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Android Market Hosting Music Blowout Sale: Half a Million Albums for $4.99, Over 10 Million Tracks for 49 Cents

If you have yet to frequent the Music section in the Android Market, now would probably be a good time to start. A “blowout sale” is underway that will get you into a half a million different albums for $5 each or 10 million different tracks for just 49 cents. Not a bad way for Google to push this new venture.

Market Links:  Promo Page of Singles | Top Albums

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  • It would be nice if Google would release a legitimate desktop application instead of just the uploader/downloader. I would completely rid myself of itunes

    • why do you want a desktop app?  the idea is that it’s in the cloud and you don’t have to have anything on your computer.

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with the one they have now, out of curiosity? I only really use it at work, and it works great for me (and on my Droid, of course).

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  • eze4

    Now if they can only get warner to jump on board this will be great.

  • cantcurecancer

    Google music is definitely great and is here to stay. For being a music service that just launched, they have tons of content. iTunes still blows everyone out of the water, they probably have more than thrice the catalog over Google. Time Warner needs to stop being a little beach and jump aboard, and more independent labels would be fantastic.

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