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Two New Commercials: Verizon Introduces the Galaxy Nexus, Google Shows Off Face Unlock With Cute Kid


For those that cruised into a Verizon shop this morning to pick up a Galaxy Nexus, did you notice any signage? The downtown store in Portland had absolutely nothing except a massive window poster for the RAZR. Seemed a little odd, but most are expecting the serious marketing push to happen after X-mas. Anyways, to get the phone at least a little buzz in households that don’t read Droid Life religiously, VZW has released their first TV ad for the phone. It talks up Google+ and Circles like none other, which seems sort of odd for a phone that is so much more than just a social tool. Could be the right approach to selling it to the masses though.

Google on the other hand, is all about winning our hearts. In their latest self-made spot, we get to see a cute kid try and trick Facial Unlock. He fails, but his dad is kind enough to walk by and do the trick for him. Awwwww.  


  • Ycare

    Afterthought- After all this nonsense I might be forced into the wormy apple, THEY WORK ! Oh but I forgot, you’re going to get the graphic adjusted to FIX the signal problem..genius, just genius

  • Ycare

    No excuse for any high end phone to fail a simple TELEPHONE CALL TEST much less fail to maintain a 3g connection where a Droid X , 3.5 years old does excellent.. What a cheese hole for VZ..And how many claim that “adjusting the bar indicator will fix teh problem’  are you stupid ?? Really , dumb ??, Really ignorant to the operation of a cellular system?? Please go away , leave your comments with your children and give me a phone that works..IT’S A PHONE SYSTEM THAT I”ve BEEN USING FOR 25? years already !!
    The newer the phone the BETTER the better the performance suggests common sense!If technology makes it worse than why do we need it..REally, want this POS !!!?? Get used to dialing ###send

  • Anonymous

    Yeah NEXUS OWNERS don’t need Verizon reps to set up there devices plain and simple. I am definately happy with my GALAXY NEXUS the BEST SMARTPHONE on the market and the BEST NETWORK go hand and hand….

  • StopComplaining

    stop talking about it if you hate verizon so much.  No one truly cares about your complaints.  Find something better to do instead of criticizing every aspect of droid and eating up whatever apple feeds to you.  I have full game boy games on my droid so die

  • Everyone..it’s finally mine! I am now the proud and very happy owner of a Galaxy Nexus! ..Went first thing this morning. Girl at the store asked “Now do you want me to set it up for you or anything?” “No I will do everything myself but thank you” “What is with you Nexus owners you don’t want anyone touching your phone! ” “You know this is a very big deal that this is on verizon right?” “seems it!” “Thank you Merry Christmas!”

  • Nice commercials that show actual useful features.  (The circle commercial is really good)

    It’s nice to see commercials where the Droid robots aren’t going to kick your ass and then vivisect you afterward.

  • Anonymous

    CLassic Google  knows how to drive a great commercial campaign, too bad Verizon needs some lessons lol

  • Anonymous

    Verizon’s commercials always suck.  However, the Google commercial is great.

    I was just at my local Verizon store checking out a G-Nex, and the phone is awesome.  It was strange, there were no banners, posters, or anything really about the phone anywhere in the store.  Hell, no one was even looking at it.  

  • Anonymous

    Ha! The Google one is classic. I hope Google’s GNex ads actually get airtime. I could care less about VZ’s ads, but I guess some publicity is better than none.

  • Drew Galyen

    But what if somebody cuts off my face and uses it as a mask??? What then, Google?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      there was actually a big thing about that earlier…someone could take a picture of your face and use that to get into your phone…

  • Anonymous


  • Duong Vu

    Verizon is totally trolling this phone.  The first commercial’s music sounds like what you would hear @ the circus when the clown does his act.

  • So this is why they delayed it… 

  • Anonymous

    : It’s a beautiful thing. The commercials are clean (not overloading with too much information) and direct.

  • Kris

    I went to a local verizon store here in Sacramento area to check out the Gnex… No posters whatsoever. The phone’s back would warped out of shape and wouldn’t fit back in (the demo unit).

    I played around it for a while.. The screen is brilliant.. but the app icons are not so brilliant.

    The camera quality is mediocre at best.

    Over all I wasn’t completely impressed. ICS will take some time get used to..  It is not very intuitive.

    On the other hand.. I happened to try out the Rezound right next to it.. simply awesome.

    Anyway.. haven’t made up my mind yet. I came back without buying the Gnex.

