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Today is Galaxy Nexus Day at Verizon

It’s almost hard to believe that the day has finally come, but today is indeed Galaxy Nexus day at Verizon! Many of our east coasts crew probably already has the device in hand, while those of us out west are waiting patiently for those first doors to crack in just over an hour. There isn’t much else to say other than, we would love to hear your first impressions down in the comments once your phone is up and activated. There will be a flood of coverage, tips, tricks and so forth later on, but we all know that your initial reaction is one of the most important.

A variety of sites have the device up for sale as you may already now. We have them listed below:

  • Verizon Wireless:  $299 on contract, $649 full retail. You may see it available for $249 if you are upgrading.
  • Amazon:  $149 if you are a new customer, $249 for upgrades.
  • Target:  Seeing $219 for new customers, $249 for upgrades.

Go get some Nexus!

  • Found one at the shack but they wanted 799!  Had to order it online.

  • Dbarden31

    I would love to know what is oh so bad about the SGN camera becuz when i was in VZW playing with it, it seemed to take better pictures than my Droid Razr. Maybe it was the lighting Idk.

  • Smr561

    UM I went ro two different Costcos and the closest verizon to my house.  They all said they did not have the G Nex yet.  WTF?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the best deal available right now that’s not backordered the the LetsTalk or Amazon ones?
    My local VZW store says they have it in stock, so if I don’t find something cheaper soon, I’ll probably get it there.

  • Anyone have any luck with the Car Dock? Called a few stores and none have them…verizon.com says they are sold out

  • QtDL

    Lol – got my “Galaxy Nexus now available” email at 4:10 pm today and I found it in the spam folder. Glad I wasn’t relying on that for notification.

  • Fluxhappens

    Nfl mobile does not work on the nexus, and anyone else have that problem?

  • Anonymous

    Talked to my VZW rep when I was in getting my Nexus, he said they had 65 at 10AM, had only 20 left when I was in at 12PM. Although he didn’t know that it didn’t have removable storage, I had to tell him and he bet me I was wrong until he took off the battery cover. He also said a line 30 people deep was waiting at 10AM to get it, longer than the 4S.

    Also, someone jacked the display the second the doors opened when the store was full.

  • nicotinic

    You left out Letstalk they currently have one of the best deals for upgrades and new customers…with the coupon code $75VZN. And yes, you can keep your unlimited data.


  • VerizonSux

    Anyone else notice that they are forcing people into the $10 for 1000 text plan with a new upgrade?(although you can pay the exorbitant 20 cents per text) I have the old 450 for 39.99 plan with 100 text, and this extra cost will add up after 2 years. The store also tried to scam me into paying $300, even though when logging on at home it still shows $249.

  • $199 for upgrades at Amazon Wireless right now

  • Rich

    Why are they changing the prices? they are not the same since this morning…

  • Phone is backordered on Let’s Talk, but sales rep seemed to think next week was a distinct possibility. Price after $75 discount and including CA sales tax is 

  • Happy_SD_Nexus

    Went to a BestBuy in San Diego and they had plenty in stock. Was the first person to get one. 

    The phone is $299 and they don’t charge you the activation fee but they do charge sales tax for the full price of the phone (California Law).

    Within the hour got prompted to upgrade to 4.0.2

    The phone is awesome everyone at work keeps wanting to play with it, my productivity just went down the drain for today.

    • what is the difference when you purchase through best buy? are the terms any different than right through verizon?

      • Happy_SD_Nexus

        As far as i can see, the main difference is that you don’t get charged the $35 activation fee (and i got $29 headphones for free).

        BB has a 30 day return policy, don’t remember what it is with Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    Any way to turn off 4g keeps dropping back and forth between 4g and 3g even tho map shows fully covered for 4g.

  • grrrr

    well, picked up my GNex this morning, and have been playing with it all day. now, i just noticed that the bottom left corner of the battery cover isnt sitting snugly… just my damn luck. looks like the locking tab was molded slightly bent. anyone have this issue?

  • anyone upgrade through bestbuy? wondering if there is really any strings attched or not that different from in-store verzon? thanks.

    • from what i’ve been told,if you change your plan after signing with them,they hit you with a really big charge

      • i doubt i would change my plan but that’s still ridiculous. just wondering how it really works? i was going to get the nexus through them but they told me at the store they couldn’t future activate it and had to activate it right then. it’s for my wife for x-mas so that doesn’t work. ha

    • tm3

      Not that I know of, went to a BB mobile store when it opened, and no one was in the store.  The Rep was the most nicest and helpful person around.  Not only did they throw in a free pair of headphones, but gave me a discount for the ZAGG screen protector, and even installed it!!

  • got 50 bucks off plus free sim card and kept unlimited test and data, so i’m happy so far

  • my battery was going quicker than it should, but I went in and shut off that automatic synic crap, fine now

  • I got the first one, had it in my hand at 8:30 this morning

  • xvortexx

    Went to Costo and and they said they didn’t have them in stock. Went to another one, and they said they were getting their shipment in this afternoon and to call later to check on progress. 

  • mewantnexus

    Amazon is now $149.99 for new customer. Cheaper than letstalk.

  • Tysoncrosby21

    I only have one tiny complaint.  Audio from the external speaker seems a bit soft.  Anybody else experience this?  The ringtones and notifications just seem really quiet, any tips?

    • VerizonHater

      Yeah I got that too.  I was wondering the same thing.

  • got mine this morning but haven’t had much time to do a whole lot with it, plus i have to wait til i get home to unlock the bootloader. but from what i’ve seen so far i do love it! i’ll miss the OG but this will do nicely.
    Question: i plugged up my 3.5mm aux cable in the car to try listening to spotify on it but the sound continued to come from the phone instead of running through my car stereo. not sure why that would be but again, i didn’t have much time to mess with it. thoughts?

  • Curt248

    The discount 3G to 4g $100 off is real. I just talked to the Verizon upgrade dept by calling 611 then 0 and saying upgrade. They found the promotion in around two minutes. It may only be for the Chicago area though. Another place mentioned that it may be for the entire Midwest. The link below is to the post.


    • Anonymous

      I called and they said it’s only available online. I am in michigan. did you use yours in the store?

  • Michael Dunigan

    So… did anyone get an e-mail from VZW about the phone released?  I know we all submitted our e-mail address to the VZW notification page.  Nothing here in my inbox.  I wonder what VZW is going to do with all the addresses they harvested?

