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Ice Cream Sandwich Makes Its Way To The DROIDX In The Form Of EncounterICS


Development for the DROIDX is still going strong and Ice Cream Sandwich has unofficially made its way to the handset thanks to the underground Android developer community.  A dev by the name of firstEncounter over at RootzWiki got a little tired of not seeing enough ICS for his device and decided to go ahead and start making one that worked properly.

He must have done pretty well because we have been getting lots of emails regarding his work.  From the looks of the forum post, his ROM almost has all the fully working features one would hope for in a daily driver.  The ROM is based on CyanogenMod 9 and has working radio/data, SMS, WiFi, hardware buttons, and so much more.  But as always, there are a few things that are not working as well such as the camera, MMS, and voice input.  Development is continuous so we are sure to see some of those kinks worked out soon. 

If you want to give ICS on your DX a go, then follow the via link down below and make sure to read the instructions and create a backup.  Good luck and have fun!

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • [email protected]

    I can’t even be my Droid x rooted! I have tried so many things with no luck. I have the latest update from Verizon … not sure if they patched it so u can’t??

  • Kirk16ngo

    Where ar the instructions? I did go the site an di cant find it. Is it a video b/c i would help so much.

  • LexSinatra

    ok so where do i download it?

  • Jim

    Will you have the camera working soon or will there be a patch soon?  That is one deal breaker for me.

  • nice, ill check it out once everything is working, would love to beta test but my phone is kind of an important part of my life so I need it to be fully functional

  • 4579lee

    Good job but I need camera working

  • Is there a “How To..” on how to install this mod for ICS on the DX? I’m having trouble figuring out how it works. 

  • Does anyone know if this works on the DX2 as well?

  • Kuboo99

    I am running it now along with the on-screen button mod. It is pretty good.

  • Skittleoid

    yes long live the Droid X

  • Will

    I’m unable to install any apps from the market, “…could not be downloaded due to an error”. Any suggestions/fixes? (and I have tried clearing the market cache.

  • jackie moore

    This is sweet and he is only 16 wow just wait till he turns 17….gee whiz

  • DX2 please and Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Those who already have it running, how easy is it to switch back to a previous backup (eg. MIUI Rom on .602 base)? Does Clockwork recovery work, or would I have to do the volume down thing when it boots up?
    I am very eager to try this out, but only if I can switch back easily. Quite a few things don’t work it seems but I have faith in the dev community.
    Also, whats the dealio on the buttons? Is menu the multasking button for ICS on DX?

    • Luke Street

      ClockworkMod Recovery is accessible through the bootmenu. Multitasking is opened by holding down the home button.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm I thought multi-tasking having its own button would have been ideal. 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get past the boot animation

  • Sandy McLean

    Loving it on my Droid X,  Thank you!!!

  • Trfking

    Damn. If only the camera was working. That’s a dealbreaker to me.

  • Wooo, I <3 the dev community.  You guys are awesome.

  • Jared Kirk

    Too late… just traded my DX for the GNex . Got the real deal now 🙂

    • I still have the OG Droid and the DX… would love to see full functioning ICS on the DX, even tough I have the SGN as well. For some reason, I am very excited to run ICS on the DX.

      • Jared Kirk

        It probably would have made the last few months a bit more bearable for me if it increases performance as much as people say it does, but I still would have wanted the GN.  The hardware is just so much better.  The experience is way more fluid and enjoyable on the GN.  And the camera is in my opinion way better, despite the lower megapixel number… the pictures are just less fuzzy and grainy.  Plus the shutter speed is amazing… I can take 5 pictures in the time it took me to take 1 on the DX

  • Anonymous

    This is the Droid Life I love! Featured ROMs and other awesome hacking goodness.

  • Chey023

    text messaging works, picture texts do not. This is a work around for the usb, “Multi Mount SD-Card Lite, connect ur usb to pc and click the widget.” I haven;t tested it though. And flash this for a killer look, “ICS Button Bar for EncounterICS”. Also on rootzwiki.

    • Anonymous

      But why would you want the soft buttons when you already have buttons on the DX? Seems a bit redundant to me. Plus we don’t have the luxury of a larger screen like GNex owners so we have less screen real estate to play with.

  • Chey023

    I left out a few things. texts works, picture texts do not. I don’t use voice stuff, not sure if there’s a work around. This is a usb work around, haven’t tried it yet, “Multi Mount SD-Card Lite, connect ur usb to pc and click the widget”.  

    This rom is killer. This makes it really pop. “ICS Button Bar for EncounterICS”, also on rootzwiki.

  • Luke Street

    Dev here, just wanted to say thanks for featuring this. Definitely made my morning 🙂

    And yes, wizard0f0s and I are in the process porting MIUI v4 now!

