seen or heard a single comercial (TV or radio) for another phone. It really is kind of surprising, but it just goes to show how much VZW has invested into RAZR sales.

          • It’s totally a conspiracy, but I have a feeling that the reason why Verizon went with the exclusivity of the Galaxy Nexus in the first place is not because they want the phone, but they DON’T want other carriers to have it during the holiday season so that none of them have a 720p ICS phone to compete with the RAZR.

  • jandrewcol

    I am all for waiting for this phone if it means ICS. My Droid 2 was the first with Froyo, so maybe they are up for a repeat. What I would like to see is hardware manufactures slow down the churn of hardware and start working the bugs out of the software to keep the platform stable. Gingerbug has killed by D2.

  • Tim Swann

    Has anyone thought that MAYBE the delay is to update the software to ICS? It is a possibility.

    • Guest

      Nothing would stop them from releasing now. A few months of 2.3 won’t kill anyone, but competing with quad core phone would kill the D4.

  • Guest

    Over saturated? It would be the only unique high end phone Verizon has. By the time the Droid 4 comes out it will far to close to the release of quad core phones for someone on a 2 year contract.

    I hate the nearly complete focus on a nearly indistinguishable touch screen only phones.

    • Anonymous

      “I hate the nearly complete focus on a nearly indistinguishable touch screen only phones.” – I cannot like this comment enough!

      • Nnnn

        Slider phone lovers unite!!!

    • Nnnn

      The market is oversaturated with slate phones. We really could use some high end sliders!

    • Anonymous

      I’m one of the guys saying they need to slow down for their own sake(updates and bug fixes) but I agree, having a high end slider isn’t much overlap into the high end slate devices.

      Maybe Google is starting to have a little influence and told them to slow it down a bit.

    • Dahn

       I agree. Global GSM and a physical keyboard would actually make the D4 a fairly unique 4G phone on VZW.

      I hope other manufacturers join the global QWERTY phone category to provide more competition. I’m not tied to Motorola. 

      • Allen

         If I wasn’t locked into unlimited data and AT&T’s LTE network wasn’t so far away, I’d switch. Their sliders are global by default.

        • Noel

           If it’s going to be a trend for sliders to be outdated on VZW then I’ll seriously start looking at the sliders on AT&T. Not only are they already global, the GSM/HSPA/LTE handoffs will likely be less problematic. I don’t actually make full use of my unlumited data but  I sure use my slider abroad often.

          • Andrew

             Starting today, I’ll be looking up what the spec trend is for sliders on AT&T. I’m willing to let go of my unlimited data for high end global sliders.

          • Bruce

             I’m actually going to check out the current sliders at an AT&T store tomorrow on my day off.
            I’ll be looking up if AT&T has been releasing outdated sliders as compared to their slates too.

            Who knows, I may be rocking my AT&T phone in Europe in a couple of weeks!

          • Anonymous

            The Captivate Glide looks like a decent phone — basically a GS2 with a physical keyboard, but with a Tegra 2 instead of an Exynos.

            I’m still planning to wait for the D4, because it has LTE and a 5-row keyboard, and because I have unlimited data on Verizon.  But if you’re looking to switch, the Captivate Glide is probably the best non-Verizon slider out there…

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree.  Right now, Motorola is the only company launching flagship phones with physical keyboards.  HTC used to be a contender in this area, and I’m hoping they’ll step back into the ring.

  • EC8CH

    The RAZR Rezound and G-Nex all compete in the same space, but the D4 as a slider I think would have it’s own seperate market of customers.  I’m sure there are marketing and stocking reasons, but I doubt the D4 would have a large impact on the sales of the other devices.

    • Anonymous

      The catch to your reply is that LTE-slider choices are very limitted. If you’re looking for one that’s has high-end hardware too, you’re SOL – at that point, you’ve got three choices:
      1. Settle for the “meh” Stratosphere
      2. Learn to live without a keyboard, and get a RAZR, GNex or Rezound
      3. Continue to wait
      If you’re looking to get something now and can’t wait (like wanting to take advantage of the 2x data promo), you’re now down to 2 choices. If you’re unimpressed with the Stratosphere, that leaves you with one choice… that’s how releasing this phone now could affect the sales of RAZR, Rezound and GNex. I’ve followed the forums on this phone and there are a god number of people that have said they’ll settle for one of the slates if this phone didn’t release by Christmas.

      • Anonymous

        I overlooked one other choice, you could also still opt for a 3G phone, like the Droid 3 – but then you are tying yourself to a phone that is becoming outdated already for the next 2 years.

      • Www Blah

        True but I’ve also seen customers who can’t live without a physical keyboard thinking about dipping out on verizon because they won’t release the phone already. Yea you can say it was all rumors but to flashed it on the droid does website that is legit and verizon should not have done that if they all along planned on making customers wait another 5 weeks to get it. It’s a bunch of bs, verizon is starting to piss off a lot of loyal customers with it’s dumb antics.

        • Anonymous

          I totally agree. (I’m amongst those that are pretty pissed off, have been for a while, starting with the Merge non-launch.) I’ve been a VZW customer for over 7 years now, but I will definitely see what the other carriers have to offer when my contract ends next year – almost went to Sprint last year.

