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Netflix App Adds Ice Cream Sandwich Support, Facebook Rolls Out Extra Features For Newly Designed App

Two major apps have received updates in time for some folks to enjoy them on their recently acquired Galaxy Nexus devices. Coincidentally or not is Netflix with its newly added support of Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Down in Palo Alto, Facebook keeps making the application better and better with a bunch of hot new features to allow for much easier navigation through the completely redesigned app.

Down below we have added the changelogs for both apps and links for you to go grab the newest versions from the Android Market.  Enjoy. 


What’s in this version:

  1. Support for Android 4.x devices.
  2. Bug fixes.


What’s in this version:

  1. Navigate anywhere, fast: Get to your groups, apps, pages, and settings with a single press
  2. Search and you will discover: Look through friends, subscribers, apps, and pages
  3. See your friends tags on pictures and zoom: New photo viewing experience
  4. Faster notifications: Get alerted in real time with new push notifications
  5. Games & Apps: Play games and access your favorite apps on the go
  6. Access to mobile timeline (If you already have a timeline)
  7. Access to friend lists and subscriptions
  • Facebook app is still very laggy compared to its iOS counterpart. Clicking the navigation button (top left) seems to present the navigation at about 5fps. Hoping this improves as more ICS specific stuff is developed.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who, on my Nexus, can’t add a facebook account or skype account (thus adding to my contacts)? I click on them and it just doesn’t do anything.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, same problem here. Probably yet another update that will have to be rolled out by FB and Skype.

    • Guest

      i feel like it’s some new policy of google to not give facebook special access to contacts. but then the facebook people haven’t updated their app to go about connecting with contacts in the “normal” way like twitter and such does. so it’s BROKEN.

    • Etb07

      You can sync skype from within the skype apps settings

  • Anonymous

    Got my G-Nex this Morning. Any word on Flash support?

    • yea by the end of the year adobe said. that means it should be here within 16 days

  • Sarah

    Any idea if Facebook is updating their iPhone app soon?

    • Chad

      How did you find your way here?

      • Sarah

        Big fan of both Android and iPhone. I know, how many times do you hear that? I’m one of the few, believe it or not.

    • phoenix3265

      why, oh, why would you ask that question on an Android website? Don’t you think you migth have a little more luck in a froum wher they talk about iPhones?

      women logic….

      • Sarah

        slow day. oops. haha thanks! sorry to be that one person who asks an iPhone question on an Android site. blahhh

  • Seems Push notifications not available on all devices. Straight from their facebook page
    Push notifications are only supported for devices on Android 2.2+. If you are not seeing push notifications, your device may not be supported. 

    Currently I am on a Thunderbolt and it doesnt have that option. Tomorrow I will have a Galaxy Nexus so we shall see if its supported or not.

    • LionStone

      What do you mean TB doesn’t have that option? I receive “f” in my TB notification bar when I get a message from someone on FB. Is that not a pushed notification?

  • Chris G

    NFL app is not supported though.

    • +1 to this.  I’m guessing they just need to update it but I’m hoping it gets fixed very soon.  

  • About freaking time they added push notifications. Now iOS has nothing on this!

  • Tyler

    Have they added support so information is displayed in the people app? They need to do that asap if they haven’t already. Google released some APIs for it so developers could do that.

  • Helias

    When you watch netflix on the GN does it remove the “dedicated” so you have all of the 4.65″ display? 

    • Jsegura

      yes just tried it

    • Chris G

      Yes it does.  I just tested it.

  • Anonymous

    still no facebook tablet support

  • Jsegura

    Does anyone know if you can use a micro usb to hdmi adapter on the Nexus? Similar to the one compatible with the SII.

    • As far as I understand the GNex does indeed support MHL (HDMI via USB port) so, yes it should be compatible and operable with the SIIs MHL cable.

  • Bert336

    when will facebook add a “share post” option for android??

  • Choklitcow

    Is there no longer the option to sync your facebook contacts that are also your phone contacts like on old versions?  Been having a heck of a time figuring this out on the gnex.

    • No, the reason why it worked before is because Facebook hacked some unwritten API’s so that they wouldn’t have to actually store your Facebook contacts on your phone.  Google plugged this hole since it is unfair to users not to have control over your Facebook contacts and Facebook never complied.

      • Michael Allis

        So is there anyway to do this anymore? Or what? I loved having the contact photos from Facebook and having them change as my friends changed theirs.

        • Try SyncMyPix in the market.  It’s free, and it works reasonably well. At least it did before Facebook did their major overhaul. I’m not sure about it now.

          • Anonymous

            FriendCaster works, but it doesn’t do high-res… photos look dumb fuzzy in the people app, but look decent in chat…

        • Anonymous

          I think I remember reading about a ROM for the GSM Gnex that enabled this again, though you only ended up with low-res pics for your contacts.  I’m sure we’ll see some good support for this soon.

          • Anonymous

            I’m worried Google won’t fix it because they would rather have people use Google+… :/

          • 0silentmage0

            It’s up to facebook to comply with Google, not the other way around. Google can’t help that facebook won’t properly code an app.

          • Anonymous

            I was under the impression there was no api for non-native apps to sync with contacts. 

    • Anonymous

      Yea I agree. I have been fooling around trying to sync as well. Facebook or google needs to figure this out so we can sync our facebook with our gnex.  Any suggestions would be great. I thought about pulling an old facebook .apk and see if I can sync that one first and then update to the new facebook to see if that works.. have a feeling it won’t though.. 

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but push notifications on Facebook have NEVER worked for me.

    • Alex

      they only ever worked for me way back when I had a blackberry

    • LionStone

      Sorry man, I get em fine on my TB stock. 

      At first when I got my TB, I didn’t care for any of the FB syncing but yea, if you sync a friend that is in your Favorites, the pic comes up blurry in the People widget. But I think it’s cool to have their pics in the contact list and to see them change too.

    • did they ever work for anyone?

  • haven’t put down my gnex all day. beautiful phone. bravo google.

  • Good to see apps supporting it so quickly.

  • Netflix on my G-Nex equals awesomeness! 

  • Yayyyyyy netflix!


    I noticed the fb yesterday and the netflix this morning.. looks great on my GSM Gnex

  • Ravnos CC

    I tried out Netflix on the G-nex today, not sure if it was before or after this release, but it ran fine, only issue I saw was there was no menu key in netflix to pull up options, maybe that’s rectified w/this version?

  • Anonymous

    this day just keeps getting better