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Samsung To Release 11-Inch Retina-Resolution 2GHz Exynos Tablet By Next Year

Despite an onslaught of Apple lawsuits, Samsung is looking to beat the Cupertino company’s release of a retina-resolution tablet. According to a trusted source from BGR, Samsung is set to launch an 11.6-inch tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich by early next year. The device will most likely be showcased at Mobile World Congress in February.

According to the source, even though the tablet features a larger display than the Tab 10.1, the device will be “barely larger” due to a thinner bezel. The new tablet will feature an ultra high-res display at a whopping 2560 x 1600 resolution with a 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor. Samsung’s table will also feature Android Beam for easy syncing with the Galaxy Nexus (if it is released by then) and a special wireless docking mode for gaming on HDTVs, which should help Samsung compete with Apple TV, Airplay and more.

Via: BGR

  • Russellkong

    hmmm………. don’t know want this or a Prime. Quad core vs Dual core. 1.3 GHz vs 2.0 GHz. 10.1 inch vs 11.6 inch. I am a hardcore gamer. I prefer Quad more than Dual. Although it is 2.0GHz…..

    Asus said the update for 4.0 is coming. Lets see if the release date is as early as I think….

  • Anonymous


  • HolyGrail

    Look at all these fanboy comments……Being a fanboy for any tech is just stupid. One doesn’t have to lose for the other to win. You can like both. I tether my Thunderbolt to my Ipad all the time. Choices are a good thing people.

  • None

    I feel sorry for the GPU that has to handle that resolution.  I have a Android tablet, but if I were to drop serious money on a tablet, I’d want it to run Windows.  It just seems like a waste of money to buy something that basically will primarily be used for surfing the web.

  • Anonymous

    That would be “Retina-Density”, not “Retina-Resolution”.  The retina display only has a resolution of 
    640×960.  Obviously not the same as a resolution of 2560×1600. Regardless, you guys really shouldn’t be embracing the term “retina” in any way, shape, or form…

  • Anonymous


  • Chris Sandoval

    If Its 550 or less. I’m owning it. I’m still waiting for the 7.7 to come to the US..

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t quote an Android tablet (or any tablet for that matter) as having “retina resolution.” “Retina is made up marketing BS and not a real spec of any type. Quoting it like a spec gives it validity and makes you sound ignorant.

    • Ethan Bond (REALigion)

      And it just grants an inkling of more validity to Apple’s claims of confusing consumers to the point where they can’t tell one device from the iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid unnecessary resolution will just need a faster processor and more ram for little benefit.

  • Anonymous


  • Brian Wenger

    Noooooo don’t link articles from BGR.

  • 93techxx

    *Bart Scott* voice Can’t Wait!

  • I don’t see the significant advantage of this over the Prime.. prime has more processing power

    • Anonymous

      I am sorry, but you said Prime has more processing power. Have you used the Exynos 5250 or did you run benchmarks? 

      Do you know that Exynos 52xx is using A15 architecture? This is large difference in design compared to A9 in Tegra 3?

      Did you even look at the die size? The last-gen Exynos 4210 itself is much bigger than Tegra3. 118 mm^2 vs only 80 mm^2 in Tegra3. The next-gen Exynos will be even bigger. 

      Not to forget Tegra is still using 40nm fab, whereas newer Exynos has moved to 32nm HKMG. 

      Exynos is the first announced SoC with 12.8 GB/s memory bandwidth, double of anything on A9.

  • Anakin Solo

    I have that resolution on my Dell 30″ monitor.  I cannot imagine how sharp that will be on an 11″ SuperAMOLED+ screen.  You have my attention too.  That will be when I drop my Touchpad.  Please keep Ice Cream Vanilla.  No touchWiz please.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it will be an AMOLED screen, probably an IPS LCD.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I believe it will be LCD – to save cost.

        But doubt it will be IPS. Samsung does not normally go the IPS-way in LCDs. They use the PLS-LCD.

        • Anonymous

          PLS is a variation of IPS technology but yes, you’re correct.

  • Anonymous

    Possible fail, and here is why…a tablet with no bezel. Anyone who has a tablet will tell you they hold it with their thumbs on the bezel. If there is no bezel then you will be on the touchsceen making the ability to scroll a pain if not impossible. One of the issues with the xoom is that the bezel is too small. No bezel works on a phone because it can fit in your hand but unless you are Andre the Giant, you are going to have problems with no bezel on a tablet.