          • Www Blah

            I would leave but the other line in my family share plan just updated two weeks ago and I do not feel right leaving them hanging or I would be out that is how pissed off I am.  Second the Droid 3 should have just came out with 4g LTE and we wouldn’t have this problem.

      • Imgroup

        “Settle” is the correct term for the Stratosphere, I tried it and experienced so many dropped calls..took it back a few days later..and reinstated my Driod 2…its better to be patient on this one..if the Driod 4 ever releases

  • Imns

    Longest push back ever?  I think that award would go to the Bionic.  

  • Anonymous

    I’ll chime in with my vote for this phone being delayed due to possible impact on sales of current devices (i.e. RAZR, Rezound, Galaxy Nexus). I think this was purely a business decision to allow more time to clear stock of the slates.

  • Corey Foltman

    Is it really a push back? since they never officially announced a date to begin with…they just release hopeful dates to their employees who at least one of them doesnt care about that agreement they signed to keep their mouth shut…

  • richard melcher

    Feel our Nexus pain Droid people! our launch was pushed back 2 months and now you get to experience our grief 🙂 Good Luck.

    • Anonymous

      Ha, touché!

    • Lgreg64

      VZW never told you when the Nex was going to be released so they did not push back anything.

      • Anonymous

        Implying they told you the D4 launch date, and it wasn’t just a rumor?

    • Anonymous

      Tell that to the Droid Bionic crowd! We’ll see how they backlash…

  • dreedy android

    #1 I think pushing it back is a great idea.  Too much going on right now with the GNex, RAZR, Rezound.  #2 The people saying this is going to be “outdated” if it releases in February, I just don’t buy into that.  How is having a dual core, 4G, 1GB ram specs gonna be outdated?  Yea, yea, yea…”quad core will be out, quad core will be out!”  Battery life already sucks with dual core and 4G, do you think it will get better with quad core?  All you people wanted quad core are the same people that will be bitching that the battery doesn’t last 3 hours while you’re trying to game your way through the day!  #3 This ensures practically that it will release with ICS, keeping with the flow that DROID releases with the new OS everytime.  #4 It was too damn soon to release a D4 now anyway with the D3 only being out for about 6 months.  #5 No it’s not a Galaxy Nexus, it’s a Droid!  So all you people who say “Who cares, it’s not a GNex.  I have a GNex and it’s awesome!  No one cares.”  Well, some people do care.  You don’t speak for the whole world so please shut the hell up. 

    • Anonymous

      If the phone runs on Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip (which it most likely will since other quad core chips won’t be out yet), then it’s battery life will be better than current dual core phones because of its intelligent big.Little design (uses a single, low voltage core for idling and quad core for intense gaming). For proof, just look at the Transformer Prime’s battery life reviews. 

      I do agree though that it pushing it back is a good idea, especially since Verizon did just release 3 great phones such a short time period 

      • dreedy android

        This may be very true and I’ll take your word for it, considering quad core is still pretty new and I’m not fully up to speed on the technical side of it.  However, with that being the case, it still comes down to a fact that, just because this phone has been pushed back to 02/12, it still doesn’t mean that it’s going to be outdated.  Hell, for that matter, anyone who has a GNex will be outdated the second quad cores hit the market.  Then what are they gonna have to say about that?  I’m sure the Nexus fanboys will still have an argument that they have the greatest device to ever be created, and possibly rightfully so.  Not going to say it sucks, by any means.  But, the fact remains that it is still just a phone!  The majority of people who buy DROID are people who are business oriented and people that have a desired to have a physical keyboard over a virtual.  I just don’t understand some peoples logic in saying that it will be outdated and that there is absolutely no market for a phone with a physical keyboard.  

        • Anonymous

          I agree.  2/2/12 is just a month and a half away.  It’s not like the market is going to be flooded with quad-core phones in the next month and a half.

          I’ll consider the D4 outdated when the first quad-core phone with LTE and a 5-row physical keyboard gets released on Verizon, and not a day before.

        • Sir…..you have read my mind about this in its entirety…I just never have the time to respond to the Gnex or virtual keyboard fanboys that speak negatively about us physical keyboard lovers lol my only issue is..an not really that big of an issue…I upgrade next month on the 14th…my OG Droid’s grey hairs are starting to show so its about that time for the next one….although it wont really be that long of a weight…im not really looking forward to it…if im impatient enough I might just end up suck it up with the stratosphere #smh

          • Www Blah

            My upgrade was in November from my OG and on top of that it has stop working for the last 3 weeks so I really feel your pain on the waiting part! But I can’t go with the strato it just doesnt seem like a smart choice for the next two years but then again not having a phone for another 5 more weeks isnt a smart choice either!

      • Dan Letsch

        Everything I have read has said it should be about equivalent, not a ton better.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the phone will be “outdated” by that time, but the longer it gets pushed back, the closer it is getting to phones with next-gen LTE radios. I know, personally, if there are plans for another slider with a next-gen radio to come out within a few months of the Droid 4, I will seriously consider waiting. Battery life is supposed to be much better with the next-gen devices (and maybe it’ll actually have a removable battery).