    • DidntLikeNexus-WaitingForD4

      Yep, 1:08am

    • Yes, I got an email about it being available at 1:03am EST…

  • Anonymous

    Hope battery life gets better charged to 100% down 16% in 18 minutes.

  • Chris Kershaw

    If you live in the Midwest (i.e. I live in Lincoln, NE) and have a NE2 discount/upgrade available and currently have a 3G phone, I would call Customer Service up and ask about the $100 promo off an upgrade to a 4G phone.  I know Kellex already mentioned this a few days ago, but I wanted to let you know it worked for me.  Verizon store knew nothing about it, I had to call Customer Service and on two separate calls both reps finally found the promotion after 5 minutes or so of looking through them all.  I got my Galaxy Nexus for $180 including tax and the Customer Service rep even over-nighted the phone to me for free.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Called Verizon last night, met with my guy at 10:00, left there around 10:30 with phone in hand and FREAKING LOVE IT!!! This phone is simply, WOW! Light. Smooth. Fast. Clean. Crisp. Looks good. Feels good. Nexus!!! Now my head won’t feel like it’s about to explode and my wife will finally have peace as well 🙂 I’m taking two weeks off from work after tomorrow, and am going to spend much of that time enjoying my new Nexus, watching football in peace while being catered to me having stuff bought for me by mother-in-law who loves me for while I set up camp in here amazing downstairs quarters that are all mine. And I’ll bd doing this all in a gorgeous winter wonderland in Michigan! Thank You Jesus, Thank you mother-in-law for a hot daughter and a sweet pad, and thank you Google! 

    On a semi-sad note, on my way there I played Coldplay’s “Up In Flames” in honor of my DX. He has served me well, as did my OG. Hope that you enjoy your new home old friend. 

  • Claire

    Got mine. Loving how it feels compared to the Razr or Rezound. Now to get all those apps back that I had to pull to keep my OG functioning

    Congratulations to all who are able to get the phone of their choice. Have fun with them.

  • Sanchezl99

    I just got the Galaxy Nexus. Im happy with it except for one thing – USB File Transfer
    speeds are TERRIBLE. Anyone else notice this? Im talking 6 minutes to transfer 200megs.

  • Minterbomb

    It’s a sad day for DL, they just lost thousands of daily readers because this phone is finally out.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this turns out to be the second coming like most people on this site were expecting. I played with it in the store but think I am keeping my RAZR.

    • DidntLikeNexus-WaitingForD4

      -Samsung UI sucks
      -Phone cover on in-store model kept falling apart – so flimsy
      -No FLASH player
      -Will wait for D4

  • Goldy

    got mine on the verizon wireless website this morning for $250. an hour later it was back up to $299. no idea why this was, but i have my receipt and it’s coming tomorrow

  • Got mine at 9AM (in Downers Grove, IL…6 people in line ahead of me). Got it for $150 with $50 NE2 credit and the $100 3g to 4g promotion.

  • Anonymous

    went to get mine, and they were out of micro sims. So pissed, I have to drive 35 minutes to get another 1

  • Iluvrice2

    Sold at at Canal St. and Wall St. Verizon Stores.  Got one of last one’s at Canal.

  • Vaglvr

    now if only adobe can push out their final flash app for this.

  • Anonymous

    The store I was at had to order the car dock for me because they were not shipped any…..  

  • Remember your $25 for $50 Livingsocial vouchers! Worked, ordered.

  • I scored the first Nexus in the Memphis area at 8:00am central this morning.  Upgraded from OG Droid.  I’m blown away so far, but at this point I think I’d take anything that I didn’t have to pull the battery and reboot 3 times per day. 

  • brandon coulter

    Awesome, ordered for just 175.00

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m literally sitting next to mine inactivated because it is a Christmas present from my parents to me (but my friend works at Verizon and I wanted him to get his comish). However, it’s really not near as painful as waiting for the release day.


  • I’m holdilng it in my hands, and it is glorious!!!!!!

  • Anybody encountering any resistance from Verizon on the Livingsocial $50 off coupon? The coupon clearly says it can be used towards any device or accessory but when I called to double check, 2 out of 3 places said they’d only honor it for accessories and not towards a device. The other store just didn’t know and couldn’t give me an answer, though they couldn’t apply the coupon towards the purchase of an iPhone 4s, which may or may not be Apple’s fault but surely raises some concerns as to how Verizon is standing by their word. Please tell me people are redeeming this thing properly!

    • Anonymous

      Ok I had to help the person at the store.  They have to use the top bar code as a coupon and the bottom barcode as a gift card.  I hope that helps.  You can use it with any other discount.

      • dragon19104

        Thanks, hfoster52!  I ran into trouble last week when attempting to use the coupon to upgrade my wife’s phone to the Rezound.  The corporate store stated it could not be used to upgrade her device as it could not be combined with an NE2 discount.  They also would not apply full credit to accessories as I receive an employer-related discount.  In the end, they credited me only the $25 I spent to receive the coupon.  Based upon your instructions, I will be heading back to the store tonight to have this corrected.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry I mistyped you can not use it with any other discount.  I bought an exteneded battery they had to take my corporate discount off and then ring it full price and then take off 50.  Still free (Technically $25) for the extended  battery for GN.

          • dragon19104

            Thanks for clarifying. Taking the same approach should get us a decent partial refund for the accessories we purchased.  Much appreciated.

  • Gary Pasler

    Only 6 people in the corporate store here buying these in the 50 minutes I was there.  (4 at door at opening).   ZERO for the white Razr!

    • Anonymous

      One of the Verizon Reps walked up and jokingly said, “How many people are hear for the white Razr?”

      Everyone laughed

      • Anonymous

        I laughed when I was there and a guy was returning his razr for a nexus and was pissed about charging a restocking fee.

  • Fox

    Just so everyone out there with an awesome corporate discount knows… $249 for an upgrade at VZW store

  • VerizonHater

    Got mine at 9 am w/ the extended battery… best phone ever. I’ve played with the bionic and the razr… this phone beats them all

  • set an alarm for 12:45 last night and ordered online through verizon. got the shipment notification this morning, and i’ll have it tomorrow.  anyone want to buy a droid x?

  • Got GNex Bro?

  • Ben

    Got mine LOVE IT!  Screen is saaweeet! it is thin and light! Totally worth the wait

  • John

    beware. stores have a limited number of SIM cards. so they can’t activate all their phones, obviously.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Have mine in hand! Finally!!!

