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Another Nationwide Verizon 4G LTE Outage Happening Now? (Updated)

We are just crawling out of bed here on the west coast, but according to the massive amount of unread emails in our inbox, a nationwide 4G LTE outage happened last night around 2AM. It’s tough to tell if the network is still down as all seems groovy here, 4G signal actually stronger than normal.

Update: I spoke too soon, down to just 3G now here in Portland. And according to the comments, there is a pretty large group of you out there that are without 4G. We are going on 5+ hours here of downtime – come on Verizon.

Update 8:42AM:  4G seems to be back up here in Portland. Anyone else?

Update 9:30AM:  Verizon has released a statement:

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE service is returning to normal this morning after company engineers worked to resolve an issue with the 4G network during the early morning hours today. Throughout this time, 4G LTE customers were able to make voice calls and send and receive text messages. The 3G data network operated normally.

So let us know if you are still experiencing data issues.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus still has no 4G In Detroit. This entire time and even right now my girlfriends thunderbolt has 4G.

  • Anonymous

    Still no 4g In Detroit. However My girlfriend is sitting right next to me with the thunderbolt and she has 4G

  • Solotristan

    Still no 4g in. Chicago ….anyone else? Its been a whole day.

    • Wethebest904

      Still noone here. Jacksonville Fl

  • Montoya20

    My 4G is still down. Hasn’t been up since Tuesday. Also 3G was effected for several hours yesterday.

  • Barlog

    Down !!

  • Milr46

    Down again

  • Cameron Rich

    I had no internet from 1 am to at least 7:30 am. Galaxy nexus was down for about an hour at 2 pm today. I also have a Droid X and it appears to not have had any issues, I know that it’s a 3G phone!

  • MattinPDX

    My phone still says 3G, will reboot and see if it changes.

    • MattInPDX

      4G is back, had to reboot the phone though. First I tried switching to CDMA only then back to LTE/CDMA with no effect.

  • BayRyder

    I see 4g every once in a while but when I go on the web it bounces back to 3g. Cali

  • Cameron Rich

    After spending three days on my Nexus setting everything up, last night I couldn’t sleep and around 1 am I noticed I had no internet and I messed with it forever! I googled and saw nothing on outages and decided to finally give up and master reset my phone. 🙁 I spent hours later putting everything back on using my WI-FI only and to find this out when I woke up I was pretty upset. If only I knew it was down somehow, I guess I could have been patient but I was having an issue with Google music cutting out all the time anyway. Anyone else had google music not work properly and cut out, even on downloaded songs on the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      Patience, grasshoppah. I lost data/sim card error, too, but instead of diddling my phone, I watched twitter and DL for some posting and of course, they came through. =)

      Even called  VZW tech support, which was about as useful as having poo on my shoe. Dude didn’t know about outage two weeks ago, or today. 

      • Anonymous

        Oh, they will outright deny an outage problems, whether it be local or nationwide…lol

  • Mike Johnson

    no 4g in DC, all day!

  • Jspumphrey

    No 4g here in orlando

  • Jamarcus White

    Still no 4G here in Cincinnati as of 5:36pm

  • Tkimball00

    3:33pm still seems to be no 4G here in phx AZ. Of course my data drops on my bionic more since the update (not mystery update since I never received that one). I’ve switched data on and off but nothing.

    • Jamarcus White

      Right…I had better 4G connectivity before the 5.5.893 update.

  • Ice2097

    Down again in Boston

  • Kbayard

    still dead here in Michigan… AGAIN!

  • hodgewdm

    Still no 4G here in Iowa at 3:25 pm CST

  • James

    I still have some problems on my GNex. Switching from WiFi to cellular (3G or 4G) it seems like forever before I get any sort of signal. Does anyone know is Verizon is still rolling out that update?

  • gsrsgv

    Seems like 4g only works on my wifes phone for a bit all the time

  • Anonymous

    My 4g is back if you call it that Download 6.2megs upload 0.18megs

  • Yellowcanary73

    Verizon can you hear me now. Doubt It

  • Gryphon1911

    Just lost my 4G here in Columbus, OH at 1:45pm. It was acting hinkey all morning anyway. VZW rep stated that they were aware of the outage and had no estimate on when the network would be back up. 3G seems stable and working for the time being.

    • Sp4rxx

      Cleveland I still have 3G only and my SIM card cannot authenticate …. RAZR

  • ShanelovesoneGod

    Still no 4g in norther california (modesto area) 11 am.

  • Anonymous

    Rochester, MN still no 4G connectivity at 1:00 CST

  • Prime

    Weird. I had 4G all throughout the morning on my phone. At 11:30 central, it was gone and I had no internet. About 12:30 central got 3G back, but no 4G yet. Minneapolis MN

  • Have full LTE on my Bionic in Atlanta,GA

  • trevorsalienarms

    I had no 4G or 3G service up until around 10:00 or so EST in NE Ohio. Until I read about the wider spread network issue, I was assuming it was more connectivity issues with my Nexus.

    Does anyone know what the greyed-out signal bars are supposed to indicate? If there’s no signal (blue bars), why show any bars at all? Annoying that while I could see 2-3 greyed out bars, I still had no connection to the data network.

  • Turd_Ferguson

    Been out since at least 6:30am here in Tupelo, MS

    -Droid Razr

  • Just came back in Akron/Canton, Ohio.

  • Unexpected62

    How can they say “3G data network operated normally” when clearly a whole bunch of us have no data at all?

  • Ebourlet

    Outage in Tacoma, WA with Bionic

  • windexh8er

    4G has been up and down in the Minneapolis, MN area all morning.  It’s been down now for the past hour as of 12:39 Central time.  Neither GNex and Bionic have 3G as well.

