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Verizon: Galaxy Nexus Still Coming This Year, Will Announce When It’s Ready

Look, a new statement has been released from Verizon regarding the Galaxy Nexus!

The Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release to announce availability. Feel free to visit www.verizonwireless.com/galaxynexus to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.

So basically, this is what they told us back in October, only now we know they will at least send out a press release for it when the time comes. Are we still ready to go tomorrow? Every single store on the planet sure seems to think so, but then again, they all thought that last Friday as well.

This is pure speculation, but doesn’t it seem odd that they would release this statement the day before the phone is supposed to arrive, if indeed it was suppose to arrive tomorrow? Seems like at this point, we should have heard, right? Or am I just going all tinfoil hat on you?

Add Friday to the list of potential dates, as well as every other day next week. I’m not saying that tomorrow isn’t happening, but am just trying to prepare you for the situation that went down last week. 🙂

Via:  Android and Me

  • They should put it up for sale, sell what they got, and let people back
    order them like everyone that is buying a iPhone 4s has to do.


    I picked up mine this morning.  Boy, run don’t walk to your phone store and get one.  Stunning!

  • “Feel free to visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/galaxynexus to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.”  

    I did and it’s already out, did I get an alert, e-mail anything?  NO!  WTF?  Just saying, don’t say stuff if you’re not going to follow through.  Why even say that or release that this month when they had ZERO plans of personally contacting anybody.

    I’m thoroughly DISQUSted!

    Whatever, I’m getting the phone tomorrow 🙂 😛 😉

  • MikeB

    Don’t think tomorrow is happening. Report from the southern US in Baton Rouge, LA. Got home early from work had nothing better to do but call some stores, for actually the first time, and find out if I had to get up early or not tomorrow to get me some Nexus:) Anyway called 4 VZW stores, 2 Best Buys, and an independent retailer. The first and biggest BTR store I called had me feeling good. She said they were selling tomorrow. I said great, see you at 9. She said not so fast I can call so in the AM and schedule you a time when we can release them. Said whats the problem don’t you already have them in stock. Wouldn’t confirm, WTF. So I said I will call my towns VZW store and see if they are selling them so it would save me a drive into BTR. Called them could tell the ghuy was annoyed probably from getting calls and said not tomorrow slight chance Friday, or next week or the week after. FU%$. So went down the list and basically the same thing, nobody has any idea of when it is getting released and they all said they do not have any in stock. BTW the Best Buy people were the least friendly of all. Said to call back towards end of next week that they aren’t getting any soon and have no idea when they will be getting the phones in. So I called back the original main store and told the girl all of this and had her confirm with mgmt. Got back on phone and said she could call me back tonight before closing that they have the phones in stock just waiting to recieve official word from up top. Said they will definitely know one way or another if tomorrow or friday is a go by end of business today.  So who knows but from what I have read on hear from others seems doubtful.

    • MikeB

      Quick update. Just called an ind. retail. outside our mall and she said they are definitely selling them tomorrow. Only have 4 in stock and already pre-sold 3, so I got the last one, unofficially of course. She took down all my info and has everyhting waiting. Said they got the memo this morning that they could sell the phones tomorrow. Did say though for me to call her at 10 in the morning just to make sure everything is still good to go before I drive up there. She was very friendly and was saying not to be disappointed if something changes overnight because of verizon  laughing while telling me this. Said trust me well aware. I have an original droid and this has been going on since last winter with the debacle of the Bionic. Made her laugh even more. She said she could give me an extra $8 for trading in my droid. That made her really laugh. So come tomorrow morning we will see. Not going to lose any sleep over it though.

  • kyle

    Spoke with my Verizon store this morning and they did not have a release date….spoke with them again 5 minutes ago and was told “tomorrow.”

    Meaning Thursday…will be pissed if this does not happen because I am jumping on a early 6am flight for this phone…

  • Just called my VZW store where I bought my Rezound, and he said probably Friday and they’d get at least 20 units, but also told me there would be a SEVENTY-DOLLAR restocking fee?! I questioned him and he said that for smartphones, the restocking fee is $70! Can they do this? Standard VZW procedure is $35 for phones, $75 for tablets and netbooks…

  • Takau

    Just got a call from my local Verizon store, they said the phone has been pushed back again and didn’t give me a new date.

  • Scotttyb

    Here is my chat with Verizon:

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Wayne’
    Wayne: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?
    You: Hi, can you tell me when the Galaxy Nexus phone will be available to purchase?
    Wayne: Right how we do not have release date on that device.

