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Verizon Is Giving Away 5 HTC Rezounds Over On The East Coast, Here’s How To Win

Verizon is all about their 4G LTE network.  And to help promote it, they have just began a giveaway through Twitter, where 5 lucky winners will walk away with an HTC Rezound powered by Beats Audio.  The chosen cities on the East coast are New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington DC.  After watching a video based on one of the chosen markets, just send out a simple tweet and you’re then entered.

Go join in the on fun.  Who knows, maybe you will win a free phone.  If you’re not looking to win a free phone, then you can still watch the video for entertainment purposes.

Begin the process here.

  • Anonymous

    You guys might want to sell this phone and buy a Nexus if you win it… but I actually want this phone!

  • OK, I’m a sucker.  I tweeted for them… I bet my Paw-in-law would rather have a Rezound then my ole trusty rooted DInc once I get the GNex   😉

    It would be nice to have one to sell or for a backup!

  • Anonymous

    Better chance than getting a Nexus any time soon. WTF VZW?

  • TC Infantino

    I already have the Rezound, and think it is totally awesome!  Great screen, wicked fast connection, and I actually like the Sense skin and all the widgets that are built in.  I still entered because if I win then I can turn around and sell it and have more money to buy my parents a quality new laptop.  Theirs is old and slow…my OG Droid was faster in every way.

  • Acroanidd

    I have my second Rezound sitting by my side, the first one had headphone jack problems, fool me one… the second one has headphone problems but it also has pink capacitive buttons, creaking battery cover and the thing has a tendency to boot loop… fooled me twice.. but not again, i am getting a nexus as soon as the thing drops sans restocking fee.

  • lol so the east coast is only new england huh.

    • Auctiongod

      You do realize that out of the 5 only Boston is in New England right?

      • oh excuse me, how about “east coast is only the 13 colonies”… *p2f*

  • Jamaicawind

    so…they have enough time to organize a contest thing but they cant say a release date for a phone…nice..

  • Anonymous

    i live on the east coast (:

  • Anonymous
  • HTC Sence never again!!! Where is my NEXUS!!!!

    • Anonymous

      AAAAGGHHH!  What the hell was that!?!  It was like an interview with a slightly more attractive Gollum!

    • Anonymous

      Wtf, why would you have an obviously serious smoker do an advertisement for ANYTHING!

  • Q

    Do not want.

  • Entered for DC just to see if I can win something I can turn around and sell to help me buy a Nexus. If it ever releases….

  • RaptorOO7

    So now we need to give them aways because everyone wants the Galaxy Nexus instead.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    ahh yes, the ubiquitous whoring on social networking to win contest entry method

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get all the hate on here. This is still a damn nice phone and it will have ICS eventually! Thanks for sharing this DL; entered for DC and Baltimore since I live/lived in both areas in the past year.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t played with it, but the specs are looking pretty tight.  Haters will hate.

    • MM

      yeah, me too.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares about this phone.  Release the Nexus!!!!!!!!!

  • JCS

    Wow, this runs through Jan 4th…Looks like the odds are getting lower and lower of me winning something this year.  

    Droid Life, isn’t it time for another giveaway, lol?

  • Enigma2u

    Thats one way of getting rid of ur Rezound stock …Verizon saying hey we know ur pissed about this whole Gnex thing but our 4g network is having issues right now but oh hey here’s another free 4g phone ….rrrrriiiiggghhhhtttttt…..

  • I work in an office way above the Philly Verizon store in the video. Make it easy on yourselves Verizon, give me the Rezound and I’ll pick it up in-person within minutes!

  • gregwilliams

     11 states and now only 5 cities??? what gives verizon

    …none of which are on the west coast by the way

    • Anonymous

      Nothing in the rules say you must live in those cities read the rules!

      • gregwilliams

        h’ok, so, why make me choose one of those five cities, verizon

        • Anonymous

          To make you watch the ads :/

          • gregwilliams

            About how 4G is better in all those cities that I don’t live in 🙁

  • Jmartinez1228

    Really? nyc, boston, philly but no Connecticut? Thanks Verizon for reminding me that I still live in the East coast.

    • Keith Sumner

      Connecticut is one of the richest states in the US, you should be able to buy one.

      • Jmartinez1228

        Correction Connecticut is one of the highest taxed states. So all the riches i make goes to paying dumbasses that are going to make me pay more taxes.

  • Anonymous

    I’m probably dense, but I don’t see anything in the rules about having to live in one of those cities.

  • Anonymous

    i entered, but i dont want to win.. f the rezound! all i want is my goddamn nexus!!!!!!

  • F VZW, F this phone, WHERE IS MY NEXUS!??!?!?!

  • Mikehen08

    I am going to hit up every VZW store and reseller (Radio Shack, indirect dealers, etc) in my area tomorrow to get the Nexus. I am sure someone will screw up and sell it to me

    • Anonymous

      Their computers won’t let the transaction complete, but do it, get lucky somehow, and please prove me wrong. Because I will follow and do the same thing if you do!

  • Anonymous

    We don’t have to live in those cities. They are just showing you how their network speeds up life there. Read the rules.

  • John

    Wonder if there’s anyway to enter even though you don’t live in one of those cities

    • The official rules actually say nothing about living in those cities (I actually read them, because I had the same question.)

  • Mikehen08

    About time Baltimore gets some love!

    • MM

      We get love.  Its the Ravens.

  • EC8CH

    HEY VZW…

    Start SELLING the right phone and you won’t have to GIVE them away!

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • EC8CH

        see you got your disqus name back… that’s good

        • Mctypething

          u happy about that bro?

          • Lmrojas

            I thought you said you would be more respectful ….

          • Mctypething

            Yeah, to the site, not to EC8CH. This guy has been trolling my comments for weeks, why should I show him any respect?

          • MM


  • Radgatt

    Nexus is the phone of choice. Verizon is trying to get us to forget it.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up Verizon, No Love for the West Coast???

  • Anonymous

    We don’t want this phone Verizon! We want the god damn Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      We want some Nexus LOVE lol

    • Dude, just sell it and buy a Nexus. BTW, that video was unbearable. At least the NYC one was.

    • Anonymous

      Choke yourself

    • Ortizchief

      this rezound could be a better phone than the nexus