  • Johnharms31

    LTE back up in Oklahoma City.  

  • AJ

    Just got 4G back, Tucson AZ

  • Guest

    My 4G has been down all morning, a reboot just got it back up. Should have tried that sooner. Still looking for the OTA update for my RAZR though.

  • Tblain

    Been with VZW for many years now, and never had any issue with connectivity. I think I can forgive a couple outages. 4G finally back up in the Milwaukee area, and am even noticing an improvement in signal strength. Curious to see if the radio update will improve it further. Found myself with 4 bars earlier and ran a speedtest … 34k down and 17k up. Not too shabby.

  • Anonymous

    I’m only getting 4 bars of 4G.  I only wanted 1.

  • Raptor2679

    Anyone have data on lte/cdma mode but nothing on cdma only?

    • Yep.  My 3G was not working at all.  Switched back to LTE/CDMA and magically I have 4G again.  very strange.

      • Raptor2679

        Have you tried switching back to cdma only and seeing if that works now? Mine still does not.

  • Vidmar

    Total BS about 3g working normally…it didn’t on my nexus in Blacksburg VA…they were both out!

  • Jared Kirk

    Just got 4G service back, so they are right on that account.  They are wrong about me being able to make calls and send text messages, though… I was unable to do either for a good amount of time this morning.

  • Chip

    Outage in Charleston, SC still going strong. Shoulda never gave you niggas money!

  • tjmonkey15

    LTE is still a new technology for the US (and around the world for that matter).  It sucks that Verizon has these hiccups, but it really is understandable.  If they had waited to fire up their LTE network until all this stuff was worked out, we’d probably be waiting for 4G for another 2 years.

  • 1pm EST Atlanta 4G is working.

  • joe1138

    Almost 11am MST, New Mexico and still no 4G service. 🙁

  • Stewie

    BS about the 3G, so not having anything really is the GN continuing issue here … Making it tough not to want to return it, but perhaps 4.0.3 …

  • Haven Greene

    Los Angeles:  crappy signal from 9pm-7am.  Full bars on 4gLTE now.  YAY!

  • Dang, My first 4G outage and I slept through it

    • Jared Kirk

      Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be awake for the next one 😛

  • Rlbjunkmail

    In NJ (07081) and no 4g. In fact I just went to the VZW store at lunch to get my GNex and I can’t activate it.

  • Anonymous

    4 g working in Detroit area now 1:am est Thunderbolt

    • Anonymous

      Make that 1:pm est Detroit 4 G is working

  • Haproot

    12am I had no 3g until this morning. 

  • Anonymous

    Northern Delaware/ Philadelphia still out. 3G working fine though.

  • Anonymous

    I was out of both 4G and 3G at 2AM PST in northern CA …

    *edit* – Guess both are still down now at 9:50AM …

    • Flyinion

      On my Galaxy Nexus I noticed the same thing in Sac around 9:15.  I toggled airplane mode off/on and it fixed it.

      • Anonymous

        You are right, both 4G and 3G were up actually. I made the mistake on my G-Nex having my WiFi on, so I didn’t see the 3G or 4G next to my signal bars…

      • Anonymous

        WTH, are we down again, man? lol. Both networks…

        • Flyinion

          Yeah it looks like after I posted that they had gone down again.  First 3G and 4G was right behind it.  Looks like it’s back up again though.

  • Anonymous

    still 3g only in houston, come on verizon we are the 4th largest city in the US here.

  • Vincent Chu

    Redmond, WA still out…

  • Jared Kirk

    In Las Vegas… had 4G until about an hour ago when I lost all data and my phone started automatically calling the activation number in an attempt to “activate” itself.  After letting it go ahead with that process, I was back on 3G within a few minutes.  Still no 4G service.

  • stephen jester

    out still in Minneapolis..

  • I’m in Duluth, MN. We got our 4G activated on 12/15, it’s now been out for 10 hours. My 3G is spotty too, dropping calls.

  • 3G and 4G working fin in Kansas City

  • deeznutz

    3G only in H-TOWN…

  • tm3

    4G back up in Los Angeles!

    • Anonymous

      Not for me.  Who are you?

  • Todd

    LTE back up in Los Angeles 9:24

  • Anonymous

    Still only on 3g here in Houston..

  • No 4G in south Orange County, CA. 3G on Bionic by forcing CDMA-only mode. 3G has been coming and going all morning.

  • Bionicman

    i got 4G back in ORANGE CA. hopefully it wont go away again hehe

  • Xmoox

    I’m in Portland just 3g DROID charge

  • Phil

    This is bad for Verizon’s reliable network reputation. Their 3G rollout wasn’t this bad. I guess they just can’t keep up with the unlimited data users.  Every phone site I go to there are many people saying how they replaced their home ISP, stream HD videos constantly, torrent, etc.

    • Tyler

      The problem is not the 4G network per se, it is the “skinned” 3G network your LTE handset sees, eHRPD. eHRPD is the key to deploying LTE on top of CMDA, as it pulls you on the LTE network when in range, and pushes you off the LTE network when it isn’t in range. So when that network has a problem, 4G LTE phones see neither the 4G nor the 3G network. When a 4G phone is in a 3G area, you should see eHRPD on your phone, not EVDO. This also explains why 3G handsets are not affected by this outage- they see the 3G network as EVDO, not eHRPD.

