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Contest: Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra #6 – Win a 16GB WiFi Acer Iconia Tablet (Updated: Winner Picked!)

It is now Day 6 of DL and NVIDIA’s Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra. You still have five days to win yourself a nice present this holiday season that runs on Google’s Honeycomb OS all powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor.

This time we’ve got the Acer Iconia Tab, a 16GB, Tegra 2, dual-camera, WiFi beast that many people have been sleeping on.  In the long list of Android tablets available on the market, the Iconia can most definitely hold its own. Who wants it? 

Update:  And the winner of the Acer Iconia Tab is…

Sasquachh says that Android has the best selection of apps, programs and gets the first updates and upgrades on the market.



1 (one) Acer Iconia.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, If someone asked you why they should switch to Android, what would you tell them?
2.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
3.  Tweet the following message:

Need a last minute X-Mas present? Win an Acer Iconia from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/lOE0I #android

4.  U.S. residents only.


At 6PM Pacific, we will randomly chose a winner from the comments. This post will be updated, comments closed, and the winner notified. Prizes will be shipped at the end of the week.

  • Bogus

    Freedom from Apple!

  • Michael Obrian Price

    Android has way more options for cellphone users. If u want a phone with slideout keyboard, Android. If u want a phone with a charm that lights up when it rings, Android. If u want to customize the look of ur phone and the way it runs, Android. I would tell them there is only 4 iphones. 5 if u count the 4S. And guess what, they all still look the same. The only way u can make yours different is by decorating it with cases or stickers. Booyah! Go Android or go home.

  • Freedom. the ability to use a different software keyboard or launcher or email app or web browser. the freedom to choose for myself what i use.

  • I would tell them to switch to an Android system because you can make your home screen customized and keep all of the other apps and things you don’t use a lot on pages you don’t have to see.

  • Brian Miller0513

    That’s is a no brainer. I would tell them that the android experience lets you express yourself in a way that the other OS’s don’t.

  • I woul

  • John Suh

    root acces and dont be a apple tool

  • Eddie Sprouse

    Well if you want the device with the most options and the only one that truly lets the user decide how to use the device then it is a no brainier! 

  • Android is just such a pleasure to use compared to the many phone and devices that are out there. I love having the choice of hardware, with the right shape and size to fit my needs.

    The ability to have free navigation is what sold me at first, but the fact that the majority of apps are either free or ad supported is what signed the deal. 

    I always thought that Windows Mobile was the way of the future. Then, IOS came out and it seemed revolutionary. When Android 2.1 hit, it opened up so many doors for customization…and it gets better every day with each new version!

    Embrace the Android…you’ll never look back.

  • Richard Tubbs

    Android is on the cutting edge of innovation, giving you control over your phone and media. Android is the only platform where the products are made based on what the consumer wants, everyone else makes a products and then tells the consumer to want what they made versus making what they want.

  • Anonymous

    For starters tell them that with every android device they get free voice guided turn by turn navigation. And if they buy even a year old high end model, they get DLNA and HDMI out, and then I’d talk about live wallpapers knowing how easy some of my acquaintances are impressed.

  • Because Android is reliable and superior.  Just do it.

  • Uncannyzebra

    Switch to android because of customization.

  • It’s an operating system that lets you feel free.  There are no real restrictions on what you can do.  The customization and support by manufacturers, Google, and developers is unparalleled.  It’s an operating system that embraces change and invites you to be a part of it.

  • Jaredpepper

    Google rules… apple sucks

  • Mavericks1f

    Android is Better Than I*hone Because of the NEXUS! Nuff Said

  • Please let me win!!!  EVERYONE should switch to Android because ANDROID is where it’s at!!!  Buy a cheap phone, ROOT it.. Upgrade to the latest OS for free lol. 

  • complete customization (especially if you’re rooted) 😉

  • Its all in the customization.

  • I would tell them if you want to go with a phone that is ultimately restricted and will control your usage, then go with an iphone. If you want a great phone that has up to date features and will not restrict your usage, choose android

  • Jaime

    Android is  cumstomizable in every sense of the word. And…let’s face it, we’re NOT ALL baristas! (No offense to baristas) 😛

  • really you can do anything with this phone. iphone you can do what apple says you can. its your life, do you want to have to have permission to do things.

  • Steve Hunt

    One word: Freedom. With android you get the freedom to decide which device you want (iphone vs. many android phones), freedom to choose how you want to set up your phone, freedom to root (with a lot of support and options), freedom to think for yourself and not be censored.

  • Do it, android is amazing

  • Either be locked down with no customization, OR be on top of everything with your entire phone to be customized to anythj g you want.

  • One word, Open. Android is accessible in so many ways that the iPhone is not. From the market to the sdks to the boot loaders well until the phone companies get involved. Android is freedom and who doesn’t want to be free.

  • def bc of the customization of android! you can do things on this os that can be done on no other operating system including ios.

  • Francis Scardino

    thats pretty simple. Choice and Freedom to do what you want with your phone. There are others that allow it, but no mobile OS gives you the freedom to do what you want and how you want to do it. 

  • Androids far more developed and its technology is way further ahead than any other phone, even the iphone.

  • Am I too late? … yep.

  • You should switch to droid because deserts are better then apples everyday of the week

  • Because it’s not Apple! If you want to be told what to do go with them. If you have your own mind ANDROID RULES!!!

  • 4G LTE, done.

  • Because IPhones are for hipsters.

  • Anthony Hopf

    For the freedom of choice and the backup of Google and devs

  • 11knives

    Because apple sucks the creativity out of you. Oh… and it’s just that much cooler!

  • Because the OS is actually conductive to change and becoming better

  • Anonymous


  • ironick

    You get more for your money vs. I*hone.

  • Stability + Regular Updates = Win

  • JR

    Task management would be the biggest reason.  But face unlock is just cool.  

  • Alan T.

    You can use flash!

  • Danielsag

    Its not IOS

  • Because that’s what smart people do.

  • HelloWorld

    Customization, Open Source, Fastest Phones… Blah Blah Blah, All it matters are the delicious software names they come up with. =P

  • Why would I (I did) switch to Android?    First and foremost, CHOICE!  I love that I could choose from multiple different phones.  I can choose any number of available models or even carriers.   I love the availability of everything Android offers.  Android also looks to the FUTURE.  With the software updates more can be added (and fixed in some cases).

    CHOICE: There are models I love, from Droid X to upcoming Nexus.  There are lower end versions my Mother would be thrilled with when she upgrades her phone soon.   So far I convinced my Sister to change from her BlackBerry to Android and my Brother in Law from WebOS to Android.  My Mother is waiting for her upgrade to be due.  So many of my friends have switched from BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows, to Android after showing then why I love my Android OS.

  • We have flash ! 

  • Mckellermeier

    Because I don’t want to!

  • jweav

    Why should you switch to Android? OPEN, OPEN, OPEN! Free reign!

  • I would tell them because Google doesn’t tell you how to use your hardware or software.

  • Anonymous


  • To avoid being called and iPhan.

  • Diversity! Android OS isn’t just for the elite few pieces of hardware, it goes on all kind of hardware. And because of this the end user has choice, choice in size of screen, hardware features, specs and price (and a bunch more)

  • Benyork

    You get to read blogs like droid-life without feeling jealous.

  • Because it is time to take off your hipster clothes and put on your big boy pants!

  • Brian C

    if they asked i would just yell “DDRRRRROOIIIID!!!!!!!!”

  • Freedom of choice.

  • Ibladuell

    If you want dumb down device, get an iOS device. If you want to be different and experience a new way to communicate, get an android.

    Ian B

  • I have one and would love another for my wife.

  • Pfigurella

    Android is far more useful than IOS because it comes with free navigation, better email sync and your choice of phones and I don’t mean color.

  • Having a large marketplace of varied products from different manufacturers, instead of having a single company in control of everything, means better customer choice within a single ecosystem.

  • I’ve gotten this question multiple times. There’s a pretty simple answer: If you have any intelligence at all, you will prefer Android’s style better.

    Okay, just kidding. But on a serious note, I feel like Android allows so much more freedom than Apple (which, considering it is open-source, this makes sense). This means you have this ability that is a foreign concept to others, OPTIONS. You can choose your own ROMS and, even if you don’t root your phone, you can still download some extremely liberating applications! Apple’s market is highly restrictive when it comes to that.

    CyanogenMod’s nightlies are also to die for.

    Overall, the Android experience is just amazing. It’s a community that is super supportive of each-other and strives for excellence in a free and open-source world.

  • Suushiaddict

    Oh you have an iphone? Do you even know what widgets are?? You would if you had an android and I promise you that you won’t go back to your iphone 🙂

  • Sidra

    It’s customizable beyond belief.

  • Pfilly101

    You can’t beat the android army!

  • Clint Haynes

    Because its open, i’m free to do what I like with it. If I wish, I can put several different varieties of the os on it. I can customize it an infinite number of ways. I’m not locked into one companies systems (i.e. itunes).

  • Cameraman7

    I would tell them to switch to Android if they wanted 4G or widgets.

  • Joseph Michael

    3.5″ is too small

  • Anonymous

    Switch to Android for the best customizable experience, and guaranteed developer support

  • If asked why someone should switch to Android, I would say “Full customization baby” don’t like your color scheme, change it, don’t like your font-change it, want a full overhaul of your phone, do it baby!

  • Jszklany

    Open platform!  Mods!  nuff said!

  • Mark Rabinowitz

    Full customization, both aesthetically and in the settings (set data limits for example), less restricted applications found in their market, wider selection of manufacturers and devices, and frankly, just a fun change of pace from iOS or the other OS’s. 

  • Anonymous

    Ice cream sandwich

  • colin

    Switch because its great and not evil!

  • Sedonagolfer

    Switch to Android because it’s the most integrated O/S available and easiest to use.  Another reason? I really need to win an Acer Iconia.

  • Anonymous

    Totally customizable

  • Mike

    Because of The level of pure customization that android phones offer, down to the lowest software level. Motorola devices not included.

  • I would say that it all comes down to choice. With android unlike iPhone you have many devices coming out all year long so that means you can pick a good up to date phone any time of the year. There are way more customization options in the software which is constantly being updated. Android is taking the lead meaning more developers are working on android apps first over iPhone. Unlike iPhone most all carriers have some form of android phone so you  aren’t locked into a certain carrier like iPhone. There are many unofficial modifications for android that let you do things the iPhone can’t. Smartphone are basically computers and there is no good reason you shouldn’t be able to load your own software add features etc ; with apple you are stuck with what they give you unless you jailbreak it and even then android is much more hacker friendly. The phone can be kept up to date past official support ex:og droid Im running android 3.5.7 and for the most part it runs fairly smooth I only want to upgrade for 4g and a larger screen and more storage other than that I have mine overclocked so I can still run new software. The galaxy nexus is buttery smooth and now that android is finally surpassed ios as far as polish goes and quality of apps I see no reason to go with an iPhone. Who wants a locked down experience. Simple isn’t always better  

  • Benavidez19

    Dont be a slave to apple feel the freedom join the roid

  • Coderedpl

    because then you wont look like an idiot talking to your imaginary friend “siri” 

  • Typo

    It’s all about freedom to express yourself…Android can do that for you…

  • Anonymous

    Because there is way more freedom with Android!

  • Tullyt

    Android is simply more open which means more options and more advancement down the toad.

  • Nickolas J Glidden

    Because Jesus loves Android.

  • Because Android does what iDon’t

  • KFigiel

    It’s a better help to be organized and to enter in time to win contests like this!

  • I would tell them because Android is open source and iPhones are for sheep.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Wanna make your device unique? Android
    Wanna match every other wannabe hipster? Apple
    Enough said.

  • Cloudsnightmare

    Because Android is much more customizable to the tech savvy.

  • Flash support, endless phones to choose from, Apple is way to expensive for the product you recieve. Oh and being able to fully customize my phone.

  • Android has live wallpapers and can answer to anybodys call .. just imagine if a droid fell into the wrong hands :0

  • Andrew Stargardt

    The iPhone is out of date before it even hits shelves.  It’s small, slow, and does not give you the options and freedom Android does.  Buying an iPhone is like going to Baker’s Square every day and being forced to eat Pecan Pie.  Sure, you might like Pecan Pie for two years, but you’ll never know how great the French Silk tastes.

  • @PAJallen

    If you love freedom and individuality, there’s only one choice.  ANDROID!


    Open Source FTW.

  • Bryan Harvey

    Is there a better alternative?

  • Aaron

    do it meow!!!

  • Jefftphillips

    Android rules

  • if you want to be cool like me…. you need to have an android phone…lol

  • Tae Yoo

    Android makes you a smarter person. It will change your life!

  • Dramageek

    Anything iOS can do, Android can do. IPhone may be the best selling phone, but that’s only because they ONLY MAKE ONE MODEL. And if you don’t like what that one model does, tough luck.

  • I’d tell them that they get the freedom to choose what they want from their phone and how they want their phone to work.

  • I would tell them Kill Yourself Foo! For asking such a dumb question it should be why wouldn’t you switch to Android?!

    Nuff Said!

  • Switch to Android because of choices.  Choices in apps.  Choices in manufacturers.  Choices in home screens.  Choices in layouts.  Choices in style.  Choices in speeds.  Many choices

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    integration of google services you probably use everyday

  • ramifications

    Google syncing! Its amazing.

  • Jackelbait

    Less fart apps

  • Hans Kwazneski

    I feel like changing my launcher, I think I will. Non-Market Apps? No problem, OC’ing to future proof my wears? Easy! Can anything ‘i” do that?

  • Anonymous

    Because you will get the freedom to really make your device personalized.

  • Anonymous

    Own your technology configuration!

  • Willy Morgan

    I would tell them that Android is the only mobile OS that operates as a living breathing organism.  while updates aren’t timely, they do get published and reduce the need for constantly upgrading your hardware

  • Corgimas

    Androis is so much smoother than that iOS junk

  • A S

    Freedom = Android

  • Guywithdogs

    Android has most of the functionality you need right put of the box plus multiple sources for other apps.

  • Gmontano74

    Show them how I could customize all my home screens, download music for free, free google maps with turn by turn directions, and how open sourced the Android is

  • Andriod is to diamond ring as apple is to crappy cracker jack box ring

  • Chad H

    Cuz its awesome!

  • Kelly

    Because you can customize it to your liking with the help of the amazing android development community

  • tyler cole

    Android gives you the choice of not only the phone that fits you but also the carrier that fits all of your interests from a big national one to a smaller regional one.

  • Flexibility. Control. Freedom.

  • Gzeller13

    Because it will change your life like it has changed mine.

  • Anonymous


    Enough said

  • I’d tell them that they would have more variety in the choice of what device they would want. Yeah, you would have to do more research instead of simply choosing how much space it has. I’d tell them of the removable SD card slot, I’d tell them of the pros and cons of rooting. I’d show them my device and what I can do with it, I’d show them live wallpapers. I would tell them of all of the pros of Android, such as openness, variety, control, etc. I’d tell them of the cons as well. If you’r an app developer it is easier for someone to pirate your applications, You cannot use iTunes with it and will have to find another program to sync your music or just copy it over using your folder manager of choice.
    All and all, I’d tell them all that I know of Android.

  • I’d throw something along the lines of having flash, an open-source platform, and the ability to personalize and dink around with the phone to make it my own little steam engine from hell.

  • Glenn Sapp

    Android wins because of the customization and development that goes into the wide variety of phones, along with improved functionality over other operating systems!

  • For starters, Android has a nearly unlimited array of apps, compared to Windows Phone 7 and Apple. Also, the OS interface is incredibly accessible and user-friendly. The customization one could make to a device running is vast and pretty fun too. Unlike Windows Phone 7, it supports various video formats beside Windows Media Video (WMV). There is also no requirement for software to sync music, photos, or videos to one’s Android device (i.e. Zune and iTunes). You simply drag and drop the files you want into the designated directory. To sum it all up, Android gives the user options and flexibility; while constantly being improved at a rapid pace.

  • Sfeld02

    I would say they should switch because with android the possibilities are endless and ever evolving.  Choices, customization, and awesome support, tips, and tricks from the android community.

  • I would show them the aquarium live wallpaper, then a 4G speed test and my work would be done.

  • Anonymous

    Because as Americans we are used to freedom so why be tied down with apple

  • Switch to android because of the wide variety of handsets. Apple only has one … and with your android phone , customization is basically endless. Widgets, rooting , etc.

  • people should switch to android just for the simple fact that you can make your device YOUR OWN!!! each device can have a completely different look and feel and its soooo damn easy to customize even with out rooting it, for you do do anything cool with an apple product you have to jailbreak and that’s just lame!!

  • Med7000

    iOS has his its peak while android keeps getting better and better.

  • cheetahink

    It’s customizable. You do what you want. No one tells you how it should be.

  • Anonymous

    Why should you switch to android?  So that you’re not a hipster apple conformist.

  • Beranimus

    Android has better hardware along with software to back it up. The ease of use is incredible and I can’t ever see myself with anything else.

  • An iPhone is an iPhone.  But an Android is what you make it.

  • Choosing an Android device is like being able to choose what flavor of ice cream you like in an ice cream shop. Given there are so many wonderful flavors for you to choose from. Instead  of the shop owner telling you what flavor you have to choose. 

  • It’s dangerous to go alone.  Take this.  /hands them an android phone/

  • Xanthian

    Because its Android.

  • TopazAaron

    I’d say because Android is the best thing on earth…. period.

  • Mack

    Why switch to Android you say?? Android is the land of options, if you don’t like something there is always an alternative. All major carriers have Android devices, there are multiple hardware platforms to choose from each with their respective pro’s and con’s. Lastly if there is something you don’t like about the software there is always an alternative. This includes alternative home launchers, various options for music, and endless customization and the ability to make the device truly personal. 

  • you should switch to android because you love freedom, you love freedom right?

  • Jarboe3

    Google Services integration

  • Yourtechzone

    If you don’t want think for yourself go with iOS.

  • If someone asked me why I switched to android I would say because it allows me to do whatever I want with my device. I don’t have to wait for developers to do it for me and get approved by a corporation. and that is beauty.

  • Chris Baxter

    My wife has an iPhone and I have the android; I think they are both great OS’s.  If you like customization, like 90% of the population does, Android!!

  • Because the robot is way cooler than some glass pane or a half eaten piece of fruit.

  • andthrax

    i love the ability to customize

  • Are you a turtle neck wear sheep or an person that likes it your way?

  • Hesh Monster

    the best reasons to switch to android are how open these devices are, the great community involved with these devices, and the ease of use and personalization. You’d never own a divice that will be more yours.

  • because blackberry didnt have the app that i wanted on my phone and the android phone i got had gps at the time the blackberry didnt have 3g as well and also it was dirty cheap for me 

  • Anonymous

    They should switch to Android to avoid the non innovating piece of junk that apple is. Instead of innovating they are litigating.

  • Johnsonscouting


  • Freedom is spelled A-N-D-R-O-I-D

  • Because Android gives you advanced customization of your device; what you want, when you want, how you want, exactly the way you want it. 

    Using other operating systems, is like attempting to drive a car that can do one thing: go straight

  • You should switch to Android because you can choose from a variety of smartphones! Something you can’t do with Apple! Plus Andriod just keeps getting better and better! 

  • Daniel Campbell

    You should switch to android if you want to be free!!! Apple products are limited to what they can do including third party apps. With Android you can do almost anything that no other phone can come in comparison. I edited my power point presentation on the way to school one day with my Droid X, which you cannot do with apple. They may think they have apps or even an OS in comparison but they are sadly mistaken. Android is always looking forward and never stops. Plus Android is a part if not soon to be bought out by Google which is the most progressive company and always ahead of the competition. Google and Android are the future and if you want to be up to date with the best technology their is then go with Android!!!!

  • Dana S.

    You should switch to Android because it is the latest, it is growing faster than anybody in terms of user base as well as features/functionality, and it is already by far the greatest! Just look at my Bionic (which is already outdated) 😉

  • Why wouldnt you want to switch to Android?? 50%+ (and rising) of the market share cant be wrong, right? Right.

  • If you like to tinker, if you like to customize, and if you want to get the most out of your device, you should switch to Android. Complete freedom to make it your own and have fun in the process.

  • Derek H.

    That with an Android phone or tablet they have the power of choice. There are enough hardware and size combinations to fit anyone’s preference.

  • Jason Cheng

    Android phones allow customization to create a phone that YOU want, not something that is purely given to you.

  • Jon Ashley

    Why switch to android?  Do you really want to be a slave to itunes and apples jobless sinking ship?  Its freedom, its open source, its being able to change what you want, when you want, without constraints and get the best of both worlds.

  • Dave Estey

    iOS is for the technology illiterate, fashionistas and baristas… 
    RIM is for stuffy corporate environments…
    Symbian is only cared about by a small percentage in Europe, no help there…
    Palm is dead at the moment…
    Windows… well, that’s the problem right there.

    Android is like Burger King, you can have it you own way, lots of delicious flavors… (even if you are a barista!)

  • Csking33

    Root and developer community

  • Albertohamade

    Because an Apple fanboy is so 1980.

  • Anonymous

    My Android phone lets me do whatever I want.  I don’t have to ask Apple for permission. 

  • Most of the time I tell people because they can root, and after rooting, you get updates that your phone would never see otherwise, thanks to the carriers

  • Briandstone

    Android Just WORKS. Plus you’re not limited to what Apple thinks you should have. It’s like a good burger. Have it your way.

  • Charles Braswell

    I’d let them they should switch because everyone has a gmail account and Android sync’s flawlessly with Google services and makes life so much easier (and fun).

  • Audioslinger

    Android is the perfect balance between function and customizability. Nothing beats having options.

  • Chad Bennett

    Reason to switch: On an iPhone if I want to connect to a bluetooth device it takes 5 “button presses”, Android takes 2 with a homescreen shortcut. Want to upload a photo to facebook: iPhone: open facebook app, 3 button presses and you have to find the photo in your gallery. Android: take the photo, upload directly from the image preview screen. Little things like this make using an android phone almost autonomic, everything is right where you want it because you put it there. Somewhere along the lines Apple forgot that each person has different needs from their phone, one concrete menu format does not best suit each individual customer. 

  • The level of integration with apps provide a experience that IOS cant rival…unless Steve says so

  • Joshua Barta

    You can customize or change just about anything, without arbitrary or artificial restrictions on how YOU use YOUR device.

  • Alex King

    Because the Apple Kool-Aid has a bad aftertaste.

  • Nikhil Ramesh

    The better question is why wouldn’t you switch to Android?

  • Pinseeker28

    Once there was a man, and this man had two roads to travel. One was crowded because everyone wanted to follow the masses. The other road was open, with many choices. Some people like having their path dictated to them – I prefer to follow my own path and make my own choices.  I would tell them this story and ask them what kind of person they wanted to be.  Then I would show them the rockin new Acer Iconia I won!!!  

  • waveGuide3e8

    I would tell them the reason to switch to Android is choice. Because Android is open, you have a whole range of hardware and software available. Your phone can have a QWERTY keyboard, or not, if you choose. Your tablet can be as thin as possible, or stylized to your personal preference. You have the choice to choose the hardware and the software that you want.

  • @hatethejess

    Androids are the way to stay up to date, the Google way. Having everything synced to your Google account from your contacts, calendars maps, always backed up is so convenient! That aside, the Android Market has thousands of apps, expanding daily!

  • I would recommend switching to Android if they were tired of being force fed iCrap.

  • Robinson Neidhardt

    I would suggest that a person choose Android over IOS for several reasons.  AS time has gone by, IOS has become more and more of a closed system, with developers having to meet stricter guidelines to get their products in the appstore. Android offers the choice of Android Market, which anyone can get an app into, the Amazon appstore – or many others.  In addition, by supporting Apple, one supports their child-labor practices, as well as their unsafe working conditions.  Finally, google’s android is an open source software and as such – helps encourage  people to improve the over all product by encouraging cooperation and innovation.  Apple seems to favor litigation over innovation.

