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Verizon Announces Shiny New 4G LTE Phone for December 15 and It’s Not the Galaxy Nexus, White DROID RAZR Incoming

Well, we know that at least one phone is guaranteed to launch this Thursday, and it’s the white DROID RAZR. Just announced within the hour, you can pick up this special edition version of the world’s thinnest 4G LTE phone  online or in stores for $299 on contract. It’s exactly the same phone as the original RAZR, but it has a white rim around the outside. Yep, this Thursday – as in tomorrow. The same day the you-know-what is supposed to drop, but has yet to be confirmed by you-know-who.

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  • Sounds like a cool phone to break the bank.

  • Anonymous

    This is a HORRIBLE move Verison. We wanted to see  a new phone, not a rehashed phone that people were not waiting for….. Why did you do this?

  • weaponx

    Hey, Kellex, what the freak! ? Why do you have to include the GNex in the articles title? Like saying, it’s just a white razr folks, no big deal. It’s not worth getting excited over, LIKE THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS! The Razr is an awesome device and deserves some respect around here. This is DROID life and this is the best DROID since the OG. Take your Galaxy loving friends over to Android life …….

  • Alexander Garcia

    There appears to be more comments here concerning the G-Nex than the Panda RAZR. SMH

  • Deejay

    looks ugly as sh*t. just release the damn nexus already you cocky verizon bastards.

  • Anonymous

    I see the censors are out deleting peoples posts again…..

  • Maybe Verizon is like the grade school girl that has a crush on you and is mean to you just to get your attention 

  • just because its a nexus doesnt negate the fact that its made by crapsung. Who cares folks, get a phone that is actually reliable and not a cheap plastic pos

  • Anonymous

    I want to see the back of that RAZR. White kevlar would look awesome, I bet. I won a black RAZR from Moto, and I love it!

  • Jamaicawind

    Just to let all you guys know verizon released a statement stating that “The Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release to announce availability. Feel free to visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/galaxynexus to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.”  

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait until the nexus is released just to shut everyone up. I like the the phone but every website is talking about the delay.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Verizon. We DO NOT want this crap. Give us the effing Nexus already! This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

    • Google-Sux

      what is ridiculous is you wanting the phone in spite of all the obvious issues that is causing the delay and in spite of it being treated as a bastard child.

  • [email protected]

    Guys… really, get over yourselves and the GNex…. It’s just another phone that is going to be obsolete in just a few months (if that long). The overwhelming majority of you arent even developers and have no idea what it actually means to have a device like this…You think “Ill be able to do this this and this, and I can unlock the bootloader and root it…and it will sleep with me at night and i can make sweet sweet passionate love to it…” What a joke… most of you are just bottom feeders in this community and dont know jack squat, all you know is what someone has written that youve come across while surfing the interwebs in between your sessions of looking at midget porn in your mother’s basement. You let a company like VZW hold your balls and your emotions in the palm of their hands…YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!

    • Loser

      You’re right…none of us are cool like you…someone who spends his preaching to those who are pathetic. You must sleep on a bed of super models.

      • [email protected]

        nah, its a regular bed…but I dont put my pants on one leg at a time though…

    • BionicLover

      so tell us how your bionic is

      • [email protected]

        oh, wow! people still own those phones?

    • Anonymous

      in spite of the hostile and condescending tone of this diatribe, there rings a hint of truth 😉

    • andrew z

      I’m not one of the people going crazy for the Nexus, but I do want to purchase it as of 4 weeks ago. It looks like a gorgeous phone: beautiful screen, thin design, (I’m coming from a Droid X) and an open platform. I just wanted to say that many of the “bottom feeders”do know exactly what having a Nexus means. Why don’t you just go to the official Google Galaxy Nexus homepage and peruse the features tab. 

      You don’t see anything that is aimed at a developer. No, “Hey, it’s got an official unlocking method for easy ROM’ing and root access!” Right? Even Google sees this as a consumer device and not a developers. 

      But It’s funny how all of the “bottom” feeders know the simple facts that this phone’s software has been intentionally designed to be easy for developers to work with. 

      Here’s a good question: Why would a consumer that wants to support the developer even need to know more about it than that? 

      I’ve never, ever, ever seen a developer get mad when people that “don’t know their phones” use his software, donate to him, and advertise his work. I don’t understand your argument, at all. As if all of the sudden it’s wrong for people to want to go flash happy on their phones.
      Wasn’t that the “big thing” about android in the first place, a consumer-driven development process? 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been aclling around Tampa and Clearwater, FL and none of the VZ, Radio Shack, or Best Buy stores have any Gnex inventory.  I know the line that they’ve been trained to lie, but I’ve talked to enough people that someone would slip.  The Best buy guy showed me his inventory.
    VS stores are saying that they have no official date and that they could get a drop shipment today.  The funny thing is that the reps that I’ve talked to at the VZ stores are just as antsy to buy them for themselves…

  • guest

    samsung galaxy bionic anyone?