      • GreenhouseGeorge

        Brilliant, thanks for the explanation.  I wondered why I was back in the greybar stone age when I woke up this morning, and this explains it completely. 
        Odd behavior on the LTE GNexus – I witched to Airplane mode (while in CDMA-Only mode) and when I tried to switch back, it seemed to stick. Even under Wireless & Networks, changing it did nothing, and in the long-press power menu, Airplane mode option said ON but was greyed out.  Had to reboot to clear it. 

    • Borja

       Ya, their 4G reputation is going downhill. It seems outages are getting more frequent now.

      • Shervin

         It doesn’t matter what the reason is to the user. Verizon should solve the increasing 4G outages.

        • Arkon

          I agree. The reason for the outages are of no use to users. While fixing the problems with little to no negative impact to users is useful to us.

    • Allen

      I don’t care what other users are doing nor about the technical difficulties of implementing LTE. I’m paying Verizon’s more expensive fees because of their supposed reliable network.


    • Tindwel

      Not where I am in Cali :/

      • LionStone

        SFO area is good to go…TB

  • Anonymous

    Still down in louisville ky. All data was down for an hour ot two

  • ShanelovesoneGod

    Still no 4g in central california 9am

  • Guest

    Down to 1x in Fort Worth.

  • Lakerzz

    Huntington beach Ca…didnt have 3g or 4g. Just now got 3g . Its in and out though.

  • Dean H.

    Holy crap! Metro Atlanta 4G is back!

  • Anonymous

    -104dbm 36asu

  • Dean H.

    Metro Atlanta no 4G, no 3G, Galaxy Nexus.

    My last post was horrible with typos!

    • Makarov

      I had to reboot my GNEX to get 3G here in Louisville, Ky.

  • Dean H.

    Metro Atlants no 4G, no 3G.  Galaxy Nexus

  • TommyZ

    This whole Verizon 4G thing has started to become a joke. It seems there is a problem once every couple of weeks. I’ve been without 4G service for 3 days at my local tower. I can drive 3 miles and hit a new tower and get 4G back. I remember the “Can you hear me now?” commercials. What happened to Verizon? Do they not have these people going around checking the service problems?

  • its running in nc ,my Galaxy Nexus still blazing

  • droidinmind

    Up around 10 am and running strong in the Detroit area!!!

  • Anonymous

    I got nothing here in Los Angeles.  No data, no phone.  WTF??  Is this why I left ATT just for the Nexus and these headaches??  I need my phone, Verizon!!  What gives??

  • 4G came back around 10 minutes ago in the Ft. Lewis area in Washington.

  • 4G back on in Seattle

  • Limbermind

    Hard down in Phoenix area.  No 3G, no 4G.  Bionic.

  • Forrest Tracey

    No 4G here in NM,… Maybe the Verizon repair man pulled a Bugs Bunny and he’s sittling in Mexico saying “I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque”

  • Jwhitson1976

    Nothing yet in LA.  Still 3G.

  • Bill Morrow

    I can’t get 3g through my network extender for the life of me right now, let alone 4g.  I’m so glad I have wifi at least.

  • WazzuCougar02

    And We’re back in Seattle.

  • WarEagleVII

    I woke up at 5:30 AM in Atlanta with no data service. It’s been going back and forth all between no service, 3G and 4G all morning long. This is ridiculous considering how much we are paying for service. It’s ironic that VZW sent me an email last night thanking me for my business and the money I have paid durin the course of the year paid for the development of 4G service. Great! How about service that’s reliable? Can you hear that, VZW? 

  • Bewara2009

    Oh boy, come on Verizon fix this sh#t.

  • Mischief316

    Noticed it this morning at 6am. It goes from 4g to 3g and then loses signal all together. 

  • Uberblade

    Why are people complaining about the nexus being bad when its verizon s naa etwork that went down and not a actual phone related problem.

    • Stewie

      You really sound like you havent been paying attention, but I’ll spell it out for you: a lot of new GN owners are haing data issues before this event.

      Makes it hard to tell if it’s a residual issue with the phone, or just the netowrk.

      • Uberblade

        I get that but this isnt just related to the g-nex its a complete outage i.e all 4g phones are having issues

  • Anonymous

    it was out here in the QC area(eastern iowa/western illinois) at 11pm last night, was out all night but is back up now

  • EricTheRed

    4G just came back up a few minutes ago here in Birmingham, AL.

  • I think everyone should get a free month of data or phone service when ever any carrier’s data or phone service goes down due to a network issue. If you pay for a service and it doesn’t work when needed, there should be a penalty to the service providers

    • RW-1

      I’d take the free month of unbilled service … Demanding a free month on unlimited data, is, well … 🙂

  • 4G up and running here in NEW HAVEN, CT. 

  • Pipsqueak

    LTE is running in Jersey City, NJ. (to give you an idea where I am, I can see,the Empire state building,from my kitchen window)

  • Nathan Kosakowski

    Lost 4g all morning. 3g worked. 4g back in action in chicago ow!

  • StormbladeX69

    I lost 3G/1G on my DX earlier this AM. Rebooted the phone and it came back. – Bremerton, WA

  • Anonymous

    Still just 3G here in Houston

  • Jmtanzo

    I’m here in Orange County, CA and its been down since around 1am. Was watching a movie on Netflix and lost all data connection.

  • jmich

    4G back Up in SE Wisconsin  10:38AM Central time

  • Anonymous

    I had a SIM card error on my XOOM this morning but a quick reboot took care of the issue.  4G on both that and my gnex. Cleveland, Oh

  • Rbianchi5

    Rochester ny full 4g. No issues.