  • Interpol818

    Hey quick question . any best buy workers? Just wondering when best buy will sell the nexus. I have gift cards and reward pints.

    • Anonymous

      From what I understand certain stores have them, but not all. 

  • Urugami

    Got mine at 9:00 in New Orleans area… now for the exploration phase.  Just checked My Verizon online, still have unlimited data, with ~$5 off for some reason.  Strange thing is, where they used to have a picture of an OG Droid in My Device, there’s a generic phone silhouette, and no text.  There was me (and my wife) and at least 10 other geeks waiting for the store to open.  I had an appointment, and the girl was waiting for me with our phones already on the counter, so we didn’t have to sign in. 😀  Happy Galaxy Nexus Day, y’all!

  • is it just me, or is unlimited text messaging removed entirely from all these websites? i just went to do an upgrade, and it allows me to keep the unlimited data plan i have, plus my 450min/mo, but unlimited text is entirely gone, and the only option is pay-per-text or 1000 for 10$.

    • Texting counts as data anyways. You don’t need unlimited texting. 

  • Rich

    Who used which store to buy and is there options to extend ?

  • nexus on the brain

    dos Nexus’s por favor

    this is really awesome, hard to believe its here, am charging now as i am trying to prolong this moment.  i know it will be a while before i have another like this!  reminds me of getting pinch to zoom update on my OG

    Thank God, and don’t forget to ROOT!

  • Rob Wallace

    Most satisfying android moment in a while: holding my Verizon Nexus and going into the Android Market and being able to uninstall all the Verizon VCast and Navigation Apps that came along for the Nexus ride from my Bionic.

    • Rich

      you can’t uninstall bloat ware… ICS only give you an OPTION to hide it out of sight and mind… Nonetheless its still there and taking up space…

  • Dominick DeVito

    Coming from a rented razr, this phone really isnt any faster if at all……..Checked it out this morning, ,build quality just doesnt feel up to par with motorola, camera was good but not better then iphone.  The screen is pentile and for some reason the rezound screen looked a little better. Good phone but if it didnt have ICS it would be under a few phones out right now. Ill wait a little longer.

    • Cool story!

    • Sinofue

      Argh… PenTile. Why do they do this?

      • Anonymous

        I would say that i am very sensitive to pentile screens (Noticed it immediately on my gf Nexus S when she got it) but on the G-nex all I noticed was an amazing screen. With a you tube video taking up the entire screen everything looked amazing to me.

    • Anonymous

      There will be those that have no interest in this phone… that’s for sure. 

      Those that have no interest in customization with an unlocked bootloader may or may not go for this phone. There are plenty of phones to choose from and each person may have a different opinion as to which is the superior phone.

      Those that want an unlocked phone that became accustomed to it on the OG will probably get this phone. Because if this is what you want, the list is very short. 

    • Dan Letsch

      I am sure that everybody on here is very surprised you did not like the phone with all of your comments over the past few weeks.

    • Rjmjr72

      i looked at it for a while today too..camera didnt impress, auto brightness was way too dim, speakerphone was tinney sounding, back cover was FLIMSY like peeling a toenail off..build quality was cheap feeling screen was very nice..the phone is just way to big for my day to day use. It was just myself and another customer looking at the unit..we both left inimpressed..

  • Got mine already!

  • Chris G

    I got mine.

    However they said I don’t get an upgrade credit because i am not the primary line.  Anyone else ever heard of that before?

    • Fox

      standard practice Chris for several years. New every 2 doesn’t even exist for primary lines anymore

  • I myself am torn between the D4, SGN, and DRazr in white. I dont like the fact the white Razr has a black line down the side.IF IT’S WHITE WHY IS THERE A BLACK LINE? I’ve never had a keyboard like the Droid 4 does so that would be new. And the SGN…… Come on everyone is talking about so it must be good… Right?

    • i am buying the nexus for my wife as a x-mas present, she currently has the OG Droid. She loves the physical keyboard and if the D4 drops before X-mas i might actually return the nexus for the D4. i guess i have to wait and see if it drops within the retun period or not.

  • Ben

    4 people waiting at my local store for them to open up at 9am.  My rental return went smoothly, the gnex activated in ~1/5 the time it takes a razr to activate, and I am loving the phone.

    I just wish I had the day off and a faster WIFI to restore apps over… hate spending the first few hours waiting for downloads.

    • when i logged in with my gmail account, all my apps downloaded quickly,  paid and unpaid. i guess you didn’t have the same experience?  i was surprised, b/c when i did the same thing with my rent-a-razr, all that dl’d were the paid apps.  hmmmm.

      • QtDL

        Same here. When I set up my Gmail account all of the apps that were on my OG droid started downloading automatically.

  • Anonymous

    Mines activated and waiting at the store for me to pickup at 2pm. gotta love family at a indirect store

  • Anonymous

    I have mine in my hand and have been using it for over 2 hours now. Fantastic device. Screen is perfect, clear as day and wonderfully bright. The sound quality is spot on and the signal strength is good. Just ran a couple of speed tests to compare between the Razr i just brought back and the Nexus I now have and I can tell you that all around my house in Buffalo the Nexus won hands down. The software is beautiful, its everything we’ve all been asking for. Nice launcher, wonderful dock, a widget for wireless/bluetooth etc. The only complaint I have so far is that in the contacts section, there is no button to “only show contacts” with phone numbers, which is a little annoying but will hopefully be fixed soon, for the meantime I just edited all of my contacts into a new group no problem. Other than that it works perfect. Just a bit of a tip, if it seems your phone is hanging on the “activating this may take a few minutes” screen, (mine did for 30 minutes) simply power it off and back on again. It will instantly activate and log you right into the phone. A+++++ for the Nexus!

  • YoMomma

    Second in line of 4 people this morning at my mall lol Verizon reps tried to give me a hard time for my rented Rezound

    • VerizonHater

      I was first in line at my mall. I stayed with my OG Droid jnsread of renting. I was also the guys first Nexus sale of the day

  • Xbjackel

    Got it love it

  • Haycaramba

    Anyone paying full retail price? anyone find out how to match or better verizon full price (and avoid tax).

