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Google+ Hangouts Now Initiated on Mobile Devices After Update, New Galaxy Nexus Ad Shows It Off

You have had the ability to join Google+ Hangouts from a mobile device for some time, just not initiate them or “Go live.” An update is in the works that will address this issue, giving you the power to video chat with your friends from any time or any place. You should see the new version pop up within the next few days. iOS versions are also in the works, just in case you know someone with one of those devices.

And to show you how amazing it will be to kick start Hangouts with your Galaxy Nexus – whenever you finally get one – this new ad has been released. Bohemian Rhapsody is go.  


Via:  Google Blog

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  • Grizzly

    I have a Galaxy Nexus with Verizon as my carrier. I don’t have the hangout icon in Google+ Messenger. How do I initiate a hangout?

  • Anonymous

    These Galaxy Nexus commercials are really good and need to be shown more. Neither I nor anyone I know has ever been tempted to buy a Droid because of one of those idiotic Verizon ads. All they do is reinforce the misconception that all Android phones are “Droids.” Google really needs to start taking more control of Android. They should be telling Verizon what to do with the Galaxy Nexus, like Apple does with the iPhone. They should advertise the Nexus phones as well as Android in general. Do that, and they might finally pull away some of the iSheep.

  • Anonymous

    Hook me up with that hot blonde in the photo.  Do it.

  • Time for these commercials to get on prime time TV instead of the Droid ones!

  • Anonymous

    can you split the screen to view all you contacts at the same time?

  • I love the new ads from Google for the Nexus..It’s finally showing people that Android is part of Google. The whole  DROID  and the image it was given by Motorola in my eyes has tarnished the look of Android ..and this is coming from an OG Droid owner..Anytime someone asks me what i have for a phone or see’s mine and says “Oh you’re a Droid user?” I just reply..”No I’m an Android user”..I know once I own a Nexus I’ll encounter more stupid questions and the ever popular “Dude shoulda got a 4S kehd!..We could face time and use siri”…smh..

  • If you guys havent noticed ,that same hangout button is now on the Chrome Talk chat window. Right next to Call and Add as Contact.

  • Anonymous

    The end of the video, where you see the Galaxy Nexus logo and under it you see “Pure Google.” That part made me shed a little tear. Something tells me we won’t be picking them up tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, Google’s knocking it out of the park with these ads. Motorola, Apple, are you taking notes? (I kind of hope Apple isn’t.)

    Still, I have to say I enjoy the Samsung ads, too. Moto’s Droid ads are just silly.

    • EC8CH

      yes, the hangouts ad have been cheesy but ina good way


    awesome@ gplus gets better and better

  • I hate you Verizon.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Wow this is a really cool phone. Maybe a US carrier should look into getting one

  • Frank LeeDeRanged

    There’s GIRLS on Google +?

    • Anonymous

      Blonds too boot.

  • Has anyone used Hangouts from a tablet? I’ve had no luck.

  • Why do those…. Ladies… get G-nex’s and the rest of us don’t?!

    • Anonymous


  • Pete

    i actually enjoy reading comments more than the actual post!

    • Anonymous

      I think at this point when it comes to any GNEX post, I go straight to the comment sections lol. 

      • EC8CH

        G-Nex delays cause a lot angst, but they bring out the best in the comments.

        • Anonymous


          • EC8CH

            until certain people start flipping out trolling and flagging posts getting all the funny stuff pulled…

            bros need to chill

          • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Sadly, they’ve brought out the worst in comments as well.

    • Loco541

      Yes, I’ve found that in my not so healthy gadget lust obsession with the GN, I’ve been checking every possible post in the tech blogs, and I stay for the comments, pure entertainment generated by anger/lust/hope/dissapointment/rage/disbelief, etc! 

  • TC Infantino

    OK, they just stole my idea of video chatting with all my friends and singing karaoke.  lol  I have to admit it was a cute video, with cute girls.

  • Anonymous

    Why aren’t they killing robots? I need to know that my phone can help me kill robots.

    • Anonymous

      We need some zombie killing phones. That would be a little more useful than killing robots, all you gotta do is walk up some stairs.

  • Nex-Life


  • Poppypenguin

    Notice there is no Verizon backing at the end of the video…

    • Anonymous

      Probably a GSM version. That’s why it’s actually in people’s hands being used as opposed to in the back of a Verizon store collecting dust.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Nice boots!

    • EC8CH

      Killer Boots…. man

  • Son of a bitch…

  • What type of phone was that? Never seen anything like it before.  Sure would be cool to have one.

    • Edwin M

      So all they use is hipster chicks in commercials now? Same as those hispter kids in that annoying i*hone commercial.