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Eric Schmidt: “In the Next Six Months We Plan to Market a Tablet of the Highest Quality”

In a conversation with an Italian newspaper, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has gone on record that Google is pushing hard to bring a Nexus tablet to the market within six months.  Schmidt gave little on details of the tablet, but stated that it would be “of the highest quality.”  With Google and Motorola’s new relationship, could we see Moto being tasked with the tablet project?  Or possibly Samsung?  It seems as if they have been in Google’s favor after being commissioned to produce the last two Nexus devices including the Galaxy Nexus.

With the already abundant supply of different Android tablets, maybe it is time Google came out and made one definitive tablet that people knew and recognized as Google’s answer to Apple’s iPad.  Schmidt also weighed in ever so slightly on Google’s plans to possibly have Majel, Google’s counter to Siri, on board the device.  No matter who makes the tablet, we as consumers are sure to win. While we wait for pricing, release dates, specs and hypebeasting, tell us what you would hope a pure Google tablet would have on board.  Huge processor?  Newer operating system? Let us know.

Via: Slash Gear

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  • Anonymous

    Moto will be that tablet and it will be as good as the Xoom 🙂 Samsung took a step back by making the nexus inferior than gs2.

  • Shifterracer

    please don’t let Moto design this!!!  If you do it’s guaranteed to be REAL LATE and not cutting edge technology!

    • Anonymous

      We put the best technology in our products turd.

  • Nexusplz

    what does the asu mean after the db? mine is 2  some folks are higher

  • Anonymous

    i guess i should cancell my transformer prime preorder…

  • Anonymous

    if this happens i will be in the market for a tablet for sure…

  • Earleepa

    Are there going to be more of these available than the galaxy nexus when they go on sale? Just curious but did the bionic or the rezound or the razr sell out like the nexus did or did Verizon just figure nobody would want the nexus. It looks like I’ll be waiting till after new years to get my hands on mine. Maybe by then they will have already dealt with whatever issues that seem to be popping up.

  • Brent Stewart

    Ok I’ll say this since no one else really is (or didn’t see it). We’ve seen a lot of great Android tablets that, in the specs department, blow away pretty anything out of Cupertino. But specs are not where we should be focusing. Specs don’t sell tablets to grandma and grandpa. Focus needs to be on driving down costs and having a fully immersive and integrated ecosystem both on and off the tablet itself. An official Google Nexus tablet needs to be less about specs and more being economically priced with a clean, smooth, seamless, consistent Google ecosystem. Those are the two main things that drive Kindle Fire and iPad sales. 
    The Google ecosystem has to be fully integrated and seamless. It must include all the usual Google goodies – Maps, Mail, Search, and Market. Plus fully integrated social via Google+, Music, Books, Movies, Reader, etc. Bottom line, the Nexus tablet must fully immerse the user in Google’s world and be priced lower than a comparative iPad. And until Android tablet OEMs and Google figure that out Android tablets are going to continue to be a niche product that only Android fanboys are interested in. 

    I probably should, but I’m holding my breath…

    • The Google market is actually getting really good now. The problem is they have the stigma of all the past bad tablets and phones to deal with. That’s the problem with not prequalifying hardware. You end up with products that are way underpowered, giving a terrible experience.

    • Philip Van Luke

      This completely, I like my android phones, and I really wanted a Nexus but passed on the pentile screen. I may buy one when i can get if off contract on craigslist for $300 (as soon as the next big thing is announced itll drop like a stone) but for a tablet…. I still plan on buying an iPad 3

    • TC Infantino

      I agree with you, BUT..if you want to sell tablets to grandma and grandpa…how about a free bottle of viagra with each Android tablet?  Sex sells…sex sells…just sayin.  😉

  • Google I/O 2012 Keynote, anyone? I bet it will have this, and shows JellyBean. Watch them give away 10,000 free Nexus Tablets…*pre-ordering tickets* if only I could..

  • Brian Salazar

    Good thing Amazon screwed up my Transformer Prime order. I shall now wait and in the meantime enjoy my Galaxy Nexus

  • Bigearjr

    6 months to google is actually like a year to everybody else

  • Anonymous

    Come on tegra!!

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    It would need: A brand spanking new version of Andriod (JellyBean I suppose). A GREAT screen quality. No screwing around with some Moto crap, but a screen that is actually good! A great 8 mp camera, and a 2 mp front camera. Quad Core, of course. And honestly, if they want to really compete with Apple, then they should even throw in a FREE keyboard dock. And whether they like it or not, this thing should be pure freaking Google. PURE GOOGLE, and as bear boned and unlockable as the day is long! Seriously. The mass public don’t care. But just think about how many people do care. A whole heck of a lot, which means a whole heck of a lot more sales. People can argue that all that they want to, but companies like one thing: More $. And that would certainly help that cause. And they should add one more amazing ‘something.’ That thing that takes it to another level. Like…well I’m not exactly sure what, but something that makes this thing almost irresistible.  And obviously, WiFi only versions from the very beginning (ridiculous that you even have to say that). And perhaps around the $499 to $599 range. Shoot, maybe even around a $450 to $550 range. The fact is, any idiot could tell Google/manufacturers why they are not having more sells. Would they please get their head out of their keesters and do this freaking thing right! You just hope that they do a Nexus table right and don’t screw something like that up! 

  • Jarred Sutherland

    The idea of Google marketing something is laughable. As much as I love many of their services, their marketing doesn’t even really exist. They have become what they are today because their products are generally just that good, or carriers like VZW flooding the market with Google Android phones, etc.

    • Their recent marketing for Chrome has been pretty great, actually. It’s just a matter of getting them to focus on marketing the right things.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Yeah they really need focus. It isn’t that I think they couldn’t do great marketing, as they could with the right people, they just need that focus and drive. 