    • Anonymous

      I’m debating on picking it up full retail. Trying to convince myself it’s a smart thing to do (clearly not) I have an iPhone 4S I am selling on Craigslist so it will make up for a good portion, but I may just wait until someone is trying to sell a nexus on CL as well. Anyways it’s $649, here in Philadelphia 8% sales tax brings me to $701. That’s a lot of cash. Also thinking about picking one up full retail and keeping my eye open for a better deal on CL/eBay, then return today’s phone minus $35 restock… Decisions, decisions…

    • BPStroh

      I am considering doing this as well but I’m shying away from shelling out over $700, especially right before Christmas.  My upgrade isn’t until April of next year.  If anyone has any thoughts on this I’d appreciate the feedback

      • Anonymous

        Add a line

  • Anonymous

    It sold out right in front of me.grrrrrr.

  • Anyone paying full retail price? anyone find out how to match or better verizon full price (and avoid tax).

  • dblj

    Still not showing up on bestbuy website..

  • Anonymous

    Happy Nexus Day, ya all!!

    I’m unable to obtain this incredible holy grail that is in the form of a phone called the Galaxy Nexus, BUT, tomorrow is the day I’ll be able to get this masterful piece of alien technology I’ve been waiting for for oh so long!
    Thank you, Verzion, you are the greatest!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to all that wanted this device. Now we can lay speculation to rest. What I want to know just because I am curious….

    -Still no bloat right?
    -Does GPS lock instantly
    -Does Navigation work or does it hang on “searching for GPS”
    -What kind of data speeds are you getting?
    -Can you access nandroid yet?

  • so is the $249.99 deal just online or at the store also?

    • A few people have asked this but nobody seems to know the answer.

      • guess i’ll find out in an hour when i go on my lunch break. i’ll let ya know!

    • When I called they said it was $299.99. I told them online it showed me $249.99 and she couldn’t see it anywhere on her side so my guess is that it would be $299.99 in stores.

    • Anonymous

      The $50 off is a credit for the “new every two” program, and is online only. They will honor it over the phone if you mention it. Also, you need to be on their (700 min?) $70 calling plan or higher. If you’re on a cheaper plan (like a grandfathered 550 minute plan) your credit is $30.

      • that’s weird because when i tried to add it this morning it was giving me the $249.99 price and i’m on the 450 min plan. what it wasn’t giving me was the $30 credit i have also. so, i guess my best bet is to buy online for 250 instead of buying in store where i will probably only get the 30 off and it will be 270. still going to the store on lunch to check it out.

      • QtDL

        I got $50 as my NE2 discount and I only have a 450 min/unlimited data plan.

    • PSU_DI

      I got mine online for $250.00, I was actually upgrading early. I’m coming from the Thunderbolt that I got last May, and I’m not due for the NE2 program till sometime in 2012 so I’m not sure why I was offered the discount but I’m not complaining.  

      I can also say that my co worker went in store today and picked his up in a corp store for $250.00 also, he said he had planned to pay the 299 but when they rang it up as an upgrade it was 250 for him too.

    • Urugami

      I upgraded in-store, and it was discounted to $250, before the NE2 credit.  Sales clerk said it was ‘on sale’ apparently at the lower price, but I don’t know if it was like that because of  my account’s discount, or just in general.

  • For those still considering purchasing through LetsTalk:

    I’d again reiterate that per LetsTalk’s Facebook page, **the referral code cannot be combined with the $75VZN code**, so unless others have discovered otherwise, I’d highly recommend that anyone using a referral code close their browsers, clear their cookies & browsing data, and go back in the “normal” way to http://www.letstalk.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-verizon and using the $75VZN code.
    $75 off > $25 off.

    For the record, I used the $75VZN code and walked away with a new activation (porting number from AT&T) for $154.99 + $35 activation fee.  Still awaiting Carrier Approval, but hopefully getting up at 3AM EST will pay off 🙂

    Happy Holidays, everybody!

  • i turned in my rent-a-razr and have a nexus!  had to wait about an hour at the store in annapolis, md. everyone there was getting one.  they had NO marketing displays up whatsoever.  all they had was one display model out.  crazy.  

    coolest thing thusfar, when i synced my gmail accts, ALL of my apps redownloaded.  not just the paid ones, but the FREE ones as well.  just saved 2 hours of my life!  

    it feels more stable in my hand than the razr.  more meat to it, but still thin.  the textrued back makes a big difference.  initial impression is that it’s just a tad slower than razr.  we’ll see if that continues to be the case.  also got my 4.0.2 within an hour of activating it.

    great so far.

    • phonepeasant

      Ummm. do you know how that happened, the apps redownloading? I also would value the two hours of my life?

  • Anonymous

    Got mine for $199 at VZW store ($50 Living Social deal + $50 corporate discount) this morning.  3rd in line of about 25.  The staff were all in a panic – they didn’t anticipate a large crowd.  The manager said it was larger than the iphone launch, but I’m not sure which iphone she meant (maybe 4S?).

    This thing is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Just got home with mine. I live in a relatively small community and I was the 3rd of 10 people standing in line when the doors opened. My first comment is – the native launcher is finally smooth! Sorry Launcher Pro, I may no longer need you!

  • Anonymous

    So are these deals online only?? Or can you go to target and get the deal also??

  • Travisjshepherd


  • Picked up the Galaxy Nexus this morning.  After using a few apps, the first thing I noticed was all the ads.  After using a rooted device with AdFree for so long, I didn’t realize how many ads were everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    My DInc’s last act as my phone was to play me the Hallelujah Chorus as I pulled into the VZW parking lot this morning.

  • Anonymous

    During the first 14 minutes the store was open here, there were 10 people waiting to buy a nexus. ( I was third in line)

  • Anonymous

    Man, coming from an OG Droid, I am just loving this phone!

  • jerry turner

    has anyone ordered from Lets Talk and been able to get VZW to credit your New Ever y 2? I am wanting to try it but I want to know if I even have a chance before I waste my time.

    • QtDL

      I’m pretty sure the “new every 2” discount is from corp Verizon stores only.

      • jerry turner

        someone posted they were able to do it before on another Nexus tread

  • On vzw.com, I can get the phone for $249.. Will I be able to get it for $249 in store as well?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Does target carry in store, have stock?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone dealt with Costco for the Nexus yet? I’m west coast so I have a couple of hours. Any chance they even have the phone yet and are they bundling?

  • Anonymous

    So not only is the LetsTalk.com deal the best around, you actually get $25 if you go to them through this link: http://www.letstalk.com/raf/infantry

    $150 for the Nexus?  Best. Christmas. Ever.

    Or Channuka, Kwanza, Festivus, whatever…

  • Question….online it’s says i am available for an upgrade and also a $30 credit. When i go the the select a phone page the $30 credit only applies itself to certain models (iphone, et.). it does not apply itself to the new razr’s, nexus, rezound. why is this? i’m going on my lunch break to the store to pick up the nexus but would like to get it for $220 instead of $250 if possible.