  • …they can never take (pause for effect) our FREEDOM!!!

  • Androids user interface is beautiful. Let it speak for itself!

  • Anonymous

    I can sum it up in one word, “Freedom”!

  • Anonymous

    So many customization options! Tons of carriers and phones and an awesome community!

  • Taglogical

    I would talk about how the Android platform invites competition in both hardware and software. Competition drives better products and higher value for consumers.

  • I would tell them they should switch because Android is open source, it’s got the newest technology, you have so many choices and most importantly, it’s not a cult 😉

  • Anonymous

    If you want the ability to control your own destiny, create your own ROMs, feel like you are not just a number and want to make your device exclusively your own, then Android is DEFINITELY for you!!!

  • Stud Muffler

    Total control and customization.

  • You can do more with android it is the badest

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    …because all the other kids with the pumped up kicks have an Android device. 🙂

  • Zenocide17

    Choice and customization. You can change keyboards, launchers,Widgets, phone apps, etc. You don’t even have to hack or root to customize the phone to be the way want it (although if you do you have more options ;-))

  • Anonymous

    Android is soo much more powerful, has more options and integrates amazingly with google services.  So many options, removable batteries in most phones, large screen sizes, always find something you like… the list goes on

  • Because it’s the greatest system ever placed on a phone. It lets me do most anything I want or need to do.

  • Anonymous

    My answer would be the following (in no particular order):
    1. Can change the interface to suit your needs (lock-screens and home screens), which can give a fresh new look whenever you get tired of it. This can’t be done with iOS and Windows Phone 7.
    2. The OS is more open than iOS and Windows Phone 7.
    3. Who doesn’t love ice cream sangwhichs, donuts, eclairs, and honey(comb) cereal?
    4. Lots of developer love, and since it’s more “open” it allows for more imaginative applications to be developed for it.

  • Dacatalyst41

    I hope I can still win since I used Christmas instead of X-Mas! No disrespect intended.

  • Jason Thompson

    Widgets and its your phone not Apples. Do what you want with it and ENJOY.

  • If someone asked me why they should switch to Android, I would tell them to switch to android because android is amazingly clean, super smooth and fast. The best case of all is that Android has an UNLIMITED amount of customizations, which makes every single android phone unique, which fits anyones personality.

  • Because Android is evolving to be the most user friendly and capable devices on the planet!

  • Android’s diversity of manufacturers and high level of customization allows any user to be a part of the Android Community.  From the basic-basic user that just wants something that works out of the box to the hard-core coder that will write their own software to make it a totally customized experience, Android has a place for you!

  • Android is just better.

    I’ve used iOS. There is a subtle lag at the beginning and end of everything, where the touchscreen just doesn’t work. It is horribly insane. iOS has horrible Google Voice support, Siri is very much half baked, there isn’t even true raw power – it’s all dumbed down.


    Faster. Stronger. Better. 

  • Anonymous

    Because its not Apple….nuff said

  • Psmith06vt

    Because, it’s not Apple

  • Anonymous

    Because after using Android 4.0 any other mobile OS feels pointless.

  • I would tell them i like android as you can control the look and feel of the device.for me this is why i love android! Thanks for the contest!

  • Andrew Lang

    ultimate customization and 4g speeds (at least for now)

  • Adam M

    Android is to freedom as apple is to kim jong il. Too soon?

  • Legacystar

    I tell everyone that i know that doesnt have a smart phone and doesnt want to pay for a data plan that just having access to google maps on android is worth the price of a data plan. Never get lost and always have a directory of number in the palm of your hand

  • LeviSnuts

    i tell them that it’s a device you can actually download files to

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Android is always ahead of other mobile OS’s. For example, Android was the first to: Have a phone/tablet with 4G, phone/tablet with front facing wallpapers wallpapers, live wallpapers, folders, multi tasking, an OS that is optimized for a tablet and not just a blown up version, has many, many more form factors and price options. You can download apps/music/movies to your device even when your device is not in hand via the internet, it’s open source and infinitely more customizable, and Android could wirelessly sync all of it’s iTunes music 6 months before Apple could, and it owns iTunes for free. And that’s just off the top of my head. 

  • Arthur2142

    I tell people on a regular basis that they should choose Android over the competition because Android is leading the industry in innovation and everyone else is playing catch up.

  • I’d just say Android offers users flexibility.  It doesn’t tell you how you should use your device, instead it gives you options so you can use the device the way that works best for you.

  • flash support, more than one device design, open source, pure awesomeness.

  • If someone were to ask me that, I would describe my experience. I came from having an apple iphone and it was a good phone, but I always felt like I needed to do more with it and always came up short. I ended up getting Verizon and getting the Incredible and it was one of the best experiences ever. I rooted my phone and haven’t looked back. I have been putting a different ROM on every week just to change it up and to see what I can do. Now I just got a Galaxy Nexus and am even more excited to see what I will be able to do. So why switch to android? Unlimited possibilities….that’s my answer

  • Maimonea77

    Its just that much better

  • Anonymous

    Because it lets you do what you want with it

  • Having an OS like android becomes addictive and soon you want it on everything from your phone to your coffee pot. Having an android tablet would just be the cream in my coffee.

  • Aaron Bulak

    Unparallelled level of cutomization, incredible developers, and seriously …look at the competition

  • Android phones are better because you have more customization and device options. Your not limited to 1 phone brand with the same vanilla look to it.

  • b00sted

    cause it is always innovative

  • Northend999

    Because you will never again have to use Apple’s iTunes store.

  • Andoid is an open system which leads to greater customization and flexibility. We can change the Android phone’s look and feel as we please.

  • Ybdri

    I would quote Kramer from Seinfeld… “You’re not a communist Jerry… are you?” Same can be said with iOS vs Android. Who doesn’t like options?

  • droidman

    Stop being a lemming! Join the right side of the force!

  • Dman27

    I would simply tell them its the OS that doesn’t limit their user.

  • JesseK

    It’s simple, if you want the fastest most advanced phones, you have to go android. In both performance and network connectivity.

  • its pretty easy answer because chuck norris has and uses android

  • Rmoon

    Do it for freedom

  • Andy > the rest

  • Kevinharris2011

    Apple vs. Android. Let’s just say. I don’t assosiate with apple users. Android will always win 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Without a doubt I’d mention how much customization can be done with Android. Look at an iPhone snd you’ve seen them all. But there are so many options on Android to truly make it your own thst every phone warrants its own “show me your homescreens” thread on every forum.

  • RyanML

    You want Android so that you can have complete control of your device.

  • The ability to customize as the user sees fit is golden. Additionally, the ability to swap batteries is a huge bonus. Just about everything is superior over in AndyLand

  • m95z34

    Android has the best community, by far. Also, android is all about customization, where you really can’t change much on iOS.

  • Anonymous

    This happens to me quite a bit. I’m using my OG Droid and doing things — thanks to being rooted — like Wireless Tether and people will ask what I like better, because I also have an iPod Touch and am familiar with both systems. While they’re both fun to use, the Android OS is just a better experience. You can customize it, you have access to not one, but two markets (you gotta love the Amazon Free App of the Day) and see websites in all of their Adobe Flash glory.

    I’m pretty convincing. I’ve talked friends into a Thunderbolt and an Evo.

  • Switch to Android because you get more choices.  You can find a phone that fits your style and be somewhat original.  And because it’s way more sexy of course.

  • idahbro vandal

    Do it for America!

  • Anonymous

    Android is the best OS…and you can make it your own!

  • Anonymous

    Because and version names are the best. Ice cream sandwich ftw

  • Binh Dao

    i would tell them that Android phones can: wireless tether for free, give u more control over how u want your phone/tablet to look, if u are a cheapo then u can download apps for free easier than apple, u can expand your storage with a micro SD card instead having a fixed amount of space (if the android tablet has a micro SD slot), u wont have to convert  movie files or other files ever again to load onto your phone/tablet like iPads, phones/tablets also have hdmi or dlna to view your phone onto a tv, it is also much easier to hack, and its just much cooler!

  • gorexinfx

    Unlimited customization. The most powerful phones that you can never put down. There is something for everyone.

  • Unlike Apple, Android is fully customizable! 

  • Anonymous

    Because Android has root. Obey root.

  • Kevin5583

    If I was to convince someone to Android I would tell them that Android is much more open and fun to use than all the other OS’!

  • Anonymous

    You can customize the crap outta Android. Name another smartphone that lets you do what android does on its home screens.

  • Freezypop

    One word, custom

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them to switch because they wont be confined to the same old thing there are endless options with android

  • Just do it.

  • saminder gumer

    i would tell them to switch because android has so many more features and options than anything else out there. there are so many compatible devices and there are always updates and new features being made all the time. it is on the cutting edge and the technology to have right now.

  • Nathan Cox

    Android is open and open = Awesome.

  • Joe

    Flash was a big one but i am affraid that will go away soon.

    More free apps is good for my students.

    And i love customizing everything.

  • Dangerous

    Android= openness and variety

  • Anonymous

    I tell people to switch to Android nearly EVERY DAY!!!  I am a system administrator at my work, and of course at this time of year everyone asks, what phone, what tablet, what operating system.  ANDROID all the way.  I suppose the biggest Positive I tell them is that they won’t be TIED DOWN to #tunes for their syncing, music, store, pretty much everything runs through it.  Then I show them my OG Droid, and tell them about my Nexus that was backordered, and can’t wait to show them it’s features when it gets here.

  • islandak

    More choices in phone (form factor, manufacturer, skins, specs, price point), removable microSD cards (until recently), usually removable battery, strong developer community = more customization, cheaper accessories, more open = more 3rd party innovation is possible (and inevitable).

    Anything you can do with an iPhone you can do with an android phone if you’re willing to do a little research. And if for some reason Android can’t do it yet (Siri) it’s only a short matter of time before it can.

    • islandak

      Just looked “down.” It goes with removable batteries, but deserves it’s own line.

      Extended batteries, FTW!

  • Crumbut

    Better community, better support, better features, better control of YOUR device! duh!

  • Android has everything other devices, and OS, have and much much more.. Why would you settle for less when you can go for more!!

  • Champlification

    Android is the best hands down.  It’s almost impossible to type it all here because there are so many reasons.  You could argue for hours and hours about how Android is the best, because there’s no way anything else can even compare.

  • Had an iphone did not like how much it was locked down. will never buy another Apple product.

  • Audiobahnguy

    Because Chuck Norris is Android….

  • Patriotrun

    Why would you want anything else? Android devices are the most versatile and the one device that brings it all in with no limits. Android is for the person that wants it all and for the person who wants the latest now and for the future. Get Android now don’t settle for less or limitations!!!

  • Variety baby!!! Android has something for everyone.

  • because anything less would be uncivilized

  • woozzy101

    The experience once you are able to customize your android phone far surpasses the not much customize-able iOS or other OS’s.  And who wouldn’t want to hear the word “droid” before you remember to change your ringtone! ?

  • George

    Switch for superiority! Faster updates, newer technology, and freedom!

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them “why wouldn’t you?” The four main reasons would be screens, on IOS you get that tiny 3.5 inch screen on android you get up to 5.3 inches,also super omled is the best screen,second “freedom” on android you can root,sideload apps,change launchers and if you want to flash a custom Rom on there to change the entire UI. Third choice on android you can choose between what brand,model,carrier you want you can choose between htc sense or touchwiz you can choose between 3.5″ or 5.3″ you can choose between metal or plastic. And lastly would be speed you can get 4G dual and now starting with the Asus transformer prime quad core so in my opinion that’s why android is better than IPs or wo7

  • Eric Geders

    Two words. Open source.

  • William McNair

    Do you want to be a follower or a leader?

  • I would let them play with my Galaxy Nexus for a bit. That would convince them.

  • 2 words to describe it all OPEN SOURCE.

  • Fox

    It might not sound like much, but freedom and choice are a big deal! The Android OS enables you to end up with a device that you love because its unique to you. With limited choice in form factor and interface customization the competition forces you to fit their mold. Besides who wants to fit into the mold of an Apple fanboy?

  • I always tell everyone it comes down to the freedom to choose as you like.  With android, you have a plethora of devices to choose from, some cheap, some expensive, some with physical keyboards, some with huge screens, some that are waterproof, etc.  The fact that with iOS you are stuck between 5 of essentially the exact same phone that everyone from my 80 year old ex boss to my 15 year old niece has, I find it hard to not giggle a little bit when one of my iPhone loving friends try to show how cool it is when I see retiree surfing the web on it also.  I also try to show the personalization one can have out of the box, compared to the iphone where until about 2 years ago you couldn’t even have your own wallpaper.  

    Quick question, how many Android phones do you see with smashed up screens or backs?  Almost zero, they aren’t fragile little things for the most part.  2 pieces of glass was certainly a great design!

  • Danielle053076

    I used to be sold on Apple, that was until I got my first Droid.  I am one who likes to customize, and not be limited to what I can do on my own device. Android phones allow you to do just this. I love my droid and I will never any but.

  • because iphones are for girls

  • Lungzb

    You could do more with your Droid than any other Device out there. Customizations are endless!

  • Anonymous

    Pure iphone pwnage

  • Thomas Fuhrman

    An open SDK

  • Tom K.

    The most comman thing i tell people is that you can change the battery when it starts dying fast.

  • Who wouldn’t want complete control over something they own?

  • Newcomb2

    IOS or any mobile platfom is inferior of the Android OS..

  • I’d ask them how long it takes them to dig into settings to enable/disable WiFi. Then show them the notification quick settings in CM7.


    I never tell anyone what to to choose. I tell them to try both and see what better suits them. In the end it is about personal preference. But when they say ask, why you prefer Android. I grab the blue paint and plaster a design on my face  and scream in my Braveheart Scotish accent…


  • android has more geebees

  • Heres a list:

    1. Google
    2. Superb Hardware
    3. Open OS
    4. Not made by a fruity company (apple)

  • tybalt2011

    Open source and open development. Updates that dont break your phone. These sound like good enough reasons to me.

  • Troid

    Android gives you more options than almost any other platform. Keyboards,no keyboard,different screen sizes, etc. For options it cant be beat.

  • Kradair26

    You just feel more free with android, so far that hasn’t failed me

  • Colin Mackenzie

    Open source, widgets, and it’s not an iPhone.

  • Kenhunt86

    I was asked the other day actually and the ood friend of mine said he’d get a tablet when he could afford it…well since I already have one I’d give him this one since it is that time of the year…that’d make him a believer!!!

  • Zach

    the most obvious answer… android is awesome

  • lilmonsterstevo

    That it does everything. Full flash support, open source so you can do so much more with them. They have better screen sizes compared to some other “fruit” flavored phones. All in all, why wouldn’t you have an android phone?

  • Footracer1983

    Android has more geebees

  • Khaoszr

    Simply put: because with Android anything you want to do with your phone you can.Simple.

  • DBK

    If I was asked that, I would tell them that if they were into the ability to almost fully customize their device, more freedom (hardware-wise and software-wise) than the competitors give you, access to more apps than most of the competitors, and builds that are more quality then most of the competitors (if not all of them) then Android is for you….hands down.

  • If you don’t get it by now, well…. I’m sorry. 

  • k. sae

    if you like options, you should go android.

  • Android is all about choices and customization.  If you want Apple’s phone, get an iphone, if you want your own phone, go Android.

  • Switching to Android provides these benefits:
    1) The Android Market is mature and contains thousands of quality applications
    2) Android is open source and cannot be controlled by a single company
    3) Choice – customize your phone’s GUI, select the hardware that best suits you, use your media how you want to use it, buy your media from whoever you want
    4) Great integration of Google applications

  • just tell them, “98 percent of us will die at some point in our lives…. why not be first instead of last…. and switch to android!”(taladaga nights quote drop in there if you didnt pick up on it 😀 )

  • Android is open source so you don’t have to deal with the binding constraints Apple puts on their devices.

  • Kinz

    It is pretty simple why someone should choose android, freedom. Plus when your talking about tablets you save a few hundred, on your hard earned cash.

  • Dpowell99

    I would simply point out that Android is all about choice and freedom. Simply put buy Android to be able to decide for yourself where to purchase applications and music, otherwise you are locked to a single vendor for everything.

  • Nparikh27

    For the ability to customize anything you want and make it your own.

  • The main reason to switch from any mobile OS to Android is the hardware.  There are so many different kinds of phones you can get, its impossible to not be satisfied.  Pair those with the constantly evolving OS, and you have a great mobile expierence

  • Kingrounds

    Choosing android is like pc vs Mac. Either sit with Mac n do as and how and what Mac wants, or stand and be free with AndroidSoldiers fight and die daily for your freedom, do you embrace that freedom or stay locked into a leaders ruling?

  • Mitch_wtn

    Pretty simple customization and more options when picking a phone.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re ready to be told how you use your phone, then go with another i-Company. If you take pride in freedom, then go with Android. 

  • Android is a beautiful open platform mobile operating system where you are free to make your phone truly yours. From the way the OS looks to improving upon the capabilities of your phone Android has something for everyone. 

  • Joshua Herrin

    Why switch to Android? The ability to truly own your device is awesome. Being able to change anything that you want in the OS to your liking, whether it be themes, programs, upgrading to a new version of android is why I’d switch. The community driven OS like Cyanogenmod and others are what keep me here.

  • Ray

    I would ask them are you ready to root, customize, flash roms & mods,belong to a family of androids and read droid-life? if you answer yes to all, than thats why you should switch to android.

  • you have the choice to by your content from anyone.

  • Da Wood

    The customization for Android is far superior to iPhone. There is also a bigger choice in devices. There is only on iPhone and Windows is just not up to par with either.

  • Because you’re free to do what you want with it! You’re not locked in to having icons covering screen to screen. You’re not locked into anything! Other than maybe a bootloader here and there 😉 … But theres almost always someone in the community that comes up with a work around! I’ve honestly talked to some pretty cool people in the forums just because of Android! With android the options are pretty much endless… not only software, but hardware. YOU HAVE CHOICES! Who wouldn’t appreciate that!

  • Because it is hands down, the best mobile os in the market. You actually have control of your device, not the illusion of it like all those fanboys have.

  • You can do so much more than you can within the “walled garden” of iOS. The same can be said about any apple device though.

  • Ddecicco3939

    This is easy i tell everyone this. Home Screen custimization. Widgets. Flash. Desktop browsing. Open platform. Choice of hardware. Hundreds of thousands of apps and much much more

  • with android you can have your phone the way you want it not the way some manufacturer wants it

  • Tommy Thompson

    I would tell them Android gives them the options to do what they want with it. Changing the wallpaper, moving apps around so it’s viewable. The ability to have widgets on the homescreen makes it easier to have information at your fingertips. Several launchers to add your own personal touch and enough apps to keep you productive and also have fun.

  • atcjedf

    Those who can use android. Those who can’t use iPhone

  • Skittleoid

    Switch for a cute mascot compared to a rotten apple, variety, awesomea polished os, better tech and innovation

  • Cjl1092

    just ask them if they want there mobile phone experience to be like living in the USA or in North Korea. if they want freedom Android welcomes you with open arms and many opportunities, if you are fine with being lock down and deprived of any and all options of expanding your life then you can stick with Apple. 

  • Thi

    It can do everything that iThingy can do and with more freedom…

  • Because Android is the only platform you can play Droidzee on, the best yahtzee game out there!

  • RIckyB

    Why switch?  One word that means a lot to anyone with a smartphone although you couldnt tell Apple that.  CUSTOMIZATION! 

  • Imagine you had a phone that could give you driving directions… for FREE! Boom, sold!

  • Because Android is the best. Ever. 

    WebOS and iOS are not appealing, because they are locked down, this-is-how-we-want-you-to-use-it. 

  • Anonymous

    Switch to Android for flexibility, power, peace of mind and sense of self.

  • Evic

    I would tell them Ice Cream Sandwich will blow you away 🙂

  • Edward Peichel

    I would tell them to switch to Android because the iPhone is one-size fits all, and we all know that one-size-fits-all = one-size-fits none. 

  • Anonymous

    Android is about freedom and the developers and manufactures know that everybody is different and have different tastes.. With the many different phone styles to choose from as well as new phones hitting the market all the time, you are sure to find one that fits your lifestyle. You can then further customize your phones look by replacing the launcher and Icons and installing widgets. With Iphone, its Apples way or the highway. There is only one Iphone style and no way of easily customizing the phone to fit you other than changing wallpapers.

  • Andy Stetson

    Customizability, hands down.  NO platform is more customizable!

  • Do you want more of a variety of phones to pick from? Do you want more customizability? Do you want the Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone 4S? Bless the soul who chooses iPhone over Android. . . .bless them all.

  • Andy

    Cyanogenmod.  Or Liquid Thunderbread (Thunderbolt owner here).  Etc. Etc. 

  • Justin Marden

    Cloud syncing, more device choices, and an epic community!

  • Vettezx

    Simply because everyones Apple product looks the same, you can make Android look like you want it to look.

  • cause it’s not an i*hone!!!! 

  • Most of all the flexibility of customibility and of course the use of flash

  • Zakrytyobrien94

    no it now, don’t be a square 

  • Android is everything you want it to be.

  • Liquid Lunch

    Custom ROMs and Themes.  If I’m bored with the way my OS looks and feels, I just flash something different on my phone.  It keeps the phone fresh instead of the same old tired iOS on your iPhone.

  • Theres no other tech community greater than android

  • Cardsharkandrew

    i would tell them that Android is a growing market, and the app support is getting better. Also, the ui looks cooler imo.

  • 1) Competing markets allow for lower prices and deals like Amazon’s free paid app every day.
    2) Full customization including keyboards, themes, large fonts, and choices on hardware (You’re not getting a preset accessory from Apple.  You’re getting a computer that you can use however you want.)
    3) Google Music lets you upload 20,000 songs (about 200GB of free storage!) from your library that you can stream over the internet for free.
    4) Free turn-by-turn navigation.

  • Switch to Android for choices. Choices in content and apps. Choices in form factor and function. Choices to fit your unique needs.

  • Stang30290

    Number one thing customization

  • Sporttster

    Android is progressive whereas iPhone is regressive. Android is open where iPhone is closed. I could go on and on….

  • Nathan Burnett

    Stop being such a fan boy

  • The_Daniel

    Tether baby…free tethering….

  • why switch to android?  best phones, control over software, and best community of users.

  • Jttalman

    Android has flash support while iPhone does not.  Android has great customization.  Android has the best OS.

  • cause it rocks!

  • Anonymous

    Freedom to pick your hardware for the software.

  • Andy > Fruit

  • I would tell them that it allows you to do what you want on the phone and not what Steve Jobs wants you to do.

  • It’s open which means more customization and freshness.  For as many strengths as iOS has, it just gets too stale and boring.  With Android, you have an ever changing and evolving OS where you have the power and flexibility to make it look and behave in a way that suits your needs.  

    Not only do you have the power of choice within Android OS, but you a plethora of choices for phones.  Big screens, small screens, physical keyboards, virtual keyboards, 4G and/or 3G, expensive, affordable and so on.  There are Android phones that meet pretty much any need or want which isn’t something that can’t be said about iPhones.Add superior multitasking and notifications to all of that and I think you have a pretty good argument for Android.

  • Anonymous

    Because its not apple

  • You should switch to Android because it does what you want it to do, not what some corporate executives say it should do!

  • because you can run apps in the background on a droid
    droid fo life 🙂

  • Edgardocamposmota

    The best reason to switch to Android? Choices. No other platform offers this many options as Android does.

  • Bigrednemo

    Android has devices available for anyone in any situation.  financial or otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Options, options, options. Who wants an ultra restrictive os.

  • I would say…to fruit or not to fruit…that is the real question

  • Motta2003

    I would tell them that despite popular believe, not all fruit is good for them and give them the reasons why.

