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Quick Hands-on Gallery: Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus – Extended Battery, GSM Comparisons, and More

galaxy nexus lte gsm

We finally have the Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus in hand and the “how to” videos of fun are already processing. But before we get to those, we thought we would toss out a glamour photo shoot of the device, since it is just so beautiful. And for the heck of it, we compared it to the GSM version, which as you can see from the pictures is basically identical. The icon for the lock switch is slightly different and it’s about .54mm thicker – other than that, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them.

After that, we took some shots of the device with the extended battery inside. All I can say, is you may as well pick one up since it adds almost zero thickness to the phone, but could get you another hour or so of use out of it.

Oh, and we tried to swap the “Google” branded GSM back onto the LTE version and failed miserably. They are just slightly different, although with a little scraping, we may be able to get it. Will report back after a littler hackery.  

Versus the GSM version:

With extended battery:

Pickup any accessories? Extended battery a must have?

  • Sparticus

    got mine this morning. i was prepared to pay full price. just upgraded in october to the bionic. they let me sign a new 2 year coontract and i only paid $317.00 for the phone, shell and holter, and the car dock. the car dock is not the one in the video. and no car dock app.

  • Mecevans

    Liked the phone but couldnt commit. Comming from a Droid X i cant live without a sd card slot. I swap cards between my camera and other devices almost every day. I would also need a special cable for HDMI? Bleh.

  • Anonymous

    it is so much harder to get verizon to move up ur contract end date up by complaining holy sht

  • Anonymous

    I’m able to upgrade two OG Droid Incredibles on 12/28.  Since the NE2 was still available then (2 years ago), are we able to use it now and will it be $100 or $50 per phone?  I’m also seeing talk about keeping the unlimited data, how does this work?  Do we just keep the same plan we have now? or is there another way?

  • Graham Wilson


  • willie Snyder

    does the phone had dnla?  

  • Anonymous

    I got mine at letstalk.com with the $75VZN discount code. Came down to $145. But they will hold it for me and only ship it on 12/29 when my 2 year full upgrade eligibility quicks in. I offered to pay an extra fee to get it shipped sooner but the store rep didn’t go for it. For now, I’ll have to read your experience and heard how good it is. 🙁


    so how thick is it with the extended battery? like 9.8?


    I’m LOVING this amazing phone.  Not that it’s a big deal, but did anyone else notice that the Silly Faces function on the camera seems to not be there?   Did it get pulled out for some reason?  Maybe I’m just dumb and not seeing how to activate it.  It’s not in Verizon’s manual, and watching videos online shows them press a button in the camera app that’s simply not on my phone.  I was looking forward to letting my little kids have fun with that…  

  • Anonymous

    The device is thick already, i can imaging with an extended battery.

  • none

    I tried Google Voice Setup… it took forever to find the phone number. Anyone else noticing problems with Google Voice?

  • My VZW didn’t have the Otterbox Commuter (was it just mine that didn’t have it), the Defender was too bulky for me.  Does anyone else have any good case suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      goto otterbox.com

  • Sean Couch

    Is it me or does the speaker seem toned down.  I am coming from a Inc2 and my G-Nex just doens’t seem that load with the ringer, text and email notifications.  I have all my sound outputs maxed as well

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the sound seems to be pretty weak.

    • get the sound booster app from market

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m guessing a case would fit over the extended battery…

  • Anonymous

    the phones on top of eachother pics are too dark…

  • stoph

    quick off topic question.  i’ve noticed that my led notification light has not yet gone off for emails or text messages.  it is also off when charging.  is the light supposed to light up while charging?

    • Anonymous

      Go into display settings and make sure the Pulse notification light box is checked.

      • stoph

        Thanks for the reply.  Not really wanting to admit this, but I was looking at the camera lens at the top of the phone thinking that was the notification light.  I feel ever worse admitting that because I knew ahead of time that it was at the bottom of the phone and not visible to the naked eye.  However, still wondering if it should light up while charging or not.  I have a feeling no. 

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please put up some Quadrant antutu and bench marks? The actual spec’s to please. What processor name is it and is it DDR2 RAM?

    • its a 1.2 ghz dual core TI OMAP processor, though i forget the full name
      its 1gb DDR2 RAM

      btw, its quadrant scores are a little low for its specs but that is only because quadrant hasnt been set up for ICS just yet

      • Anonymous

        what about AnTuTu

  • scooter1265

    I just wish I could have it today…Have to wait another 2 weeks at least.

    If my OG Droid has made it this far, lets hope it makes it another month or so.

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Ahhhhhh…finally part of the nexus family!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else getting “Browser Sync” error under their gmail account?

  • Ufcjeff

    as a future nexus owner do the vzw stores have the accesories yet and how is the call quality? congrats guys on your nexus !!