  • Already got mine. The VZW store i went to said they might not make it through the day before running out. Get yours while you can.

  • I have driod x with 3G unlimited data….but able to upgrade to 4G unlimited through Verizon as I chatted with online sale and confirmed by adding Nexus with unlimited 4G in my chart…I don’t know why I’m still thinking to buy or wait…lol

  • Anonymous

    got it!   its amazing.   

  • Claire

    I am off to go pick up mine.  Its there at VW with my name on it.  I will finally ba able to actually answer my phone again and have room for my apps. Next post form my Nexus!.

  • Anonymous

    F@#%ING VERIZON!  They won’t let me purchase the phone in-store because I’m on a corporate account.  How does that make sense?  Any schmuck with a $50 contract can go get one right now, but because our contract is worth thousands we get pooped on?

  • Anonymous

    My first post with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

    Wonderful phone so far!

    Ha Ha Angelface77 there was a line of 6 for the Nexus as the door opened and more were coming in. One had a Razr they were going to return…lol

    • Anonymous

      My store had 20 people waiting with at least 1 Razr return as well.

    • BillyT

      I was #12 of 32 waiting at my store at 9am EST.  

  • Vaglvr

    i’m hearing $249, mine is $259, and some are $269. What gives?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I am going to take a pass. Keep my OG Droid, and wait until 2012 and see what more impressive hardware comes than this Nexus – which without ICS – ain’t nothing impressive at all.

    • Anonymous

      Stop Trolling For Unicorns

    • Anonymous

      Thats like saying the SGS2 is nothing special without the new touchwiz. LOL! 

      • FortitudineVincimus

        The Nexus hardware is weak. Period. For a flagship phone, meh. Nothing impressive other than ICS and even that is not even really exclusive to them given the ports in progress and fact now that it is out in the USA… phones are going to get it as a default standard.

        CES is a month away, the coming phone announcements will make this phone look even weaker than it is now.

        Some of us here are able to walk past the kool aid table and not drink.

        • Kool-aid Drinker

          TBolt, Charge, Revolution, Bionic…You’re argument was just destroyed..

          • Anonymous

            What does this mean? Bionic is great.

        • MM

          Good for you.  I feel the same.

        • Well said my friend! I was all in for the original hypebeast (thunderbolt) and will wait until after CES is announced. ICS on my TB will hold me over for now.

      • Anonymous

        What Fortitudine said originally makes sense. Your SGS2 comment makes no sense. The SGS2 is a better device than the GNex.

    • You’re just mad that you can’t get this phone.

  • It is about time. Now hopefully every other post on here won’t be bombed with “I don’t care! Where is my Nexus!?” for about 3/4 of the comments.

  • MikeyBotz

    got it for 269 last night a 1:30am (it was an upgrade)

  • dragon19104

    For those of you whose NE2 eligibility comes due in the near future, do not hesitate to contact Verizon Customer Support to request an upgrade today. My NE2 anniversary was Jan 2, though the CSR was more than happy to change the date and issue the upgrade in order to book the sale this year. VZW is highly incented to boost revenue as their fiscal year ends at the end of the month. My SGN will arrive tomorrow via overnight shipment. The CSR further exceeded my expectations by crediting my account the cost of overnight shipment. Good luck!

    • David J Dowling

      Company policy is to bump the NE2 or upgrade date up as much as 60 days…

  • Anonymous

    While I was in the VZW store trading in my Rental Razr there were 6 other Nexus sold. These were people walking in and asking for it by name, rather interesting.

    • QtDL

      I was in line in line this morning w/ 6 or 7 other nerds. It was weird being the only female but somewhat expected. When I left at 9:10am there were about 25 people in the store getting their Nexus. I am in downtown Boston.

  • Anonymous

    In line right now, lower Manhattan. Hope they have enough.

    • NexusLexus

      In line. Hahaha. There is no line. Unless you are counting the 2 guys ahead of you as “a line”

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    I’ll hold off until 12/12/12 for the Motorola Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      hold your breath.

      Yes, I said that right

  • Anonymous

    Im commenting on a verizon galaxy nexus 🙂

    I loooooove it

  • Dan Letsch

    Ordered mine from VZW’s website since it came up as $249, unfortunately, it was only free shipping for 2 day, so I will be waiting awhile.

  • Jason

    I got a Rzr ad at a stupid authorized retailer, went in today to exchange and those idiots didn’t have it or even know about it! They also tried telling me I couldn’t return it cause it was over 14 days till I schooled them on that. Getting it tomorrow but it’s pretty aggravating talkin to a bunch of morons that don’t know anything about there job or products!

    • Anonymous

      I always make my purchases from a corporate store. Less hassle when things go wrong.

      • Jason

        This was my first time and definitely will be my last. It was like talking to a bunch of 12 year Olds about cell phones!

        • Anonymous

          I walked in to an authorized retailer the other day and they were confused and didn’t know what I was talking about. I didn’t get the feeling they were keeping anything from me, they simply didn’t know what I was talking about…. lol

  • Sera3phim

    Posting frombthe first Gnex sold in Toledo, OH!

    • Sera3phim

      Still getting used to the keyboard, obviously, but it’s very good!

  • Jrm5021

    Remember the Living Social deal that was $25 for $50? Can you combine that with a loyalty discount?

    • Anonymous

      I had no success so I’m just going to pick up a charging dock later. 

  • Mischief316

    anyone else having trouble with the vzw.com site? seems to time out. i can’t even check out the phone. 

  • JMac726

    Man, long line this morning at 8AM.  I couldn’t wait, I’d miss too much work…going to try again in about 45 minutes.  

  • Anonymous

    Are people with NE2 seeing $249 at Verizon? My NE2 kicks in tomorrow, so I was planning on waiting until tomorrow to get it. I can get it for $249 from Verizon right now, I was hoping that if I waited until tomorrow it’d be an even bigger discount since the VZW website says I’ll receive “an additional loyalty discount” if I upgrade on or after 12/16. Has anybody been able to get below $249?

  • Anonymous

    This is how I feel right now: http://gifmesmile.com/data/published/08_2011/15701c202af164a837d6bcc1ab6dff65_pub.gif

    Buyer beware for the Let’s Talk deal…you can’t do the 39.99 plan and still get the $250 price…the cheapest plan is an extra $10 (because it already includes unlimited messaging), which over 2 years is an extra $120. Not worth the $50 cheaper deal when the plan is more expensive (at least for my cheap self). Still waiting on the Costco plan before getting the $225 Let’s Talk deal.

    • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      God I love that

  • Anonymous

    mine will be here on Monday! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’m unlocking or rooting….I had fun with all the ROMS and Kernels and O’clocking the OG, but I don’t wanna devote that much time anymore, and the Nexus is SOOO light years ahead of what the OG was, even at stock….Ijust wanna live a stock life….Rooted apps like
    ROM Manager
    Wireless Tether for root

    I’m gonna try just going it straight for a while….anyone else?

    • I feels you, custom roms seem to have added some hassles sometimes. But then again those hassles were better than the regular stock device. Here’s hoping to this working off the bat!

    • Anonymous

      I rooted and rommed my G1, the first Android phone, but it was such a hassle, that since then my D1 (I refuse to call it the OG Droid), and now a DINC1, I have chose to NOT root.  It’s too much of a headache and hassle.  

      My Nexus won’t get rooted.

  • EC8CH

    Ordered Mine!

    • ordered 7 for the whole family!

      • EC8CH

        Wow are u serious?

        • 4 upgrades 3 off contract. Couldn’t let the little(r) ones be left out of the nexus fun? What kind of dad would I be?

          • Anthony Ross

            you sir, are a hero.

          • Colin Zack

            You’re the best father ever

          • Anonymous

            Will you adopt me? I don’t poop my pants anymore…..

  • Keith

    was in a small line this morning in MD verizon store.  Only about a dozen people but I heard downtown baltimore had 40-50.

  • Anonymous

    Picked it up FIRST THING THIS MORNING….BJ’s in Owings Mills, MD!
    Big PROPS to Laura for helping me there!
    Paid $231 for the phone!  (Corporate Discount from my Company)
    Also, got the $6.99 Assurion insurance….just seemed like it couldn’t really hurt!

    • MM

      yeah, that a good store.  Better then Westminster, which it seems i dont get 4g out here in Westminster.

  • Chewey246

    Now the ads have even changed on your site.  The G-Nex was always in the top corner, but it looks so much better where it is saying Galaxy Nexus Day in the headings.  4G (Rochester, MN) and the Nexus in one day :-).  Couldn’t be happier

    • Anonymous

      Love having 4G in Rochester, MN!

      • Anonymous

        Same here, I’m even getting 4G all the way out in Dover!

  • John Jones

    Anyone going to hands-on compare the Rezound and Nexus today? Just a few days until I have to make my final decision!

    • GNex_day

      Already have the Rezound, going to compare it to the Nexus today.  Although, there is a good chance I will stick with my Rezound- only paid $50 and got an awesome screen, super fast phone and an awesome pair of headphones.

      • John Jones

        Gotta let me in- how did you get it for $50? I’m looking at $175 from Letstalk. Would love to get this one- I’m a musician!

        • Anonymous

          If your a musician then you should know that the Beats audio buds that come with this are not for critical listening. If you think they are I don’t want to listen to your music.

          • John Jones

            LOL. Good point. But hearing the bass line from a classic Mingus album thumping through would be sweet.

  • Now time to spend the next hour playing with the sounds for the phone and notifications. #mycoworkerswillhateme

    • Anonymous

      lol awesome

  • Magabucks222

    Just got a Droid RAZR.  I love it but am thinking of taking it back to get the Nexus.  Bigger better screen and 4.0.  What’s another $35?

  • DWM

    Will be there when the store opens this morning, money in hand, waiting.

    • DWM

      Ahhhh, well worth the wait. Got my Nexus in hand and grandfathered unlimited data plan in tack, LIFE IS GOOD!

  • Anonymous

    already obtained and unlocked by 8:30AM EST. Win.

    • EC8CH

      still have your RAZR?

      • Anonymous

        Relegated to 2nd line for now. X out entirely. May swap for 2nd Nex depending how it goes.

        • EC8CH

          keep it up and you’ll have a collection like Kellen

    • Anonymous

      I guess I should unlock mine now before messing around too much more.

  • Anonymous

    GOT MINE! Couldn’t be happier, this was def worth the wait!!! Hope everyone else is enjoying theirs!!!!

  • Anonymous

    First Galaxy Nexus commercial! (from twitter)


  • Anonymous

    And on the 8th Day, GOD CREATED THE NEXUS

    • David J Dowling

      Wrong wrong wrong….
      On the first day NEXUS created god…..

  • weapon x

    Im headed to Verizon after work. I’m bringing home a Nexus or a white Razr. I just don’t know yet. Will I pick OS over hardware? Can’t say. All I know is this is one tough choice for me. At the same time, it is my last day with my OG. I’m so bummed to put this guy back in his box. I flashed roms and kernels like crazy and it kept taking everything I threw at it. I don’t know where this community would be with out the OG. Like myself, I know many of you will also be setting aside your OG, today. Like me, you waited for something worthy, that day is today. ONE FINAL SALUTE….OG DROID…..EVERYONE’S DADDY.  


    • Anonymous

      For both software and hardware the Nexus is the clear winner!!!

      • MM


      • Anonymous

        This is just not true.

        • William

          The only things the Razr has going over the Nexus are:  Shell, Camera, and MicroSD .  Everything else goes to the Nexus, not only for software, but also because the hardware will be easily overclockable and there will be tons of roms and support for the device. Whatsmore you don’t have that huge bezel like on the Razr. 

          • Anonymous

            Both phones have their pros and cons. It depends on what people need. We do not know much about the GNex yet so its hard to tell but…

            -The bezel is also huge on the GNex, not to mention the phone is thicker than the Razr and of seemingly poorer build quality

            -Most bloat on Razr can be removed, but the GNex does have one up for mostly no bloat and unlocked bootloader. But what does this matter if the phone doesn’t meet one hardware needs.

            -Development, GNex will yes probably have a big community because of its openness. That being said Razr is a great out of box phone that just works and performs well…no extra work needed.

            -Both have fast processors and good ram. I can’t see a need to overclock. Apps and processes can only open as fast as the coding allows anyways.

            -Razr has lapdock and webtop (which some people may not care about, but I do)

            -Both Screens are good

            -Blur use to conjure up hate and nausea in me, but it is actually quite great now. I prefer it to AOSP roms. 

            -Camera seems to be quite bad on GNex

            -SDCard on Nex will not be a problem if it has a protected partition, but its nice to have a swappable card.