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of choice

  • Anonymous

    because the range of customization will allow you to make your device truly yours

  • hotrod97

    You should switch to android cause a phone with android is a devive.The others are just a phone….

  • Thomp6jm

    I would tell them they should have an android phone because they are not a barista… unless they were then I would just let them see my G-Nex for a few minutes

  • Anonymous

    This is obviously dependent on the person whom I am speaking with, (different reasons for a lot of people), but for someone like me – Android integrates with Google Products which I use heavily, Android devices offer LTE, Android devices offer larger screen size, and finally the rooting community is far more robust with Android compared to any other major mobile OS.  You have to love open source! 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If someone asked me if they should switch to Android, I’d ask them if they had any conceivable reason to buy an iPhone other than the Apple logo.  Since the answer is almost definitely “No…” then I’d say switch, why not!?

  • Anonymous

    If someone asked me if they should switch to Android, I’d ask them if they had any conceivable reason to buy an iPhone other than the Apple logo.  Since the answer is almost definitely “No…” then I’d say switch, why not!?

  • Allesg

    With android you get what you want rather then what apple says you want.

  • Nymul Bunleang

    You don’t want to be a Hipster do you?

  • android is open, letting us do what we want with the device we own its that simple.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt tell them anything. I would show them my customized phone with custom rom, buttons, launcher, widgets, tethering, and last but not least, show them a flash video on “how to root” on droid-life.com! Then i would look at their phone and laugh. Works everytime!

  • Greg Raslan

    I would tell them it depends on what they want to do with the phone.

  • IOS is for sheep. Android is for those of us who don’t want our technology and media fed to us through one giant corporate funnel called Apple. One of the greatest reasons to use Android? We can purchase apps from multiple sources.

  • IOS is for sheep. Android is for those of us who don’t want our technology and media fed to us through one giant corporate funnel called Apple. One of the greatest reasons to use Android? We can purchase apps from multiple sources.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them they should switch to Android for the ability to customize and the plethora of different devices to fit anyones needs and budget and lets not forget about Flash.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that they could cutomize there phone experience more than they do there ford fiesta with the 16inch rims and ground effects.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that they could cutomize there phone experience more than they do there ford fiesta with the 16inch rims and ground effects.

  • Long 447

    Ultimate customization control.

  • Anonymous

    Because on Android you get free Google turn by turn navigation.

  • Joe Brown

    It is the best operating system for a mobile device to this day.  It is open source so it is always getting better.  It has the best developer community and has everything you could ask for at a cheaper price than the competitor. 

  • because it’s light years ahead of iOS now.

  • Android is the best platform for people who don’t like to be controlled, or told what they can do.  With an open platform, and the ability to obtain devices with unlockable bootloaders, Android users are only limited to what they can conceive, design and create, including apps and services not ‘blessed’ by the OEM or carrier.  Android is about giving control to the user.

  • Dales Droid88

    Because Android has so many phones and tablets to choose from……

  • Easy. If you want to use your device how you want it, when you want it, which operating system which would you use? If you want an open source platform where you can develop and create applications that aren’t going to be scrutinized to fullest extent of the law when uploaded to an application market, which operating system would you use? If you want to use your data, your minutes, your hard earned money the way you want to use it, which operating system would you use?

    Listen, buddy, there is only one answer to those questions. Android. Android gives you the ability to mold a device to your needs and not the other way around. You want to use a different dialer app, go ahead. You want to use GoSMS or Handcent to send out text messaging. Do it. You want to use a different Internet browser. For Pete-sake, use it!

    You want to be with an operating system that gives you, the owner of the device, total control? Or do you want a bunch of suits controlling your every move? 

    The choice is yours, friend.

  • because the world gets to build on the android platform the competition will always give better products at lower prices than you will ever get from apple

  • Spanki

    Apple is for hipsters

  • I would tell them android has more freedom and that nothing beats the android market ! 

  • Because you just should ok, gosh 

  • phones and tablets are all about easy access to the stuff you want and I love the multiple home screens you don’t get from istuff

  • Anonymous

    because google is behind it

  • Steven Sangster

    Android is an open source System, Unlike IOS you dont have to install a piece of software to use it.  Its easier to add music and movies too, quicker to sync, and sharing your calender is a snap with google services.  If your a mac guy use IOS, if you have common sense Use Android.

  • Anonymous

    One word: Freedom!

  • I woulod say. an iPhone is like a automatic Honda and an Android phone is like an M3 with a manual tanny. Yes the honda is nice, and easy to drive. But if you take the time to learn how to drive that stick shift M3 you are going to have a much better experiance.

  • Every person who I talk to about their iphone or ipad always have a major complaint that drastically decreases their experience and in every case Android doesn’t have that problem.  like full flash

  • Jgplainc

    Because I can do whatever I want with my phone and if I can’t they will have a solution at the dev sites…

  • This is a no-brainer! Android just works, and you can tweak it to your heart’s content. Once you do Android you don’t go back!

  • Don’t say anything let ice cream sandwich do the talking for you.

  • customization

  • As one HTC exec said “iPhones just aren’t cool anymore”. When your grandma has an iPhone, it’s no longer cool and hip. Android is on the cutting edge of the smartphone market.

  • Actual choices.

  • Damien Raine

    Android Open Source Project, Open Source software always beats closed source anyday

  • Android is for people with brains.  iOS is for sheep without brains.

  • Professandobey

    Android is open, giving you freedom to make your device your own.

  • Insert clever or witty line that makes everyone go aww.

  • MITBeta

    One word: Integration.

  • Anonymous

    Apple has become 1984. Android is the freedom OS now.

  • If you like a customizable user experience and an open system with some real and diverse choices in hardware…Android is the way to go

  • Bkimsey1

    I dont feel restricted with android.

  • Greg

    I would tell them if you want to be in control of your phone, come to Android. If you want your manufacturer/carrier to be in control, stick with apple.

  • Lizz.0

    I would say, “you can either be an @pple whore or an Android pimp. It’s really up to you!”

  • Jokey

    Easy peasy. Upgradable memory, widgets, better apps and it’s just way more cool.

  • Buckaroo50

    They are so cool and plus they are based on linux, 

  • Anonymous

    What I would say is:  Apples and Blackberries are only sweet in the beginning, but will always end up rotten, but Androids live forever..!!

  • One word: Choice.

  • I would tell them that you can do with your device what you want, when you want it and how you want it without asking the Manufacturer for Permission.

  • Ace87

    All the versions are named after fruit

  • lol, i dunno!

  • Anonymous

    Google apps. Maps and Navigation, Music with practically unlimited free cloud storage, and Talk with video (no wi-fi required!).

    Amazon free app a day. 185 and counting (although I probably only have 20 on my phone).

    Connectivity options. HDMI is the simplest phone-to-TV video interface, and LTE is pretty awesome.

    Apple still has a more consistent and polished user experience, but Android has a few features I wouldn’t want to do without and seems to be doing more innovating these days. Apple’s mobile division is like what Honda would be if they only made the Civic and the Odyssey, and only in two colors each. Great cars, but they just don’t look good in red with racing stripes.

  • Eric To

    Chances are they’d be an iphone users, so I would tell them, “Android will provide the keys to unlock the chains of operating system oppression, aka iOS.”  =p

  • Anonymous

    Because Chuck Norris is on Android and if you don’t switch then he will roundhouse kick you in the face. And then Steven Segal will pick you up and roundhouse kick you in the face. And Bruce Lee will rise from the dead and….um…roundhouse kick you in the face. And Jean Claud Van…….you get the point.

  • I tell them that variety is the spice of life, you can’t just get by with Apples!

  • Gerardo

    iphone is the same old crap

  • Dan Tillman

    If someone asked you why they should switch to Android, what would you tell them?  I would tell them to just fall into peer pressure and switch to android or the little robots will come after them at night!

  • you should switch to android because it has more to offer. Im not talking about apps but what you can do with the os. You can completely change what you are running and have a totally new phone and give it new life. That is why I stick with android because I can always find a solution or make a change that I want and never have to wait on someone. 

  • Someone asked me this question before. I told them its a phone about you. With android, you can customize it to your liking. With widgets and themes, you can create what your personality is. With apple and/or windows, you are stuck with how THEY tell you how to use their product. It’s never really your phone… I enjoy making my phone look the way I WANT IT TOO!…this person did switch from apple to android and they where very happy!!!

  • I would tell them to go with Android so they could get what they want (size of screen, quality of camera, choice of apps) not what Apple wants them to have (one size fits all).

  • There are always options, most of the time if you want to do something with or to your android device there is a way and if there isnt a way chances are you can learn to do it yourself.

  • Because with Android you have a choice, vs. having your user experience force fed to you.

  • Duncan Smith

    Cuz its awesome!

  • D C

    Android allows you to customize almost everything letting you be free to just be yourself, that other company wants to control how you interact with everything, thusly effecting how you think about everything!

  • Anonymous

    Because freedom to do what I want with my device. I can customize it down to the smallest detail, root my phone and do wireless tether, replaceable battery and SD card. And also, I have many manufacturers competing to give me the best hardware at the lowest price. It’s really pretty inside of the walled garden, but ultimately you’re still trapped. 

  •  Android is simply more sophisticated and advanced than any smartphone operating system, it grants adults the freedom they need in a device they own.

  • Anonymous

    android’s stellar dev community.

  • Yellowsnow

    Turn by turn navigation for free!

  • You should get a droid because it’s better than your crappy phone 😛

  • Before I would say not to get one, but the android platform has been zooming past the ios software this past year. What we were once lagging in, we are now leading the competition. Who needs any more of a explanation?

  • Clintphare

    Android ROCKS! The OS built for more than one phone! Intuitive, sync’ed with Google Chrome and you can do anything with Android.

  • I would tell them nothing. I would simply hand them my GNex or Transformer and let it speak for itself. 

  • JoeBlow

    With Android you get widgets.

  • Ryan Gabbard

    What I offer you is freedom, freedom from Apple’s tyrannical dream, freedom from Apple’s tyrannical law, freedom from Apple’s tyrannical God.

  • Anonymous

    They should switch to Android because Apple is a marketing company more than a technology company. So they are over paying to be told they are hip and cool, when really, they’re not, they’re just listening to they hype.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cheaper, faster, stronger. boom.

  • Sealy42


  • David Blakesley

    I would tell them about the customizable home screens and UI, the awesome widgets, ease of use, and the larger screens available on the majority of newer android phones.  The technology is newer, faster, and just better than either Blackberry or the iPhone.

  • ChrisF

    Hmm, where to begin. Well, first off many things of the iPhone are a lie. For one their “multitasking” is not really what they say it is. All that it does is allow the apps to be opened at the same point they were left at. In Android, all of the apps are run like the programs on your computer. They are run in the background. Now what many people are telling you is that Android is hard to learn. To an extent, maybe, but Android is virtually simple to use. I know many people just like you and a little less techy that use Android and love it. Android is not just for programming. Now there’s a billion things to say why Android is better, but I’ll just leave you with this. People say iPhone is better because it “just works” and is only for “creative” people. The beauty of Android is that you aren’t bound to what you get, because there is so much you can do with it. As shown in a Samsung commercial, you can still be a creative barista if you have an Android phone. What I know and believe is that if I have a choice, I would rather not have something “just work” but rather have it suited to myself. if you don’t believe me, go ahead by the half eaten Apple. Just tell me what phone you get in two years! =P

  • Superyoungg

    four words, one acronym: android open source project, AOSP.

  • Freedom to do what you like to something you paid money for and own!

  • I would say that it is easier to customize it the way you want.

  • Ben

    I would tell them that they can make it theirs. With other smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone or windows phone they all pretty much look the same. With Android, add widgets, change colors, flash roms, make it yours!

  • android is like obamas campaign, change

  • Droid-fanatic

    I would say ”
    The Galaxy Nexus is powered by android” and that would be enough said. Sold.

  • Customization and modability. If you want your phone to be YOUR phone, there isn’t a better option.

  • Jennie Dignam

    Faster speed..better graphics and flash!

  • Assuming they were coming from iOS, I wouldn’t have to tell them anything, just show them by phone and let the little Android guy to the talking for me.  Slide out keyboard, gorilla glass, bigger screen, widgets, flash.  Android has it all.

  • Bicycle019

    Android is the open source wave of the future.  Stop being tethered to the fruit phone and move to toward the robotic light!

  • Mostly because of the versatility offered by Android not being locked into a closed ecosystem like iTunes.  It is much easier to find apps that can do most anything you want.

  • Sgiacomo84

    I would tell someone looking to switch to Android that it is the easies

  • Anonymous

    “Because if you buy an iphone, I’m not going to help you figure it out.”

  • Jagdeep9407

    If you want an OS with a little more you, want to rediscover your phone’s UI every week, want a bigger screen, beefier processor, latest in high tech screens, pick android. If you want something that just works and that would bore you in two months go pick something else.

  • R8er4Lyf3

    If asked by someone why to switch to Android these are the words I would share, I would not say because its better even by a hair. It wouldn’t be for Andy our mascot though he is, or all the desert like names, or skins ie Blur or TouchWiz. Basically I would tell them just as I told my wife, switch because you will get more fun out of this life. With Android things are possible like resized widgets and free apps, and while those may be simple it beats fruit laden traps. Glitz galore and over-hype is where Apple hangs its hat, but with Android at the core, an open phone is where its at!

  • The ability to customize your phone to your liking.  You are actually able to ‘think different’ with an Android phone as you can fine tune almost everything about the device with the amount of apps, launchers, keyboards, and the ability to flash custom ROMs.

  • ssjnimma

    I would have to honestly say if your asking me this question… you have alot more problems then asking me for this advice… 😛

  • nathan meacham

    That Android stands for a free nation and Apple is a communist company… no i would say that Android is merely a better operating system, and has the potential for more than ios, and that that potential is here with ICS !

  • GCSkater

    I would tell them that Android is like a iPhone that has been set free. Android phones are cheaper, some have 4g compatibility, and you easily get more bang for your buck.

  • It allows for much more customization.

  • Anonymous

    I would say that it is has solid software and the phone’s hardware is incomparable!

  • Lmrojas
  • It comes down to the ability to customize every aspect of the phone.  Something as simple as installing a new keyboard to as major as installing a custom rom.  The fact that there is a community that is so committed to making the phone as perfect as we can all collectively make it is an amazing feat.

  • Sketchy alx

    I’d let them know that Android is just a great all around OSt.  It does more than an iPhone and a great community backing it up.

  • Rock826

    I say “To get the feeling of having your phone and not some one else’s because Android gives the freedom to use the phone how you like and not how it wants you to use.

  • Miranda Gabbard


  • Jenipurr

    Android is awesome. Plain and simple. 

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them if you like being locked down and told what to do, go with iphone, if the opposite….well duh. Android(nexus :p)

  • Anonymous

    The ability to customize, Widgets FTW!

  • Inhumanrampage

    I would tell them would you rather look sexy browsing your phone or look like a product of society with a sub-par phone.

  • Evo4emperor

    Android is better than apple because your not a starbucks drinking satchel wearing photography taking trend following hippy.

  • I would tell them to go with Android because if they went with the fruity people they would be supporting communism!

  • Andrew

    I would tell them that Android gives you more choices to do things the way you want to, instead of making you do things the way they want you to.

  • Because you will be assimilated.

  • Charles Ramsey

    I would tell someone that they should switch to Android due to the freedom to have a wide variety of different devices and to customize those devices to their liking.

  • Nate

    Android is very customizable. You can do things from loading a custom ROM and theme to changing your text message tone to any tune you choose.

  • all the cool kids are doing it!

  • android is just more fun to play around with

  • Dave Brown

    I normally let fanboys and naysayers use my phone instead of getting into an endless which phone is better debate. After awhile most realize that ease of use and customer satisfaction is far more than a brand name when purchasing a new phone.

  • I say you can have moving wallpapers and that hooks people in right away.

  • Anonymous

    Multi tasking. Easy as pie:)

  • Arf24

    android devices are the only option for a tech geek. if you like to play it safe then by all means get the iphone but if you want something with a user experience thats almost addictive go with the android.

  • if you want to have more access, more customizability, more control over your device get Android. If you like fences, having little to no control over your device, get an iPhone.

  • Their vagina is showing.

  • Adam Cargal

    Android is the way to go for personalization.  I love that no two Android phones are set up exactly the same.

  • Anonymous

    Google Navigation

  • Bently Wong

    Customization, customization, customization.  Android is on a plethora of different phones with different configurations.  With Android, you aren’t limited to 1 screen size, 1 form factor, etc.  You can make your Android phone yours.

  • Anonymous

    Options, options, options. Free gps navigator, widgets, and more.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them Android has endless customization and the best and most friendly developers and users in world!!

  • Anonymous

    Because you can customize everything to set your phone apart from the rest. With iPhone, everyone is the same.

  • Get Android or be left behind when the Apples rot.

  • Anonymous

    Where to start?
    1) CHOICE
    2) ability to customize
    3) open market / open source
    4) dev support
    5) more functionality

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that getting and Android phone isn’t just a choice, its a lifestyle. You suddently are addicted to sites like droid life and rootzwiki, and will aside from flashing roms, will push your phone to do what you want, not the other way around.

  • Stevemag08

    to avoid the blatant tyranny of the big white apple!!! 

  • dverson

    iPhones have become what Apple once rebelled against – uniform, dull, and constrictive. Be creative, be an individual, be an Android 😀  

    Side note: Yes, there’s irony in calling an Android unique, since it’s basically another word for robot. You win again, Google!

  • Anonymous


  • Keith Olsen

    I would tell them if you like customization, flash and control over your phone go android.

  • Anonymous

    customization, 4G LTE, Flash support, micro SD storage

  • Matthew Marshall

    The innumerable amount of things you can do….and the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Corey Hass

    Ice cream tastes better than lion.

  • If someone asked me why they should switch to Android?? First I would smack them in the face and tell them its tough love, because Friends don’t let friends use Iphones.

  • Freedom.  Freedom.  Freedom.  The ability to change everything to way you that you want it.  You can never do that most of the items without even rooting/jail breaking the thing.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t switch to an Android device this big Ice Cream Sand which monster will bust into your house and slap you till you do.

  • Robert Walters

    This question could take years to fully answer. Main reasons:

    1. Won’t be a sellout Apple Fanboy
    2. Won’t own an outdated keyboard toting Blackberry. 
    3. Customization
    4. Best Community for support, solutions and pushing the limits of each and every android phone.
    5. Open Source
    6. It goes on and on….

  • I love the freedom to do what I wish to my phone without being stuck with a limited OS.

  • Gary S.

    I would tell them that the user community is awesome….and all the cool kids are doing it.

  • Anonymous

    If you like to customize your experience and tinker with your devices, anything from the look and feel of the UI and different wallpapers per screen, to launchers and widgets, then go with Android. And if you don’t know what a widget is or how cool they can be, then Android is for you.

  • Because it’s good knowing that there is a huge community behind the open source product that can bring in functionality you didn’t even know was possible.

  • Nepatriots72

    iWould tell them they would have to be an iDiot to choose the iPhone over the iNcredible  ANDROID!!!!!!!!!

  • Because android is fun to tinker with and customize.

  • The thing i always tell people to push them in the direction of Android is Control and Options. Full control over a majority of settings within the phone and the more they are willing to learn and delve the more control they get. Options…tons of options…phone wise why be stuck with just one device when you can find the phone that tailors more to your needs…it’s so simple!

  • HRLady

    It will satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Faster, better, Flash and customizable

  • Orrett3

    You should switch to Android because it allied you freedom.aren’t you in America to witnesses freedom?

  • Anonymous

    Open development. No need for a Mac to develop.

  • parkjam

    Because Android does everything you need to do, in an infinite number of ways.

  • Anonymous

    Customize your UX out the wazoo.

  • MJZ

    Switch to Android because it’s just better!
    Love mah Droids!

  • I would tell them about the customization options and flexibility of the OS vs the others guys fenced in playground. 

  • I would show them free wifi tethering, free sideloaded apps, and maybe home screen widgets.

  • josh

    You should switch to android because apple is evil!

  • GNexisexy

    Because “Droid Does”.

  • You get all the freedom you want 🙂

  • Bick

    If you want some choice and options then go Android, like having your choices made for you then go iPhone.

  • Corey Smith

    Two words: Open Source.

  • Ice cream sandwich is tastier than iOS.

  • Naveris

    Droid is just cool

  • Daniel Gulyas02

    I’d tell them that Android is the only supported OS with true multitasking, the others being WebOS and what the N9 is running. It’s got the largest variety of phones, with a phone for whatever you find important. Speed? LTE. Gaming? Xperia Play. Screen? Super Amoled or LCD.

  • Dapinkslip

    “With Android you get a unique experience, with anyone else its the same experience”.

  • Google Navigation

  • Switch to Android because they have officially turned the corner as the superior phone software!

  • XX7

    I would tell them you would feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. FREEDOM!!

  • Yaright223

    DON’T switch! To many choices for a closed minded person like yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that anything less than the best is a felony. 

  • Break free from the mold, come to Android and get some real power!

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    I would recommend Android to everyone because from my experience, life hasn’t been the same since I got my first Android device. There are a million reasons why, everyone just needs to give it a try.

  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    When someone asked me why they should switch to Android, I told them because it’s not a one-size-fits-all (vs iPhone), you have a choice of features, and those features actually work (vs Blackberry).

  • 10lbmustache

    I tell people all the time… You can do more and get more out of an Android phone. No Brainer!

  • Anonymous

    I’d them that with Android they have more choices and a better community both on the Developer and user sides!

  • Just a few of the many reasons…widgets, non apple store, turn by turn directions and alternative keyboards.

  • I would show them my amazing Galaxy Nexus and let it do all the talking

  • Android lets you make your device truly yours. Customization lets you swap the keyboard, launcher, SMS, even your phone dialer. If you don’t like something, you can change it with the multitude of apps out there.

  • So when you visit Droid-life you know what we’re talking about!

  • it has 10x the Customization of any other mobile os

  • Grant Manion

    You should switch to Android simply to experience a phone that can do as much or more than an iPhone, and one that you can make your own. Apple makes a good product, but people think that it is the best on the market. Once they experience the capability and functionality of a good Android device there is no switching back.

  • Anonymous

    3 reasons, choices, choices choices.

  •  So when you visit Droid-life you know what we’re talking about!

  • Pl_tice

    Because android is a open source platform.

  • Customization and dessert.

  • Once you go Android you will never go back!

  • Zach Jones

    iPhone is simple and limited, Android can be simple, but you can customize to (just about) your heart’s content. And as of this year, Android has pretty much stolen the innovation lead from Apple. Android is better. Simple enough.

  • Jsingleton

    I would tell them that android gives them the ultimate freedom to do wut they please with their phone

  • Anonymous

    Customization. Don’t like the homescreen? Change it. Don’t like the dialer? Change it.

  • Because android allows you to do whatever you can imagine.

  • that it is a growing OS, IOS is not cabable of keeping up with androids enhancements. pure and simple.

  • Because Android is better than any other existing platform. Why? It has the greatest community behind and is open and openness is the key for everything in life.

  • People should switch to android for a seamless google experience.

  • Billy D

    Well i dont talk to most people who have apple since they are obviously just sheep and believe whatever a dumb commercial tells them. BUT, if i were to try to convince them, i would start with Android phones DO EVERYTHING BETTER, then proceed to show them.

  • Anonymous

    Because I want to be cool

  • raphael gray

    One word customization 

  • Freedom to customize everything about your phone. To make it the way you want it, not the way the company that made it tells you it will be. 

  • Danielseymour4

    Swapping to android is a no-brainer. Android offers tons of different choices: screen size, physical keyboard, 4G, heavy, slim, removable battery and more.

  • Adryan220

    I would focus on the customizability of android with most of my friends. I would show them you can way more than just change your wallpaper. Different keyboards. Different launchers with thousands of theme most of them free.i mean the possibilities are endess. Along that samelines you have choice when it comes to your phone. Keyboard no keyboard. Different sizes of phones. It goes on and on. Essentially i would emphasize choice

  • Like being tied up like a dog. Me neither, go with Android and have freedom.