    • They said ‘thinner bezel’ not no bezel and the thin bezel on my Xoom is fine although i don’t think a bezel much smaller than that would be good.

    • Stanley

      Thinner!.. Samsung finally sticking some of their tv technology into tablets and phones. Besides the thinner the bezel the less apple can claim they invented it since we all know they invented the box and wheel.

  • Anonymous

    : Sounds hot! I might just have to pick one up to match my Galaxy Nexus.. Was gonna go for the Prime by Asus.. but why not match right? lol

  • Anonymous

    Whatever you do, Sammy, don’t release it on Verizon! I’d actually like to have the device in my possession instead of in my dreams.

    • Anonymous

      tablets come without delay, it is the phones that get held up.

      • GUEST

        Is that why the TPrime is in my hand?  First they said they were pushing it for ICS, but that now appears to be a big fat lie…

  • 현중 주

    Dual-core? HMMMMMMMMM

  • Alexander Garcia

    “Retina” Resolution!? WTF Sammy!? LOL You really are pickin’ a fight with Apple for serious!!!

    • Anonymous

      well, its not like samsung wrote this article 😛

  • ham hollett

    tablet has a “t” at the end of it 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you actually MAKE your own chips, screens, memory and well just about everything else… Unlike some other companies that Frankenstein their own creations and brand them with a dumb ass fruit and call them their own. This will be a worthy upgrade to my galaxy tab 8.9, guess I’ll cancel my prime order.

    • Anonymous

      Hardly any company manufacturers all the parts for their products. 

  • tjmonkey15

    Maybe they’ll release the Galaxy Nexus by next year too.

    • GUEST

      The GNex has been ready for a while now.  Its the big V that can’t get it together…  You think it was a coincidence that right about the time they pushed it back their entire 4G system crashes??  Heading to day 3 of NO DATA on my RAZR.

  • Mack

    Holy android Batman!!

  • For those who think “oh man, Apple just got destroyed:” remember, this is Samsung.

    It won’t announce the Galaxy Tab 11.6 (or whatever it’s called) until Mobile World Congress in late February — probably within days of Apple shipping the iPad 3.  And Samsung won’t even be making Exynos 5250 chips until the spring, which means you’re more likely to see the new Galaxy Tab in late spring or summer.

    It could be awesome, but it’s easy to have a product superior to someone else’s if you ship it late enough.

    • Stanley

      Dates months dude, we all dont live in your neck of the woods some are in summer now.

  • (if it is released by then)

    also, this site has pink highlighting +1

  • I really want a Nexus as much as anybody, but with this new Exynos coming out, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in the GPU of the Nexus… Then again, Verizon probably won’t end up getting something like this as a phone until next September, right?

    • Anonymous

      I think they didn’t go with a Exynos for the Nexus because it doesn’t play nice with 4G.

      • Dominick DeVito

        wrong – Google picked the TI OMAP for the Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          I never said it wasn’t an TI OMAP. Re-read my previous comment.

          Oh and I like how you edited your post so it no longer read “wrong douche”. Pointless name calling.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect Samsung will put a version of this in their GS3 clocked lower, around 1.5 GHz, but probably won’t be out until mid next year.

  • Hey Appel, you just got PONED!

    • TheAndroid1

      By a rumored device?

      • yep, apple started the ridiculously high priced ($5-800) tablet revolution with two generations of 1024×768 res, very hard on the eyes.. They then claim they are finally going to up the res in iPad3 and sammy is beating them to the punch.

        Love it! iPad 2 shouldn’t even exist, iPad 3 should be iPad2 and none of these freaking tabs should be anywhere near $5-8 hundred bones! yes, just my opinion but lol at $5-800 for a big freaking iPod

        • Anonymous

          I use my iPad 2 on a daily basis and it isn’t hard on the eyes. 

          Apple hasn’t claimed anything.  The iPad 3 hasn’t been announced and there are no official specs.  Everything is rumor at this point so Apple isn’t claiming anything.

          When the iPad 2 was launched, the technology for an affordable 2048×1536 hi-res screen wasn’t there.  If you follow the product history, Apple wanted to up the resolution to a “retina” resolution for the iPad 2 but it wasn’t cost effective.  Hell, screens at that resolution are now just going into mass production.  Surprising that a user with a trolling username doesn’t know fact from fanboy. 