  • Chrisriner84

    Duuuuuude m buddy at the store says the emails are flooding in…. its been pushed back again. No release tomorrow. I hate to give up on this phone, but I might have to get a white razr

  • Anonymous

    I had been very pessimistic about a GNex launch on the 15th up until today. I stopped by a local VZW authorized retailer here in NJ and spoke with the 2 reps there for a little bit. I asked if they had any in stock and they said yup, just got them today. I almost had them letting me buy one, but they called their manager last minute and he said not until tomorrow. They did let me play with one though and it was awesome, they even showed me an E-mail from Verizon saying not to sell them until tomorrow. So just before I left I said “so if I come back tomorrow morning, you’ll 100% sell me one” and he said “you have my word”

  • Josh

    I spoke with 2 vzw stores in 2 different states and a best buy yesterday. They all know of no new date and got pretty defensive when I asked if they had their stock which I know they did. So let’s hope it’s tomorrow

  • Ryan C

    This just happened to everyone!

  • Sean Couch

    Well this just popped up on droid-life 

    Android 4.0.2 Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unitshttp://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/14/android-4-0-2-rolling-out-to-verizon-galaxy-nexus-units/

  • tdizzle

    Just got word from my cuz who works at VZW that there is a TBA on the Nexus. It ain’t happen tmrw folks. Sorry. 

  • Angelofmusic1989

    3 stores in My San Diego, CA said they haven’t heard a thing about the release and that they don’t have a single unit in stock…seems promising.

  • should be available tomorrow! my friend who owns a store got them in today and I will be picking it up shortl.

  • Ben

    Called local VZW Store (Bristol VA – 276-466-6800) and was told the phones would be available tomorrow 12/15 at 9AM.

    • Ben

      I should also mention, I have been calling this same store every other day for the last 3 weeks and have never been given a release date before now.  (Not even a “well, everything says it should be here Friday” kind of answer, just “No, no release date”)

    • That’s good, the two stores I called locally in Boston said they don’t have an official date and one guy said 20% it would be tomorrow. They both also told me that they don’t have the phones yet.  Here’s to hoping they are really good at being tight lipped.

  • Zottig

    More cities go live with LTE on the 15th… imagine, wouldn’t it just chap your hide if they ended grandfathering unlimited data on contract renewals as of the 15th?

  • I just talked to my buddy who owns a verizon store. He has them in stock as of today. he is selling me one tonight so I would say they will be available

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you keep us updated and post pics when you get it in hand 🙂

  • Anthony Armando

    i call verizon every other day, today i was informed that they originally had a release date of the 15th, but are now being told not to provide that information to any customers. the store has gone from 99% certain it will be released on thursday to 75% sure in a matter of two days.

  • for what it’s worth, my contact at Verizon texted me and said “No Date again” … when I asked him how tomorrow looked… GRRRRRRRR.

  • Anonymous

    The problem we have here is the fact that whenever Verizon announces a phone people REALLY REALLY want they delay it. They did it with the Pre 3 and eventually canceled it. They did it with the bionic. Don’t do it again with the Galaxy Nexus. Just release the darn phone already!!!!! People have their money in their hands waiting to PAY you Verizon! Don’t be an idiot…

  • Rob

    Just got off the phone with a Verizon store. The dude said 16th or 17th but it might get pushed back again :/

  • alright im beginning to think droid-life readers are Liars ive called 3 different vzws costco and best buy and they all said they dont know when its coming out and some said they dont have stock hmmmm makes me wonder

    • Sean Couch

      It depended on the store.  I called various stores where I live with either they don’t know or have them but waiting on when they are told they can sell them.  I also got the same answer in the town were I work andI was told the same thing but one store said that they will absolutely be on sale tomorrow, took my name, number and will call me tomorrow.

      • maybe my area is just really good on keeping their mouth shut (witch is a good thing but not in this case for me)

        • Sean Couch

          You might want to try the smaller stores such as businesses that run digital wireless and satellite.  They are cell phone providers as well that a lot of people forget about.  Here is a link and just pick your state and find your city.  It will mix all of them as verizon but there will be best buys, raido shacks and such


          • Anonymous

            Exactly. The corporate stores are useless, try third party retailers/kiosks and you’ll find they are more chatty. 

          • Sean Couch

            Google maps is also another I used.  I just did a local search  for Verizon.