  • Mike Spann

    If i were talking to one of my computer savvy friends, they should get android because of the ease of rooting and the amazing developer community. 

  • Terraljones

    I would look to my husband to explain… I couldn’t tell ya

  • Seventy6vette

    Because Android’s pushing the limits of what these devices can do while the other guys are trying to play catch up.

  • Jeffrey Wiseman44

    so much more can be done with the android OS, got to love how they name them too 🙂

  • DreamScar

    I’d tell them that Android is infinitely customizable. You can craft the perfect phone for your tastes. There’s also a large lineup of hardware to run it on.

  • DreamScar

    I’d tell them that Android is infinitely customizable. You can craft the perfect phone for your tastes. There’s also a large lineup of hardware to run it on.

  • QtDL

    Why Android? Freedom of choice. I can customize my phone as I please…..and if your iPhone is so awesome as it is, why did you find some nerd to jailbreak it for you??

  • I would tell them that Android is better. Android is also open to your creativity, especially when it comes to customizing. There is so much more with Android.

  • Cstyled

    Fruit instead of cats!

  • Android is a pure user controlled experience.  More people developing for android means more quality programs and devices.  It is the only way to truly rule your phone.  Any customization you can think of, fastest processors, and 4G.  It’s the only way to go.

  • I would ask them why they are even questioning choosing Android

  • Because if you don’t have an android phone……then, well you don’t have an android phone.

  • Gareth Johnson

    You need to get outside the garden that is Apple. While your in the garden its really nice, but if you ever want to leave the garden… too bad.

  • Christopher Lau

    Because Androids love eating apples.

  • Andy

    There is an android phone that suites anyone’s need, you are not stuck with same phone as everyone else. Plus the android community is always there to leand a helping hand if need be.

  • Anonymous

    If you want choice in style, size, functionality, and overall customization then an Android powered phone is what you want.

  • Because it’s open source and you can customize your phone to your liking!

  • Michael Lozano

    Three words: Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • St. Nicholas

    If someone asked why they should switch, I’d then ask them what they value most in an OS and device? Almost all OS out there can do similar tasks, but some offer different options, more customization and control. If someone wants a very polished OS with that works and works well, but doesn’t see the need for customization and control, there is an option for that. If someone really feels that control, customization and evolution are major factors in what describes a good OS/device, then there are options for that as well. “Options” is that drew me to android. Different devices, different looks/skins…just the shear ability to make my phone just how I see fit.

    Android isn’t for everyone, but there are so many different ways that android can work and look, that there is a good chance that there is a device/skin that will fill your needs. Before anyone decides on what phone/OS to go with…they first need to ask themselves what they are looking for.

  • Anonymous

    A person should switch to Android because Android is open source which Means that it can can only get better, as hardware improves it will be ahead of apple and Microsoft. Sometimes the Android phones have limitations due to the carriers carelessness, but there’s always a work around in Android, such as wifi tether to use the hotspot ability in Android, which carriers try to charge you for.

  • MANY MANY Android models are at your disposal on all carriers want 100% touchscreen. want touchscreen and a slide qwerty keyboard… or how about keyboard only… black, red, yellow, green, white.. as for the all mighty iphone……. 1 model… maybe 2 colors… LMAO

  • Hackability

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that Android is “The best of both(all) worlds.” Android is constantly making improvements by listening to what the people want and doing their best to provide for the consumers. They never stop and think they’ve created a masterpiece. They always try to find ways to make android products better in any way possible. 

  • Bhaa18

    Because Android has a much cooler logo than apple.

  • Axel2667

    Because the freedom of android will make them happy!

  • Why android? it’s openness! instead of being locked into a certain ecosystem you’re free to use your phone as you want it, not the way someone else wants you to use it. That, and a choice of hardware.

  • Ninermale

    I can’t say anything against Apple for fear they might be watching. I also can’t say positive things about Apple for fear they might have already said closely similar positive things about themselves and I would be sued for violating their copyright of those closely similar positive things.  Windows, well they will catch up in a couple years.  Then you have Blackberry and WebOS, enough said.  I would like to say that Android gives us the freedom of choice but it really is the only choice, we just have hundreds of devices to choose from, as well a millions of apps and the ability to customize everything.

  • I’d say it’s the Google experience. The integration and the ability(on some phones, tablets) to basically root the thing and do practically whatever you want with it. Side-loading apps is a huge plus.

  • android will fit you, everything from $50 -$800, from 3.5″ to 10″,  any carrier or no carrier, 

    customization, want a background, picture frame, weather or other widget, control your phone by location. root, or don’t. you do what you want with it. free or low cost applications, without a censor, but with supervision when something bad shows up.

    storage that you can access, not something that is drm’d and not accessible

    no itunes ever

  • Derek Schalk

    FREEDOM!!! the freedom to shape your experience on the phone as you see fit. And not be forced into the experience the “company” believes you should have.

  • Only if you like to have control over your technology!

  • n0ppw

    Android is customizable–it’s alot easier to “make it your own.”

  • Adaptability, personalization, better hardware.  Oh, and less expensive.

  • Anonymous

    Because you support the terrorists if you don’t, you’re not a terrorist are you? 

  • I would say get an Android over any other phone because since it’s open source there are always developers developing new app and things that will keep you interested!

  • Andrond

    I would tell them, as I already have to many, many friends, that Apple is no longer the superior choice for a smartphone, and no matter how much they try to convince me otherwise, I just whip out my Galaxy Nexus and prove them wrong time and time again until they convert!

  • Matt Owens

    Power of choice & customization.

  • Jerrymen88

    My friend has a I ph… and i have a android phone and his always asking that my phone looks bad as that how did I do it….he tried to customized it like mind put he fail..so I would say that u can customize your android phone eneyway u want

  • David Seibel

    There isn’t really any proprietary bits going on with Android devices. Plus look at my Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

  • cause I like to do the Robot dance

  • Tequilamasfina

    Apple owns the iPhone — YOU own your [android] phone.

  • Barry Coleman

    Because you don’t want to be an Apple Fanboy

  • With other operating systems there can be complications with the functionality and software with the device. Android offers several different choices to fit each and every person on how their phone will impact their lives. As such, Galaxy nexus for Hardcore Android users for a crisp and clean presentation of a stock android device or the Casio Commando, for those who need a dependable rugged phone. So many options. Apple phones are always the same and the only way to get the customization like an Android can offer is to jailbreak it. which voids warranties and can crash the device, when you just could have an Android phone that works with full customization and ALL preferences. Also a wide variation of carriers have Android, not all have Apple. There is an Android phone out there for everybody, while Apple products apple to boring everyday fanboys, and people who had an ipod touch. Android is ever growing and will always be a step ahead or not long behind ANY other operating system, there for it is superior.     

  • BIG Android phone = BIG you know what ;D…small iPhone = small downstairs

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that it can do pretty much anything you want. It can help out with everyday situations, and it’s easy to use. They could change the look of their phone everyday if they like. They have so many different types of phones to choose from

  • Technomandfw

    Choices and freedom, what other reasons do you need?

  • Marc horiuchi


    Android is way more customizable then any other OS out there. !os has nothing on Android when it comes to making your phone yours. Compared to an !phone they all look the same and they claim how awesome they are with no flash support whatsoever.

  • Calculatorwatch

    I would just tell them Android is for cool kids… plus the apps are cheaper.

  • Negativerxn

    Because it’s the future of phones and possibly computing, period.  Open source and accessibility are the wave of the future. Get on board now.

  • allanM

    its the right thing to do! 

  • Open platform, plenty of updates and lots of hardware to choose from, that’s what good OS’s are made of!

  • I’d tell them that they are choosing a phone that is going to have the dominate operating system in the future and who doesn’t like a sweet treat!  (Since all of the code names for their operating systems are named after a dessert/sweet of some sort.)

  • Widgets, customizations, open source, custom roms, need I say more?

  • Anonymous

    Why Android?? Cuz Siri’s a b!tch…

  • Set yourself free!!  As HTC would say…. you need a phone that gets YOU!!

  • Open source not locked down

  • Same reason I chose Commodore, and then PC, over Apple all those years ago 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Android phones are based on Google Android operating system which is an open source environment.  You have more options and flexibility to configure, play and configure your phones how you see fit with your style unlike Apple which is restrictive and closed minded.  Current crop of Android phones are faster with bigger screen than the iPhone.

  • Customization, openness, rooting and wireless tethering but mostly – LIVE WALLPAPERS!!!

  • Anonymous

    More choices.

  • buy a cat, name it everycat, hug it, solved.

  • Anonymous

    If they want customization, 4G LTE, and Adobe Flash support, there’s only one way to go.

  • Drewfus0929

    I would tell them it has the freedom of choice. You can purchase any type of phone you want, and can then make it completely your own. 

  • vitz0r

    Android allows for more flexibility and creativity. Plus, ICS rocks.

  • I would tell them to watch the obnoxious apple commercials on television and then ask them if they’d rather get hit in the face with a hammer than have something in common with clueless hipsters that where fedoras and highwater pants.

  • GregM.

    I love android because of the user customization.  I am a programmer at heart, and I just love the freedom and openness of android.

  • Android offers complete choice to fit any personality’s needs.  You can choose screen size, memory, icons, widgets, hundreds of thousands of “apps”.  It is simply the best choice you can make when purchasing a cell phone.

  • Anonymous

    Switch because the experience is more open and there is a choice in handset.

  • Superboriqua

    You should switch because a droid can kick a fruits a$$,

  • Forrest Tracey

    The only thing I’d say is APPLE SUCKS! That should do it! 🙂 hehehe

  • Dweinwurzel

    Because copying everyone else doesn’t make you cool….android users are the real people who think differently…

  • Its just plain better. More options, better hardware and software. Simple enough.

  • Because Android lets your phone be truly yours, not what Microsoft or Apple wants it to be.

  • Open vs. Closed. I prefer open!

  • choice…with android, you get to choose…

  • Snowiboy

    Ultimate flexibility and control.

  • Ninermale

    The iPad is for the clones controlled by big brother and Android is for those who are free to think different! How times have changed once again.

  • if someone was to ask me why switch to android i would say “Because its completely your phone, it can be made to completely fit what you enjoy. if you like simplicity android has that for you, if you like complex things android has that for you, if you like doing what ever you and how you want without having to jailbreak or conform to your current device android is for you. specifically the Nexus Line but thats another story for another time. android has what no other company has something for everyone and its simply the best if you dont believe me here try my droid x or nexus S im sure youll love it.”

    by the way my GF just bought her first android phone thanks to my speech and is getting rid of her blackberry. hopefully she likes her samsung transform ultra by boost if not ill be developing for it soon =)

  • Android sets you free!

  • Anonymous

    customization, unlimited possibilities and a lot more free apps!

  • Anonymous

    If someone asked why they should switch to android I would have to assume one of three things. One, they are an iPhone user, two a blackberry user or new to the smartphone world. So for reason one, if love to customize your phone and want the phone to adapt to your likes and lifestyle, then android is the phone for you. Reason two, blackberrys are like the equivalent of the old school pagers. They are out dated and not much fun at all. For reason three. I found that people have basic phones and data plans. Never makes sense to me. Get your monies worth and get a smartphone that is worth paying for that extra data charge a month. 


    I would tell them that “There is a wide variety of phones to choose from, the software is great, and there is a great community behind it called droidlife.”

  • Joey Blackwell

    If somebody were to ask me why they should switch to android, I would simply say that Android gives you the power of individualism.  My older brother has supported Android since it’s humble beginning, and i got my first android a year ago.  One thing i’ve truly noticed is that everybody’s phone is different.  I personally prefer stock Google software, but I know several people who love both MotoBlur and HTC sense.  You can do so much more with Android than you can with an iphone as well… i could go on and on for hours i just want a new tablet

  • Mattyfrazier

    (using my best Braveheart voice) Freeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Customization and larger screen size.

  • Frank LeeDeRanged

    I like eggs.

  • Android is more open, there are more options, and its an OS available on MANY devices, not just a handful.

  • Wellstones

    I would tell them that 4g sure is fast!

  • AJ

    Do you own a Mac? No = you only want an iDevice due to pure hype. Yes = You only want an iDevice due to pure hype and you like the Apple logo. To the average person its all about cost and iPhone are more expensive then low end android phones.. If your feeling techy and want something better android phones offer better specs in just about any arena.. The iPhone is just the easy way out, no research, no comparisons..You ask, Apple answers. Android on the other hand offers many flavors (not to say you can root/customize iDevices but its not the same) that allow essentially infinite customization and tweaking. Oh… and my final reason is the Android community that will honestly probably have a solution up to your questions before your OEM/Carrier has anything

  • Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring but me playing with my new Acer Iconia from Droid Life. Thanks 😉 

  • Seanfranb

    Widgets! Widgets are thw best android feature. And the killer andriid community!!

  • Droid does.. come in screen sizes larger than 3.5 inches, and size does matter.

  • The ability to customize is beyond any other OS.  

  • I would tell them that there is so much more you can do with an android phone rooted or not. They are 10x more customizable than any apple product and if you would like a product that you could turn into your phone go with an Android, if you want your phone to look like everyone elses that has the same model go with apple.

  • Michael Clark

    You don’t have to wear black turtlenecks and you are free of Apple control

  • s2k_848

    Well, it depends on who is asking…  I’d probably tell it’s more open to being rooted and you can customize it to fit you.

  • Anonymous

    You should switch to Android because your Symbian S60 3rd is no longer a cool phone.

  • Resistance is futile

  • Mikehen08

    Android phones are not locked down like the i*hones are and there are a variety of phones out there suitable for every type of person. Not to mention Android is generally ahead of the curve with basic features like setting a picture for a background or receiving OTA updates (staring at you i*phone). That coupled with the fact that you can do anything you want to the device whether its ROMs or kernels, its basically like having a whole new phone with every new ROM. You should never get bored with the phone. Plus Android has Andy! :p

  • Like being tied to iTunes like a dog? Me neither, enjoy freedom and get Android.

  • Ken Brooks

    ‘Cause Android is better for cheaper.  Period.

  • Android is simply better for the economy.  Instead of an Apple Monopoly with developers scrambling for their own piece of the pie, Android is open source and provides better market gateways for development and sharing of revenue streams and opportunity.  Free Market is the way to go.

  • y should someone switch to android, the better question is y haven’t you switched to android, all I have to say is that numbers don’t lie, with almost 50 percent of smartphone users running some version of android, you have just got to be retarded to choose anything less than first place.

  • Kathy H.

    There are so many reasons that I would have to tell them all! You can customize your phone better, there are more and better apps, you can sync your e-mail, contacts and docs to a new phone whenever you need to, voice dial, dictation, and faster web browser.

  • I tell people that if they liked AOL, then they should get the iPhone. If they didn’t like AOL, then get an Android.

  • Anonymous

    Full web browsing support (Flash), tons of useful apps (including many of the most popular on the iPhone and iPad), customization, more hardware choices, phones available on almost all carriers and at any price point, superb integration with all of Google’s services and with the advent of Ice Cream Sandwich, the whole package is more consumer friendly.

  • A.C.

    Cutting edge technology of course

  • I would tell them to give it a go, android is highly customizable and can do pretty much do anything any other phone OS can, as well as having a huge community.

  • I think I’d tell them about the freedom of the app store, as well as the possibility of rooting your phone. I’d let them know that rooting their phone give their phone no limit to its capabilities in terms of performance and style of the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I would explain to them the greatness of open source.

  • Madelinedao

    iPhone is for old people who don’t know how to use technology.
    Android is for cool people who want every customization possible to make their phone unique to them. It gives them the option to change so many functional factors (Phone, Contacts, Messages app) and visual functions (custom lockscreens, launchers, homescreens). Also because rooting is so much cooler than jailbreaking. 

  • I’d tell them, “If you don’t already know, then you should probably keep whatever generic, watered down OS you’re working with.”

  • cfb

    droid has replaceable battery and expandable memory. nuff said

  • Bkjlmays

    Is there any other choice?

  • Because Apple doesn’t deserve your money with all these patent lawsuits!

  • I would tell the individual that asked me that Android has beauty in it’s open source protocol, with the ability to make any phone completely customized.

  • Anonymous

    If by “switch” you mean that they have been using something else then I don’t think saying anything is necessary. They already know what the “rest” is like and they should be ready for the “best” without any further provocation.

    It’s like when I went in to the Verizon store in September. Mercifully, my contract was up and I was about two minutes away from Office Space-ing my BlackBerry Tour and when I told the gentleman I was interested in the BIonic he started his “pitch.” I said, “No need good sir, we’re ready to go.”

  • wendy moore

    Why switch to android? Less BS more features and better prices.

  • jdbond

    I had this conversation with some friends debating about what to get their child for Christmas.  I explained that with the Acer Android tablet you can add memory with microsd cards, use the hdmi out without adapters and attach a keyboard.  The debate seemed pretty straight forward to me.

  • Dan

    The versatility of Android OS is all about the freedom of open source. The ability to root over the choice owning an Eye phone is a mo brainer.  Get a Droid !

  • It’s open source and you can do what ever you want to it and Google will love you.

  • Custom roms rock

  • Tim Buchanan

    In the past I’ve said, “Most mobile devices (::cough cough APPLE cough cough::) are for people who don’t mind machines telling them what to do.  Android is for people who like telling their machines what to do.”

  • “Seamless” Google integration and the openness of the platform.

  • John J

    Because it’s completely customizable if you want to do so.

  • Android gives you freedom of carrier, cell phone hardware and user interface customization

    IOS only gives you freedom of carrier.  Enough said.

  • Three reasons I would give: “As someone who has used an iPhone and a Blackberry in the past, I can say Android wins hands down! First of all, it is way more customize-able than anything the competitors offer. Between the various ROMs available, widgets, themes, all the great apps, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on. You can’t go wrong!  Second of all, the community behind Android is like no other.  You can go online and make cool friends in forums, IRC, and twitter,  get help, and make suggestions about ROM tweaks, programming, etc.  There are so many great places to find out about tweaks, mods, and so-on and that gives it a big advantage over the competitor phones.  Finally, while this is obviously not a lasting factor (since most competitors will get to this eventually) it is currently the only LTE smartphone available giving you the fastest connections on the go.  Blackberry, Apple, and Windows Phone currently only get HSPA+ at best, which is fine, but LTE it ain’t!”

  • Anonymous

    Id explain all the reasons i dislike apple as a company. How much of a dick jobs was. Oh yeah, lte is a good selling point too. Not tonmention you wont get raped on app/game prices.

  • Craig LeBaron

    Freedom!! Well, mostly anyway. Locked bootloaders aside, once you get root, there’s no cat and mouse game to keep it. And once you have it, ANYTHING is possible.

  • Andrew Ogburn


  • Shayyan Arshad

    Four things, in ascending order: Flash support, Market, the Community, and the OS. 

  • I would show them Droid RAZR’s Commercials (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cU7MX1q9lI) and Samsung Galaxy II’s commercials (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWnunavN4bQ) if they use Iphone, and explain them how they’re missing the good stuff if they’re sticking with Blackberry… I would make them feel like dinosaurs if they’re using a BB, cool design and Actual specs is the deal with Android.  

  • I would tell them one word, FLASH.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t tell them anything.  I’d show them.

  • Because it’s the best…no explanation necessary 

  • The freedom to customize your phone versus being locked within the walls of Apple prison.

  • Depending on the type of phone they have… “its time to upgrade” or “iPhone SUCKS!”

  • Finire

    Switch to android, because android can be you. It doesn’t ask you to be an apple with a bite out of it.

  • ToddSTS

    Android means options, options on hardware, how your device looks and behaves.  You’re not stuck with what someone from Cupertino thinks it should look like or act like.  Android means options.

  • More open.

  • I would tell them why spend more to get less? If you want a near to desktop web browsing experience (Android has flash support while Apple doesn’t), better photo quality (most tablet cameras are superior to an iPad/iPhone camera), storage options (microSD/SD card support), while still being able to play the popular games (Angry Birds), and read e-books (Kindle app support) and don’t like giving money away, get an Android based tablet. 

  • Awakebrothers

    Droid is the way.

  • Cdavy

    Pick whichever one you want, my preference is Android!

  • If asked, I tell the person that Android is the most developer support friendly platform, with the widest range of hardware possibilities next to a hand-built computer. That I have been loyal to Android for 2 years, while also recruiting the entirety of my family with little complaint after their respective transitions to the best smartphone platform on the market. I would demonstrate the ease of operation with my OG Droid, and go into detail of the benefits of a Google Phone and all the lovely Google apps and services provided such as GPS Navigation for no extra charge, brilliant contact and email synchronization, and media synchronization that takes all the knowledge and skill required out of the equation for those who know not how to technology. That is what I would tell them.

  • Lee Vang

    “Google currently has the fastest growing app store, over 60% of those being free.  The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing your phone to suit your needs.  Unlike other mobile OS competitors, not a single Android phone out there will be identical to one another, thanks to the flexibility offered by the simple nature of the Android OS.  Make your phone, become your phone.”

  • Eric Payne

    Android gives you the freedom that you deserve, Apple locks you down tight in every way possible.

  • I would tell them to switch, because in my opinion, Android is the best smartphone/tablet OS out there today.

  • Android operating system is open for everyone with
    different styles. This platform lets people bring their imagination onto their
    Android device.

  • I’d tell them to go down to their local Verizon store and play with a Galaxy Nexus so they could see all the reasons to switch first hand.

  • koosh808

    I’d say Apple is evil, don’t do it.  I’d be joking, of course.

  • Jason Hansen

    Because it’s not iOS 🙂

  • For choice.  You can choose hardware from freebies to superphones, you can choose from stock or any myriad of skins, and you can choose numerous options in applications to get the job done the way you want it done.

  • Joymcarthy

    Better apps, fantastic community of enthusiasts, amazing forums and websites dedicated to the platform. More free apps are a huge plus as well. Why use a closed tight platform when you can use an open one?

  • If someone were to ask my why they should switch to Android, I would say “Why not!? Change is good!! Once you go Android, you won’t go back!”

  • JMonkeYJ

    i would show them my galaxy nexus and let it speak for itself

  • Anonymous

    Because droid-life

  • Wustehase

    I am always going on about the benefits of Android over any other phone platform. Even my friends who insist on older dumb phones; I’ve converted a fair few of them. There’s just so many reasons to go with Android. A huge range of great phones, from the entry-level basic phones, to the performance beasts like the Razr and D2/DX (still running strong). Simply put: Android has something for everyone.

    My favorite thing point out it’s ability to be customized to anyone for any task. You can customize literally everything on these phones to your liking. Your colors, your fonts, your layouts, your apps that do what you need to do on a daily basis, this list is huge.

  • Mr Diaz

    I would tell them they should switch to android because it would be an ever expanding mobile OS that is pure genius at your fingertips.

  • Because size matters.. 🙂 Android has many more choice and is open. More informed end users choose Android. The sheep go Apple..

  • StevenS2k5

    Switch to Android because it is fun and customizable. It is for anyone from developers to people who just want to stay updated on social networks.

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t tell them i would show them…  

  • Free Google Maps navigation on your phone… isn’t that enough?

  • Because of freedom. That is why.

  • Because of the sheer awesomeness and the lack of boredom. I’m still rocking the OG Droid and still installing new ROMs. Liquid Smooooooooooooooth does it best.

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    It is about choice, Android is for people that like having choice, not given a set of options dictated to them as if they were children. 

  • Camguy1975

    Because droid-life

  • James

    Because it allows for more user control. 

  • Android is simply better. Plus it sounds cool.

  • Almostadr

    Open source…

  • Because you can choose what brand and style of phone you want. And not be limited to one design.