    • Anonymous

      I totally respect your opinion.  Although I just checked one out too, and I have to say that I had a completely different experience.  The G-Nex is the best Android phone out there… ever.  ICS is pure awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I love that feature on ICS to bad Samsung’s owner will not enjoy it as much because of the nexu’s bad camera and front facing camera.

    • lol bad camera..oh that is a riot..you have a lot to learn troll. run along and play peon..

    • Guest1

      too bad you are a cum sucking faggitt that will never amount to shitt! your mom should have aborted you!!

      • Anonymous

        really? can we get a flag please? and by the way…it’s spelled with an ot, not an itt

        • Guest

          go fuckk yourself fagg”eye”t!!! that’s how we spell it where i’m from!  so crawl back under your rock loser!!

  • I’ve said it before ..Google’s ads for this are top notch and exactly what people need to see to understand what Google/Android is. The whole “DROID” image that Motorola concocted in my eyes has  tarnished Android’s image and it’s good to see Google pretty much saying “um no this is how we want you to view our OS”

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, Google knows how to market the device. Why does Verizon have to get involved and make a half-assed ad about a feature that is relatively miniscule compared to the others on the phone. Like the fact that it has a 720p HD screen, or takes panoramas and pictures with zero lag. Plus barely any people use Google+ (although I guess it is picking up).

      • I have a Google+ but I barely ever go on it..It has the potential to be great. They just need to work on it. To me it’s a bit confusing right now.

  • Negativerxn

    Cool Google+ advert.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the phone online @ 1am, but still headed down to a store this morning. The guy in front of me got the last Nexus @ 10am, leaving his friend without one, but there was NO SIGNAGE whatsover! The only thing they had was 1 lone Galaxy Nexus display unit in the BACK of the store, and above the sign in kiosk, there is a small video screen that cycles through multiple images and offers, and 1 of those many, multiple images was one of the Galaxy Nexus. Completely insane!

  • Anonymous

    Someone please put up quadrant scores and antutu.

  • I want to try out the face unlock but I’m too afraid of it locking me out. Haha!

    • JMac726

      Theres a back-up pattern option if you’re wrong face

  • Harryballs1234

    Boring… Needs more knives and robots!

  • not one piece of advertising at my store either. 

  • i took a pic of myself with my now deactivated iPhone and put it in front of the face unlock screen and it did unlock.. back to the traditional method, it was cool for a few minutes

    • what are the chances of someone one stealing your phone and having a picture of you that they can use to unlock it, or even knowing who you are. Unless you have some shady friends. 

    • NexusLexus

      Yeah face unlock is a joke

    • scoccercoach

      Hey man….want to sell your iphone to me….seriously?

  • Anonymous

    No advertising for the Nexus at my Atlanta store.. they had about 50 in stock though.

  • Jon Oconnell56

    does anyone know why the DL app isnt in the market place anymore……upsetting

  • TC Infantino

    I went and checked out the GNex at the local store.  It is an alright seeming phone, and the screen had a nice look to it.  But it was way too light and flimsy feeling to me, and it doesn’t have expandable memory.  That and the car dock not having a built in charging port caused me to decide to stay with my Rezound.  While at the store I did meet a gentleman who was buying the Galaxy Nexus though and I talked up all the good features of the phone to him, congradulating him on getting one of the best phones that VZW has to offer.

    • EC8CH

      You do realize you’ll be able to get a car dock that uses the charging ports though channels other than Verizon stores?

      • Expandable memory..really?..you’re going to have more than 32gb worth of stuff on your phone? ..More power to you man..If I ever did that I would just connect to my pc and move all the stuff i don’t use to a folder for safe keeping..and all my pics get uploaded to  a website anyways..I used to think expandable/removable was a big issue but not no more.

        • Anonymous

          To tell the truth, I already have over 3/4 of the 16gb memory card full of just music, and that is not all the music that I have on my computer, just the stuff I listen to the most.  Add the space I will need for recording videos with this excellent camera and I can easily see me using almost all of a 32gb SD card.  I am trying to keep the 16gb internal memory for other things such as app files and games.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t use Google+, and you don’t have kids or a mustache then the Galaxy Nexus isn’t for you. Sorry.

    • FaceBookKiller

      That must mean its not for many people. Comparatively speaking nobody uses Google+. Considering how much they have pushed Google+ it is a total bust. The user numbers have actually gone done in the last two months. Pretty embarrassing. Google should stick to advertising, mail, cloud syncing and search. You know the things they are actually good at. 