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny


    WOW, Verizon is really treating the Gnex like a step child…!

    • Google-Sux

      When Google treats America as step child.. why blame Verizon! Did Google ever say anything about launching the device in America? Did Samsung hold a nexus event in America? Did Google have anything to say about why the device was launched outside the US first even though Google is an American company and the nexus has typically enjoyed it’s best market in the US?


      Google couldn’t care less… and as a result.. I couldn’t care less about buying a product that is disrespected by the creators of the product.

  • Rich

    Mark my words, You will not see the nexus until at least the voice recognition software is  finalized and released… I guarantee it…

  • guest

    after months with the revolution and then the thunderbolt and being unable to do simple things like text or call half the time, i bought an iPhone 4s.  best decision of my life.  from a true android geek. goodbye now.

    • byebye_android

      Welcome to the club. I too am a recent  convert to iPhone.. Thanks to Google for screwing the Nexus launch so badly.

      and likewise.. I couldn’t be happier!. even with 3G speeds, the iphone is sooooooo much better at simply everything!. I also installed the leaked iOS 5.1 beta 2 that got available a couple of days ago.. My phone with average use now easily lasts over 2 days.

      best decision I did when it comes to smartphones.. to switch to apple.

      and I know this comment will be flagged by some sore android losers.

    • Sinofue

      Got my 4S this week too. Couldn’t be happier. 
      That’s after having the OG Droid, Eris, Incredible, Droid X, R2D2 (!), Thunderbolt, and even the Bionic for 3 days. I may be forgetting a couple in there.

  • Just called my 2 corporate stores. One said it the G-Nex hasn’t been released and they don’t have a release date. The other said to check back tomorrow, because they don’t have an official release date, but they’re thinking they’ll here something this afternoon.

    • i hope they do my local corp store said they had to sent their stock back and that it is delayed again and the guy said and checked with someone else that it could be as long as july which is def not before end of the year 

      • Anonymous

        Whoever you were talking to is a complete idiot. 

  • Anonymous

    QA testing?  How can they announce and release TWO Moto Razrs, the HTC Rezound, and others with time built-in for quality assurance testing on said releases when that is supposedly the whole reason the Nexus is held back? Remember, the Nexus was announced in late October, these phones were announced within days of their release…We have seen the others launch and still no Nexus…

  • another day, another new, I will believe it when I see the phone in the store. not worth getting excited over. 

  • NotoriousNeo

    Galaxy Nexus disappointment aside, that’s one good-lookin’ phone. 

  • Seriously?
  • Can we all entire rage mode now?

  • Anonymous

    The Razr is awesome people….and the white Razr looks even cooler. Don’t let the disappointment of the GNex not be released on time deter you from realizing how awesome other phones are. The Razr and Bionic are great phones. I know this from first hand use.

    • Anon

      The razr’s battery sucks…

      • CoFoltman84

        i charge my phone at night and it lasts all day. with lots of texting and moderate internet/gaming. i just turn of LTE when I dont need it (like at work)…I’m thinking of taking advantage of the longer return period and getting the GNex, but i dont think it’ll live up to all this hype…

      • Anonymous

        The battery life in the Razr will be better than the Nexus and that is fact. I got 18hrs out of my Bionic the other day.

    • Tim Swann

      bionic sucks donkey balls

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the constructive criticism. Do you own or have you ever owned a Bionic?

        • Anonymous


        • Tim Swann

          I bought one and returned it. 

    • TC Infantino

      I agree, but lets add the Rezound as well.  I picked up the Rezound a couple of weeks ago now and I have to say this is a truely awesome phone.  The screen lives up to the hype and it is lightning fast, love the 4G speeds and it is a very fun gaming handset as well.  I will have a look at the GNex once it finally comes out, but I am doubting that I will return the Rezound to get it. I do have to say though that the battery life is not very good, but I do believe that this is a common trait among all the 4G phones so far. Easy fix is to have a spare battery and a seperate charger for the spare so you can charge the phone and the spare both overnight.

  • byebye_android

    When you think a search engine is capable of producing a quality platform or a delivery system for an Operating system.. THIS is the result.

    they still have their search engine mentality… vomit the diarrhea of whatever it is that they are selling without worrying about anything else.

  • *smh* its funny that people are so mad over a flippin’ phone. You dont have anything better to do with your time or money than to hate over a release date then spend money on a overpriced phone?

  • Chris

    I just called my VZ Corporate Store in Concord, NC and the rep said they are getting it in tomorrow and I can schedule an appointment to guarantee me a phone since I work until 3pm.  The rep was freely revealing that information and did not have to talk to a manager to let me know that.  So yes no “official” announcement from Verizon but it is as close as I am going to get now.  My feelings are is that they will do a quiet launch which is good and bad depending on how you look at it.

  • HotSauceMagik

    Please do not start any future posts with “VERIZON ANNOUNCES” unless its followed by “GALAXY NEXUS; AVAILABLE _________”

    Thanks you.