  • Zacholley

    I would just show them all the cool features android does that ios does not for example download music for free while on the road…. plug my phone into any computer and get their pics or music…. having a spare battery which is a big plus…. does the list stop???  really love to win a tablet 🙂

  • Joe Fischer

    It’s much more customizeable than iOS and you also have a much wider selection of devices to fit your needs. Also has a great developer community that you can learn everything about android from if you want to.

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    They should switch because of pure customization. Even without rooting you can adjust icons, screens, lock screens and widgets. Having everything you use on a daily basis at the touch of an on screen widget. And everything is simple. Settings are all in one place and the hardest thing is finding out what programs to use. Which the tech world has embraced through sites like Droid-life and others. 

  • Android has all the things you could want in a phone, including but not limited to, 4G speeds (hardware allowed), open source for developing, themes for customization, better user experience, more choices for hardware. Plus you can always count on loving your phone more than iOS or any other OS.

  • I would tell them that there is more to a phone than just the iOS and RIM experience.  Trying something new is what personally got me into Android, but it is the community of helpful users what got me hooked.

  • Maluna00

    Why switch to android? With an android your free to do anything you want, free to customize/personalize your own phone to your liking.  Why let apple controle you and your phone… i still have the OG droid, I will never go apple.

  • If someone asked me why I would switch to Android I would tell them that Android is hands down better than the expensive garbage from Apple because it is a completely open operating system, which means that it is much easier to transfer files from one device to another, it is able to run flash on web pages which the apple garbage couldn’t even think of doing, and because Android is just totally awesome.  

  • notthatsawyer

    How do you feel about iTunes?

  • No apple control!

  • ben

    Is the person tech intelligent? 

          – awesome dev support
          – customization to the max
          – 4G speeds
          – ICS 

          No      – cost effective devices
          – you can play angry birds on it
          – 4G speeds
          – Google wallet 

  • URSoundguy

    Android is superior because the devices are always developing and innovative because the software is open source. On the contrary you can wait all year for the 1 new apple device that by the time it is released it is already behind.

  • tblee7

    Open source and a great dev community.

  • Kevin Raymond

    Customization. Android allows a user to tailor their device to their individual needs. One person could use their phone/tablet as the ultimate portable gaming device, while another could use theirs as an office on the go.

  • Anonymous

    I recently had this very scenario in Best Buy while I was eavesdropping on a sales pitch. This lady was wondering why she should get a Galaxy Tab instead of an iPad 2. The guy was giving horrible advice, so after he left I stepped in. Android allows you the freedom to customize the look and feel just like you would your computer. It’s more than just changing a wallpaper, it’s setting up home screens by priority, adding widgets, installing alternate keyboards, and making your own layout. It’s having the option to install the free version of an app, and then deciding later to pay for it. It’s having a choice in size, or about having a physical keyboard. It’s about living outside of the walled garden of Apple. I pulled out my phone and let her try it out for a bit, then she tracked down the sales guy and purchased the Galaxy Tab. That’s what I say to anybody looking at the 2 products, and what I will continue to stand up for every single day. 

  • Two words…Open Source

  • Anonymous

    switch to android for freedom from apple zombies. A

  • Tyrian

    Just do it.

  • Heff10

    Free turn by turn navigation, how do you beat that?

  • Lorian Johnson

    I would tell them about all the freedom we have with android. I would tell them how we can customize the phone to our likeing. The android market is pretty awsome. 

  • I have and would again convince somebody to switch to andorid by completely changing the look of my phone in ten minutes with just two downloads from the market.

  • because its better! One example is widgets on my home screen or lock-screen. 

  • 1. Open Source baby.
    2. i anything is the devil
    And tweet sent.

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    Because Chuck Norris said so.

  • Freedom to install apps that aren’t approved, widgets, independent developers for those who are more tech-savvy, and it ties all of Google’s services perfectly into one device.

  • You should change because it’s very rare the person next to you has the brand/make of your phone.  And even if he does, your experience, function and look of the OS can be a billion times different.  Plus that 80 year old grandmother has an iPhone, do you really want something that old lady has?

    I’m just speaking as a DX owner who has only seen 1 person with the phone(my wife) and knowing at least 20 people with an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    How are Disqus accounts & Twitter IDs linked?  Just curious if someone picked a comment but your twitter account was a different name how they would be able to confirm if you posted the twitter portion… Thx 🙂

  • Rctp10


  • Anonymous

    Because Android has Ninja Unboxings!!

  • …for the choices!

  • Xbjackel

    I would tell them if you have to ask you are to dumb to own an android phone. They should stay with a phone that makes them feel like they are smart. Instead of having a phone that amazes you every time you turn it on.

  • easter eggs like tapping android version for the ics

  • Darthseph23

    I’d tell them the following:

    Android OS may not have the shoe shine of iOS, but its by far the most developer friendly mobile OS out there.  You know what that means for you?  More tools, better integration, and most of all, the horizon of innovation doesn’t become stop-gated by a single corporation.  That means more innovations to market for you to use SOONER!

  • Shannon Hoff

    The two biggest reasons I tell them right off the bat is the ability to fully customize their device.  And the second, although for me, it is probably one of my biggest reasons, NO iTunes!!!!!   I can’t believe how people continue to put up with that disgusting pile of garbage.

  • The hardware is improving faster, there is more choice/variety, devices are usually cheaper, and you can get all of the same apps as you can from Apple. Oh yeah, and you can’t use Apple products on Verizon’s LTE network- nothing else even close as far as speed and coverage.

  • joe1138

    Is there any other *REAL* choice but android?

  • unlimited customization

  • Anonymous

    Android is already the #1 smartphone OS in the world, so why not get it on your tablet where it is innovating greatly. Plus, the customizationAndrkid offers can be beaten!

  • Shavers80

    i would tell them because iphones are for yuppies.And because you can customize your phone any way you want.

  • Android: 4G, Bigger Screens, Open source, Customization, Flash, and it is the future.

    That is all they would need to know.

  • Kasse

    faster, stronger, better

  • David Jones

    Lets assume of course they’re using an iphone at the time; My argument would be that… android is open source. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want it. I would explain to them, That tey could easily continue to use their idevice and they will continue to be paying for a phone that by its very terms of service does not belong to them. That they are only allowed to do what apple wants them to do with their device. I’d talk to them about the whole google/apple not getting along ordeal and apple refusing to allow a google voice app. I would tell them about how because dictionaries with “curse words” is against the “rules” set forth by apple you cant have a TRUE dictionary. Everything must be approved. You must way weeks for approval of updates even!. That if they want a phone that will truly be theirs, If they want to get the most out of a device.. the way it was intended to be used.. “as the user see’s fit” Then, they should go for android. Because android.. is made to be “yours”. you can do what you want, when you want, how you want it. No company has the right to “gate” your device, or tell you what you can do with a device that YOU paid for. Then I would show them all the lovely things my device can do that their iphone cant. 

    All I would really have to do would be to ask them a bunch of questions “do you want a device that you can do anything with, that truly belongs to you? Do you want a device that WILL continue to be supported if not by the manufacturer, then by the community? Do you want app updates within a week of the problem arising? Do you want true innovation? If you want that, If you want the future.. Then get an android.”

    Gosh the list kinda just goes on and on why you should choose android over others. But, even still android isn’t for everyone. If you want to be told whats okay you should have an iphone. android is for those who know what they want from their device.

  • I would tell them it has better support than any other os between communities and developers anything is possible with android.

  • Eric Woodrum

    Freedom, freedom, freedom, oi!

  • Patrick Da Silva


  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t tell them WHY they SHOULD switch to Android, I’d tell them it’s their money & they should do what makes them happy. 
    If they can do what they want & need with Android then GO~! 
    If they can do it with one of those ‘other’ types of mobile devices… then GO~!All in all, I say if you can leverage multiple devices & OS to maximize output then GO~!

    If they asked me why I use Android?  I’d tell them it’s the best BANG for my BUCK and I like it… 

  • Anonymous

    I would say people should switch to android to be able to mess with their own things. Flash new roms and kernels. Things like that.

  • xilez

    Customization of almost everything!

  • Bluedevils0000

    Be yourself dont follow the crowd. Well because of 4g also.

  • Anonymous

    For someone who uses Gmail, Google Calendar, etc., etc., why wouldn’t you want to be fully integrated?

  • MikeyyyC

    I would stare at them in the eyes for a good 10 awkward seconds….then tell them because Android

  • They have a much cuter mascot! Oh, and they are freaking awesome! Did you know can do ANYTHING you want with an Android device? Yeah, you can.

  • Anonymous

    Customization. Sure flash sucks, but if I want to watch a flash only video, I can…

  • AJ

    I would tell them that there is more to a phone than just the iOS and RIM experience.  Trying something new is what personally got me into Android, but it is the community of helpful users that got me to hooked.  

  • Dexter Peterson


  • ALG4454

    Because its awesome!

  • Because Android is ‘open sourced’ there is FAR more room for inovation than the other OS’s out there. That means more developers (eventually)  will be working with it. And more compitition among providers and manufactuores which is always good for the consumer. IOS is a closed system that will only staginate over time.

  • Jwburr2

    Hands down the funnest mobile OS. Plus, Google is so cool.

  • Android is all about customization!  iOS is limited.

  • HuskerDroid10

    because I can actually make my phone unique and android phones are much more powerful than any other on the market

  • Drfromnc

    IMO, ice cream sandwich and honey(comb) always tasted better than apple.

  • Erkleehoo

    Switch to android so you can be yourself. Express yourself, decide yourself, its all up to You

  • Anonymous

    Well, we can’t all be creative. So…..Android is for the non-creative people. Cause everyone who uses an iphone is “creative”. And stupid enough to keep shelling out money each year for a product that is outdated.

  • J D

    Androids are cooler than apples. They also can do way more stuff

  • John

    I’d tell them if you’re tired of feeling confined, stuck, or ordinary that you should try Android. It’s highly customizable, and you truly feel like it’s YOUR phone. It’s an experience that’s hard to describe until you’ve used one of the newer phones, which are quite powerful mobile devices.

  • Its very simple why folks should switch to Android…..It does EVERYTHING except breath and wipe your butt for you. 
    Give them time and I’m sure they will have apps for that too :p

  • Tnuts22

    Freedom …… android gives you choice. You can tailer the phone to fit your needs. Size of the screen choice of design even os overlaycan be chosen to fit your style, wants, and needs.

  • Mabramson1

    Ability to customize everything about your experience

  • DroidLifeWin

    because I love technology and the ability to customize my phone/OS

  • Tsteege

    Android is the present and the FUTURE…  Period…

  • I’d probably just pull out my deactivated and unlocked Galaxy S Captivate and show them Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. As a matter of fact, I let one of my friends, who owned a BlackBerry Curve 8520, borrow my Captivate for a week to see how it was. She now has a Galaxy S II. Now, I need to upgrade from my Droid Charge to a Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE.

  • The level of customization on Android is much more than any other phone OS! It can be made to look like almost any other phone OS out there as well. From a launcher like Espier, which completely mirrors the iPhone interface, to Launcher7, which is a carbon copy of WP7’s live tiles, it is just amazing what Android phones can look like with a little bit of effort. Its great!

  • The only honest answer to give is that there is variety – android has a smart phone for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    I would switch because of the awesome PhoneJoy that I just got in the mail today that doesn’t work with iOS! Mobile gaming is awesome!

  • The Android OS is available on a wide array of devices that can fit almost anyone’s needs, from size of the device and hardware specs to cell phone network provider. You don’t have to connect it to a computer or download software to your computer (unless you have an app that needs you to). Their store is available online via a web browser, and has a much wider array of cloud storage services available(google music, ASUS webstorage, dropbox, box.net etc). You can download any file to your phone from the web, then upload to your dropbox (or other cloud storage) and download it to your PC, or simply copy it from your device to your PC via a USB cable. On the more tech savvy side, there is a huge developer community actively working on ways to improve the Android experience, through apps, custom ROMs, and simplified rooting methods. I find the entirety of Android’s existence far more accessible than any other mobile platform. iOS might have a more “polished” user interface/experience but it can’t match the functionality that is Android. (And if you just have to have the iOS look, just download the Espier launcher or install the MIUI custom ROM if it’s supported on your device)

  • dito

    Because an ice cream sandwich tastes better than an apple.

  • teapotdome

    why they should switch to Android? to be like me. 

  • Brian

    I would say that there will be plenty of time to use an iproduct after their lobotomy.

  • Anonymous

    For sheer ability of full customization to your phone. With an Android device you have full control of every aspect of your device. You really have the opportunity of making your phone truly your own and unique.

  • Anonymous

    I like to sell the benefits of the Google services you get that are more integrated.  Google+ is a good example.

  • Anonymous

    Because you don’t want to only be allowed to do the things that apple wants you to do.

  • Bmxmike

    I would tell them, “That phone is the same as your last one and is what your mom uses now cause it’s easier for her to use. Dont you wanna stay uptodate on tech and be able to have your phone be unlike anyone else’s?” Cause what other OS let’s you customize this much and not just move icons around?

  • Thesquid2d

    because google doesnt go out and sue other companies that are in the same business, they innovate.

  • Android is a million times better for customization and hacking

  • Anonymous


  • Android has the largest app market!!! and there icon is adorable!!!! #loveAndroid

  • “In a world of doesn’t, Droid Does.” hah

  • I would tell them that Android is all about customization and being able to have the experience that YOU want to have. 

  • i am a big gmail user and i need a phone that lets me have full desktop power in my hands on thw go and the ability to use my phone how ever i want

  • woozie

    Switch to Android sheeple, and be part of our herd!

  • Android allows you to customize to your hearts desire! Say “Widgets”!

  • Decastro Jason

    Because Android is the Savior….everything else is the anti-christ!!!

  • Slackergts

    You should switch to Android because of the ease of customization and making it work for YOU and tour specific needs, not just gave the same closed, rigid system that everyone else has to get accustomed to. Plus, our mascot is a cute little Android.

  • i would tell them that, i was iFan and when the first time i came with Android is the Firesale of touchpad, waiting for the android post on it, i bought a HTC Wildfire S and it was not “PERFECT” until i could install the CM7 unofficial ROM on it, up ROM, Customize my theme, and then the great new coming with android port on my hp touchpad, with currently running alpha 3 still buggy and lags but i love it, widgets, apps and ROMs, my friends were jealous with me cuz my theme and we love it cuz i could compare my theme with my friend iphone theme both are wonderful but in Android you will have more access than the “in jail” phone, and now my itouch which i used before, lying in the eBay. 

  • It’s a solid OS, It is customizable. It Works. You have more options than with an IPhone.

  • Anonymous

    I usually ask “Why do you have an iPhone? Android does ________ better,” and then ask them to complete a list of tasks with their iPhones, while I do the same on my android phone and wow the sh*t out of them.

  • Lawrence Hart

    The customization on an Android device is immense even with out rooting. I would aslo piont them to this LifeHacker article: http://lifehacker.com/5801862/top-10-awesome-android-features-that-the-iphone-doesnt-have

  • Droidinmind

    If you want the Best go android….. or you can be like the rest!!!!!

  • Trumindgame

    Wireless tether, rooting and being able to accept pic messages lol.

  • Anonymous

    Think Different. Go Android.

  • Larry

    Switch to Android for more options and free stuff from Droid Life.

  • Anonymous

    You can do ANYTHING with Android!

  • Why did i switch to Android? Because i am a individual person, I don’t need the same phone that everyone else has to fit in with the world. I am who I am!

  • Ben Johnson

    I would tell them they should switch to android if they want a phone that that works for them vs a phone they have to work for.

  • Anonymous

    I’d tell them Android has a lot more phones to choose from than any other mobile OS.

  • The main thing I love and would tell them is the customization aspect. Since its such an open platform it allows you to modify, overclock, theme, and generally mess with every single part of the phone which in turn makes it so much more yours.

  • They say variety is the spice of life and Android offers every kind of phone for every taste, the devices range from the small to the huge and every color, speed, storage and size in between. You also get flash support, access to hundreds of free apps and without the hassle of syncing to a cable to a proprietary program. If you want the latest and greatest, the mods and custom roms on almost every android phone is endless, I pick android every time…hands down!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re having iphone problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but my DROID ain’t one.

  • for Freedom, customization and endless choices in manufacturers and models

  • (Let’s try this again – first comment is gone) One word – customization.

  • Sarah Snider

    Because it is better than anything you can imagine… this thing has changed my life and how I go about living… 

  • Its simple……No Needed software to sync information.

  • Anonymous

    Switch to Android because Ron Swanson tells you to.

  • why twitter and not facebook!?!?

  • Earl Echols

    The correct question is “which Android should they switch to,” there’s an Android phone out there for everyone deciding which best fits the person is the key.

  • Anonymous

    I would say “More hardware options, more software customization, and check out this tablet I got from DroidLife”

  • Goldy

    iphones are for kids. android phones are for men

  • Mach93

    Its only the best system out there to make your own


  • willie Snyder

    I would tell them there is so much more to the phone then you can see.  And it is so much better then the *phome 

  • Not sure why because I don’t have anything running Android I want to but have had a really rough year and can’t buy anything so here is why I want one and why someone else should get Android As far as I can see android is the most open OS out there that easily can go from Phone to Tablet and probably even PC it is infinitely customize-able and can be personalized to suit anyone and their needs. And it’s always changing and and growing so fast that no one seems to be able to catch up.
    So there you have it Hope I win

  • I would tell them its all about choice. Choice of hardware. Choice of keyboard. Choice Home/Launcher experience etc

  • i always tell people that ask why to switch to android is that it is about choice.  Whether it is look and feel, or size and type.  The sheer variety of configurations are great.  The ability to completely change the how all aspects of it respond and interact with you are what make it the best mobile OS made.  Not to mention not being tied to one market to get apps from.  Side loading apps from other sources can be done without doing any modification.  Which is pretty awesome for the crowd that doesn’t want to worry about voiding their warranty.

  • Thisguy89

    The customization is endless. You can truly make it yours.
    Show me two android phones with the same setup.

  • Hjwd1

    I typically say that I’ against censorship, and that Apple is too heavy handed in filtering apps they do not like…

  • JJ69Chev

    one word, FREEDOM

  • The customization, no other platform allows you to express yourself so freely. 10people could have the same phone next to each other and from the lock screen alone you can identify your phone. Sounds, notifications, live wallpapers, home page, it’s all up to you.

  • keith begeman

    Android offers choice. It has something that works for everyone. On top of that, the customization is virtually endless.

  • I wouldn’t tell them a thing, I’d hand them my phone and it would sell itself…

  • Matt Offiler

    Simply, there are just more options for everyone.. one size really doesn’t fit all.

  • Eric Jones

    You should switch if you like to constantly wonder what the next iteration will be like and whether you’ll get upgraded or not.

  • droidify

    Because I use android and you know you want to be like me.

  • Venks84

    Android equals customization. That is the biggest reason why anyone should switch. Widgets, multiple home screens, true multitasking, google maps with turn-by-turn navigation are few of the other compelling reasons to “turn” to android 🙂

  • Have told them because it does everything all the others do but better. And since its open, better apps and better community if something happens. So far out of the 20+ friends that I have switched to Android, all have stayed and most even started rooting on their own.

  • Customization is sooooo much better than the IPhone

  • Switch to android if you’re open minded.

  • Ronref95

    1. android= freedom 🙂 2. Android= biiiiiiiiig screen 3. Android= 4g 5.. Android=more choice 6. Lastly it is housed in devices like the Acer iconia pad!!!!! (which I want) hope I win.

  • Alexander H

    *switches launcher themes* Can your phone do this? I thought not.

  • more customization options

  • I’d let them know it’s the best business productivity mobile device that I’ve ever used.

  • Android = Freedom.  The freedom to choose the hardware.  The freedom to choose the price.  Android is pure American!

  • Thelegendofdavid

    I wouldn’t tell them anything. I’d beat the crap out of them if they didn’t make the switch.
    O’Doyle Rules!!!!!

  • Because Ice Cream Sandwiches taste so much better than Clouds.

  • Mike Klade

    Custumization! Then I would show them my fantabulous new nexus

  • Stephen Garrick

    Open source development.  Done. 

  • Koreanboijr

    Droid Life. Enough said.

  • I would tell someone to switch to Android because it’s an open source platform.

  • One word: emulators!

  • Android is the Rebel Alliance and iOS is the Evil Empire

  • Steve Gregos

    Apple and Google are taking two entirely separate approaches with the new iterations of their OS’s.

    Apple is taking the user-friendly road, as it always has. Starting with
    the iTouch, they capitalized on the users ability to have an
    easy-to-use device. It syncs itself, and can be used across several
    major platforms in the fact that it can be synced to iTunes to transfer
    music, movies, or apps. You
    can then use that sync to play those songs on your computer. Then, if
    you have another iOS device, you can plug that in and sync that one
    too. It’s easy. You just plug and go. When the bar stops loading,
    everything will work for you perfectly. This logic is being used in
    Apple’s devotion to voice-activated programming in the form of Siri.
    Siri is going to give users the same ease-of-use that they once had
    when the iOS just came out and iTunes gave it its exclusivity as the
    most easy-to-use OS. Sure Siri is going to be far from perfect, and by
    no means am I an Apple fan. I hate Apple. A lot. But their marketing
    scheme is always their selling point. People are going to get used to
    Siri, and use it more often as they have integrated it so well with the

    This is where Android parts ways. They did not focus on integrating
    easier user-interface options with their voice recog. They instead
    focused on a cleaner, more appealing visual user-interface that the user
    can touch and interact with. If Apple were smart, they would continue
    to pour money in to Siri development to further themselves from Android
    and create a different genre of device. Leave the gadgety, pretty
    looking devices to Android, and leave the user-friendly devices to
    Apple. If Apple continues aggressive development on Siri, no doubt will
    it be the differentiating factor between the two. People aren’t buying
    into Siri itself, they are buying in to the idea of Siri. The idea of
    not having to open applications or a messaging app to type a message or
    send a text. The idea that you can control things that were once only
    controllable with your hands, with your voice. And Apple will recognize
    this, and they will develop Siri further.

    For the record, I own no Apple products besides a 2nd generation iTouch
    and am an avid Android fanatic. However if you’re looking at Apple vs.
    Google, you need to look at it logically and understand why each
    company is developing the way that they are.

  • Custom ROM goodness

  • I would state that Android has more room to grow and is more in line with changing technology than iOS.

  • victor manso

    A simple reason to switch to android is because it is different, everybody has they own way to personalize or use their phone even tablet. Simple AWESOME!

  • Ror1997

    Is this the a500? because i want got one for my son for xmas and i cant believe i got him a really good tablet

  • Simple. Even if you don’t love your Android phone, the wonderful developer community and/or a replacement launcher can help you turn it into any phone you want. Even if you want it to act like an iPhone (though, why would you?)

  • Jason Maggio

    Cuz it’s not an *phone

  • Jaredjessop

    Because apple makes you mindless

  • I used Apple once too.  Then I grew up and had to get some work done.  All other things considered, Android has more going for it out of the box in the realm of productivity than an Apple product does after spending an extra $100 on apps that don’t work nearly as well as their Android counterparts.  This is why my iPad found a new home.

  • My mom just got an Iphone 4S…I haven’t talked to her since I found out.

    I guess when I am talking to potential Android users I like to highlight the flexibility of the platform. I underline that each android handset can be individualized beyond skins and icons.

  • Me08053

    You can fully customize it to your liking.  If you want it to do something you can make that happen! Please pick me! I would really love to win this contest!

  • Freedom.

  • Since no one would want to listen to a long-winded argument I would tell them the number one reason they should switch is that with an iOS device, you are told what to do with your technology, but with an Android device, you have the power to customize it and shape it into your own unique personal assistant, gaming, and utility vehicle.  

  • Because AN-droid DOES widgets, customization to even the the lengthiest lengths, and an app drawer. App drawers are sweet.