      • Anonymous

        Yea I agree. Nobody uses Google+. Nice idea I guess, but it flopped.

        • LionStone

          I like it fine, starting to use it more. I love having all my photos backed up in case something inadvertently happens to my phone. FB doesn’t do that for me. 

      • LionStone

        I just read this morning (Zeitgeist ranking) that “Google+” is the second most searched item for the year worldwide for Google, Rebecca Black just edged ahead of it…so I wouldn’t say that it is a total bust. People are still warming up to it…it’s here to stay.

    • Jesusmacabee

      or a pretty face

  • Booboolala2000

    funny thought. you cant watch these videos from the nexus. lol. not in the stock web browser anyway. 

    • Anonymous

      Wrong…  Just played with a G-Nex in my local Verizon store and downloaded Flash from the app store. 

      • Anonymous

        so the stories of no flash support on the gnex lied?

        • Anonymous

          The stories that you read at the time were correct, however, adobe just sent out an update yesterday that enables support for flash in ICS.

  • Anonymous

    LOL Very Cute will have to try this with my daughter lol

  • Bewara2009

    I thought he was trying to act like Hitler.

  • Anonymous

    We need to have a contest for a Droid Life Commercial 😛

  • Anonymous

    My store (Chippewa Falls, WI) had nothing as well. Just iPhone 4S signs on the outside windows and an extremely large RZRZ display on one wall in the store.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait to get my paws on mine tomorrow 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Same here… Remind me again why we ordered online?!?

      • I usually order online for immediate discounts..don’t have to deal with mail-in rebates and free shipping..so it just comes the next day to my door..but with the nexus I may just go in store soon as i have the money..hoping this weekend.

  • Andrew Elliott

    The verizon here had a ton of yard signs around the store saying the Galaxy Nexus is here.

  • Anonymous

    Name the song!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m just happy theres no robots or knives in either

    • Anonymous

      Best post of the day

    • Anonymous

      i was just thinking the same thing. Finally a great commercial for verizon. Not just a bunch of DROID shouting

    • My first thought too. Hit it right on the head. 

    • Anonymous

      I like to know that my phone can help me avoid foreign-government infiltration via high-tech ninjarey; these ads don’t facilitate that particular demographic. No sale, Google.

    • Tyler

      Agreed, what happened to the Droid’s iDont commercial, it worked well, people saw it and bought the phone, we need something like that again just maybe with videos instead of text.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Saw that commercial last night (phandroid I think) FUNNY!

  • Tommy Thompson

    You forgot the Bohemian commercial as well. Googles are better.

  • Why can I still not get enough G-Nex info?!

    • Anonymous

      I know, right. I’m sitting here with the phone in my hands, yet I’m still reading everything I canabout it on every blog/forum I’m a member of.

  • Awesome.. google is really steping it up with the ads.

  • Michael Forte

    Yeah Google’s commercial was way better.

  • Darthseph23

    Unless this has been fixed… in regards to the face unlock ad….

    Kid should have just held it up to a picture of dad.  Oh kids… wont take long to figure that one out.

    • Zeadaplaya

      It has to be a close up picture of his face being in the same position. Good luck finding one.

      • NexusLexus

        Yeah it should be impossible to find a picture and crop and zoom it. The face unlock is a total disgrace. Anyone who thinks it is actually secure and not just a cute novelty is totally clueless. 

        • Anonymous

          It’s a good, low-level security feature. It’s obviously not suited for a medium to high security environment, but for most people it will be just fine (e.g. good if you lose your phone and some random person picks it up; not good if you have the phone for government employ and a foreign agency steals your device from you).

        • LionStone

          Well I guess if you have someone that hard up to get in your phone, you have some issues…I see it as a cool option. For me, traveling, if someone randomly found this phone in a terminal somewhere and it had Face Unlock active, and this someone did not see the owner, how would they get a picture of someone they never saw? Even if the person was seen and they took off…Nah, I think it might work better than people think. The only thing I haven’t heard of is how accurate it is with someone that looks similar to another person? Anyway really if a person needs THAT much security for the content on their phone, they need a bodyguard.

          • NexusLexus

            Okay but how is that any more secure or faster than a 4 digit PIN? Obviously it doesn’t work for a top secret spy who needs a bodyguard but in the case of an acquaintance stealing your phone how is it anything other than a gimmick compared to a PIN unlock?

          • LionStone

            It’s probably just a little more convenient…without the swiping or input of the pin.

          • You can’t forget what your face looks like.

  • Anonymous

    Time for a DL hibernation