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Day 7 Of Google’s 10 Days Of 10 Cent Apps: Flick Soccer, Doodle Jump, and More

We are now seven days into Google’s celebration of 10 billion downloads in the Android Market, has everyone been keeping up? There are a couple of repeats in today’s list which we find odd, but there are 8 new ones that have yet to make a list. At 10 cents, you might as well at least check them out.

Favorite app so far?

  • ronx

    long time BW user, so I’d recommend that to anyone. i’m also a doodle jump addict ever since my niece showed it to me a month ago. i just purchased flick soccer and soundhound. i’m also one of the folks loading up for when the gnex drops. running dinc now.

  • Andy Jaeger

    ADW Ex has been my favorite so far, loving the ICS upgrades.  It finally got me to switch from Launcher Pro

  • Anonymous

    What devices is Block Breaker 3 compatible with?  Is not compatible with the og droid or the bionic.

  • Artcrobertson

    Going to sate the obvious but, The 10th day of this sale is this Thursday 12/15.. Coincidence!??

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious to know why they keep including apps that have already been on sale previous days. It’s cool for those who might of missed those particular apps those days, just like to see all new apps everyday.

  • Dude

    I bought Need For Speed Shift and it doesn’t even work on the Bionic
    correctly. The reviews say it doesn’t even work correctly on most newer
    phones. What’s up with that? Glad I only paid 10 cents.

  • Rich

    Nice, glad to see the same apps everyday in the list… God damn google you could at least give us apps we want… Damn you screw us enough you can’t even come correct with the 10 cent apps

    • Anonymous

      Quityerbitchin’ and go make me a sammich

  • Mark Wilk

    For the brave with an OG Droid who are looking to buy apps for an upcoming GNex purchase. If you install the Android SDK and use the following process:
    http://nookdevs.com/Honeycomb_Google_Apps_and_Market (Follow the “Getting Protected Apps To Show In Market” section)

    With the build.prop here: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/23491-netflix-app-not-recognizing-nexus-s/ (You only need to change the ro.product, ro.build.product, ro.build.description and ro.build.fingerprint)

    Your device will be recognized as a Verizon Samsung Nexus S and you can purchase HD apps. ***WARNING*** make a backup of your original build.prop before proceeding. Also I believe you need to be root and have USB debugging on to do this. If you brick your phone, it’s not my fault.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    wow… this promo just clearly shows how pathetic most adults are, nothing but games games and more games. 

    • Rusty_Shackleford

      This post shows how lonely and unlovable you must be.

  • Fieldrunner

  • Anonymous

    It sucks that Beautiful Widgets isn’t on the Amazon Appstore.  I’d like to buy it, but I really don’t want to have to create a Google Checkout account.  I have enough freakin’ online payment accounts.

    • BW is free from Getjar (no account needed).  And will work with the animations addon from the market.  Just don’t expect any updates.

      • Anonymous

        Nice!  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    The selection of .10 applications and games has really gone downhill since they started. Still awesome that they’re doing it, I got quite a few the first couple days.

  • EC8CH

    I’m stocking up on 10 cent apps in anticipation for my G-Nex, but my OGD is bursting at the seams!

    • I have been installing until I run out of room, then batch uninstalling, and then buying more.  As long as you have purchased it once, it will always be in the market for you.  Some apps didn’t even install.

      • EC8CH

        Yep… doin’ the same thing 🙂

      • bigrob60

        I’ve been just stopping the installation after purchase so I don’t have to bother w/ the uninstalling. 

    • Mark Wilk

      I’m doing the same. Are you able to download/buy the HD games or are you just skipping those? I’d like to buy games like Block Breaker 3 but can’t because the OG Droid doesn’t support it.

      • EC8CH

        There have been a couple that won’t allow me to purchases because my OGD wasn’t compatible, so I just skipped them. 

        • Anonymous

          Why not go to the market website and buy them there?

          • EC8CH

            market website is also linked to your account and know what devices you have.  I believe it also prevents you from purchasing and installing apps that are not compatible with any of your devices.

    • You can always buy them, and then hit the little X while downloading. You still get the purchase, but don’t have to blow that OG up. 😛

  • Teksu

    anyone have any opinion on beautiful widgets vs the new fancy widgets? have the later from amazon and I’m pleased with it so far, is beautiful any better? Droid incredible cm7, soon to be gnex… if it ever gets released… and my upgrade becomes available in a month and a half…

    • It is definitely worth the 10 cents.  I have better luck with themers supporting BW, if you run themes.

