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Costco Still Expects the Galaxy Nexus to be $289 on Contract, Available “As Early As December 15”

Again, December 15 is by no means official and is simply the current target date that we may see the Galaxy Nexus on. Costco has made that even clearer with their wording in the screenshot above that reads, “Nexus launches as early as Thursday, 12/15.” By no means is this Thursday 100% finalized. Even retailers are second guessing this situation.

At this point, we should all just think about the number of chances you have to win a tablet through the DL and NVIDIA 10 Days of Holiday Tegra contest to get our minds off of the phone for a minute, so that maybe we could be surprised when/if it does show up on Thursday. What do you say?

Oh, and pricing is still $289 at Costco – at least through the 20th of December.  

Cheers ___!

  • Weege

    I had to get a Burner and the prepaid minutes are just about gone… My Costco said that its 289$ and that theres a bunch of accessories coming with it. Will see what happens, but I need, not want, well do want, this phone.. Ugh.. 

  • theraskell

    Just got back from the local mall and both the Radio Shack there and the Verizon partner store say they know nothing of release dates and both say they have no units in stock. I just find it so hard to believe. GRRRRRRRR

  • kevin lee

    I work at indirect dealer, and just got e-mail from the boss we gonna get it on 15thand ready to sale on 16th~!!!

  • Just got a text on my daughter’s LG Envy Touch (dumb phone) from Verizon that 4G is going live in my town on the 15th. The first 100 customers get a candy bar with a chance to win a new Razr. I wonder if VZW is going to launch the GN along with some new LTE markets this Thurs.

  • Jamaicawind

    If if werent already on verizon id get an unlocked GN by now and just use that -_-

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    If this doesn’t come out Thursday, everyone “Ice Cream Sandwich” your nearest Verizon.  At least we should make the news.

  • Estell Staten

    I went to verizon this past sunday, ask the salesperson for 20 minutes if they had the GN in stock, he denied it.  Finally he admitted they did after I told him I wasen’t interested in any other phone but the GN.  He then asked the manager who gave him permission to show me the GN.  The manager let me know “up front” all I could do was see it but could not purchase it, which I did.  I was very impressed and trust me it is worth the wait.  I’m not the type that gets excited about a cell ph. but this one is impressive!  Shame all the games Verizon is playing though.

  • Do you guys think it will come with a sweet Accessory bundle???? Cause my sister just let me use her costco card

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately DL posted last week that it will not…just a crappy screen protector, pouch and car charger…none of which are specifically for the nexus…my GF just just got the Rezound online from costco and it had the same accessories…lame…maybe down the road they’ll have a better bundle, but i for one will not be waiting

  • Dvdfd

    talked to corp store who said he had lots of calls, and 15 people on a list, doesn’t know anything else, or won’t say, but did say they would try to open early etc, for the people who are on the list.

  • Mark Wilk

    The guy I talked to at my local Verizon seemed to know enough about the phone (mentioned he read tech blogs) and said he hasn’t heard anything about a new release date but did confirm it was suppose to be the 9th.

    He seemed just as frustrated as us over the whole thing.