  • Joe Smith

    I am in Phoenix, and I just have 3G…no 4G again this month BOO Verizon…

    • Joe Smith

      may have spoke too soon…just lost all data…

  • Omaha NE still down

  • Seattle: switching between 3G & No Data @ 83dBm on the G-Nexus

  • Acemannw

    We are still down Here in Minneapolis area

  • Unexpected62

    Wait so people have 3G? I don’t even have 3G… I have no mobile data. Orange County, Ca

  • Daniel Clifford

    Have 4G in Ann Arbor MI

  • dave

    I got 3g in nyc, verizon offered a credit as soon as i called …

  • 4G down in Seattle and Tacoma Washington.

  • Anonymous

    My Rezound is down to 1x here currently in Dallas, TX. 

  • LeetUsername

    Down to no data.

  • JJ69Chev

    same 4G as always here in minny

  • Anonymous

    Seattle area is working. Wasn’t even aware there was an issue. +1 to Seattle. -1 to most of its residents.

  • beantown

    sitting in boston with full 4G goodness

  • Went back up in detroit metro x<20min ago, better connection aswell(faster, seems more stable, and stronger)

  • Kaliboyred

    Out here in Los Angeles…

  • Anonymous

    3G and 4G back up in buffalo. 

  • maxpowers77

    I am 30 miles west of Milwaukee and no 3g or 4 g since around 6 am

  • Adam

    4 bars 4G.  As usual.  Galaxy Nexus!

    • Adam


      • Keith Sumner

        It’s not the phone that makes the difference, i’ts the network, the towers.

  • James Bernard

    4G in Richmond, VA…Maybe it’s just the West Coast?

  • Anonymous

    Lost all data on my Galaxy Nexus sometime last night in MN, noticed it sometime after midnight, when I tried shutting WiFi off.  Messed with it for about an hour, rebooted a bunch and whatnot, saw that it dialed *22899 on its own a couple times like it was trying to reprogram itself.  I tried ending the call and it instantly redialed again, so I let it go.  Ultimately, though, it did not help.  I finally concluded it was likely a network outage and went to bed.  When I got up at 9 AM, I turned WiFi off, and was instantly greeted by the lovely little 4G icon.

    • Rbrown35

      What part of MN I still only have 3G on my Bionic in TC area

      • Anonymous

        St. Cloud area.

  • Woke up to a sim activation error would not be surprised if the network is down again

  • Anonymous

    4G is strong in Fort Collins, CO – Moto Razr

    • Anonymous

      And on the Bionic – perfect 4G (and 3G when I set it to just that as well)  Sorry to everyone else, but CO is good!

  • akrob

    No 4G in Bentonville Arkansas. Had to switch my bionic to 3G only to get data.

  • Bfolks

    No 4G love in L.A.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    I’m In North San Diego County. 4G was down this morning.

  • Cmorty72

    Lost all data for a while last night. 3G finally came back on. Here it’s morning on the 21st, and STILL no 4G LTE!
    Hope Verizon plans on crediting us back for the lack of service!
    This is in the Champaign /Urbana,IL. area.

  • HuskerHog
  • Makarov

    We’ve been EMP’d! Should have used the Assassin perk!

    • StormbladeX69

      Add me if you are on XBL. Same as my name here. Looking for a Clan? Search Br4v0 on FB.

  • stuatc

    I live in a 3G only area outside Albany, NY (which is 4g).  I lost all data last night on my Bionic.  Came back for about 30 minutes this am and then gone again.  Still nothing.

  • Anonymous

    im all good now but i didnt have 3g or 4g all night on my nexus in upstate ny…just glad it wasnt my phone

  • Anonymous

    without 4G AND 3G *sadness

  • gallery69

    4G still down in Ann Arbor, MI. 3G Working.

  • Seanski

    Woke up at 6 AM without any data. Now (10:19 am central time) just rebooted and walked outside. 4G coverage works, confirmed with a test text to a friend. So here around Chicagoland, all seems well.

    • Keith Sumner

      Not for me friend, Chicago suburbs.

  • Nnnn

    Its the 4th time this has happened to me. Its never happened with the other carriers to my experience. Come on Verizon!

    I’ve noticed this issue always happens before the launch of a 4G LTE device. It happened with the Charge, Nexus and Droid 4, which is rumored to come out tomorrow. It’ll probably be delayed now by 1-2 weeks like the Nexus was with its data outage.

    How can you bring down the entire 4G network just by testing a new LTE phone prior to launch!? We are not your guinea pigs, you have R&D for this, pathetic Verizon!

  • No 4G outage for me so far..

  • Sir Lawrence

    Been rotating from 4g to no data in Gainesville, FL all morning. 4G has been holding strongly for the last half hour though.

    • Sir Lawrence

      Scratch that, down to no data again.

  • WazzuCougar02

    Thunderbolt had only 1x, and after a reset, is working at 3g. Xoom is also only 3g.  (Seattle)

  • Ted

    4G is back in Pittsburgh, PA

  • heatherd

    Didnt have 3g or 4g service from the time i woke up at 6:30 until about 9:30 eastern time. it seems to be back up and running in pittsburgh

  • Anonymous

    4g out, 3g working very slowly…spotty at best.  Columbus, Ohio  
    3g wireless data working slowly too.

  • just off the phone with business customer service, they said problem fixed, however you need to reboot phone to get data to work again, I’m in Spokane Wa and I tried to reboot and guess what after the phone powered up took a couple min then 3g data came on, No 4g and running a Galaxy Nexus

  • Anonymous

    All you Galaxy Nexus people whined and bitched so much that Verizon decided to troll all of you now that you have the phone, lol. I keed, I keed. I hope they get it fixed soon :-/

  • Harbo99

    Just got off the phone with tech support who confirmed nationwide outage.  I told him “For all your marketing that you have the most reliable network, it sure does go down a lot”.  His excuse was that nobody has done LTE on this large of a scale so all the problems happen to them.  For all the delays that Verizon has put on phones to “fix bugs”, we should not be having problems.