            -Samsung puts some of the worst radios and gps in their device, me, my friends and family know this from experience first hand. Hopefully it is different on this device/

          • Anonymous

            – Plastic and light does not mean poor build quaility. While I would give the edge to the Razr any day this is really of no true concern IMO
            – The Razr probably does work great out of the box. Are you saying that the Nexus won’t? The dev community will make a great phone phenomenal, and root isn’t always needed.
            -I’m sorry but the Lapdock is ugly and lame. For the price it would be worth getting the Transformer and Dock
            -Nexus beats Razr Screen hands down
            -Have you used the Nexus camera? I took some pictures with it and was thoroughly impressed. I admit I was scared by the internet, but in person I was completely satisfied.

            OS aside I don’t see this edge that the Razr has on the Nexus.

          • Anonymous

            Plastic does mean poor build quality. I have had a plastic Samsung phone before.

            Every Android phone in the world has root

            Only time will tell if the Razr will be better out of box. It seems like if both had ICS that Razr would be better.

            Do you own a lapdock? Its not lame and about $200 cheaper than buying a tablet+dock like the transformer. It has a full web browser unlike tablets and 4g connection, unlike most tablets. And again the lap dock 100 only cost $200, will soon be less.

            You are right I only know about the camera from post. Samsung usually excels in camera and screen quality, but the camera looked bad according to Droid Life.

            If the GPS/Navigation and Radio work in the GNex then both phones will be good phones.

          • WTF good is the lapdock if Webtop is still absolutely awful? There’s no doubt about it that Webtop has A LOT of improvements that has to be made. So who cares, if you want something like that go get a tablet and it’ll work 10x better. The build quality on the nexus is not “poor” what so ever. I know you have never held one just because you’re saying this. Hardware is superior to the Razr in every aspect. The ONLY thing that Razr has on the Nexus is lack of sdcard and that’s not even anything serious considering internal memory reads/writes faster than a sdcard anyway. I will say that Motorola def has the best radios in the industry though and that’s the ONLY props I will give to the Razr. I’ve used them both and there’s no doubt about it that GN is superior in software and hardware. If someone buys a Razr over the Nexus then  I feel very bad for them.

          • Anonymous

            Alright I cannot comment on build quality you are right.

            The webtop works great with my Bionic. I use it all the time. I have owned a tablet and many Android devices from all manufacturers. Lapdock can hold its own. If they made one for the Nexus you guys would praise it

            You are right SDCard is not an issue really.

            It is widely know that Samsung uses junk hardware when it comes to radios, etc. Like you said Motorola has the best radios in the market, and also some of their other components are the best.

            I dont trust that whats inside the Nex is as good of quality as whats in a Moto or even HTC, as Samsung has been known to use junk.

          • “-Blur use to conjure up hate and nausea in me, but it is actually quite great now. I prefer it to AOSP roms.”

            *mind blown*

            not hating, to each their own though.

    • Dr50036

      DO NOT get the Razr! I returned mine and exchanged it for the Galaxy Nexus gotta wait a couple days ordered from amazonwireless.com

      • MM

        why not?  Because you didn’t like it?  How do you know you will like the Nexus, have you already used it alot?

        • Anonymous


          • Dbarden31

            I think different people have different experiences. My first Razr had a non working pixel. The Razr I have now force closes the keyboard, the screen occasionally will have a purple tint/glow to it, and it froze up on me once. It gets annoying. While I really like this phone I am thinking of getting the SGN.

    • James Friedman

      I too am coming from the OG but I don’t have as much love for it. I’ll put it out to pasture to die a slow death….

    • Anonymous

      Just my opinion as me and my girl have the Bionic and the Razr. The Razr is nice because it has the best hardware and typically Moto has outstanding radios and GPS compared to Samsungs spotty past. Razr will get ICS very shortly. Nexus does have a good screen, ICS now and no skin. I would personally wait for confirmation the connection and GPS aren’t a problem on the CDMA GNex since its a Samsung and about 80% of there devices have radio and gps problems… I think this device will be different but we will see.

      All in all Razr and GNex will probably be good devices. I know for a fact that the Razr is pretty damn near flawless, we don’t know much about the Nex yet.

      • EC8CH

        Razr will get ICS “very shortly”

      • Anonymous

        I can’t speak to much else yet, but I can tell you the gps locked instantly on my exact location on my new Nexus. I’ve been checking it as I move around and it is not an issue so far. So based on initial use the gps is not an issue.

        It does take a little time getting used to ICS though.  We are used to things and this is a bit different.

        • LionStone

          Awesome…now thats the kind of stuff we wanna know…thanks! I will be going down to my local store this morning to mess with one anyway…

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for the response. I am glad to hear the GPS locks. Does Navigations kick in  or does it stay stuck on “searching for gps”?

          • Anonymous

            What is your question? I don’t think he is using navigation, he is just on google maps and told it to find his lockation and it did…..

        • Anonymous

          It’s that new-fangled barometer working for ya!

    • Edwin M

      What, No love for my Rezound?

      • Pgbibbons

        The Rezound would get love when it gets ICS.  Until HTC or the developer community posts a 4.x ROM, it does not interest me.

        • Edwin M

          Ha, so same as the RAZR.

      • Powaydude

        Rezound is too Damn thick

        • Edwin M

          It really isn’t, I thought I was going to have a tough time getting used to it in my pocket but I was surprised how much I got used to it and how good it feels in the hand. I’m coming from a Droid Eris, then tried the RAZR, and then went to Rezound when it was $50 on Costco’s website during black Friday.

    • Anonymous

      Though I believe Nexus is the clear winner you can always use the $35 restocking option.

      BTW, I like the Razr but I think the white Razr is ugly. Not much of it is white.

    • Jack Hartweg

      Oh man, I lost my OGD back in November and thought I would get a Nexus back then… waited two weeks, still no Nexus… so I had to get the Bionic. Wish I had gotten a temp so my parents would buy me this for Christmas 😛

  • checazola

    ordered mine at 4:00am..

  • Anonymous

    If I ordered and got overnight shipping and my order says it’s already shipped, does that mean it’ll be here by 3pm today or tomorrow? 😛

  • TNfan2k12

    All I can say is WOW!!!!! this thing is blazing fast and UI is outstanding. Would be perfect if it had a SD slot.

  • Did anyone else notice on the website it says that it comes preloaded with a 32g micro sd?