  • Anonymous

    maybe they could make it a lot smaller and thinner than an ipad and called it a g-string…maybe that will sell like hotcakes.

  • Scratch that, it needs this 

  • Anonymous

    Meh. I need a tablet now… I just bought the prime soooo

    • Pace0214

      where did you get the prime? been looking all over the place

      • Anonymous


  • 6 Months is just in time for Google I/O…

    Didn’t Andy Rubin said they would halt development to a major release per year? Instead of the 4-6 rapid cycles? We might see Android 5.0 debut there, since 4.0 debuted last I/O.
    My guess:Android 5.0 w/ Quad Core CPUPossibly 1.5GB+ of RAMAround 10″
    Metallic Wings
    Remote Control to fly around the room.

  • My tablet needs to take a wireless keyboard and let me play real computer games not cheesy app games.  It needs to have 10 to 12 hours of battery use and two or three days on stand-by and no frigging pentile.  And needs to integrate seamlessly into my home network so that I can print documents and such.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’d rather have this over the Transformer Prime…I am a little short on money after my purchase of the Galaxy Nexus anyways…

  • Cody Bennett

    Needs to have 4.1 Jelly Bean in time for Easter with NFC chip and the ability to connect to a CD Drive somehow. THEN, I would drop my PC in a heart beat. Oh and Dolby Digital if it’s a Moto would be fantabulous!

    • Anonymous

      CD drive? really?

      • Cody Bennett

        Yes. I still burn CDs and DVD’s for my parents and just to have that as a backup is nice.

    • Raven

      You know that you can already connect USB hard drives to many tablets such as the ASUS Transformer, Toshiba Thrive and, Acer Iconia.  I would suspect (although I haven’t tried) that you could connect a USB DVD drive for data reading just as easy.  Now, finding burner software for something so obscure might be a whole different challenge if that is what you are after.

  • Sylense

    Sounds like Eric Schmidt reads Droid-Life lol – http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/19/we-need-a-nexus-tablet-opinion/

  • Monty Waggoner

    I want to be able to fold it up and put it in my back pocket when I’m not using it. Otherwise, I want it to be cool for guys to carry a purse. If Google can make either one of those happen, I will then buy a tablet. 

    • a flexible screen would be awesome.

    • Messenger bag? I have two that are totally guy-appropriate that are great for tablets, though I originally bought them for a netbook.

  • All what Google needs to do to take over the tablet market is to price the device accordingly. Good quality tablet priced below $300 would be a great hit. Honeycomb tablets priced from $200 to $250 during black Friday sales were flying off the shelves. If Google will manage the deliver a non-crappy 10″ tablet for $299 MSRP then in a few months it will have a tablet market for itself.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    6 months is a loooooong time away. I’ll take my Asus Prime and see what you have going in the 9 months it is really going to take.

  • Anonymous

    Before doing that let’s focus on the Galaxy Nexus signal issue first.  Ya Ya I know it is Samsung that is supposed to do this…. But I want Google to help them hurry up… 🙂

    • ham hollett


      • Anonymous

        Yep… That’s how I feel when trying to get a signal on my G-Nex… 🙂

        Actually I am about ready to start “facepalm”ing it against my head.

        • I have no signal issue.  Never dropped a call, never missed a call.  Data up/down like a boss.  And I live in the boonies.

          • There was one point where I wasn’t getting any notifications, but as soon as I made a phone call, they all came through. Not quite sure why, but here’s a look @ my data down/up

          • Anonymous

            Of course you will get data down and up when it is working.  Check your actuall dBm numbers.

          • Right now it shows -85 dBm 55 asu. And aside from that one issue, I haven’t had any other problems and my service has been great.

          • Anonymous

            It’s still Verizon, so of course I’ve never dropped any calls or anything…but…my Droid RAZR always provides much stronger signal and significantly faster download/upload speeds.

            Still love my Nexus to death and think it absolutely destroys the RAZR in every other area possible.

          • Anonymous

            Nexus just have ICS going for it period.

          • Chrisriner84


        • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

          No signal issues for me on my GNex. 

          • Anonymous

            Are you sure?  What are your dBm numbers compared to another 4g devices dBm numbers in the same spot?  In my home I sit at -120dBm with the G-Nex.

            If you are in a hot 4g area close to a tower you may not notice of course.  But if you keep an eye on your dBm numbers as you move about you may be surprised at what you see.

            But if all is well with your phone that’s awesome… you are lucky.

          • Omar Ibrahim

            i live in a area where there is no 4g in a hour each way and 3g is -93dbm in my own home then again i got a ton of wireless devices everywhere.

          • Anonymous

            Well you guys have decent numbers…

    • Anonymous

      Nexus= failure, i told all of you that Samsung’s radios sucks big time, you did not listen now you need to pay the price lol.

  • Nice, google stepping up there game.

  • Not sure exactly what I’d like to see, but it should definitely be called the “gPad”

  • ham hollett

    it must haz teh NFCZ

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Asus already do that?

  • Personally…I still feel that unless you’re on the go or need it for your job tablets aren’t all that useful. 

    • Loskid

      What about playing games on the crapper?  It is great for that.

    • Raven

      I used to feel the same way until my wife bought me an ASUS Transformer for my birthday.  Saying it has change me life sounds a little extreme, but it has certainly changed the way I use technology.  I haven’t turned on my desktop in over a month and my laptop maybe once a week for work related stuff.  I manage my multiple email accounts, read web sites, buy from Amazon and Ebay, and yes, play a lot of games all from my one portable device, often while lounging on my couch instead of sitting at my desk.

      In fact, I like it so much, I bought a 7″ Acer Iconia for the family to use and to have as a slightly more portable tablet.