  • Gary Pasler

    4G UP in SE FL; didn’t notice a disruption (yet)

  • Hightop

    Still no 4g for my gnex in PDX


    4g active in ny and ct. 

  • Anonymous

    4g active in Milwaukee

  • No

    No 4G on the bionic here in Augusta, GA.

  • Yoderz

    I have no data connection (3G or 4G) on the SE side of Portland, OR. Phone calls are fine. Nexus hungry for data. No data make Nexus cranky.

  • I am only 3G in portland.

  • Ha, Battery issues completely resolved!!  No data, no battery drain.  🙂

  • Rickkane

    Lost all data at midnight, woke up at 730, still dead, rebooted and i have 3g now, but no LTE. Im in Newport Beach. 2nd day of having the GNex, and this is what i can look forward to?? Lol

  • Still only 3G in Downtown Detroit, MI. Usually full 5 bars 4GLTE in my office.

    • Anonymous

      the bars dont tell you how strong your internet is fyi

  • Tony

    Still out near Chicago.

    • Anonymous

      Mine just went back online. I’m in River North. 4 bars. -75dBm

  • 3G only in East bay. Cali

  • RW-1

    Back on here, hard thing to have happen when we are allready dealing with the GN issues, now one has to wonder if it is network, or the phone …

    With the GN I think it is also the auth issue, you don’t have 4G and cant get back on 3G, I posted a link to an artice on this int he other thread her at DL on the signal strength issue this morning, kinda does explain everything going on, fits the symptoms …

  • Anonymous

    4G was out in Rancho Cucamonga, Now its back and 3G never went away

  • eze4

    This seems to be a constant thing with Verizon. This is something at&t, sprint or t-mobile should be going through

  • Bionicman

    WOW im soooo glad its not a problem with my Nexus lol i was already dreading having to return it. im glad its an outage, i mean im not glad but you know what i mean 😛

  • Billyrouth2000

    Its not just 4g, i havent had 3g all morning

  • out in the Bay of Cali, still no data, not even showing 3g…

  • Sk102704

    3g and 4g back on in Connecticut

  • Sean Cahill

    Had no data (3G or 4G) from sometime during the night until about 9:30am (central time) in middle TN. Shortly before service returned, my GNex auto dialed *22899 and was “reprogrammed”. I’m guessing this was the fix for the outage because 10-15min later I had strong 4G again.

    • Mikewoods94

      *22899 is an alternative update for 3G so I wouldn’t do that manually. Although it may work (not break your sim card) if you have disabled LTE.

  • Chi-Town is NOT down anymore! 4G is back up @ 10:08am.

  • Boston, MA outage happened last night, too. Which was frustrating because I just got the phone yesterday so I thought it was the phone, wiped everything, installed Pete’s 4.03 ROM and still didn’t see any improvement. About 2 hours later, around 10AM EST 4G came back.

  • eze4

    We’re still goimg hard out here in H-town

  • Anonymous

    Mine just came back on 5 mins ago at 10am in Chicago.  I had no service today until then.

  • Anonymous

    I have had my nexus for 28 hours now, and 14 of them are without 4g data.
    Thanks verizon, i ditched my dead reliable droid x for this nonsense

  • Sp4rxx

    Could be the outage, or could be hardware – but I have 3G, but no 4G; but I have a SIM Card error and it says to contact customer service….

    RAZR – Cleveland, OH

  • Yoderz

    We mad bros. 

  • LTE seems to be back for me in Chicago

  • i have no data at all here in arkansas…

  • SysAdmin

    Just came back up recently here — Richmond, VA.

  • shdowman

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA. No data at all. 3G or 4G

  • gadgetryan

    Mine is still out in So. Cali.

  • MiaC

    No 4G near Los Angeles, CA.  At the moment, no 3G either.  

  • Mikewoods94

    PA here. Started out this morning from 6am-8am EST with no Data connectivity however making and recieving calls and email was working fine. No Gtalk or Web connection. I tried multiple reboots and a battery pull and nothing, then it just started working around 8am EST.

    Signal strength continues to suck.

    • Mikewoods94

      York, PA sry.

  • Rob Becker

    Wouldn’t it be funny if it were misbehaving Razrs? 

  • Raptor2679

    No 3G or 4g in irvine ca. Can someone explain to me why my wife’s iPhone, also on Verizon, can access data but my nexus can’t whether I am on CDMA or LTE? Technical answers would be appreciated

    • Anonymous

      It’s because the 700Mhz frequency is experiencing problems. The 3G only frequency, which the iPhone only runs on, is fine.

      • Raptor2679


      • Raptor2679

        Actually…follow up dumb question. If I change to CDMA only, shouldn’t it then operate on the same frequency as the iPhone or og droid? Or do the new phones with LTE operate on a different CDMA frquency altogether and this outage we are seeing is both the 700mhz being down as well as the CDMA frequencies being down?

  • Anonymous

    No 3g or 4g in los angeles. After reboot only 3g

  • 3g intermittent in New Orleans and LTE is definitely down

  • RMark

    3g/4g just came back.  Madison WI

  • Rsims26

    No 4G here in Portland, OR (near the airport)

    • Hightop

      Dawgs in the PDX! Bow Down to Washington!

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    It’s all “groovy” in Portland, is that because of the LTE, or is it the LSD, the THC or the MGD?

