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DROID Bionic 5.5.893 Bug Fixer Started Rolling Out Last Night, Check Your Phone Now

Last night around 9PM Pacific, the major update for the DROID Bionic that should tidy up most of its bugs, went live. If you were not prompted for it, you should check for yourself as it should be available to everyone. Head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

To view the full changelog for the update, check out this post.

Cheers Crusteez, Jason, brian, Nate, Charles, Mark and everyone else!

  • Jim Barber

    If anyone (like me) went to a Verizon store last fall with ‘issues’ and had the SIM card switched out you may have to “Factory Reset” to get the update.

    after NUMEROUS calls to VZW and Motorola i was finally told that my phone wasnt ‘authorized’ and they suggested a factory reset.  I reluctantly agreed to do it and it worked.

    of course, its a bit of a pain getting it set back up again but not as bad as i thought it may be.

  • 164thMP

    Checked for system updates a few times everyday since Dec 13 and got the “Check for update is not available at this time.  Try again later” message every time. Finally followed the advice of some others on here and did a factory default setting. When it was done I checked the system updates and there it was. Finally. Pain it the ass but it’s done. I hope it was worth it. 

  • Guest

    I’ve been told over and over by Verizon and Motorola, it’s coming, it’s coming.  When I check for system updates I get, “Check for update is not available at this time.  Try again later”.

    • Crisrten

      I am getting the same message and my phone is piece of crap Data issues are rediculous camera is annoyin because i have to sit and hold it so long for it to focus to take a clean image. im getting ready to just leave motorola all together i had similar if not worse issues using the Droid X and Droid X2

  • Toolboxjesse

    Can no longer root my phone after performing this update.

  • Jim B

    i still dont have mine yet!   those of you that have gotten it….did it come in during the day or was it there first thing in the morning? 

    does anyone know a time line on this?  just called Motorola and the rep i spoke with said you should get it within five days of the 9th.  when i reminder her that it’s been TEN days since the night she said “I’m not sure when you’ll get it then!”

  • Anonymous

    i have not gotten mine. Verizon said to call Motorola, and Motorola said it is up to Google…you cna’t call Google.

  • Rob Rojas55

    I still have issues with my data connection!! Anyone else!?

  • ihatemybioni

    Phone is still crap…still drops data connection…horrible phone

  • Dshel61

    Here’s the latest…

    I was rooted using Pete’s Motorola Root Tools. Before I got the OTA I unrooted. I finally was able to download the OTA file. When I ran the install it would start and then flash an exclamation point in a triangle and then just reboot my phone. I tried to reroot my phone but it says that it can’t. I keep getting this message when I run the root software again.

    “adb could not be granted root access. Try again from start but if the problem continues, check your version of GingerBread – hopefully you don’t have a version where this exploit was fixed.”

    Now what? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

    System version: 5.5.886.XT875
    Baseband version: CDMA_N_03.1C.50R Itedc_u_05.15.00
    Webtop Version: WT-1.3.0-105_DBN-1
    Kernel: [email protected] #1
    Build # 5.5.1_84_DBN-55
    ER Version: 5
    PRL version 15075

  • Kaptain

    For the last few days I was getting the update unavailable deal. Called Verizon, they said wait a week motorola its pushing it out in batches (as usual), and Verizon had no control of the update. I was starting to believe that there was an issue with my phone, not only that I am too impatient to wait. So I did a factory reset. After the reset was complete and the phone was back online I checked for the update and it worked.

  • Jim B

    I’m in Atlanta and still dont have the update!  curious how they decide who gets it and when?  what is the time line until everyone gets it.

    those of you that did get it….was it sent ‘overnight’ and you had it in the AM?  that’s what someone told me.


  • couldnt find update. phone kept giving me a update not available. then i factor reset it while rooted..  it worked i downloaded it but then it would install.. kept giving me a system update failed.. so i unrooted an factory reset again.. still giving me system update failed.. any help?

  • Fallschirmjager8701

    i haven’t received no update????! wtf i’m rooted and wow this phone is just terrible on data connection, i’m in the central coast California any news when ill get it??

  • Still have yet to get the update

    • Daniel Clifford

      anything yet? I still also have nada

  • The Gunman

    The update did not fix my 3G/4G radio problems.
    Anybody else having the same issues???

    • Me

      I still have radio issues too

  • Jetidwell2

    My biggest complaint is when I’m not on 4G I almost never have 3G signal. I mean like 95% of the time I have no signal. Was anyone else in my boat before the update and has that been fixed? I keep 4G off to conserve power but then I am totally out of data service, its crap.

    Also not all thumbnails load in pictures, they start loading and as I scroll I start getting blank tiles. Has that been fixed?

  • MNeighbo2

    Makes me love my Bionic so much more now!!!!

  • wtf after the update you cant recored in 1080p.. just says dvd quality………….

    • MNeighbo2

      Mine records in HD+ 1080p after the update. 

    • Dude

      Nope. There’s still 6 different video resolutions to record in.

  • Jarrett

    should i unroot before i update?

    • Bionic

      you will loose root anyway

      • Stingray

        I didn’t lose it. 🙂

  • couldn’t be happier with this update. no more headphone whine and crackling/popping/clicking with netflix. excellent signal strength, great shutter speed on the camera. no longer feeling like i’m really missing out with the upcoming (?) gnex launch.