  • Tyler

    Personally I think that the extra battery and charging cradle is a better buy than the extended battery. The extended battery may improve battery life by an hour, but if you have two charged batteries you are doubling the time. And with 2 batteries and a charging cradle for the batteries you don’t need to plug the phone in to the wall assuming you keep both batteries charged constantly. Once one battery dies you put the other one in and start charging the used one. Its $40 at a store and it sounds like a much better deal in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, and they straight up tell you that you’ll have issues if you swap out batteries frequently… I thought the same thing, until I read that. lol

      • Anonymous

        Who told you this?

      • Tyler

        Where are you getting this information? Why would they make a product that causes problems? With a charging cradle coming with it, it implies that you are using two batteries. I might believe what your saying if it was just a battery but it comes with the cradle.

  • ItWasMeee

    I effin love this phone!

    • Anonymous

      Put up come AnTuTu or quadrant scores

  • viewthis74

    i got mine today!! Woot!! love it!! now it’s time to put the Tbolt on ebay asap.

  • Anonymous

    My phone came with only 43% battery.  Haven’t been able to charge it so of course, it’s now dead.
    new phone + lte + 43% battery = dead in a few hours lol

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmm… The extended battery doesn’t make it look too fat at all. I’m impressed!  =)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, just adds a little weight.

    • but its only like 250 mAH more, so I am still wondering whether it is worth the extra $40

  • Guest

    I’m on VZW & I am looking to upgrade from my LG Env Touch (yeah I know, insert joke here…).  I am done with my contract. My calling plan no longer exists & I currently have unlimited data for $10/mnth.  Can I circumvent getting nailed by a new plan + data pkg by walking into a big box store, paying full retail on a new smart phone, and having all my info transferred to this new phone?  How would I activate this new phone????  Any ideas???

    • Anonymous

      It’s called an upgrade. You keep your plan. Don’t let them tell you otherwise…

    • Anonymous

      You should just be able to upgrade and keep your plan as-is. I’m an old Alltel customer and I get to keep my plan I had back then that’s cheaper and has more features for free. This is my second upgrade since officially becoming a Verizon customer and at no point was I told we’d have to change to a real VZW plan. In fact, today’s rep commented on how my plan (which includes four phones) is way better than anything they have available now.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon requires a 30$ data plan for new smartphones.

  • I came from the Thunderbolt and they said you can’t just swap them out.  I ended up with a new sim in the nexus

  • why don’t my old chargers work with the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      My OG car charger works just fine with my Nexus. I’ll be returning the car charger I got today as soon as I get a chance to head back to the store.

  • Graham Wilson

    anyone know how to sync your contacts with facebook? i cant get it to work! i have fb installed and everything?

    • Phoenix3265

      It’s the Facebook app, it needs to be updated to handle ISC sweetness, so you need to until they update it.

  • Guest

    I’m on VZW & I am looking to upgrade from my LG Env Touch (yeah I know, insert joke here…).  I am done with my contract. My calling plan no longer exists & I currently have unlimited data for $10/mnth.  Can I circumvent getting nailed by a new plan + data pkg by walking into a big box store, paying full retail on a new smart phone, and having all my info transferred to this new phone?  How would I activate this new phone????

    • Silveruberxeno

      Your data package is not applicable to a smartphone. You have (had) a multimedia phone. So to get ANY smartphone, you’re going to have to fork over the dough for a real data plan. Sorry 😛

    • Sinofue

      You’ll need a new data plan. That $10 plan is not for smartphones.

  • derek connolly

    I am typing this with my new nexus…amazing

    • can you tell me how the screen looks? like, if you look really close, can you see the pixels?
      also, how is it handling legacy apps so far? i cant wait to get mine!

      thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to know if the Verizon shell/holster case for the GN can accomodate the extended battery like the Droid Bionic shell/holster case. 

    • Bob Johnson


  • Nvious1

    So with this “stock” version of ICS on the nexus are the users allowed to do tethering (hot spot or direct tether) without addition service fees?

  • Artur Amaral

    so i grabbed the extended battery as well as the car dock. Question though. The car dock doesn’t use the gold connectors to charge instead it has a cutout which makes the phone’s micro USB accessible for charging. Was the car dock you guys showed a while back only for the GSM version? 

    • Cam

      Yea, that’s why I avoided the car dock that VZW was selling. I can’t seem to find the other one anywhere, even for import.

      • Anonymous

        I think this is the car dock in the video. I am waiting until they get a pic up, but the description sounds right. They also have the Landscape dock at this website.

        It is at mobilecityonline . com look under Samsung and then Nexus for Verizon
        Could not paste the link and get it to work.

  • Bear0013

    Did kellex ever give a full review of the galaxy nexus…..the gsm version he has….I would like to know full thoughts and feeling on it

  • Dan

    PDANet works with GNex. Confirmed.

    • is there any way that verizon could find out that you are using pdanet?
      also, it just available on the market without root or is there more to it than that for it to work?
      im gonna get the SGN soon so i just wanna know,