    • Anonymous

      I like BW a lot because of all the skins available, but for 10 cents, you should just buy it and try it yourself.  If you don’t like it, uninstall.  Who knows if they will have a version in the future that you love?

  • very cool post! thank you

  • Cpep

    I like how the last day of this is conveniently on the 15th….same day as the gnex is supposedly going to be released….coincidence??? I think not!!!

    • Dude

      The phone was supposed to be released on the 9th. Coincidence.

  • I’m just super excited about the fact that these 10 days of 10 cent apps will be over by the time I get my G-nex (first smart phone) nothing better than missing out on sweet deals…

    • Mevestalloy

      Hey Justin, if you buy them now and put them on your present phone, they will transfer with your account to the gnex. So snap em up now! Once you own ’em, you own ’em! 

      • He may be having the problem with that approach that I am: the apps are not compatible with the current device.  I do wish the market had a save for later button, like amazon.

      • bigrob60

        He said he doesn’t own a smart phone so he can’t purchase them. Just like I can’t purchase any apps that are not compatible w/ my OG Droid. 

  • Anonymous

    Pretty disappointing that they keep doing repeats now. Beautiful Widgets, Flick Soccer, and Sound Hound have all been offered already. I know that that thing the other day said that more games are downloaded than any other type of app, but I still wish they’d make more regular productivity, etc. apps available as well.

    • Dude

      It’s good that they’re doing repeats in case you missed a good app one day. BW is a great app, glad to see it on there another day.

  • I know it is cheesy, but I really like the Christmas HD live wallpaper.  

    In the spirit of full disclosure though, I am approaching my first Christmas with a child, and am enjoying it about as much as I did when I was a child.

    • Anonymous

      I purchased it too and I also like it. It is cheesy but it looks really good and it certainly livens up my screen. The rest of my family have iPads and it makes me happy that between ADW Launcher Ex, HD Widgets and Wizz Widgets, and the Christmas HD live wallpaper, my homescreens look pretty sweet and aren’t just boring rows of icons 🙂

      • I have never been a fan of the app jukebox setup.  

        I love the customizations in the LWP.  Its pretty sweet.  

        • EC8CH

          the “app jukebox” copyright is held by Kellex, now you owe him a beer 😛

          dems da rules

    • Ditto.  I’m really enjoying this wallpaper, and Christmas in general this year because it’s my baby’s first too 🙂   Was using the free version before and was excited to see the full version as one of the $0.10 apps the other day.  Love the time sensitive sunlight and aurora sky effects.

  • It really sucks that I can’t buy apps not compatible with my dINC. I’m going to get the G-Nex when it’s available and I’d like to have the apps for that.

    • bigrob60

      That’s why I like the Amazon App store. I’ve collected so many of the free app of the day offers for when I do have a phone/tablet that will support it.

  • Anonymous

     .. here we go. Heard over the loudspeaker: “All restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses and seatbelts, must be positioned, fastened and tightened to allow guests to ride. We are required by State Law to enforce all manufacturer requirements.”  

  • Anonymous

    soundhound was already offered! (i know b/c i got it a few days ago) wtf?

    • They’ve done duplicates on several days. Beautiful Widgets is a duplicate as well.

    • Anonymous

      In the article they said some were repeats and that it was odd…

  • Hopefully Thursday they will feature the Order A Nexus app

    • That would be my favorite.

    • Anonymous

      that would be an expensive app

      • bigrob60

        That would be day 10 of the 10 days of 10 cent apps. Maybe Thursday is the day after all.

        • Anonymous

          i would’ve thot the 10 days of nexi challenges marked the release. oh well…talked to verizon this morning. still a no-go as of this morning 🙁

          • bigrob60

            That’s what I was hoping also b/c that’s usually how those things work.

          • Anonymous

            what would be even worse is if Google had spent a bunch of time/money marketing and building that contest to coincide with the launch, then vzw pulling the plug. what’s the internet lingo of “i don’t even wanna think about it”? lol

        • Emilio Figueroa

          That app would be accessible to everyone that isn’t a VZW customer, of course.

          • bigrob60

            I’m still LOLing. That was so good.

    • Mikejohnson

      u mad bro?

  • bigrob60

    The web version of the market hasn’t refreshed yet. Still showing yesterday’s deals.

  • I’m trying out Beautiful Widgets, pretty pleased so far. Not going to bother with any of the games, though.

  • David Henry

    Favorite App so far is Minecraft PE. Can’t wait till Survival mode comes out