    • awesome job!

    • i got the G-Nex when it came out but i think i’m def still gonna put this on my DX. you rock!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously I think this is awesome!  I really liked my Droid X when I had it and my son still has one. He might be interested in this. 

  • Lmrojas

    Ill wait for MMS and camera to be fixed. I do a lot of sexting

  • Gabriel Forgie

    Also note that this kid’s only 16! Really impressive for such a young age.

    • Haha that means he was either 13 or 14 when this phone was released…. wow

      • Anonymous

        lolwut the Droid X came out in July 2010

        • touche … feels much older than that. Good call cizzlen.

          • Anonymous

            Certainly does as it’s nearly 1.5 years old now and has been through a heck of a lot since then. 

          • PB


          • Anonymous

            Rooting, roms, you know being Moto’s flagship device? Just felt like I had it for a long time, or too long almost. 



  • Guest

    I’m confused…is this just a glorified theme?  How do they do this with a locked bootloader?

    • Will Rodgers

      Not its not a theme, its still on the gingerbread kernel but everything else is Android 4.0, almost all the features. 

      • Guest

        Ah got it.  Thanks!

    • Bobccaruso

      It’s called 2nd Init, hijacks the kernel init

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Time to bring my DX back from the dead. It’s no longer activated so I don’t need MMS….and I have 7 other devices with cameras so that doesn’t matter to me either.

  • Gary

    Been running this for days now. Its just so smooth and clean, its my daily driver i dont really care about the camera/mms. Theres even a flashable zip to add the software keys.  

  • if its on DX where is teh D2 😉 lol

  • Should’ve been on the Bionic but still looks nice. 

    • For some reason this version of ICS seems to run better on the Droid X than the current Bionic ICS offerings. Hopefully progress on the DX and D3 will aid progress on the Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    I literally just activated my Galaxy Nexus and put down my DX the first time ever! how ironic lol

  • TheMan

    good luck getting the GPU architecture reworked in the HAL. run some benchmarks on it and you will see it is suck performance.   wait for the oem unless you want cosmetic rights.

    • Kuboo99

      Except I don’t think Moto has any plans of updating the Droid X to ICS.

      • I certainly hope they do. The DX was a huge hit, being the biggest phone Verizon just before the iPhone. The model is 1.5 years old, unless the hardware is just incompatible, I certainly hope they give it the update. I’m toting the seemingly little sister of the DX, the Pro and I still adore my phone and would hate to have to find it lagging. Hope Hope Hope!

    • If it feels smooth, who gives a damn about benchmarks?

    • Ben Kafka

      I think that’s an ICS thing, benchmark programs aren’t optimized for it yet. The G-nex even has crap performance in Quadrant, doesn’t mean it’s slow.

  • figure i jump ship to a charge thinking newer phone would mean more options, so not true now i want my DX back.

  • Anonymous

    Huge +1 for Pendulum.

  • Bewara2009

    Will this work for dx2?

    • Kuboo99

      Nope. However there might be some ICS ports/roms for the DX2 I just don’t know of any…

  • Chey023

    Running this for a few days. Other than no camera, it’s great.

    • Been running this for a few days as well. Its the best ICS port I’ve run yet! Very smooth and fairly issue free. 

    • Borat99

      What’s the flash instruction for this?

  • Anonymous

    The camera is always the last thing to be fixed

  • Anonymous

    “has working …, MMS, ….  But as always, there are a few things that are not working as well such as …, MMS, …”I think MMS has multiple meanings. Maybe the Mulitmedia Messaging Service works but the Microwave Motion Sensor is still not working.

    • SMS 😉 

      • Anonymous

        You guys fixed that quick!

  • A big thanks to the dev’s who make our old phones hold their value as carriers and manufacturers continue to neglect anything that’s not the latest and greatest…

    I have to mention that the Verizon Fascinate currently has a very solid and responsive ICS ROM.  We just updated to Team Hacksung’s build 2 last night which brings us up to 4.0.3

    Love it.  

  • MMS does not work.

  • aholeinthewor1d

    i didnt think that would work ha i emailed DL last night about this

  • So is MMS working or not working?

    • aholeinthewor1d

      no mms is not working yet..either is the camera, speaker phone, and various other little things…and there is a fix for usb storage, recovery, and gallery in the first post

    • Yep, sorry. Meant SMS in the working section 🙂

  • antintyty

    can’t wait for this to be finished!! in the meantime….MIUI w/ ICS theme is pretty darn close too!! LoL

    • Bobccaruso

      The dev in in progress with a MIUI 4 port

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work.