  • Anonymous


  • single malt

    I knew it was too good to be true….upgrade comes on 12/26. I need the keyboard, and want the global capability. If they use this time to put an AMOLED on there then I can live with the delay..and a removable battery would be a bonus. If it becomes the first Moto unlocked bootloader since the OGD I’m typing on then I will be a very happy boy indeed – too much to ask for?

    • VZW doesn’t want the bootloaders unlocked.

      • Yea.

        On the other hand, I really want to see more Nexus devices. I wish Google invites more top-tier smartphone makers to create 1 Nexus for their brand each year.

      • Nnnn

        Why would Motorola lock the bootloader at Verizon’s request when for instance, none of Samsung’s Verizon phones have locked bootloaders???

  • DroidTrain

    It’s not really a ‘push back’…it was going to einevitably be February all along, verizon just now realize they can’t ever release a phone in a timely manner, so they’re really just being optimistic in saying February, instead of saying “before Christmas”…”well, before the end of December”…”some lame excuse for a delay”…ect,ect,ect…

    • i think verizon decides on a release by rolling 12 and 30 sided dice then make everything up as they go along.
      the nexus release was so messed up, i just saw the first nexus commercial here in st.louis yesterday for the first time. like 1 nexus commercial to the 300 sammy 2 commercials

      • Dan Letsch

        I love how some still talk about how badly Verizon “messed up” the gnex launch, however, they never said anything other than “before the end of the year”.  They were set to launch on 12/9, but with network issues and the 4.0.2 not ready, they pushed it back.  The only people that knew were some stores and us nerds. 

        They release when it makes sense.  I would much rather them not give a date, then give an official date and then miss it.

  • Please make this phone into a Nexus. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      Never gonna happen.

    • Anonymous

      Funniest comment ever…

  • Tdpolo26

    so instead of oversaturating the market we are going to hang on to the device till it is outdated i love the planning of these companies…. compusa used to hold on to stuff to not flood the market in the end they had 100’s of millions of dollars of crap left over that was wonderfully outdated… well oh darn

  • Tdpolo26

    i dont believe half os these documents, i mean almost every single one has been wrong and that moved to portion could have been added later… i mean seriously this breaks at midnight east coasts …someone sat on this till now i kinda doubt it…. but still annoying to see it pushed even another hour but i think i will be upgrading sooner… prolly gnex good bye keyboard you were very good to me….

  • Anonymous

    Shizzle sizzle

  • If they push back the launch that far they better upgrade the specs of the phone to keep up.

    • Wouldn’t that mean re-engineering the whole thing?

      • Anonymous

        While I doubt they will re-engineer the whole thing (add quad-core or whatever), they could make the battery removable and launch the D4 with ICS…

        • DroidzFX

          Sorry that it saved for the D5. Scheduled release May 2012.

  • Bman45678

    There is a 4g slider the samsung stratosphere

    • Anonymous

      There was a 4G slate, the Thunderbolt. Did that stop them from releasing the Charge, Revolution, Breakout, Bionic, RAZR, Rezound or Galaxy Nexus.

      8 4G slates compared to 1 4G slider w/ last year’s specs – see why keyboard lovers might be just a bit irritated by the lack of choice.

      • Guest

        Amen to that

  • Anonymous

    apparently they liked the “2’s and 1’s in the launch date” theme though…


    • Too similar to be real I believe. A lot of these ‘Verizon’ documents look very fake and fixed. Any idiot could photoshop the old one with this one and say it’s legitimate. 

  • Ufcjeff

    what kellex probably thinks sleep is overrated lol

  • Sam

    This makes no sense to me. The Motorola Jet (quad core with NFC) is slated for Q1 2012 (CES, possibly?). This better be an ICS release now. If the D4 still releases with Gingerbread in February, Motorola will have officially gone full retard.

    • Anonymous

      Bullet = RAZR, Jet = D4, but I haven’t seen any recent rumors that the Jet/D4 will be quad-core…

    • DroidzFX

      Just because you see it a CES doesnt mean its getting released any time soon. Just ask the Bionic.

      • Allen

         Won’t stop people from waiting. Plus wasn’t the Bionic redesigned because of issues with Tegra 2? It’s pretty much a different phone than what was shown at CES. Of course, that just makes Moto’s engineers look bad.

    • Anonymous

      “If the D4 still releases with Gingerbread in February, Motorola will have officially gone full retard” – I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the phone still releases with Gingerbread; and I don’t think it is Motorola delaying this phone’s release, it’s Verizon.

  • Cool

  • Anonymous


  • OreoMan

    Do you sleep Kellex?

    • Anonymous

      psh its early on the west coast. dude’s got a lot of work left to do before sleep

    • 10:45 is not late, he is west coast. The question is do you not sleep?

      • This is a rather funny comment if you think about it … 10 or 20 years ago, many people would have slept already at 10:45pm.

      • OreoMan

        Well obviously I don’t sleep. It was 11:45 my time when I posted this. Besides, if I slept I would miss Kellex’s posts!