  • Tell them to try it for themselves at a store, Nothings better than a little hands on action. Android, unfortunately, just isn’t for everyone. Or if i knew the person, i would let them try my G-Nex 🙂 I’ve gotten a few friends to switch over from blackberry & iphone, my girlfriend is in the process of deciding if she should get the G-Nex. 

  • Its limitless.  If Google didn’t provide the feature, some awesome developer will.

  • The flexibility and openness of the OS.

  • Android has a lot going for it that’s why. First of all why not get on the winning team now. The android market in a few years down the road will be far superior to any other app market, developers are going to look to develop for the largest market and android already has the majority market share with no signs of stopping yet.

    Second, android gets faster and has more features at a quicker rate than the other OSes. Google is great at pushing technology forward.

    Third. Freedom of choice. Want a screen larger than 3.5″, we got that. Want one smaller (not sure why) we also got one. Want an inexpensive phone? A high end phone? The latest technology (amoled, LTE, wimax, nfc, etc) we got all that too!

    Fourth. You can customize android to such a great extent and really separate yourself from others. With the iPhone it seems like every user has the same ringtone…

    Fifth. If you’re ever confused we got a great community of people willing to help solve any problem you may have, big or small. (If I know the person, I’d help any time I can with questions they got).

  • Customization to the max, and stellar development community

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them to play around with my Droid for a minute. That’s all the convincing they’d need.

  • C C

    I may not necessarily suggest everyone switch to Android. If I know Android will fit someone’s personality – I’d just hand then my Galaxy Nexus and say “This is why you should switch.”

  • Anonymous

    Switch to android for app marketplace without censorship.

  • Why switch to Android? Because besides being awesome, you can brag about the amazing things your device can do that Apple can only play catch up with… Plus, anything to debunk the Cult of Apple.

  • cause it is just better. plus an andriod symbol is much better than a fruit.

  • Daniel

    Android is about options and openness… U can’t go wrong with that

  • Bigger screens, more customization, more options, open source!

  • Anonymous

    I’d tell them that the best two types of phones are Apples and Androids. Then I continue to say, if you want to play more for apps. Go to Apple. If you like cheaper, better, and a more personal look. Go Android.. Then i tell them to bring it by my house after they purchase it and i’ll hook them up with Root and WIFI Tether.. 🙂

  • Android is quite open and allows you to do things that Apple doesn’t allow you to do.

  • John Dickensheets

    I would tell anybody to switch to android because it is provides people with a choice.  Choice of sizes and styles.  Choice of manufacturers and choice of “skin” or no skin at all.  Even a choice of where you get your apps.  

  • While it may not be as “pretty” as iPhone, it’s widely used, open source, and highly adaptable, which are all key factors in driving innovation.  Suffice to say while it falls behind the iPhone in some regards, it also far surpasses the iPhone in others. 

  • I would tell them “You can be a child where someone else makes your decisions and tells you what you can or can not have or you can be yourself and make your own decisions about what you need and can have… that is what Android gives you”

  • Koolkidkorey

    I would tell them about the plethora of devices to choose from. More than any other OS, to suit any need.

  • It is much more customizable than a small loadout of apps alligned in a row. The possibilities of customization are endless.

  • Considering all the options available on Android, there is bound to be something that fits your need. It’s fun to customize and play with everything to truly make the device yours.

  • Ryan C

    You should switch to android because it has the best, largest company (Google) behind it, with no limits. It also has the largest constantly working dev community. You can customize almost anything you want on android. Also it has many outputs and uses such as HDMI, which gives the devises many versatile uses.

  • Switch to Android if you don’t want to wait for new features.

  • Because it’s better, DUH!

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less what phones other people have.

  • mrz1125

    cause its only the greatest thing since sliced bread

  • Anonymous

    iOS is stuck in the past. Locked down, and the UI has never changed. Android is constantly evolving, at a far faster rate, which means there’s always something better around the corner.

  • If switch to Android, you don’t have any restrictions on what you can do with your phone, it’s that simple.  And the Android marketplace isn’t complacent with a barely perceptible upgrade in technology once a year, it will continue to expand and improve as long as there’s carriers for service and companies to make the chips.

  • Because its the bestest thing in the world…ever

  • widgets! duh!. i mean who wants to look at a bunch of square icons, BORING. 

  • I would tell them that the android platform is the best.  We can do what we like with android, we have so many choices you can have a small phone or a big screen qwerty key board or all touch screen.  We have developers who fix any issue if you want a hot spot and don’t want to pay for it theres an app for that.  They main thing I would tell you is it is the most versatile platform for a phone or tablet.  I would also say if i was selected I would be so happy as it is my birth day and would be the best birth day gift ever!

  • Anonymous

    Freedom vs. Oppression  =  America vs. North Korea

    ANDROID offers its users freedom as the First Amendment provides unalienable rights to the citizens of the United States of America.
    You have the freedom to customize your user experience as you see fit. And you have the right to install non market software. 

    IOS is similar to North Korea ( And their leaders both have also recently passed)Your user experience and interaction with the device is dictated to you as if it was by an oppressive leader.
    tweeted under a different handle…

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t choose or… switch to android. You might end up wearing a tin foil beanie and being probed by aliens. But, that’s not the worst. Every time an iPhone is bought a child’s wishes for peace on earth will never come true. Do you want to be the one to tell your kids to stop dreaming because you bought an Apple product? I didn’t think so. Choose wisely my friends.

  • Firelight

    Why Switch? Because. It’s … like … just … BETTER!

    Seriously – with 4.0 we’re close enough in the UX to i*hone’s and with SO much better functionality and the options to make the “same” phone so personalized – so unique. It just emphasizes that walled gardens and white-wash/bleaching is nothing but a mind-numbing bomb of conformity.

    Plus – 4.+ inches baby – bigger IS better!

  • Matthew Shapiro

    Android is an open-source platform designed for users by users and not designed by a company who thinks they know what people want.

  • Are you really going to limit yourself to only having the choice of one device with a tiny screen?  And we both know that Blackberry and Winmo (or whatever it is called now) are dying.  Jump on the bandwagon and be a winner.

  • Sean Cahill

    Why switch to android? Freedom of customization. Customize the UI, icons, colors, sounds, behaviors, and more. If you can think it, you can do it on android. Hardware choice is unbounded too. Super High-end to mid-range to low end. Android fits you. You don’t have to conform to your hardware and software like with that fruity company. The simple freedom of choice. Simply, beautiful.

  • Mars

    Android is the future as iOS has been around for how long and already Android has blown it out of the water with new OS updates just making the unit better in a short amount of time……oh and I forgot….Android does FLASH along with Widgets!  🙂

  • Achilles

    I’d say, androids are more of a fun oriented phone, big screen sizes, very customizable, they also have a  wide variety of styles to chose from doesn’t hurt either.

  • The best reason to switch to android is the ability to customize the way the phone works pretty much from the get go, and always before iOS.  Take text tones, you could change the notification sound in android for ages, iOS just recently added that feature.  Not having to wait around for “standard” options to become available is the best reason!

  • Just10 04

    I*phone is for Siri us I*diots

  • Obviously, I would tell them about how much more flexible, customizable, and open it is. I am very pro-Android and that is no secret among those that know me.  However, I would try to figure out what kind of person they are and what they are looking to get out of their device.  The reality is that there are people out there that don’t care about those things and like to be spoon-fed and presented with limited options…..these people are better suited for the iPhone and that is what I would recommend to them.

    Then I continue to show off the greatness of Android by comparison. 🙂

  • Ibeluckyru

    I would tell them most device os’s limit the user in many ways. Android eliminates those bindings! Plus we are the # 1 selling os, and getting better daily! Nuff said!


  • Switch to Android for the variety of phones, Flash videos in the browser, widgets, and endless customization to make it yours!

  • TabTabTab_GiveMeSomeTab

    I guess it depends on your way of life to some degree.  If you are content using products as they are out of the box and never tinker with anything then iOS is great…  on the other hand, if you ever think “I don’t like that look and I want to change it” then Android is where it’s at!

  • CudeMonster

    Switching to Android means you have more options and bigger screens than anything with iOS.  Android wins.

  • Look at Bugdroid! How can you say no to that face? 😀

  • Anonymous

    If you want to live within Apple closed world, get an iPhone. If you want the freedom from itunes and its ilk, choose android. Plus, if you choose android, you can use my awesome appsto keep you kids entertained at dinner! Android exclusive! Just search lockeandev on the android market.  

  • Frankieb356

    The main reason I tell people to switch to android is because you have the freedom to have a unique phone instead of being limited to one phone structure and UI

  • Jason Brumbach

    widgets, widgets, widgets!

  • Doazero91

    Because androids have ice cream sandwich yummy yummy.

  • Dmitry

    Easier to develop for, funner to customize, more choices for everything.

  • Angel Roldan

    It has something for everyones taste and is highly customizable. There are so many more things that can do to with an android than a windows phone, blackberry, or iphone. Plus there is always a new phone coming out and plenty of great choices to choose from already!

  • Jlaurence24

    Didn’t Eve eat the apple??  We all saw how that turned out right?!?

  • Jeff C.

    Google Android is open source, especially it has widget, I like it. No more iphone

  • Because you can choose from many devices and find the right one for you and the OS is amazing!

    • The android OS is constantly getting better and keeps getting more and more cool features.

  • Cofoltman84

    Android allows for maximum customization. It has the greatest selection of devices to fit your personal preferences. Phones, tablets, watches, tv’s, Large/small screens, processor speeds, camera megapixels, etc. Everything anyone would/could ever want, is in an android device.

  • I would tell them Android is an operating system, not an app launcher.  It’s more customization and capable than the alternatives.  Plus, it’s got an opensource free-ware following that makes it the best deal around.  It just rocks.

  • I would tell them that Android offers customization and tools that can be adapted to any lifestyle and need.

  • Jer85008

    To quote Braveheart – “You may take our lives, but you’ll never take our freedom!”
    If you like freedom to do what you want with your phone, nothing comes close to Android.

  • Anonymous

    I would say yes.  Blackberries are useless and the iphone has a small screen.

  • DerekR

    I would tell them that Android offers customization and tools that can be adapted to any lifestyle and need.

  • Switch unless you are a barista

  • Anonymous


  • Boogie

    No matter what they said, bigger is always better

  • Phillipaustin

    For the ability to customize!

  • FREEDOM, actually the reason I got my wife and best friend to switch was that its not locked down. At first they said so what, it didn’t mean the same thing to them that it meant to me.  But once I told them that you can use your existing MP3s with nothing more than windows or pick a media player that was huge to them. I even talked my wife into letting me get a tablet because it played cityville.  Adobe Flash is a huge selling point. Then of course there was custom ringtones.  My sister loves having them and once I showed her a few apps to make her own out of MP3s right on the phone she was hooked.

  • Because there are so many different devices out there that have Android running on them.  I for one love having options on what type of phone or tablet I will purchase

  • greg

    Because it is the best darn OS around…darn it!

  • Maximum choice of devices and lower cost of ownership

  • I would say that all you need to know is open source.

  • Would you rather have a few hundred people getting paid to develop an OS, or a legion of thousands of geeks developing an OS for free, cause they love it?  Long live open source!

  • I tell people that Android is more open, flexible and customizable than iOS, it can be the phone you want it to be, also apple is too lawsuit happy lately for my tastes (though not the only company, by far, that is)

  • The awesome developer community that helps you customize and improve your phone throughout its lifespan. Oh yeah, and an extra 16 GB of data doesn’t cost you $100 like iCrap just $20 for an SD card.

  • free GPS navi

  • I would tell them to switch to Android because 1. More options and customization 2. widgets 3. more frequent updates and 4. Apple SUCKS ^_^

  • Mmkisiel

    More customization, more phone options, plus its just better

  • Anonymous

    Because its not an Apple!!!

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Switch to Android or Chuck Norris will kick you in the Adam’s Apple!

  • Anthony White

    The freedom that one has with Android is remarkable. The apps that are coming out and the community support, that is the best part!! Plus, if you use Google Products a lot, then Android is for you! There is so much potential with Android. The abilities are limitless.

  • Because you can customize it much more and it has a lot more free apps!

  • Android is more open to your creativity when it comes to customizing…you can pretty much do whatever you want with your Android device over iCrap…hahaha. Every phone Ive used have been Android because of the ability to root and do so many cool things to your phone that iCrap won’t let you do. All in all, I think customizing is the main drawing point for Android. It is very secure as well, I have yet to catch a virus because I trust Google to clean up the bad apps on their marketplace, which they do. I’ll never be caught dead with an iCrap device hahaha.

  • Splicer78

    One word, variety. With Iproduct u only get what apple want to give you. Android fits many types of peeps.

  • I ask people if they are tired of having the same phone as their grandma.  When they respond, “yes”, I then tell them how with Android no one phone is the same.  You make your phone look the way you want it to.  Everyone has different screens, different apps, different widgets (you must explain what these are to iphone users), different launchers (again explain), different themes…. I think you get the point.  Android is the consumer/buyer, iphone is…Apple.  Show your individualism with Android!  Sounds like a good slogan if you ask me!!

  • SHladney

    Because there’s no need to be a mindless drone!

  • Captain_Shiro

    In a world where humans are defined by their freedom of choice, why wouldnt you want your device to give you as many choices as you can imagine?

  • Because they’re are more options for android, and it’s open and more customizable 

  • Because there’s nothing you can’t do with Android! 

  • I would show them at Android has a better UI, has better phones and is more fun to use. And if they mentioned anything about fragmentation, I would shut their mouth with my foot

  • Ken

    Android is the best

  • oper8or

    It is just a smarter platform all the way around, and there is so much more choice in handsets.

  • I would tell them because you can have awesome widgets, alot of customization, and with android comes the best phones.

  • Tabe

    I would tell them that Android allows them to customize their phone to their heart’s desire, and that they don’t have to have a phone that looks just like everyone else’s. Their options are unlimited with Android.

  • Fatter wallet Droid does.

  • Freedom. 

  • nhayes1981

    Because eventually google is going to own the world so you better get used to thief tech now =)

  • Jovan Givens

    The option to customize.

  • I switched form a non-smart phone and so I’ll approach this from a why did I not choose iPhone.

    Gmail [and google in general] integration,  OG Droid physical keyboard, wanting to be different from the massive amount of architecture student peers who love everything iPhone, android looked to be the nerdier maybe a little less user friendly but awesome when you know what your doing option, also android looked to be trying to push the envelope even if it mean releasing something a little early, and Apple tries to tell me what i wantvery glad with my decision

  • Wyngo Masala

    Widgets. The iPhone home screen is nothing more than a big app drawer.

  • Anonymous

    I would try to convince them how wonderful having an open platform is, where the manufacturer doesnt live in a walled garden telling you what features you can have and that’s it and you will like it! You can customize and do things you want to do vs having nothing but an outdated APP drawer and calling it an operating system!

  • Noelia1369

    i love android cause are more powerful fast technology and droid does lol

  • van phan

    more developer friendly

  • Why switch to Android? Because the Android community is the best!

    •  Your right Steve, the Android community support is amazing.  Answers are just a click away.

  • Kutztownhockey16

    Because you can never get bored with an Android phone. So many ways to customize it, so many reasons to love it!

  • Android has more options than you could ever ask for.  It is the true revolution in mobile software and they need to get on board or get run over!

  • Anonymous

    I would whip out my Galaxy Nexus and show them the wonder of ICS. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I hate social media

  • PicoDeGiao

    Millions of people can’t be wrong…..can they?

  • i would start by finding out their interestes, maybe their into photography, maybe their into gaming, or something odd ball. after finding out their interests and everything, i would then show them the  true value of android, and how it can embody their everyday life. Most people dont see how android can make their life better, but it truly can embody everything you do on a day to day basis. Just a simple showing of the raw power of android, can hook line and sink them into the lovely, lovely world i call home. ANDROID!!!

  • If someone asked me why they should switch to Android, I would ask them “Why not?” 

  • Living with three mac fanboys (all three of them own Macbooks and Iphones) I find myself in this argument quite a bit. You can talk about different different softwares, different hardwares, or whatever it really all comes down to one point… I LIVE IN AMERICA I CHOOSE TO BE FREE!!! OPEN SOURCE WOOOHHH. (although the irony of it is played by the fact I own a bionic.. we all know how that goes *cough* bootloader)

  • It’s so easy to get the hang of. My mom is 65 and loving the Droid X I just got her. She was hesitant at first but thanking me now.

  • Anonymous

    It is as simple as being able to customizing the way you want your phone to look and act. Plus, I will be willing to help them in their transition!

  • Because then they can participate actively in the Android community, and read droid-life.com religiously!

  • MowPow

    I’d say “Because you’re still carrying the original Razr!!” Boom.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Android due to customization at the user level and also lower level customization most devices have with custom ROMs. Its also much more cost effective to purchase an Android device and have most of the same capabilities, between devices and also compared to iOS. Being able to modify parts of the OS as opposed to waiting for features to come from Apple or Microsoft or RIM is also plus. Not to mention being so reliant on various Google apps, Android is the best fit.

  • Anonymous

    You should switch purely for the customizable aspect of the OS. ROMs, themes, launchers, 3rd party core function apps (e.g. SMS, Camera), are all what make this OS what it is.

  • You should switch to android because it’s growing really fast, it’s very easy to custom your phone the way you want it and there are tons of phones to choose from. If you ever need help with it you can always go to droid-life.com for answers 

  • Anonymous

    Game on!

  • i phone are for people that doesnt know how to use a beast in their hand i rock with my galaxy nexus i can do anything ………….

  • I did not switch to Android. I never bought an iPhone. I was blown away by the OG Droid when it dropped. So that’s what I went with. Never looked back. I’m even an Android dev now.

  • Niravdesai23

    Switch to Android because powerful DROID runs the Android, so switch it and live a droid-life.

  • Raven

    Because there is way more freedom to choose different types and styles of smartphones and whatever you choose will be way more customizable.  And widgets!  I wouldn’t even consider a smartphone that didn’t let you put different sized widgets on your desktop instead of just a boring grid of icons.

    • don’t forget about flash support.  gotta love live video content.

  • Mark Strutton

    One word: Freedom

  • Fdcguy

    I try to convince everyone I meet that uses an iPhone currently to switch…I tell them, “Why do you want to be just like everyone else that has an iPhone when you could have a much more current phone with more current technology and be able to make it YOURS and not just another phone Identical to the one next to it?”

    Most of them just look retarded and say “Because it has an apple on it…”

  • df2rools

    I’d tell them that the freedom that comes with android is unbeatable. you can do anything you want.

  • Whether your an average user or power user android can adopt to your style. We have what you want, keyboard? Screen sizes? Sleek build? Beats Audio? Android has something for everyone who doesn’t want a cookie cutter style phone!

  • I would switch Android because I like being able to “hack” my phone EASILY.  I have OG Droid, and iPhone 4s.  On my OG Droid I feel like a programmer or something going into the emulator and making changes to stuff LOL  And if I broke it I would just restore a back up.  NOt so much with my iPhone.  Everything is just… well.. ::Yawn:: lol

    Switch to Android to make you feel like a pro.

  • iCan do more.

  • Why switch to Android? Because the world has enough baristas…

  • I had this conversation multiple times and here is my reason- Android offers VARIETY- in both hardware and software (i.e. hardware- Moto, HTC, Samsung, etc. / software- Blur, Sense, TouchWiz, etc.) that no one company (i.e. Apple) can offer.

  • TimX

    It’s all about the Droid community vs. sending your device in (or taking in to the istore).  Is there any alternative??!

  • Anonymous

    Freedom! Andlook at the future of android, soon they will be able to control everything in your house and office. 1 device that controls everything that’s what I would want. IPhone is to closed they don’t like to leave there ecosystem, so unless apple decides to make iFridges, and iCrowaves then there future is very limited

  • Sean27030

    With Android… almost anything is possible… and you can typically do it your way… you can plant your own “garden”.. with or without walls….

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of customization and personalization, and the great Developer community!

  • because with android you can make your phone yours. its that simple really

  • Custom ROMs ! (My friends are all geeks.)

  • it allows for more customizations and the market for android has apps for free that cost $.99 on the apple app store. 

  • Anonymous

    Because Android is better!

  • Easy access to apps and internet. Great games, has flash support, customizable, portable, light, and of course lasts longer than the laptop. If this doesn’t sell I don’t know what will.

  • Anonymous

    B/c only you know how you use your phone don’t let them dictate how things should look or work.  Configure it to your taste and needs.

  • More customization goodness!!!!

  • Scott Willenborg

    I would tell them to switch because Android people are cool and @pple people are poopy-heads.

  • P Zeman

    I’d tell them that Android provides them a smartphone experience that has its doors open for more developers at a cheaper price.  Plus, until Flash goes away completely, it’s the only option for a lot of your websites that you want to see.  It’s more customizable, and there’s so many options for hardware.

  • Anonymous

    Freedom: with a little know-how, you can make your device look and work almost however you want ( any Nexus is specifically great for that)

  • Overall, better customization and it has one of the most amazing devices, the Galaxy Nexus. I’m already thinking about ditching my iPhone 4S and seeing if I can get enough money scrounged up to buy one.

  • Freedom to customize your phone the way you want and the best developer/user community.  Oh and I’ll help them do it too!

  • Jothen2002

    It is like being a Red Sox fan instead of a Yankees… ( the Android is the Sox of Course!) 

  • Michael Haller84

    If you’re looking for a complete device buy an Android.

  • Leszekcce

    The best system for tablets and phones, try and not regret it.

  • Anonymous

    Assimilate or die.  Resistance is futile.

  • Sukhpreet Kang

    Plain and simple, you’re not locked like a prisoner!

  • Because the I*hone sucks!! End of story!

  • If somebody asked me why they should switch to android, I would show them my totally freaking awesome phone and let them figure it out for themselves.

  • Nico

    If you don’t like something about Android, you can fix it.  Someone else probably has, in fact.  Try that with an iDevice!

  • Byron Galvez

    It ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Because the iphone is an iphad

  • Because Android lets you truly make your device your own, rather than forcing you to be another member of the iClone army.

  • I’d tell them it doesn’t take 50 years to get the same features someone else has. Plus, you can get one for free.

  • Anonymous

    Two words: Galaxy Nexus

  • Angryunibrow

    I wouldn’t tell them anything…i would just show them my Galaxy Nexus…They would be SOLD!

  • My number one reason is opensource.

  • ryank25

    Price vs quality. There’s an option for everyone when it comes to smartphones and how much they want to spend. iPhone you have size options that start at stupid priced to “Left arm + first born” priced. 

  • Mischief316

    Cheap/Free Apps. Customizable.  Choices. True widgets. True notification bar. Easy to root, unroot. a new phone every to weeks . . oh wait. . . 

  • Erin Hoffman

    I would tell them you can do way more with an android phone and you can make it look pretty too!

  • AJBieds

    I’d tell them that if they’re honest with themselves, they know no phone is exactly what they want, but Android gives them the best shot to make it that way.

  • Anonymous

    Because it’s awesome?

  • Rejeesh Ramachandran

    Why switch to Android? Because the other option is to be in a closed, gaurded APPLE dictatorship ecosystem and i wouldnt want even my enemies to go through that!!

    Android – I love you longtime..

    • Aquarianhunk

      Amen Brotha. Couldnt have said it better myself.

  • Patrick Dackins

    Two words “Galaxy Nexus”

  • you should switch because you know you want a screen that is bigger than 3.5″ and your not a barista.

  • I will tell someone who wanted to switch to Android, that the phone you will get, is actually yours. Unlike the iPhone, Windows, and RIM, you can customize nearly every little thing to your liking, instead of being forced to use what the three other competitors (not really Windows and RIM) give you. So much more you can do with Android than with other OS’s.

  • More dev support, more free to do what you want with your phone

  • Bryan Saroza

    If someone asked me why they should switch to Android, I would tell them it is because it is like Burger King; you can have it your way!