  • Cereed09

    Lost all data on my gnex for an hour now just 3g northern illinois

    • Cereed09

      4g just came back as i posted

  • TT

    Not in a 4G area, but I have no 3G at all and keeps bouncing from 1x to no connection at all on G-Nex in South Jersey.

  • atcjedf

    Service back upon Cleveland Ohio. Did anyone get a sim card error with the outage? I got one today but a restart with the sim pulled solved it. 4g was back up then as well.

  • GNEX

    4G outage here in Louisville, KY. I had reboot my GNEX to get 3G this morning.

  • EC8CH

    If there wss an outage in MN i never noticed it.

    • Anonymous

      There’s been random outages near Rochester, I’ve been up since 5 am and it’s been getting increasingly better but still off and on. If I force my GN to CDMA only, it’s fine.

      • EC8CH

        Im further north in the Fargo area… 4g has been rock solid here as far as I’ve noticed.

  • Anonymous

    -93dBm 2asu  Plattsburgh, NY GNex

  • Anonymous

    per @nitroglycerin33: Data workaround on a 4G Device:Navigate to Settings->Wireless & Network Settings ->Mobile Networks-> Network Mode -> CDMA Only. Wait 15 seconds. Next, make a phone call. You should at least have 3G data back about 15 seconds after your phone call.

    • Thanks, this was really helpful! I kept switching my radio only, but the phone call made all the difference.

  • Illinipoke98

    No 4 g in Bartlesville OK.

    Either 3g is dropping once in a while or yesterday’s bionic update didn’t fix the data drop issue.

  • Grand Rapids, MI back up and running in the last 10 minutes or so.

  • Zionlion02

    I had no data at Boston Logan when my flight got in around 6am. Had nothing for at least an hour. I was furious as I have the G Nex with Verizon and thought it was a bug…..prob the the first and last time I’ll say i’m happy it was verizon’s network and not me.

    Was back up by 830am for me. EST.

  • Orlando/Kissimmee area Florida 4G was down now its up.

  • Just noticed I’m back on 4G here in Philadelphia (10:56am on 12/21/11)

  • Just was able to start using data again about an hour ago here (Charlotte, NC). 3G and 4G were not working at all almost all morning.

  • Seth

    woke up with nothing, have seen both 3g and 1x since, but nothing right now as of 11:00 am EST

    raleigh, nc

  • Drolls54

    down here in NM only weak 3g signal on my nexus wtf

  • Escoallenpoe

    No 4g here in Chicago… this is becoming annoying

  • 3g has been on and off this sucks right now

  • Joejoe509

    Galaxy Nexus Spokane, WA

    Network seems to be fine here! In fact i’m getting a much better 4G signal than before. Download dpeed is stillmediocre at 12K down. It was previously doing about 9-10K down but my Rezound was doing 16K in the same spot. Oh well i’m turning 4G off to save power anyway.

  • No LTE in the southern Puget Sound area in Washington.  3G was missing in some spots as well.

  • JCS

    I live in a non-4G area so I keep my phone locked into CDMA.  My 3G signal is stronger this morning, no data or connectivity issues.  

    Also, I noticed that my Mobile network type (under About Phone) has changed from yesterday.  Anyone else seeing this?

  • I had no service this morning, then just 3G, then no service again and now I have my normal 4G service again for about and hour or two.

    Charleston, SC

    • Nate8u

      No 3 or 4 G as usual bionic……. awesome!

  • Matt

    Still no data (3G or 4G) here in Detroit.  🙁

    • I’m getting 1x and 3G (unreliably) but no 4GLTE. I’m in the Penobscot … 

  • Anonymous

    Troy, MI no 4g, 3g is hit and miss. disconnected wifi cause a mms wasnt sending and just noticed.

    -93dBm 2 asu

    • Anonymous

      Yep no 4g for me either. Troy, MI

  • im still down this sucks no movies at work today lol

  • intermittant 3G only here in the SF Bay Area for me.  No 4G at all.

  • LTE just came back in downtown Chicago. Was out until 20 mins ago.

    •  Scratch that, down to 1 bar of 3G.

  • Anonymous

    No 3 or 4G in San Diego…..really no data!  It’s really awesome when you rely on my mobile broadband 4G to work remote from our office.  Guess who is going to have to make the 1hr commute to the office because of VZW today?

  • No 4G in Dallas. Got strong 3G though.

  • Anonymous

    4g came back on around 10:45 am est for me. It was definitely not working earlier.


    Is this gonna delay the Nexus again?

    • Anonymous

      The Nexus caused the outage…..people can’t resist streaming porn in HD

      • Bill Morrow

        Interesting that it seems every time they launch a new phone a day or a few days later there is a 4g outtage…Tbolt, Charge, Bionic, Razer(I think?), Nexus….

  • Mine is out in Ohio…3rd time this week.

  • Tony Spence

    4G back up for me.  on the east coast.

  • Don

    No data of any type (3G, 4G) in New Orleans.   This is embarrassing.  

  • weapon x

    Strong 3G but no 4G at the moment. I usually have full bars of 4G. San Antonio TX.  Rooted Razr

  • 3G is alive and kicking just outside Chattanooga TN. (dont know about 4G, im not close enough)

  • Yes, no 4G in Los Angeles:(

  • Corey Foltman

    Schenectady, NY was out this morning. got 4G back around 745 though.

  • Bionic

    no LTE in South Bend, IN  using a bionic.  Hell i had to reset my phone in order to get 3G

    • Cincyman321

      No 4G or 3G this morning in Cincy. 3G came back a couple of hours ago. 4G came back an hour ago and all is good now

    • Same, I have 3G now -90dbm 3 asu on Thunderbolt

  • Chris Shinn

    Savannah, GA: 3G finally working but no 4G yet.  Had to switch to CDMA only mode here on “America’s Fastest and Most Reliable 4G Network”.

