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DROID Incredible 2 Update 5.10.605.9 Rolling Out – Security Enhancements, New Clock Features, and Airplane Video Playback Included

A surprise DROID Incredible 2 update has popped up over at Verizon’s support document section as version 5.10.605.9. A handful of security bugs have been addressed, as well as the ability to play local videos while in airplane mode. You will also notice improvements in the clock and alarm apps, plus better signal strength representation.

To check for the update, head into Settings>System updates>Check new.

The update is 29.35MB in size.

More info.

Cheers Eddie!

  • BULL3T

    Yes now my clock weather widget is working

  • Ben Rice

    Who needs this update when we have ICS for the incredible 2

  • Noob here, I have a rooted droid Bionic.  Do i have to unroot first before i can install the update?

    • Anonymous

      Since you’re on a Bionic you can disregard this while article.

  • Mike

    finally a Droid Incredible 2 update!!!…my phone has been acting up lately to the point where i was about to switch to an old flip phone. 

  • gregmr

    Any idea if this includes a new radio? Not that I’m having issues, just want the newest for my CM7 build

  • Anonymous

    downloading now…

  • planetes42

    You know, I’ve been saying for some time I’m going to grab a Nexus as soon as it comes out.  Since I’m not in 4g (hooray, Mississippi), I keep thinking I may as well just hang on to this Dinc2.  It really is a great phone.

  • Anonymous

    Still no Gtalk video??

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, any idea why they have disabled that function for this phone? Really annoying…

      • Anonymous

        it is. Especially since that was the primary reason for Android 2.3.4 which is what the Inc2 claims to have. 

        • Dbarden31

          Exactly! Sometimes I just wanna video chat with my wife and kids when I’m away for a while but can’t.

          • Cityboy

            The Skype app on the market works really well for me. The Skype Mobil app is only voice so not that one. Good luck

          • Trmyers

             try Zello Chat is just like the old Nextel PPT

    • MFG

      Damn. I still don’t know why Google just doesn’t release Talk into the Market as an app!

    • Anonymous

      While I agree it is crap, at least it works with Tango.

  • Hope this fixes a GPS issue two of my friends say is real.

    • Matt Plouse

      My GPS doesn’t work anymore.  Hopefully this update fixes that issue.

  • Anonymous

    Is this phone on HTC’s ICS list?

    • Jason Purp

      Probably not. That’s why God invented CM9.

      • Anonymous

        It’s my wife’s phone so I have been avoiding rom’ing it since the GB runs OK.  Sense is a dog.  I guess once CM9 is out I’ll make her take the plunge.  I wasn’t too impressed with CM7 on my DX but I assume most my problems were related to the customized versions having to deal with a locked booloader / 2nd-init.

        • Jason Purp

          I would definitely suggest using CM9 when a good release is available. Sense is only going to ruin everything about Android 4.0.

        • Anonymous

          CM7 didn’t really run great for me either when I had an Inc2. Nitsuj, Bamfs and Liquids Roms usually ran the best on the Inc2 for me.

          • Romma1

            CM7 came out with one rc that was not that stable. The since came out with another, and several nightlies after that last one. CM7 runs great on the Dinc2 now. 

          • TheOiulkj

            I can second this. CM7 is incredible on the incredible 2 😀

            I get a nice battery life increase and it runs very smooth.

          • Anonymous

            I’ll have try it out then.  Everyone time I help my wife and have to use Sense I cringe, even more than Blur.  But that may be because it reminds me of my WinMo days.