    The phone can be customized to your desire. This is the kind of OS that I dreamed up when I was a kid.

  • Davros

    You have a choice. You can take the blue pill and the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever Apple tells you to believe, or you can take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes

  • If you’re looking for your choice of hardware combined with super customizable software, Android is the ticket. Apps a plenty, physical size variations, various capacities of memory, removable batteries in most cases, and a variety of manufacturers will get you hooked on Android!

  • Colby Sweet

    We have cookies…

  • Jonathan Hall

    That depends on what phone they are switching from:
    iOS: Android can do everything iOS can do, and more.  It is faster, and there are far more decent free apps.  You can even make it look like you are used to!
    BB: Welcome to the party, pal! You like BBM? Try Google Talk… all your friends are already using it, and it’s free (minus data, of course)
    WP7: Try a real smart phone… what you currently have looks like a block stacking game for my 1 year old.  Android is sleek and powerful, and actually has decent handsets.
    Dumbphone: Android is easy to learn, and will let you grow, unlike iOS.

  • Bam727272

    One word, customization.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t tell them anything, I would just hand them my GNex and let them see for themselves.  I’ve done this with a few friends and it never fails.

  • Joshua Wehmeyer

    Why? Because I said so!

  • Muddy B00ts

    Honestly I love android and don’t see a reason why I’d ever switch. But even OS aside, I’d switch to android for the bigger screens alone.

  • newrazr

    I would say “I can video chat over 3g and I can be on a call and surf the Web on 4g””

  • Pure and simple. Better user expierience on Android compared to iOS, Blackberry, or webOS. More user defined and WIDGETS!!!!

  • Mattyb1085

    I would tell them that it’s up to them to decide, all I would do is tell them the pros and cons of Android, and let them be the judge.

  • Sasquachh

    Android has the best selection of apps, programs and gets the first updates and upgrades on the market.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I’d have to ask them why they would want to. Don’t get me wrong – I love android, but I’m finding it isn’t for everyone.

    The only people I’ve been able to actually recommend Android to lately are other computer people that really want to get involved with their device. For casual users, I’ve started to recommend an iPhone, sort of like this article: http://www.theverge.com/2011/12/17/2639938/so-what-phone-should-i-buy-and-other-unanswerable-questions

    I’m tired of explaining to people the differences between stock Android, HTC Sense, Motoblur, etc. I find most people don’t get it.

    They start to wonder why their phone app doesn’t look like mine, or why their phone hasn’t been updated, but mine has.

    Android still has a lot of growing up to do before I can recommend it to everyone. ICS might help, but as long as the manufacturers and carriers mess with it, Android doesn’t have a chance of ever getting rave reviews like iPhones have.

  • xtsinc

    Because it is by far the best supported, open, and legitimate operating system for production phones.  That and stop being such a douche.

  • Total control. The only limit is how much work one will put into it.

  • Anonymous

    Plain and simple, it’s just better! ‘Nuff said!

  • Little G

    One word…Freedom.  Freedom to customize your phone to suit your needs.  Some many features about Android can be customized which is great for people who like to tinker like me.

  • Jodie

    because there is more options with android

  • John Santoro

    I would ask them what they wished their phone did then let them know that android does all of that and more

  • Cliff Hoffman

    I would say, “do you have an hour”, and explain the benefits of having a good developer community, the ability to change anything and the fact that updates are pushed out at a regular basis.

  • Jteek2000

    Apple’s got no Flash !

  • When someone asks me why they should switch to Android, I tell them because it’s YOUR phone and you should be able to customize it to the way YOU want it.  Oh, and because of 4G!

  • Hoovnick7

    Android is where its at. Customizable, reliable, cutting edge, and development is undeniable.

  • Paul Song

    They should change because they’ll love the freedom. Being able to customize based on individual taste and not needing iTunes for everything is great.

  • Because Its not an Iphone 😀

  • Claytonhoppe

    because it rules muthafucka!!!

  • Shuetteman

    I would tell them Android just works and leave it at that!

  • Joshua Harris

    Do you like making decisions for yourself or would you rather have someone hold your hand?

  • It is the deepest and most flexible operating system available for mobile devices.

  • Lamontjjr

    The reason you want a droid is because you have freedom….great phones….multiple selection…and the green robot obviously.

  • Cn

    It’s all about flexibility and choice of customizing your phone and not be held hostage to it.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell someone to switch to Android simply because it’s something different, and often unique based upon which piece of hardware you own running any flavor of an Android OS.

  • the only thing to say is 4G!

  • Sam Holton

    Choice. Want a big screen, small screen, physical keyboard or custom software? Nobody knows, people are different. A one size fits all approach is just not appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    Simply put CUSTOMIZATION. I like the fact that I can make it my own.

  • Customization is the best reason.

  • Anonymous

    I would just explain the levels of customization that are possible. The Android OS is powerful, but like any other system, may not function exactly how you want it to 100% of the time. No problem. Change the default keyboard. Configure your homescreen. Root your phone and over/under clock. These are my favorite things about Android devices.

  • Chewbaca

    If you live in the Apple world, then then stick with the iPad. If you are any other type of person, check out Android. Android offers the best of both worlds to those who are hardcore geeks and want to customize and hack their device, to those who aren’t tech wizards but just want to be part of the smartphone/tablet crowd. Android is also by far the best choice if you use Gmail as you main email client, or if you use any other Google apps regularly. Probably the best example of this, is Google maps. The Google maps app on Android is light years ahead of the iOS version…

  • There are choices on the Android platform, ranging from bareboards, smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and many more. If you enjoy having the freedom to choose, there is no better platforms than Android.

  • Blake

    I would say that Android is the best choice because it is diversified across so many devices and is totally customizable. Anything is possible with the thousands upon thousands of Apps and Widgets that are available to you. It is an amazing Operating System that is quickly becoming the top choice among consumers today.

  • Michelle R.

    #1 reason…expandable memory.  And for heavens sake, not everyone needs to be using Apple products. 


  • Anonymous

    I’d tell them, main reasons is that if there is something on your Android device that you don’t like, you can change it. You can custom fit Android the way you want it. Customization may sound like a gimmick, but it’s actually the best feature any smartphone could have.

  • Options, do you want that same phone as everyone else or do what a phone you can do what YOU want to it.

  • Android is fully customizable

  • Tim Swann

    Because there are too many apple phanbois that don’t know anything about technology. If you know tech, you should be an android user

  • Anonymous

    Google >>> Apple >>> RIM = Nokia

  • Ryan Minnema


  • james neidhardt

    Android is versatile an easy to use.  Weather, time, email, music an movies, you can do whatever you need almost anywhere you are

  • Anonymous

    If you like being unique, and having a phone that reflects it, Android is the way for you.

  • Because you can do what YOU want to with YOUR phone, not what Apple wants you to do with your phone.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Widgets, Daily App Deals and Steals, and more.  I have convinced more people to go with Android, and one person even exchanged the iPad he just bought for a GalaxyTab, just because I was using mine. 

    With Android, there isn’t an end, always a beginning, and that’s where I want to be. 

    Plus I heard that Carrier IQ is now tracking Santa too.  

  • Fully customizable OS !!!  Plain and Simple

  • Simple… FREEDOM! You do not need iTunes, Apple does not control everything. Do as you wish and do it with better quality.

  • Android gives you freedom of choice, instead of being told how to use your hardware, you are free to make that decision on your own.  While it is possible to do things that will result in a negative user experience, there are two-fold more ways you can improve upon your user experience.  Not to mention total customization is possible.

  • Edgardocamposmota

    Android is the perfect platform for personalization–something that neither iOS or WP can offer. It gives uses more control over what they do with their devices.

  • Mlarson6

    Pretty sure I have this argument daily with my friends (in my GOOGLE+ huddle of course) because half of them have switched to iphones unfortunately. I pretty much always say it comes down to customization. Why would they want to be locked in to so many things that apple chooses for them? I love have the free dom to change my homescreens, my launcher, my keyboards, my browser, and widgets, and the list goes on and on. Besides…who wants to have the same exact phone as soooo many other people? Lol

  • stacey

    i would describe the freedom with an android. 

  • Open, hence you have the ability to change almost any aspect of the phone.

  • I would tell them that android is very customizable and you can make your phone exactly how you want it.

  • If they want a customizable device, vibrant interface, and great navigation, go android!

  • If you’ve ever want to change anything with your phone.. If little things bug you and you can’t stand it. Get an Android!! You can make Andy your b*tch. Otherwise keep being apples b*tch.

  • Anonymous

    Cause I know Android. And I will fix your phone when you”break” it  😉

  • Anonymous

    because Google is innovating at a faster pace than Apple and has been since the original Droid.

  • Jim Knapp

    Screen Size matters

  • Anonymous

    because there are way more useful FREE apps available for a Android device

  • Because it’s your phone, and it should do what you want it to.

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them that Android allows them to not only have tons of awesome apps and tons of different devices from which to choose, it also gives them the best integration of Google’s excellent Web services like Navigation, Talk, Google+, etc.

  • Ovntguy

    It’s day bomb.

  • Android seems to put a more technical spin on things.  You can do more.  Other smartphones *cough*iPhone*cough* seem to dumb things down. Sure, g’ma can use it, but when you really want to do some pretty cool things with your phone, android is the way to go.

  • Rustynail303

    I would tell them if they had actually looked at and operated a android phone they wouldn’t have to ask that question!

  • Android = Freedom.  You can do use your device how YOU want to use it, not how some company in California or Washington tells you.  

  • Anonymous

    If you want to be in control of your phone, not the other way around, you choose Android.

  • Sean Maloney

    If you like choices, Android is for you.

    With an Andriod device, you decide:
    1) Screen size: 3.7, 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, etc.
    2) Keyboards: onscreen, slide out, blackberry style, and/or laptop dock
    3) Information: homescreens display anything you want – facebook, weather, shopping list, etc.
    4) Market: get any app you want from any store, and usually free with ads
    5) Batteries: slim & unreplaceable, normal & replaceble, or fat & high capacity
    6) Manufacturer: Motorola build quality, HTC style, Samsung display quality, ASUS features, etc.
    7) Radio: cheaper 3G or fast LTE

  • Josh Parish

    From the advertising campaign from the original Droid: Droid Does. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Simply because with android you will keep learning what you can do with you phone and with an iphone, you will keep learning what you cant.

  • Anonymous

    It gives you lots of choices.

  • Jaskil1975

    Because android doesnt have commercials that show how easy it is for grandpa and grandma to facetime their grandkids do you really want to have the same phone as grandma?

  • guest

    Its not fruity. Nuff sed

  • One word – customization.

  • Anonymous

    because google don’t give a f*$k!  (but they kinda do)

  • I would tell them that the freedom, custom-ability, uniqueness and speed are all good things that come with a quality made Android device. 

  • Michael Obrian Price

    Android has way more options for cellphone users. If u want a phone with slideout keyboard, Android. If u want a phone with a charm that lights up when it rings, Android. If u want to customize the look of ur phone and the way it runs, Android. I would tell them there is only 4 iphones. 5 if u count the 4S. And guess what, they all still look the same. The only way u can make yours different is by decorating it with cases or stickers. Booyah! Go Android or go home.

  • Btpetrina

    Do you like the government taking over everything and not allowing you to do what you want.  Well if you like that then you will like Apple.  That’s all that needs to be said why Android is a thousand time better.

  • Murph


  • Because I said so. (This is one of those things where I just need a comment, not content, right?)

  • Stephen D

    If you want an enhanced and overhyped dumbphone, get an iPhone. If you want a smartphone that is actually smart and gives you a choice, get an Android phone, like the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Joseph Ferguson

    I would tell them that android allows them to “Free your phone!” 

  • simple, customization. make it YOUR phone not THEIRS.

  • Dion Hurd


  • Ill rub in the widgets in their face and show off the flash support on my phone 🙂 Also all the customization android has…its flawless!

  • It’s bigger and better….and being bigger is everything.

  • With a little customization, android OS can be set up however you like it.  You aren’t stuck with the same exact interface every other user is using.

  • Because it’s not Apple

  • I like robots better than I like apples.

  • Dane Butters

    I ‘switched’ to Android because Windows Phone was outdated, Blackberry was dying, and iPhone was obnoxious.  

  • Violator

    Android has a lot more device options, and is more open and customizable to your individual needs

  • Matteo

    Android rocks because of how customizeable it is. Plus there are some awesome features u cant get on other platforms like google music/nav

  • Anonymous

    4G LTE is the one killer feature that you can’t get on any iDevice that I think would compel someone to switch. I just show them a speed test and watch their jaw drop.

  • Anonymous

    Because it’s based on cylon technology.  

    • Good show, sir.  Good show.

  • Matthew Hoffman

    I would tell them that it is worth it for the added customization and active development community. You know, assuming that was something they’d appreciate.

  • Brian Troha

    Becuase you don’t need to locked into a little tiny (Apple) box that controls everything you can and cannot do.

  • Hodgewdm

    You want to be cool right???

  • Because it is awesome

  • If you switch to Android, you’ll gain the freedom to do as you please with your device. You’ll also have more choices on a device that best fits your needs.

    Plus it’s just flat out awesome 😀

  • long story short version, its easier to make it what you want it to be, rather than what it has to be, if that makes sense

  • Rymanh24

    Make the switch to Android for the the unique customization, the ever expanding amount of phone choices, and the best phone community around!

  • Easy, I’d tell them that Android doesn’t assume that you are dumb. 

  • Because its open source!!

  • It is a user friendly platform that is constantly evolving and getting better.

  • Eric Peterson

    I’ve never liked Apple products and they had 0 effect on my choice to go to Android.

    My answer, and the answer of several early adopters of Android phones I imagine:

    Have you tried Windows Mobile?

    It was so painful to navigate the clunky layout and I was restarting the phone as many times a day as a computer running Windows 95. Once I layed my eyes on the G1 and felt the smooth-as-butter goodness that came with Eclair I knew Windows Mobile was no more. I bought an Android as soon as I could and never looked back.

  • brian_37

    For my tech-minded or otherwise tinkerer-oriented friends: The phone is yours to play with and customize as you please, as opposed to being locked down by someone else’s vision of what it’s “supposed” to be.

  • Bigsby


  • I would tell them that Apple has become the “Big Brother” that they slayed in the 1984 commercial and that in the very least Android is nothing but full of options.  

  • Anonymous

    One all encompassing word “Flexability”

  • Dan Livingston

    They should switch to Android because they want to.

  • Android is the art of personalized indulgence!

  • Edsanchez10

    One word. Choice. You choose what you do with your phone. Unlike thousands of iphones that look
    Alike, android has a bit of everything. Slide keyboard, qwerty, touch screen, 3d displays, etc. No android phone is ever alike theres always something about US android usera. We are all unique in what we like and android allows us to do just that.

  • TheAndroid1

    I would tell them that by switching to Android, they are choosing openness and choice.

    They will get multiple manufacturers competing against each other to get the absolute best experience possible.  I would tell them to look at HTC, they are now supplying beats headphones to differentiate and improve their product.  Motorola is taking next generation LTE 4g and packing it in to one of the thinnest smartphones in the world.

    When they buy their phones they will always be able to get the most up to date phone with the latest specs, not a phone that is outdated at arrival.

    I would say that when you choose Android, you get the latest and greatest as well as supporting openness and choice.  You no longer have to be tied to what one company tells you to do or what one company decides to give you.  You just get fantastic hardware paired with a fantastic and well supported operating system.

  • 10yck

    iOS is too proprietary.

  • Anonymous

    If someone asked you why they should switch to Android, what would you tell them?
    ANSWER: Why wouldn’t you? Just about everything around you is related in some way, or in compact to Android. Movies, music, TV, books and studies are all at your fingertips. Plus you get to look at the cut little Android guy… haha

  • Matthew Arthurs

    If Older than 65 and are unable to dial a phone number on a touch tone phone = apple.  Everyone eles = Android… Dont be a grandma, get an andoird

  • andystolemywallet

    I would tell them what I told the 4 people I know who got Android phones because of me: I’d go over some of the features, talk about its reliability and ability to customize, maybe show off the screen (or screenshots), how they’re becoming affordable and wildly available, and just anything else that comes to mind without forcing them to buy it over another phone. Those 4 people have some complaints (old or budget models), but overall seem satisfied with Android.

  • mckenziejf

    Its just so much happier!! I mean just look at the little Android! 

  • Freedom

  • chdir

    Whenever I am asked why someone should switch to Android, I always tell them about how customized Android can be. If there is something you don’t like, change it. Just about every aspect of Android can be changed, modified, or personalized. Android is for individuals. 

  • Bill Slowey

    Because iPhones suck.

  • hogger63

    No one should be on anything other than an android!

  • It’s better.  Pure and simple.  I have used many reasons why over the last few years.  I usually tailor my response to the individual person.  Usually comes down to having full control of what you want.  They usually say, “but the iPhone has blah blah and this or that.” to which i response, “So does Android, except you can also have this cool widget with blah or make this the default thing or use this sick new keyboard.”  Basically, just try and educate them.  Most people don’t know what “Android” is.  They just know “Droid” and don’t have any idea what it means.  They don’t realize all that it can do both the same as the iPhone and in addition to what it can do.

  • Scott D

    Android is at the leading edge of technology. The competition between the manufacturers keeps the OS and the hardware growing very quickly. Its just better.

  • Anonymous

    I have this conversation regularly. You should switch because Android is fast growing and continually evolving and gives you a lot more control over your own device. There are a lot of choices out there as well, giving you the option to choose what you want rather then be forced to take what they will give you.

  • the only reason to want to switch is because of all the support there is out there for the open community.  Iphones are great and apple is great but i feel the community is smaller. 

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them if they like to have control over their phone go with Android. If you want to make your phone different from the other phones, go with Android. If you are open minded, go with Android. If you like letting others decide how your phone is set up, go with the fruit guys.

  • We’ve got FLASH!!!

  • Greg Holtz

    I would tell them there are so many more options with Android.

  • Anonymous

    Android is like the Ferrari of phones. It is the fastest, most fun/functional. iPhone is like the Prius, great gas milage, garbage car.

  • Kimberly

    Bigger screens baby 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them Freedom, Customization, and the creativity to truly integrate your life from/or too your device whether its business or social. 

    The ability to choose a Android device from Moto blur to HTC Sense to ICS and the openess of the Galaxy Nexus. When you choose Android you choose the experience of Google.

    And the option of Root, opening to doors to having full control over your device and experiencing the ultimate in development from a rich wealth of Android developers to customize, overclock, and go far beyond the standard experience.

    Thats what i’ve told people people and I’ve been very successful opening up some peoples eyes to Android since 2009 🙂

    Oh and i steer them to Droid Life for all of thier Android news and updates. 🙂  

  • Absolutely!

  • Andrew Jay

    The openness and control that is given to the end user, even without root, was enough to sway me.  I like to be able to choose what is right for me, and Android allows that.

  • Because if you want to really own your phone, you won’t got iOS.

  • Irrationalgeorge

    I would tell them if they want incredible customization and tremendous developer support and an os that has a great amount of potential, then go with android.

  • J Dub

    It lets you make the phone the way YOU like it. Most apps are free. I find it easy to add music, photos, and videos to and from your device. Great services like Google Maps with turn-by-turn voice aided navigation. Goggle Music so you can stream all your music to your phone from anywhere FOR FREE. I could go on…

  • Anonymous

    Widgets. Period. That and Jesus will love you.

  • If asked why someone should switch to Android I would say, It’s a highly customizable, open source, hacker friendly with a ton of free market content system. But what really matters is whats cooler, an apple that grows on a tree or being able to say you have your own personal android?

  • Get an Android. The customization is epic, you silly twit.

  • CHOICE! Android is the most customizable and options available os there is. Its amazing how wide a spectrum there is when it comes to anything from launchers to e-reader apps to podcast players.

  • Nowlinol

    “You have a brain and Android allows you to use it”

  • Barlog


  • because my only other options is iphone and windows phone 🙂

  • whatsinaname

    Customization is the absolute best thing about android.  I would tell them that if they switch I would give tech support to them.  (I tell iPhone people that I don’t know anything about them, sorry can’t help you… But if you had a droid…. I could help you.)  🙂

  • Anonymous

    ” You wouldn’t live in a communist country like China if you had the choice would you? Leave Apple and come to Android, it’s nice to have FREEDOM!”

    (Re-Tweeted your message as @G_Nexus on Twitter)

  • They should switch to Android for the customization options. They should switch to Android because Google doesn’t try to enforce it’s moral code on you. They should switch to Android because ICS is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    The best integration if you use gmail, or google related products. Apps that work on phone and tablet and once pruchased for one device still belong ot you when you get a new device.

  • Richlost

    Android is the most popular mobile OS on the planet,
    Android is liquid….constantly changing to adapt to you the user, not like iOS where big brother controls everything.

  • Ebwan

    Apple tells you what you want, Android lets you do what you want.

  • stephenw

    the freedom of getting to customize the phone to your liking and not be stuck the way some big shot says you want to.

  • Dan Letsch

    So you are no longer blindly following like the other sheeple!

  • It’s what the cool crowd is doing !

  • Anonymous

    One word: FREEDOM!

    Because, you can customize it as much or as little as you want.

  • Anonymous

    Freedom plain and simple. I can make the phone my own. Root it, customize it, etc. and not be locked to what their (apple) idea should be of how my phone should be set up.

  • Its more open, offers more customization, and offers more choice in terms of software and hardware.

  • WillG

    Switch to Android from what?  I didn’t know there was anything else.

    • Anonymous

      haha you have my initials

  • Freedom 

  • I would tell them that Android gives them more control and more options to get the phone with just the features they want and control their phone in just the way they want.

  • Anonymous

    There are more option to modify the phone to your own specific needs.

  • stoph

    There’s nothing more rewarding than having your expensive phone be completely customized to your needs/wants.  If I pay for the phone, I want to be able to make it mine, not what the company behind the phone tells me it should look like.

  • Robert Bennett

    the versatility

  • Easy enough.  I tell people this all the time anyway.  If you want an OS that a kid can use and you don’t mind being bored of your phone in 1 month, go with iPhone.
    If you want options to customize and make it yours, Android FTW!
    PS, screen size also reflects your penis size.  I have a Galaxy Nexus.

    • Mlarson6

      So still under 5 inches then? Hahaha sorry just had to…

    • Stu

      I wouldn’t brag about 4.65 inches.

      • Rocketjrb

        Its all relative. Galaxy is the official phone of the NBA

      • Nymul Bunleang

        Maybe its 4.65 in GIRTH…not length. Just sayin

      • Anonymous

        nice 3.5 in iphone buddy.

    • Anonymous


  • Raymond Dionne

    Simply put – It’s better

  • you can customize your phone to how you want and you dont have to deal with itunes.

  • Brian Kramer

    I suggest Android due to the pure customization aspect of it.  You can add or remove almost anything you want on your android device.  Don’t like the UI? There is a launcher for that.  Don’t like bloat? There is root for that.  Plus the little green guy is cool. 

  • Bzchickin

    i would tell them that everything else suck because i can

  • xix19

    Its not boring and the same old thing over and over that apple ours out

  • I wouldn’t tell them.  I would show them.  I would just pull out my phone, tablet and show them my google tv.  I can easily demonstrate how these things integrate together without much work.  I have already helped several iphone and bb users make the switch.  I wish I got commission.  haha

  • Mr Manville

    (they ask about switching to Android)
    “Switch to Android? From what?”
    (they respond)

  • Jerry

    I would tell them the reason I switched to Android, I wanted a device that I could personalize and make my own and Android is the best out there to fit YOUR needs.

  • David Hayden

    I would tell them that whatever they want to do with in reason on this device, you can probably do it.

  • cause android is the users/mods OS. Do with it what you want not what Apple (oops) wants.

  • Anonymous

    Because I don’t like someone else telling me what I can and cannot do, and you shouldn’t either.