          • You want facts, no problem. in ealry 2010 when apple rushed iPad1 to market to beat everyone to the punch with minimal specs, a lousy low resolution screen and very little initially optimized for bigger screen, iSuppli stated it cost Apple $213 to manufacture. Apple proceeded to insult the world with a $5-800 pricetag for a BIG iPod and ‘for now’ changed the entire tablet landscape with $500 and larger prices when full blown laptops do more for less

            Late 2011, Amazon launches the fire, that same company, iSuppli, states it costs Amazon $201 to manufacture. Amazon sells the Fire for $199 taking a loss on every unit. Why would they do that? I am glad you asked rich, because Amazon knows it will sell more tabs and then in return will sell more downloads, service etc. 

            Apple didn’t have to charge $5-800 for iPad especially since we know what little tech it has for such a little cost. Yet, Apple wants to get you comin and goin. They want their cake and eat it too. And iSheep line up to pay $5-800 for a big iPod as a result. Apple also is the only company iKnow of that never lowers prices even though their costs come way down. They lower their older models with crappy out of date tech tho so take that (me)

            iPad2, was also rushed to market to match competition specs, even though just 11 months earlier people plunked down all their hard earned cash for the first big iPod. 

            I am not denying iPad is a cool device as are all the tabs but not at $500-$800 that price is absolutely insulting considering what it does and how little technology and little cost it actually has.

            Amazon and other companies will save the tab market with good tech at a good price. Unlike your favorite little company named apple.  Apple’s time has passed, their shit does stink and people are finally getting a wiff of it!

          • Anonymous

            Manufacturing costs alone is inaccurate as to how much it actually costs Apple to produce an iPad.  Factors such as R&D are ignored. 

            Amazon has to sell the Fire at a low price because no one would spend more on that piece of garbage.  The Fire is low end as it gets and is meant to suck you into the Amazon ecosystem more than anything.  Apple doesn’t sell devices for a loss.  Never have and never will. 

            Amazon is hardly offering what you call “good tech.”  If the iPad and iPad 2 are full of crappy tech then I don’t want to know what the Fire is loaded with. 

            Don’t like the price?  Don’t buy one.  It’s not a necessity and you are not entitled.  Stop whining.  And your “facts” are mostly opinions, moronic ones at that.

          • Your inner iSheep is showing. Fire is pathetic, iPad rules all? lol. Why the F are you on a Android website? you are the troll, you are the one dismissing all opinions other than your own. Your are the reason MANY hate Apple you, YOU iSheep

          • Anonymous

            I said that the iPad rules all?  That’s news.  Way to distract from the real issue.  

            The Fire is pathetic.  It’s a cheap, underpowered tablet meant to sucker you into the Amazon ecosystem.  The Fire has a bastardized version of Android, if you can even call it Android at this point, which excludes Google services, such as the Market. 

            I don’t care how much it costs Amazon to manufacture the Fire.  It is still an entry level, gimped tablet.  Instead of pulling numbers out of thin air, why don’t you try and cite real numbers.  And stop using only manufacturing costs as to the true cost of the respective tablets.  I guess Apple is evil for selling devices for profit.  What about your precious Samsung, ASUS, HTC, Motorola, etc.  Amazon is the only company selling a tablet at a loss and it’s because they have to.  The Fire at $299 doesn’t sell because it is an Amazon media consumption device, not a tablet. 

            Stop trying to make yourself out to be some kind of Android martyr.  You’ve done nothing but cite bogus information, while using it out of context, and then try to frame me as a fanboy for not falling in lock step with your “facts.” 

            It’s more like “iPhoneDoesnt” (He’s trolling with his username!  How can you take him seriously?) thinks only Apple sells devices for a profit and that they are the only “evil” corporation in the world.  Typical fanboy, Google is God and Apple is the devil. 

          • TheAndroid1

            You do realize how supply and demand works, don’t you?

            Apple’s not going to lose profit to be nice to the consumers who were willing to pay the original price anyway.  Apple is a business, businesses want to make the most money possible and that is exactly what they are doing.

        • kretz

          I’m a huge Android fan, but are you serious? Android phone manufactures release a “new” phone every freaking week with a .00001 Ghz faster processor and you have the nerve to criticize Apple for their “upgrade”? 

      • Anonymous

        Fanboy knows no logic. 

        • Said the iSheep

          • Anonymous

            Can you people come up with anything better?  Such a joke. 

          • I have given you MY REASONS why apple is a joke TO ME AND MANY and you are the one calling me names like fanboy and troll. You are the pathetic follower of an ancient religion that was appel. Now get back in line, iPhone 5 is launching in 8 months and it will be Steve Job’s greatest ‘last’ achievement before he passed!