  • alorotom

    Just got done talking to the Verizon regional manager here in Louisville, KY.  He tried to talk me into buying a RAZR at first, but when I asked him about the GNex, he replied without hesitation that they had them in stock and that they will be available starting tomorrow.

  • Annoyed Verizon Customer

    Be sure to give Verizon your e-mail address on the sign-up page mentioned.  Otherwise, you might miss out on dozens of spam e-mails, none of which mention the Galaxy Nexus.

    Suck it, Verizon.

    • Google-Sux

      LOL. That is why I have an email address created specifically for spammers.

  • Bryan Drescher

    Just left my verizon store.  Manager stated that they are recieving only 4 units tomorrow and they are mine if I want them.  I am the IT guy and will be purchasing them tomorrow for my company.

    • Where do you live?

  • Anonymous

    Just confirmed with a third party retailer they have the phone in stock and will be selling it tomorrow. This was after another third party retailer said “I can’t tell you the release date, but you will be happy if you come see us tomorrow.” Sounds like your best best is a third party retailer tomorrow. Good luck!

    • Google-Sux

      or, it could mean he’ll have the plastic demo model on the floor tomorrow for you to play with.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, because that makes so much sense…

  • What are the chances of Verizon waiving the Rezound/Razr rental fee after all of this waiting?

    • 0. They’ve never officially announced a release date so they’re not liable for anything.

  • Joseph Haskell

    Frankly, given the history that this ‘release’ has had already, it baffles me that anyone actually believes it will be released tomorrow.  I mean, how many times have we had one of these rumored release dates, only to get another rumored release date after the current one has passed?  How many times does somebody have to cry wolf before people stop believing it?  I’ll believe the wolf when I finally see it.

    So, given all that, this Verizon statement doesn’t seem odd at all.  My only question is, will this press release be sent before or after the Nexus is finally released?

    And as far as the email alert signup is concerned, this is the third device I’ve signed up for from Verizon in the past five years, and I never once received any sort of notification from Verizon on any device, so shame on you Verizon.

  • Willy

    Ill keep this simple in case big brother is watching 🙂 a person who works for best buy was told he would get a text when verizon green lit the release…he just got it within the hour from the head cell dept manager at best buy. Hell the best buy store here has about 60 of them waiting for 10 days now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    local best buy has them in stock (wouldn’t say they were, but wouldn’t say they weren’t)….and wouldn’t say that they would have them tomorrow.  Looks like all best buys have them.  Hit or miss if you can get one there tomorrow. 

  • Just called my local store and was told I can pick mine up Friday…hmmmmm

  • I find it unusual that there have not been any TV ads.  Outside of DL and the like, I’m not sure most people have actually heard of the phone.

    • LionStone

      Been seeing a lot of Galaxy S2 commercials though.

  • Anonymous

    I have never used a Samsung product, this will probably be my first, but does anyone know if the Galaxy feels cheap like the “Charge” does?

    • Google-Sux

      it’s actually cheaper… considering the flimsy back cover.

  • Sirx

    I asked my neighbor’s cat, and he CONFIRMED that it will definitely be out tomorrow.  Rejoice!

    Also, he gave me rabies >:-(

  • brandon coulter


  • Anonymous

    None of this makes sense. Take two minutes to browse through the comments and you’ll find 100 comments from people saying they got “official” word from a store that it will be available tomorrow and another 100 comments from people saying they’re being told it’s delayed again (I’m one of the latter). You can also find another 100 comments with people saying they were told “I don’t know.” How can a company have so many people with such different information regarding a product. I don’t know what to believe. All I know is this situation makes the stuff that surrounded the launch of the Bionic seem petty.

  • Anonymous

    just called a local radio shack in NOVA.  no inventory.

  • Khogus

    just got a call from my verizon rep letting me know that she will hold a nexus for me because she cant let me have it until this friday…..sweet

  • Anonymous

    My local store (1800 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318) said they will have the Galaxy Nexus on sale tomorrow..

  • Vitodintino

    I don’t even care about this phone anymore. When it comes, it comes. Verizon has taken this “surprise/suspense” market strategy over the deep end. 

  • I got confirmation from costco it was on sale friday. Unless it is being sold or announced by verizon it ain’t happening.

  • Willy

    Nope, its a green light from verizon to best buy to ok sale starting tomorrow!!!!!

  • no galaxy nexus this week, prepare for let down.