  • Anonymous

    You can tailor your android device to fit you perfectly no matter how finicky you are. Change it on a whim,who cares? They can’t go out of style!

  • Chrisc2u

    The flex-ability of android

  • Vincent Cardinale

    Customizability.  I dont care if it’s not a real word, it’s awesome!

  • Ang3lmack

    I heard that that famous people use android products, don’t you want to be famous?

  • angermeans

    Two words…
    Galaxy Nexus

  • because android is awesome! and I love it …. the end 😀

  • Anonymous

    Because you can go to “Droid-Life” to get your information. Neatest, cleanest, best, easiest and most informative site on the web !!!!!

  • The freedom to have more apps and not be stuck under apples controlling thumb.

  • iPad is like North Korea. Android is like the free world. Where would you rather live?

  • if you want options go Android. If there’s a specific phone manufacturer out there you like, chances are they may make an Android phone for you.

  • Seadoo

    because i want my phone to look like MINE not everyone elses iphone 🙂

  • Scott Wexler

    because you have the ability to test programs… for free… win android!

  • Eric N

    On an android you dont have someone restricting what you can put in it or do to it.

  • Zach

    I would tell them that if you want freedom to use your device how you choose to and and not comprimise in quality then Android is it.

  • Feras Hanano

    I can do what I want with it and make it look how I want, and not just changing apps around and changing the wallpaper…the whole damn thing!

  • I tell people that you can have a phone that does every thing and they can choose a phone design that fits thier need and budget.

  • You should switch to Android because it is the greatest operating system there is, with the best community and support. Why have the same piece of fruit every year, when you can have unlimited options and variations with Android. Plus the Bug droid is the best logo!  Droid 4 Life

  • CHOICE!!  

    Crapple does not give you choice… Let’s face it, windows phone is irrelevant and barely exists. RIM is sinking faster than the titanic, and being in the US, who the F is Nokia? OH! I forgot about Palm.. and so did HP, that’s why it doesn’t exist anymore

  • Open source. ‘Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    Iwould explain to them that you have more FREEDOM with an android device,as well as more custimization,and enjoyment, more free apps and free navigation. For your money it’s the best OS on the market. You also don’t seen other OS  blog sites giving away devices for two weeks straight either. Thanks for givivn people the chance for some christmas cheer.oping it gets here for my birthday this thursday*fingers crossed*

  • SirSchizz

    You should switch to Andorid because they have Ninja Developers working around the clock to make Android the best option for the mobile world. It gives each user back thier God given right to be free. To use our purchased devices as we see fit. And….(dramatic pause) Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) is just so damn pretty!!! 😉

  • Baby Banger

    Simple…with Android, the possibilities are only limited by you, not by your OS.

  • Gsynyc

    Because i like having the ability of messing up my phone MY way and not the Apple way! Its all about choice.

  • People who dont have Android, have no soul..

  • Anonymous

    “Because I use it and if you need help, I’ll be your lacky”

  • Wailnblues

    It feels good!!

  • Phekno

    Because “it’s Google” and they don’t do evil things.  Or something.

  • Jksigmon

    I’d tell them that versus any other phone’s OS, android has the best developers and has capability to multitask, utilize widgets and use third party applications better than anything.  And if there is something Android can’t do, just give it time and someone will develop a way.

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch


  • Android is open and iPhone is closed.

  • Anonymous

    Because most of Android apps are free and you can customize your device to make it yours!

  • I would say that Android is fully customizable

  • nwd1911

    I recommend Android for customization.

  • Anonymous

    I just turn on my phone, show them my homescreens & ask them “Can your phone look like that?”, then as they answer I switch it up to a completly diff look. It worked on my iphone toting brother last year & a few friends as well.

  • Seannyboy39

    you could always upgrade your O.S

  • They should switch because of Super User access! Root FTW!

  • Gabriel Hart


  • Anonymous

    I would tell them there is such great choice of phones they would likely find one that fits there needs instead of fitting their needs to fit a phone. 

  • Switch to Android to have control of YOUR device instead of being mandated by rules & limitations. Android is where it’s at & where you are going to see the newest cutting edge apps & hardware! Apple had their run…Now it’s time for Android to kick their @$$ out of the picture with their proprietary devices & software!

  • Jason

    But he plays WOW so I dont know if that is valid comment anymore

  • Because of the freedom!

  • Anonymous

    Just tell them that Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of Android and look what happened to him.

  • Bdickerson74

    Because going into the year 2012, you should control your phone, not the other  way around. 

  • Anonymous

    I usually tell them that Android gives you complete control over your device, while the i**** does not. 

  • Its all about the options and price range. Android taught us we don’t have to overpay for something good.

  • Brandon Garling

    You should switch to android because it is so open, it allows for so much creativity versus much of the competition.  Almost anything imaginable can be developed on this platform without having to own a Mac!

  • i would tell my friend that with @pple, you are limited to the development skills of a very small group of talented developers.. with android, you get an entire world worth of developers working to bring you the newest apps and technologies.

  • Ryan P

    Open source

  • Android lets you customize and do so much more!

  • I would tell them to change because freedom.

  • gareth henderson

    Based on its futuristic, apocalyptic commercial campaigns, Droid is the only way to survive armageddon.

  • Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good! 😉

  • Beacuse it’s not a Kiddy OS

  • Jason

    If your going to spend that much money on a phone, wouldnt you want to do what you want with it instead of being TOLD what to do with it??? If you want to be restricted by what you can do with a product you paid for go with the other guys. Chuck Norriss uses Android!

  • I would tell them that if they don’t switch to Android, they can take their piece os S*** I-phone and shove it up their “fourth point of contact!” I am sure you can all figure out my paratrooper reference.

  • “4G” A two-digit alphanumeric combination should be enough to convince anyone to upgrade to Android. That and iphones are soooo 2010.

  • I would tell them you would no longer need to worry about Apple judging which apps are appropriate for them.

  • You should switch to Android because of how open Android is. Android isnt some tightly knit locked down eco-system which means you have choices, who doesnt like choices?

  • Mark Christian

    I’d tell them to switch over to android to avoid becoming one of the crowd… Oh wait, they’re both cult phones ;)… So, we’ll just stick with the facts: You dont need iTunes, you get bigger screens, and most phones have swappable batteries 🙂

  • Because Android is the baddest OS around. Getcha some green guy!!

  • Tferrell7368

    Its what all the cool kids are using

  • Android is customizable, and user friendly.  Who wants to be told by a company how you should interact with their phone/tablet/music player?  You tell Android what you want it to do.  If it can’t do it right now, pretty soon it will be able to.*

    *does not include washing dishes, washing windows, or mowing the lawn.

  • Anonymous

    Widgets are awesome. An open market has been an asset, and you can have whatever you want in a phone. SwiftKey X. Cyanogenmod.

  • Android is porn-compatible. Nuff said.

  • Mluihn

    You can do more with android than you can with a Ipad 1 or 2 like setting up a home screen the way you  like it.

  • If someone asked me why they should switch to Android, I would you tell them that there is an Android for everyone.

  • David H Townsend

    Thats easy….open source and the best damn community in the world!

  • Rob Rollings

    If someone asked me I would tell them for the easy customization. You can make your device your own.

  • Anonymous

    The android community itself is a reason to switch. I’ve learned so much since I unboxed my OG Droid.

  • Ardiac

    Switch to android for the freedom!

  • More customization, (widgets, launchers, tones.) No iTunes to control everything. Technology moves faster than Apple (faster processors, soon to be quadcore, 4G, bigger screens.) Does everything other phones can and more. Bigger selection of devices for your preferences. 

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them with Android that they have the freedom to do what every they want with their phone/tablet!!

  • Treybarnes66

    There is no other os that is user friendly as android. From customization to simplicity.

  • BJ P.

    widgets and flash!!!

  • Anonymous

    because the g-nex is beautiful and ICS is a game-changer

  • Swsmac

    You should use Android because you can be set free from the walled garden of competitors. Replaceable
    Battery, sd card, 4″ or larger screens, and flash.

  • Jay054561

    I would tell them to get a real smart phone. Apple is not wats up

  • Anonymous

    What I usually tell them, You like iOS? Your about 3 updates behind Android… Plus you can customize. I’m sorry, what is it you can do with yours I can’t? 

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    Simple, If you want to be the best you have to use the best, so think about it, is a device that might come out with features in a couple years if ever be the best or would android who as a team of developers as well as an entire community working around the clock to implement new features while constantly making it more usable(simple) with increased functionality be the best. Fact: Android is the fastest growing platform today, and you can’t impede success.

  • Matt Siarny

    I would tell them to switch to android because its the best. Best products, best variety, and most importantly the best community.

  • Because of the wide variety of device choices and to download my apps!

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them they should switch to Android because there are NO BOUNDARIES set and the possibilities are limitless!

  • Android is an open platform with excellent third party developer support. There is an abundance of great free apps, and the paid apps tend to be cheaper than on iOS. Its also highly integrated with google services! Google maps navigation is the best and a life saver!

  • Carlos

    The people own it, more power to the people.

  • Bonzix

    I constantly have this debate and it always comes back to
    options and customization.  Make it your
    own and have fun with it instead of it being like everyone else’s.

  • Jorgeluisvc

    Welcome to the bright side !!!!

  • I would say “if you like someone to TELL you how you should use your phone, stay with A*pple. If you like to control how you use your own device you should switch to Android”

  • Richard Upshaw

    Why should you switch to Android?? Because everything else fails in comparison!

  • Anonymous

    Tell them all the barista’s are getting androids now..

  • Because you’re an adult and don’t need Apple to tell you what you can and can’t do

  • That’s easy…

    Its a phone that you can truly make your own, in any way you dam well please.

  • Ken M

    I would just show them the GN Easter Egg.  Nyandroids speak louder than words.

  • blkghost

    no hastle of converting the videos or music…. the comfort of drop and play. more variety of phones vs one (excuse me 2 if you count the color difference)

  • Because it’s awesome! Duh!

  • You get a choice, which if you use apple you do not.  I prefer to be given options of how to do things the way I like, not be told a way that might not be great for me.  

  • rrosotho

    I would tell them Android is about freedom. You can root or unroot your phone, Unlimited UI customizations, A hugh choice of FREE apps in the marketplace and its about you and how Android can adopt to your life.

  • I tell them, if have any creativity at all and want to actually be able to use all the features that your device should have, it is time for an Android!

  • android=open source=endless possibilities!

  • Souledout81

    Buying a phone is like buying a car, with Apple being a Prius and Android being a Ferrari. Sure Apple is is good on gas and all the scene kids love them, but once you experience the horsepower and performance of Android, you never go back to “artistic and creative”. The engineering and development of the two communities after launch is no comparison. Nothing exciting about Apple. Android had those specs last year.

  • Rme25

    The most interesting man in the world doesnt always use a mobile phone, but when he does, he uses android!!

  • because its the best, and its only getting better!

  • i know its been said plenty of times already but its really the main reason which is the ability to choose a phone that fits your needs. you have the ability to choose from a variety of different phones without sacrificing performance most of the phones now all have basically the same specs so all you are doing is determining what suits ur needs in terms of form factor. also android overall allows for far greater customization you can truly make the phone yours and make sure no one else’s looks like yours

  • David Thomas

    quicker development, updating, and less hype? less hype? did I really just type that? …well, less hype, unless a new awesome android device is soon to be released.

  • There is nothing that I cannot do with my Android based devices.  I have both an Android phone and and Android Tablet and love them both.  I love my macbook pro but would not trade my mobile devices for iOS based ones.  I love the freedom I have with the Android system.

  • Anonymous


  • Why should you switch to Android? Customization, don’t fall in line with the sheep, be unique, be yourself.

  • matthew masters


  • Kitsuneudon

    If you want to totally customize your mobile experience… join the Android Revolution!

  • tracy norton

    Id simply ask do you like being in control of your phone or do you just prefer being sumone elses beyotch?

  • Forehead

    You can use an Android device, and be creative.

  • Anonymous

    You should switch because there’s really nothing an Android can’t do.

  • Anonymous

    I would ask them what they plan on doing with an Android if they got one. If they plan on doing some customizations then there are a host of reasons why to use Android. I would first tell them that there is more information out there than they could probably consume in one day so they shouldn’t get frustrated and overwhelmed. Next I would say that there is a huge development community for nearly every device that Android operates on so when they need help there is almost always an answer. Third I would say that although the physical form factor is the same or typical between most Android phones, what makes Android special is how one of a kind you can make if you try. Then I would show them an example of how unique their phone can be even if there are a million Evo’s or GSII’s out there that look exactly the same with their screen off. Using custom Roms and an assortment of themes are what makes Android so unique.

  • i have to tell people this all the time get an android they got tons more free stuff, and an open source and not stingy like those kids and there motts “apple” juice

  • Anonymous

    I’d tell them it’s quickly growing, inexpensive, and gives you tons of options for everything.

  • Jared Kirk

    Options!  You want an entry level phone?  You got it.  You want a high end top shelf device?  You got it.  You want a removable battery?  You got it.  You want expandable storage via micro sd?  You got it.  You want a small form factor?  You got it.  You want as big a screen as you can get?  You got it.  You want a slide out keyboard?  You got it.  You want a portrait keyboard?  You got it.  You want flash?  You got it.  You want to load apps from places other than the official market?  You got it.  You want to customize the look and feel of your interface without rooting/jailbreaking?  You got it.  You want to root or jailbreak and load custom firmware?  You got it.

    Whatever your taste, Android’s got it.

  • Tavist7870

    Via Jedi Mindtrick, “IOS is not the operating system you are looking for.”

  • Derick Sheehan

    customization options are fantastic

  • Ifload

    I just switched and am loving the fact that Droid is so “open” its by far the best platform and is constantly getting better. Can’t wait to learn how to develop my own apps!

  • Vonny571

    Google account integration and the awesome community of developers and supporters.

  • Sainttaz

    Android phones are much more customizable than other phone on market, and you dont have to deal wtih Apple.

  • Anonymous

    Because of the power of the OS (AOSP ftw) and infinite customization Android allows. Sure, other smartphone operating systems are also feature rich, but it would be foolish to not at least try out Android. Hell, Steve Wozniak even rocks a Nexus.

  • Nate Myers

    because its not tied to apple only.  you are basically free to do w/ it as you please.

  • Drew

    I’d tell them that it’s a solid OS with a much more enthusiastic and friendly, willing to help user base

  • Sapatel5

    i tell em cause its nice to be able to get the full experience of a phone without switching your entire life over to apple in order to use the phone to its potential

  • Derek Wallace

    android is the only platform to give you the freedom to customize your phone and let it reflect your own individualism

  • Redflea

    I’d show them my Nexus, and then tell them where they can buy it, that worked with my co-worker.

  • it is google which everyone can see is extremely successful and has a history of providing valuable tools to all. It has a huge following of many developers so in addition to rooting it you can fix or alter anything that doesn’t meet your needs. and what I like the most is everything syncs with the google apps you already use online, that cloud thing apple is so proud of has been on android since it started.

  • I would tell them because Ice Cream Sandwich is yummy!

  • You should switch to android just for all the crap apple is pulling with banning android devices

  • Resistance is futile!

  • Switch to android because Apple sucks, and what else are you going to get, a Blackberry? Come on now.

  • Joshua Newsome

    Freedom. With android you can customize your screen with apps and wallpapers just like the “other” phones, but also add widgets and customize/change colors, fonts, dpi, keyboards, the lockscreen, dialer, launcher and a whole host of other options.

  • It’s the most innovative Phone OS available.

  • Chris Mulliner

    Do you like the ability to TOTALLY customize your device? Do you like the idea of widgets? Do you like the idea of getting more for what you pay for, and that if you even need to pay for anything? OTA Software updates? Free technical support? Double the data for Verizon? 4G LTE Network?

    There’s a HUGE list of thing’s I’d ask / tell them. I do it on a daily bases! ;]

  • ???!!! Don”t know…you tell me?  I am still cursed with a Blackberry Bold waiting for my sweet upgrade day.  My wife loves apple so It would upset her….that could be awesome.  

  • One acronym, ICS.

  • Codyscott0701

    Because that little green robot is the man!!!

  • Freedom and choice.

  • Ian Bouchillon

    Cause its what all the Cool kids are doing…… and you want to be cool, right?

  • Anonymous

    Google maps/turn by turn navigation, because we all know sometimes you need directions and help in a pinch. Not to mention choice. Not everyone wants a small screen..

  • I would tell them that the benefits include: Open Source, NOT Apple, NOT Microsoft, IS Linux based, and is customizable.  Plus a general sense of Freedom (-ish…  on the flip side, Google is starting to own me…).

  • The fact that you have to ask means that you definately should.

  • Android is a better operating system than any of the others.  Plus I don’t like people telling me what to do or how to do it (i.e. apple) and Android lets me use my phone my way.  Still rocking the OG Droid, but will be upgrading soon.

  • Because (An)droid does 4G. i*hone doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    i would tell them because droids are cool! 

  • Nick Abdelsayed

    I’ve had this conversation a ton of times and while I used to show off Google’s speech recognition and google maps navigation, Now it’s all about Hardware Specs and UI customization 

  • Mlfca

    Be a leader not a follower.

  • Anonymous

    Because you can trick your phone out however you like it… The Man can’t tell you how it should look and feel!

  • Powerkatwedel

    Switching to Android means FREEDOM. The ability to do almost anything you choose with your phone.  Switching to Android means CHOICE.  More than 1 form factor. Want a physical keyboard…Got it.  Want a thin HD touch screen…Got it.  

  • Dhuff44

    That they would have a choice in phones, screen sizes, 4g speed which is amazing compared to 3g.

  • Biboybp

    Because android presents a new frontier in mobile os development

  • Markarr

    You dont have to use any apple software and you can make it your own with different programs and themes (to an extent (stupid skins)).

  • Widgets, Customization, Flexabilty and The Cloud!

  • “Switching to Android is one of the best moves a person can make in the phone world.  Android’s open platform lets you customize your phone to make it your very own (not like a generic looking i*hone).  The Android community is the greatest part.  Everybody helps one another so that Android can develop to its full potential.  It also gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to know that you’re supporting hard working people just like you, instead of giving your money to a cold-hearted, cutthroat company like Apple.”

  • If someone asked me why they should switch to Android I would tell about the customizations, openness, choices, freedom, and how the overall experience is better. Then I’d go into to more depending on what they are interested in and what they use their phone/tablet for.

  • I would tell a friend that Android is a much more powerful platform than its competitors. I would also explain to them the value of open source software.

  • Aaron Chancey

    It is better.  No gestapo telling you what apps are OK.

  • Ivan92116

    because you shouldn’t have to stare at a bunch of icons everytime you turn your phone one.

  • Anonymous

    I would say the iPhone is a great phone, but if you want to be able to fully customize the device that you use everyday, go with an Android.

  • Garrett Shields

    I would tell them the choice is simple, with Android, you own your device.  With Apple, the device owns you.

  • Brandon B

    I would tell them that they should switch to Android because it is the only mobile OS that you can truly make your own through the almost infinite number of possible customizations that can be made in order to alter the look, feel, and functionality of your device

  • Anonymous

    I would tell them plain and simple, it is the only true smartphone OS.  I consider a smart phone something the could replace a computer in both function and features. Android is the only one that allows nearly as much access to everything as a computer running windows or Linux.

  • Bwayneharper

    Fruit rots but driods last forever.(Almost)

  • Anonymous

    Nothing else comes even close for Google Services and limitless customization!

  • aaron epstein

    Dude, you’re not artistic, you’re a BARISTA!

  • miracleman630

    You’re free to customize it the way you want to, you’re free to add memory if you need to, and widgets are cool!

  • iDon’t, but droid does! The infinite possibility that is android.

  • Anonymous

    I just tell people that they can use their device how they want and not be told how to use it.  I also like to bring up that I can expand the storage capacity with out buying a whole new device and also can just copy files with out the need of any special bloated software (iTunes).

  • If you want your phone to stand out from the crowd, go with Android because you have so many to choose from and you can customize the hell out of it. Every iPhone looks the same, you seen one, you’ve seen them all. 

  • I’d tell them to switch for the limitless customization, choice of phones, and freedom

  • Because of the Flexibility you have with Android! It can’t be beat.

  • TheUsTboat

    Openness. Google music and being able to play divx movies.

  • Sagan Malluma

    Apple is a closed system. The longer you invest in Apple products the more you will be forced to keep buying Apple or else lose access to what you have bought. The formats used by apple are all Apple specific. Android allows freedom of choice. There are many manufacturers and if one doesn’t work for you there are others out there. You can also take your music, your books and others and it will work for you. Sure, its not perfect, but its better than being held hostage to a single company.

  • Brian Getchel

    I would tell them that being among the most helpful, elite smartphone users is enough of a reason to switch

  • Anonymous

    Android is just better. With every day that passes the urge to throw my iPhone 4 (work phone) against a wall gets greater.

  • Hayden Hawk

    Customization.  You can truely make Android devices your own.

  • Anonymous

    If someone asked me why they should switch to Android, I would tell them many different reasons.  But one of the main reasons would be because everybody wants to be connected but no one likes being locked down by the whims of any company.  Android gives you that openness.

  • Schrockdog

    They can customize it however they want!!

  • More openess for your mobile pleasure!

  • If you want a seamless experience that’s just like everyone else’s, go ahead and buy that iPhone. If you want some customization ability and REAL power from a phone or tablet, you might want to look at Android.

  • Doreen643

    A sermon is worth a thousand words….so I’d just show them my awesome android phone and let it speak for itself!

  • clarkbsharp

    They would have more control, and better app’s for free or lower prices. Like Google Talk for instance

  • TJ Le

    Endless syncing with many different apps for computer to phone through fast 3G/4G connections. Push notifications that actually work. A must have if running anything through google – email, chrome, music. But most of all, turn by turn navigation!

  • Anonymous

    Android has allowed you to change you wallpaper since day 1.

  • Simply the openness and freedom. Even on my locked down X2, I can still tweak it to my liking.

  • Caleb Martin

    You should switch to Android because it isn’t fail. 😛

  • I would say because I like options.  I can change just about anything.  I don’t want to be told by the man that it has to look like this and only this way!

  • Android is the future.

  • Because Android is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. You can experience it like an iphone or take it further.. It’s YOUR CHOICE!

  • I would say “If you really wanna ‘think different’ then you need to switch to Android…”

  • Anonymous

    Because it’s not apple.

  • because it does what you want it to…instead of if it telling you what you can do.

  • Travis Morehouse

    Android is not greedy like Apple! and open source…and better..

  • Freedom of choice with software AND hardware! 🙂

  • I would tell them about the about the awesome Google Apps integration, especially having a free navigation!  A lot of my friends will be working on the road, and navigation is a must have.

  • Roderick Cross


  • Silly it’s not a phone anymore….it’s a MCD (Micro Computer Device)
    Android has evolved the micro computer so that can make phone calls, text, email and more….

  • droid is less evil!

  • Im a pure Mac fanboy and even I have an android. For one I have Verizon 4G. (iPhone does not) and if there is something you don’t like about your android software, 9 times out of 10 the android community has solved your problem and it can easily be loaded onto your phone. You just have more options. Whether you go with the stock option of the Google Nexus route, the Motorola’s Motoblur, or HTC Sense (I myself have an HTC Thunderbolt) You are bound to find something that fits your preferences and it can always be added on and modified (root). Its something that Apple just isn’t open to compared to Android. Android has become more and more professional looking every year since it’s debut and its certainly a worthy match against the iPhone for anyone that doubts it.

    • Anonymous

      If i dont win, then i want this guy to win just for the length of his comment!

    • DITO

    • You don’t sound like a pure Mac fanboy at all, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you not switch? … Faster development … More robust hardware …  Awesome community

  • Lesleycheung

    google maps is the best navigation program out there

    • Jared Kirk

      I prefer VZ Navigator myself… only $9.99 a month!  Can’t beat that. 

      • Anonymous

        but google maps is free