  • Oneder15

    All is down here in a
    Albuquerque.. not even CDMA!!!!

  • Njennings

    No 4G in Dallas.  3G is fine.

  • Anonymous

    NYC – 4G working as of 10:45am (galaxy nexus)

  • Slicer1138

    Everythings Fine here in NJ 4g is as strong as always

  • Erkleehoo

    You really need East Coast reporter, I am available. Woke up with nothing , now have weak 3G only on my shiny new Nexus. Morristown TN

  • Stormin

    4G is working in Indianapolis!

  • Just got it back. Newark, NJ

  • Niteqwill

    No 4G here in Irvine/Newport Beach, CA.

  • Any coincidence that OTA Software update “Thunderbolt_2.11.605.9” tried & failed to download this morning?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the West Coast is benefiting from the 4g outage more bars/strength than usual lol

  • Logan

    Annapolis, MD.  I have no 3G or 4G 🙁

    • Logan

      Sure enough, as soon as i posted this, it came back up….

  • Anonymous

    4G here in Columbus, OH.  It was out just a few minutes ago.

  • Yeah, but you gotta live in Jersey! I’d say it’s a push! LOL JK 🙂

  • Rp780

    Nothing is working in MD. I can’t call, text or email

  • Stephen

    Central Jersey no 4g

  • Bicycle019

    4G fine here in the Boulder, CO area.

  • LTE came back up about 30-40 minutes ago for me in Tampa, FL. 3G was on about an hour earlier.

  • Anonymous

    And to think they want to switch completely over to the 4g…

  • Zebra

    I had no 4G or 3G around 7AM CST in Wisconsin this morning. I’m getting 3G now but it’s pretty weak signal and slow.

    • jmich

      Same here!  9:55 am Central time!  

      • PC_Tool

        4G working in Minneapolis.  Has been all morning.   Seems to be down in Rochester, MN though according to a poster on another site. 

        Bizarre stuff…

  • Anonymous

    27.02 Mbps down/ 16.32 Mbps Up

  • Adam Wiggins

    I was getting 3G while I had it on 3G only.  Switched back to LTE, and now I’m getting no data. 

    I’m near Akron, OH

  • G-Nex here in AZ, no 3g or 4g but if you force your phone to CDMA only and make a call, then switch back to CDMA/LTE, your 3g data will come up so you at least have a little service.

  • Me08053

    No 4G in the Philly area

  • Guest

    working fine in DC

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the East Coast I had 3G coverage in PA but on my way to work in Maryland I dropped both 3G and 4G.

  • Orlando == Toast.

  • Anonymous

    4 Bars here in New Brunswick, NJ

  • Teng247

    working fine here in Utah

    • Cameron Rich

      It was down at around 1 am in Utah until at least 6 or 7 am! I live in Murray, Utah and it was down. Unfortunaltely for me I thought it was my phone and did a master reset, it takes me days and days to login get stuff the way I like it! :*(

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Verizon is buying all this AWS to launch a 3g umts/hspa network for fallback since its evident that eHRPD is a POS with corn in it. 😉

  • Anonymous

    1X in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • 4G is up 11 MB down, 3.5 MB up in QuadCities (IA/IL)

    • Anonymous

      good to know when i go out there in April my phone will still have 4g to rely on

  • PAJ

    In Minneapolis area my last push update was around 2:00am and I just got 4G back an hour or so ago.  And here I started believing it was my Bionic letting me down. LOL

  • jaymm

    No 4g and little to no 3g in Akron, Ohio

  • Anonymous

    3G was down near Cleveland but LTE is working great

  • DWM

    4G been working fine all morning in Colorado Springs & Denver.

  • s2k_848

    Downtown Minneapolis, MN…no 4G…only showing 3G and I am on a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Pnoymagnetix

    no 4g, spotty 3g on my bionic here in vegas

  • beaumont, tx… yes… 3g just came on an hour ago…

  • No 4G all morning in DC, 3G’s been pretty spotty.

  • Brian

    Still no 4G here in Chicago. 3G is back up though. 

  • Here in phx az my bionic moves in and out of 3G but no 4G here at all

  • Anonymous

    Charlotte, NC – No 4G, in and out 3G.  Verizon is really messing this up.

    • Anonymous

      Just came back in Charlotte

  • 4G is out in Chicago, as far as I can tell.

  • Finally got 4G back in DCMDVA area on Droid Bionic!

  • Misledred

    Back up in Baltimore Md area and seems much faster than usual

  • Zachary Newman

    3G/4G is working fine in Saint Paul, MN

    • yeah it was down for me in the Roseville area this morning, but all seems to be back to normal now

  • thefullritz

    4G was down at 6:30 EST when I left for work, now back up and running.

  • Lucas Monroe

    I’ve got it here in Tennessee.

  • Anonymous

    no 4G all morning and sporadic 3G

  • Def

    Still down on Staten Island, NY.

  • Andrew Bayley

    North Oakland County (Michigan), no 3G or 4G as of this morning (e.g. when I woke up).  

  • im in seattle. 4g has been down from about 2am and still is down at 7:40am. At least I have 3G

    • Anonymous

      Seattle here as well. No 3g or 4g. Had to hop on wifi

  • LTE is back up in Charleston, SC at least for me 

  • Dhuff44

    Finally back on in Oxford ohio area

  • Southeast Michigan is still down. I can occasionally get 3G but it’s spotty. I’m in a STRONG 4GLTE area and haven’t had 4GLTE all day, and as was typing this I just lost 3G again. I thought we were on the most reliable network on the planet???? I’m mainly joking, but these outages are NOT COOL.

