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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Now Available For Android

Game publisher Gameloft has just released their highly awaited Modern Combast 3: Fallen Nation to the Android Market.  If you are big into FPS games and are a fan of the Battlefield or Call of Duty series, then you will be right at home.  The game runs a not-so-bad $6 and has plenty of features to keep anybody busy.  With not only a huge story mode with 13 missions, there are multiplayer game lobbies with up to 12 players on 6 different maps to extend gameplay.

All of these features will put a nice dent in your phone’s storage though.  As stated in the Market, the game requires a full 1.37GB of free storage on your phone.  Good bye, Angry Birds. Enjoy the trailer down below. 

Market Link

  • Dracon6ai

    Reason Gameloft does In-App purchases is because its EXTREMELY easy to get a free copy of the game though illegal means. Making much if not ALL of the hard work to make this game go to waste, granted YES is it ALOT like MW3 but what online multiplayer military shooter isn’t? So in order to pay the people who work hard to make the game, which it is a bad @*$ game, they made in-app purchases available in the game. Yes, it is OP to those who feel like blowing $50 for a ton of in game cash so they can get every upgrade out there, but it is still possible for everyone else to do it without spending extra. Granted it’ll take ALOT longer. So in a nutshell, unless Android pulls a “Apple” move and block the ability to side load apks (which they never will) then pirates will always ruin the security and profitability of games so in-app purchases are the ONLY way to make some $$ off if it. Do some research on how shafted devs get for putting apps on Android instead of Apple or Windows Mobile. Its truly sickening and I’m surprised killer games like “Shadowgun” still come out and NOT have in-app purchases. 

  • It seems OK, but i’m obsessed with Angry Birds and Jeebboo (www.jeebboo.com). I think i read somewhere that Football Manager 2012 is also available for Android and iOS5..have you heard anything ?? 

  • Kennyngueyn

    Help me out? Okay, I got a “Samsung Galaxy 2 Sprint” And I downloaded this game last week. Whenever, I play online. It won’t saved my data? For instance, saying I got 985 coin. And I start going to a another room, playing 1 round. And now, I have 1540 coin. When I left the room, it would say I got “985 coins” ?!?!? Why does it do that? I get really pissed off, please help! Also my XP -.-

  • imade karari

    Works immaculately on my Incredible S, Actually better than my PSP! And working online! :D:D


  • imade karari

    It takes a while to load on my HTC Thunderbolt, but it’s a great FPS for mobile devices (if not the best — so far).


  • Anonymous

    Let me tell you. Gameloft is a stellar company to deal with and I enjoy buying their games…NOT!

  • Anonymous

    I dunno what “Modern Combast” is but Modern Combat looks pretty darn good!

  • steve lucking

    *READ THIS*……Modern combat 3 is compatible with almost every device out there regardless of what the market says…just find the apk somewhere. it will work. I have a Vibrant and says not compatible but it is, and runs perfect…

    • Which apk file? Ive tried a few

    •  I guess I was one of the unlucky ones, I tried installing and running the game. It literally told me the device wasn’t compatible and shut itself off. This was RUNNING the game, not the app market.

  • steve lucking

    Either way….play this game…they did an awesome job on it. Just dont feed into the IAP crap and buy ammo refills etc. You will anger the android gawds! lol

  • Android

    Modern Combast 3: Fallen Nation I can’t wait! 😉 Sorry, not trying to troll 😛 just couldn’t resist the spelling mistake 🙂
    Either way, don’t think I’ll end up buying it. Would want a physical controller not touch screen controls. and Yes I know i can connect a physical controller by bluetooth, but still. I’ll save this kind of stuff for xbox and ps3

  • RaptorOO7

    Typical Gameloft move where they just don’t support the devices people use.  No one is going to get a game that isn’t supported.

    • Fred Alfonzo

      I bought the game and it works perfectly and even looks perfect. The only thing I don’t understand is why they are selling it for $7 when the game is worth at least $20

  • Anonymous

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  • Drinksprite

    bootleg ass modern warfare 3

  • Theraskell

    Not available for the GNex, boo… I would have bought it too

  • TheAndroid1

    Did they block multiplayer over 4g again?

  • Forrest Tracey

    I got it b4 it was pulled…. on my G-Nex but there are bugs, the accelerometer was having problems! I also have issues with Google Sky working with the accelerometer 

  • Clifford Gadd

    Not compatible with my G-Nex, OG Droid, or my Asus Transformer?! What is it compatible with?

    • John P

      That’s ridiculous! Maybe tegra devices only?

      • Anonymous

        Not compatible with my G-Nex, OG Droid, or my Asus Transformer?! What is it compatible with? Transformer is Tegra 2

  • Steenerk

    I have the galaxy nexus and its saying my device isn’t compatible

  • I tried to download it from the market on my Rezound but it says my device is not compatible. What’s the point of making an “HD” game if you can’t use it on phones with an HD display?

  • Anonymous

    with a large storage like this, pretty soon, you’ll need to connect a hard drive to play your games.

    • Fred Alfonzo

      Its all a scam. The Developers complain about the refund policy being 24 hours. So now that it was lowered to 15 minutes game developers release apps that are advertised as 2 mb in the android market but then once you purchase it you are required to download another few gb. So by the time you are done installing the extra data and actually try the game the refund time is up and you are stuck with the game. I’m actually glad gameloft mentoned the 1 gb of extra data so I know how much storageI have to free up.

  • Fred Alfonzo

    does anyone know if the multiplayer is good and worth the $6?

  • Enigma2u

    Ur barely giving up Angry birds ….lol jk honestly thou as long as it entertains me and it dosent cost more then a meal at IN-N-OUT burger i am all good lol and this seems to fit the bill….oh fyi im in luv with my Gnex…I call her Sexy Nexy lol

  • Anonymous

    Are they actually licensed to make these games or do they just straight up rip them off and charge ridiculous prices for them?

    It seems like they realized people wont buy their crap when it’s $15. To make up for it though it seems like they gimp you purposefully then add in game purchases to screw you over more. I haven’t played this one but that’s generally how they operate from my experience.

    • steve lucking

      unfortunately Gameloft has just started doing this. All of their games prior to lets golf 3 were pay and then you got full content with no store or IAP. Sucks, this will most definatly be the downfall for android gaming.

  • Anonymous

    Support for ICS?

    • Freezes up for me right now…

    • The market is allowing me to make the purchase on a Bionic running ICS 4.0.3, but I have not tried to run the game.

  • Kkk

    I wonder what IP Gameloft will rip off next. Uncharted?   : ) 

    • Anonymous

      lol. I was thinking the same thing. Blatant rip-off of COD:MW.

    • Anonymous

      They’re coming out with a new RPG called The Legendary Zilta.

    • Jason Purp

      They did that already.

    • steve lucking

      uncharted was already done with Shadow Guardian.