    • Deiler

      Yeah, I noticed that too.  Weird.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY got them to approve an early upgrade and a discount now I wait until tomorrow! YEAH DROID LIFE I LOVE YOU!

    • EC8CH

      Congrats, know you’ve been fighting for that for a while now 🙂

    • You got who to approve it? Letstalk? If so how? I tried to use my early upgrade and it wouldn’t let me. PLEASE HELP!

      • Anonymous

        No, Verizon. You might have to call them back a number of times but eventually they will upgrade you, plead your case with them. Also bring up the special 3g to 4g $100 off special, say you got it in the mail and it expires 12/31/11. Got me a $50 discount!

  • Anonymous

    Getting mine on lunch, afternoon isn’t looking to be too productive.

  • You should have used this picture Kellex.:)

    • Interiorposterior

      Ahaha, that is so true. Galaxy Nexus fans, especially on this site, are worse than iPhone fan boys sometimes.

  • Aaron

    Midwest people can get an extra $100 using http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/nce0u/3g_to_4g_100_off_device_promotion_for_midwest/

  • Anonymous

    (media dock)

    VZW told me that have one but will be replaced with a new one shortly.

  • SBH

    Got mine. “Small” city in Maryland, still had a line. I was #10. Employee that I spoke with said the line was longer than for the 4s. Also said that it wasn’t until late last night that they got the word. They were never told why it was delayed either. Time to play.

  • Just got back to the office with mine.

    The store in Union Station (Washington DC) had a small line outside. I got there at about 8:55 and there were about eight people ahead of me. Walked out around 9:40ish, Galaxy Nexus in hand.

    Seems pretty great so far.

  • Anonymous

    Great, you GN nuts will finally get your phone…Now will things calm down on DL or will it take a turn for the worse?

    • WhatsUp

      There will be something else out pretty soon that will get them stirred up. Remember the Droid Bionic before this craze

  • Derek (@BostonFan87)

    Woke up at 3am (12PST) and ordered one from LetsTalk with the coupon code for 180. Free overnight shipping! Woot! Cant wait till tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    Aah YEAH! Just got the call from my salesman. My G-Nex is waiting on reserve. BOOYAH!!!

  • Dan

    How much is it if you walk into a verizon store? because on their website its 250 for me, is that the same case for in store

  • When I upgraded through Verizon, it actually gave me an additional $100 discount for no apparent reason, so I got the upgrade for $199!

    • Anonymous

      My NE2 kicks in tomorrow…I’m hoping I can get this price too. Right now it has me at $249 for the one-year upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    hallelujah!  just got mine this morning! 
    no work will be done today….

  • Gothamsghost

    Bought mine this morning at 1 AM.  Just need to wait on Fed Ex.  Happy Nexus Day!

  • matthew

    just got home from getting mine this thinf runs beautifullycant wait to get itrid of those verizon apps

    • matthew

      stock keyboard will have to go though

  • Anonymous

    Judging by the comments on twitter, it seems like VZW is selling quite a few of these.

  • SugaShane

    A post before 10 a.m. EST? It must be Galaxy Nexus day. 

    • Yoderz

      Haha. That’s even impressive for 10am pacific time.

  • Noemail

    Any accessory suggestions? I don’t see any docks or the ability to plug into a laptop kind of unit?

  • Desamation

    I think I need to go back to bed.  For what you saying Kellex is proof positive that I am still locked into a dream state.

  • Chad

    Ordered mine on VZW.com this morning for $249. It’ll be here by 10:30 am tomorrow. Can’t wait!!

  • My lets talk price comes up at 144.99 idk why tho I’m on a family plan with 2000mins 


  • Anonymous

    And what a beautiful day it is.. Merry Christmas to me

  • Thatsjared87

    The Wireless Zone in Arlington, VA said they will be getting the Nexus at around 2pm today. Sorry bro, not giving you business.

  • S Farris


  • scouter

    So what is in the bundle from Costco?  Should I go there and get it or just run across the river to the corporate store and pick up on tax free?

    • Costco always seems to get phones a week or so after VZW.

    • Anonymous

      Costco is selling it online only, but … it’s not up on their site as of yet.

      • Educatedathlete

        Forever, or only for a few days?

  • and I Jizzed……in…..my pants!

    • mike

      Yea buddy….ordered mine at 6am! Be here tomorrow!

      • Nice! I am shopping car docks… Dunno which to go with. The one offered by VZW or an aftermarket one

        • EC8CH

          VZW one is crap… doesn’t even use the docking pins.

        • Anonymous

          Have you found anything? I really want a car dock that has a way to charge, and if possible, does audio too. Any suggestions? The vzw one is absolutely horrible

          • EC8CH

            I would imagine eventually we’ll see ones that use the docking pins just like what is available overseas for the GSM version.

            I’d wait it out. Once again VZW does the stupidest thing imaginable and released a car mount that doesn’t use the features of the phone.

          • I bought it, like an idiot. Going back today to return it. Piece of junk!

        • Waynebradyknowsall

          Get a towel and clean up your act. You need to see a psychologist if phones make you jizz.

    • Waynebradyknowsall

      These comments sir, make you one of the biggest losers on the net

  • Anonymous

    Mine’s coming tomorrow.

    (Bart scott) CAN’T WAIT

    • Anonymous

      Mine too 🙁 darn company phone….

      • Anonymous

        I ordered it over the phone and they threw in a corporate powerpack bundle – for $30 I got a car charger (not that I needed one), car mount and a phone case – not bad.

    • SugaShane

      The Razr and Rezound can’t even stop a nose bleed! 

      • Nex


    • Dan

      poetic justice

    • Anonymous

      You guys waiting are very patient.  I was first in line this morning at the store… lol

  • I ordered through VerizonWireless at 1:13am EST.  It shipped 🙂

  • Chris G


  • Anonymous

    Good to see you got up early for the holiday.  😉

  • Baked14

    What about letstalk?

  • No one seems to have the desktop dock for this thing…. 🙁

    • John Jones

      Any micro USB cord will do! This is no iBrick!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ordered on Amazon…back ordered, but I can wait another 10 days. Already waited this long. ETF from Sprint…10 years on them…their service is just garbage and tired of them.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry too much. When I ordered my Razr it said it was back ordered and it only took like 2 business days then shipped to me in another two

      • Anonymous

        Yeah i’m guessing they dont know how much stock they are getting from Verizon/Samsung over the next few days. I expect it to ship earlier, but I wont care too much if it comes on the 29th.