  • Todd

    No 3G or LTE in Los Angeles as of 7:40am PST

  • Hedney3

    Yup still no 4g here. Right outside of DC

    • Punkdefied

      Here in Fairfax, VA it just came back on.

    • Hedney3

      Nevermind 4g back up and running! 

  • John

    3G/4G back here in TN – finally

  • Agreed, but if you’re doing a mass planned outage then schedule it for 3am please.

  • Miguel Nieves

    downtown Chicago, no 4g here. galaxy nexus

    • Same with Downtown Detroit.Usually 5 bars 4GLTE here in the office.

  • Anonymous

    This is starting to be an embaressment for VZ and also a growing concern….

    • Bill Morrow

      Yeah over in Huber it’s been awful today.

  • RMark

    3g spotty, at best.  No 4g all morning, and no 3g right now.  Madison WI

  • Adam M

    I’m in Ohio, and still have 4G.  However, my service has been really terrible.  I updated my GN radio to the leaked version, not sure if that played a role haha.

    • RMark

      Same, wondering same, but my buddy who is complete 4.0.2 stock messaged me asking about 3g/4g issues, so I don’t think it’s the radio.

  • T Hall

    No 4G in Spokane, WA.

  • Mike

    2 bars in Denver

  • Brodie Krause

    My 3G was out from about 2a.m. CST to about 7a.m. CST here in central Illinois

  • Lou77

    Not working correctly here in Boston

    • Lou77

      I stand corrected, literally just came back on.

  • Vargus21

    3G and 4G outages are being reported. Still have 3G in my area, but I don’t get 4G here anyway.

  • Chewey246

    My signal strength is much better after the outage.  Same spot today is -75 yesterday was -105!  If Verizon needs to shut it down to make it better I will support that!

    • Chewey246

      Forgot to put Rochester, MN 

    • Anonymous

      Mine too! Weird isnt it? GNex is reporting stronger signam strength. (orange county, NY)

    • Anonymous

      i agree, i would think that this was not done purposely, but i would be willing to give up 4g for a day if it meant verizon fine tuning the network (and of course giving everyone a heads up!)

      just got back 4g in NYC

      • Chewey246

        The heads up would probably alleviate the anger 😉

  • Anonymous

    I got 4G back around 7:30 central time (2 hours ago).

  • Southeast (NC) seems to be back online now. Both 4G and 3G.

  • “I’m back baby!!”

  • YES in Nashville!   🙁

  • *JUST* popped back in my part of the world near DC.

  • rockford, IL . . down

  • Stingray

    3G only in Rochester NY

  • Zgillat

    Down in Irvine, since last night.

  • Goatweed

    no 4G for me, I barely have 3G. been this way all morning, I’ve had the Nexus less than a week…thanks Verizon!

    • Goatweed

      I’m in NYC, by the way – sorry.

      • Anonymous

        Where at?  I’m way west in Hells Kitchen, synching music over 4G now, no issues.  Just came back about 15 mins ago.

  • Anonymous

    4G back up in NYC, Gal Nex

  • 4G out in Arizona. My phone also made a call to *2899 by itself at around 7am. I wasn’t even touching it, just heard it dial out and program. Strong 3G signal though.

  • Anonymous

    3g only in Houston TX

  • Anonymous

    Near Tampa, FL. Started out with no data this morning, then just 3G, then no data, now have had 4G LTE for about an hour now. Droid Bionic.

    • Keith Sumner

      U aggravated with the outages, bro?

      I know I am.


      • Anonymous

        How could you not be? I thought we were paying a premium for these phones for the network?

    • Alexa White

      Which part of near Tampa? I’m on the 4G cusp up here in Wesley Chapel, can’t tell if it’s out or not since it comes and goes anyway.

      • Anonymous

        I work right by the airport, so a good ways south of you. I always get a good 4G LTE signal here. You get 4G LTE in Wesley Chapel? Wow!

        • Alexa White

          It’s mostly along the highway.  At the VZW store where I picked up the GNex, I had 4G there (right next to the highway).  I live a mile away and haven’t noticed 4G at home yet.  Their coverage map says I should be getting it, but it’s not a big deal since I have wifi most of the time anyway.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, my office is right off of Anderson by the airport and we have 4g again. I drive all over the state and the 4 g pops up all over I75 north of Wesley chapel too.some off it comes from the Orlando area and gainsville.and the it goes All the way across I 4 to Daytona and also down to sarasota. I think ft myers has it too now. Florida has great 4g coverage.

    • Agreed. I can confirm that we have 4G back up in the Tampa, FL area 

    • Kornfag11

      Cleveland ohio. This morning, nothing. No 4g or 3g. I was like wtf! I couldnt check anything to see what was going on. A couple of hours ago i got 3g back but it is slow as hell right now.

  • I have no 4G and no 3G… i had to get onto Wifi just to confirm this BS…. why do we pay all this money for a high end phone with outages all the time? BS

  • Tyrone

    4G is back up in the DC area.

  • Whackjester

    Outage here in L.A.

  • 4G is still out here in the DC area…we’re only on 3G at this point.

    • Alexandria, South of DC and I’ve got 4G

  • Keith Sumner

    No 3G or 4G here in Elgin, IL.

  • Anonymous

    Still can’t get 4G here in Philly

  • iPhone FTW

    • Idiot. iPhone can’t even do 4G. And what good is it without any sort of data in an outage? Get a life.