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Today is Galaxy Nexus Day at Verizon

It’s almost hard to believe that the day has finally come, but today is indeed Galaxy Nexus day at Verizon! Many of our east coasts crew probably already has the device in hand, while those of us out west are waiting patiently for those first doors to crack in just over an hour. There isn’t much else to say other than, we would love to hear your first impressions down in the comments once your phone is up and activated. There will be a flood of coverage, tips, tricks and so forth later on, but we all know that your initial reaction is one of the most important.

A variety of sites have the device up for sale as you may already now. We have them listed below:

  • Verizon Wireless:  $299 on contract, $649 full retail. You may see it available for $249 if you are upgrading.
  • Amazon:  $149 if you are a new customer, $249 for upgrades.
  • Target:  Seeing $219 for new customers, $249 for upgrades.

Go get some Nexus!

  • Found one at the shack but they wanted 799!  Had to order it online.

  • Dbarden31

    I would love to know what is oh so bad about the SGN camera becuz when i was in VZW playing with it, it seemed to take better pictures than my Droid Razr. Maybe it was the lighting Idk.

  • Smr561

    UM I went ro two different Costcos and the closest verizon to my house.  They all said they did not have the G Nex yet.  WTF?

  • Anonymous

    What’s the best deal available right now that’s not backordered the the LetsTalk or Amazon ones?
    My local VZW store says they have it in stock, so if I don’t find something cheaper soon, I’ll probably get it there.

  • Anyone have any luck with the Car Dock? Called a few stores and none have them…verizon.com says they are sold out

  • QtDL

    Lol – got my “Galaxy Nexus now available” email at 4:10 pm today and I found it in the spam folder. Glad I wasn’t relying on that for notification.

  • Fluxhappens

    Nfl mobile does not work on the nexus, and anyone else have that problem?

  • Anonymous

    Talked to my VZW rep when I was in getting my Nexus, he said they had 65 at 10AM, had only 20 left when I was in at 12PM. Although he didn’t know that it didn’t have removable storage, I had to tell him and he bet me I was wrong until he took off the battery cover. He also said a line 30 people deep was waiting at 10AM to get it, longer than the 4S.

    Also, someone jacked the display the second the doors opened when the store was full.

  • nicotinic

    You left out Letstalk they currently have one of the best deals for upgrades and new customers…with the coupon code $75VZN. And yes, you can keep your unlimited data.


  • VerizonSux

    Anyone else notice that they are forcing people into the $10 for 1000 text plan with a new upgrade?(although you can pay the exorbitant 20 cents per text) I have the old 450 for 39.99 plan with 100 text, and this extra cost will add up after 2 years. The store also tried to scam me into paying $300, even though when logging on at home it still shows $249.

  • $199 for upgrades at Amazon Wireless right now

  • Rich

    Why are they changing the prices? they are not the same since this morning…

  • Phone is backordered on Let’s Talk, but sales rep seemed to think next week was a distinct possibility. Price after $75 discount and including CA sales tax is 

  • Happy_SD_Nexus

    Went to a BestBuy in San Diego and they had plenty in stock. Was the first person to get one. 

    The phone is $299 and they don’t charge you the activation fee but they do charge sales tax for the full price of the phone (California Law).

    Within the hour got prompted to upgrade to 4.0.2

    The phone is awesome everyone at work keeps wanting to play with it, my productivity just went down the drain for today.

    • what is the difference when you purchase through best buy? are the terms any different than right through verizon?

      • Happy_SD_Nexus

        As far as i can see, the main difference is that you don’t get charged the $35 activation fee (and i got $29 headphones for free).

        BB has a 30 day return policy, don’t remember what it is with Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    Any way to turn off 4g keeps dropping back and forth between 4g and 3g even tho map shows fully covered for 4g.

  • grrrr

    well, picked up my GNex this morning, and have been playing with it all day. now, i just noticed that the bottom left corner of the battery cover isnt sitting snugly… just my damn luck. looks like the locking tab was molded slightly bent. anyone have this issue?

  • anyone upgrade through bestbuy? wondering if there is really any strings attched or not that different from in-store verzon? thanks.

    • from what i’ve been told,if you change your plan after signing with them,they hit you with a really big charge

      • i doubt i would change my plan but that’s still ridiculous. just wondering how it really works? i was going to get the nexus through them but they told me at the store they couldn’t future activate it and had to activate it right then. it’s for my wife for x-mas so that doesn’t work. ha

    • tm3

      Not that I know of, went to a BB mobile store when it opened, and no one was in the store.  The Rep was the most nicest and helpful person around.  Not only did they throw in a free pair of headphones, but gave me a discount for the ZAGG screen protector, and even installed it!!

  • got 50 bucks off plus free sim card and kept unlimited test and data, so i’m happy so far

  • my battery was going quicker than it should, but I went in and shut off that automatic synic crap, fine now