          • Anonymous

            Your reasons are rooted in delusion and supported by fallacies. Typical fanboy, resort to personal attacks when they have NO argument.

          • You have resorted to name calling and attacking MY opinions which I have provided many valid reasons why Apple doesn’t light my FIRE. YOU.

            I have not attacked you in any way other than to point out that you are indeed a fanboy in iSheep’s clothing

          • Anonymous

            Oh, they are opinions now? I thought they were facts. Make up your mind fandroid!

            You keep bring up the Fire because of it’s manufacture cost vs. price but you don’t say how it is better than the iPad. Try starting there and we might be able to have a conversation.

          • I stated only 2 things as fact, the cost of the iPad and Fire. I haven’t said anything about the Fire other than amazon is taking a loss to get it into more hands. The rest are MY views on Apple and the way THEY choose to do business.

            It is pointless to debate with a iSheep so I will stop. I simply don’t like the way Apple does business, I’ve illustrated my reasons why and you have done nothing but flame me, thx but no thx now get back in line!

          • Anonymous

            You don’t like that Apple sells things for a profit. Got it. And manufacture cost explains jack. It’s not the only cost.

            It’s pointless to debate with a moron. Keep on martyring!

          • you are very angry aren’t you. You have flung names because you don’t like what I have to say? you are the names you fling. pathetic

          • Anonymous

            I thought you were done debating?

            The Fire is sold cheap to get people into the Amazon eco system and because it wouldn’t sell very well if it were more expensive. It is an entry level tablet, it clearly shows, and it isn’t in completion with the iPad so to even bring it up in comparison is useless. Bring up a real android tablet, not some thrown together plastic paperweight.

            Keep trying to make this about name calling and fanboyism because your argument doesn’t stand up to the real world. It’s not that I don’t like what you have to say, it’s that what you are saying in wrong.

            Start debating and grow a thick skin.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      pwned, it’s “pwned”

      • not in iPone world it isn’t

        • and it was also a reference from Scare Tactics “You just got BONED”

      • they’ll still sell more ipads….even if they are inferior

  • Hightop

    Just cancelled my transformer prime order

    • kretz

      If you’re serious, which I don’t think you are, you’ll never get a tablet with that type of mindset. Just buy the prime, enjoy it, and then bend over and take it when a faster tablet comes out the next week. 

      On another note, wouldn’t a tiny bezel actually be a nuisance and counterproductive? On current tablets, my fat fingers have a hard enough time not touching the screen.

    • Anonymous

      Its a Samsung, so no thanks. They could throw a 4Ghz dual-core Exynos and have 4D-ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!-LTE-KFC with smellovision and I still wouldnt want it. Every Samsung device Ive ever owned in my 28 years on this planet has been the biggest PIECE OF CRAP ever. 

      On another note I see a recall coming already. Seeing how many posts ive seen on the GSII where it overheats and shuts down if you do anything while charging it…..and thats only 1.2Ghz…..how do they expect to keep 2Ghz from blowing up? 

      • Realhavoc007

        well i have a sumsung galaxy tab 10.1 and its the best tablet by far. u cannot compare a phone with a tablet my friend. i sure there new tablet would be just as good but with some improvement it can be the best ever made.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how this will hold up against tegra 3?

    • Anonymous

      Faster very likely.  Dual A15s should outperform quad A9s and Samsung is stating well over twice the performance of the Mali-400 in the current Exynos.

  • Dual core?  Do they not have quad core Exynos releasing next year?

    • Stephen D

      Dual core CORTEX A15. Not A9. It’s next gen architecture. Dual A15s will be faster than quad A9s and use less power. 

    • Stanley

      Lets hope they save that for the SGS3. Because as tablets go this sounds tasty enough. And if samsung want their phone to lead the way like it did in 2011 they will need something special, and some extra ppi high-resolution and power. plus if they could go super amoled plus hd in that package it will be simply awesome. just hope they dont get to screen size happy, 4.5 – 4.7″ is on the edge.

  • Rob Becker

    Boom. Next gen.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve got my attention.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    A huge high res nice bright display…. but using a dual core chip in 2012? Not even using a more power & battery friendly quad-core??

    • EC8CH

      Come one now… let’s get off on the right foot here.

      Transformer Prime = Awesome

      This = Awesome as well (probably)

      • FortitudineVincimus

        You’ll be happy to know – or at least I was happy to know – due to my timing of my Amazon PO on the Prime, mine is still in the system as being delivered and not cancelled.

        • EC8CH

          That is awesome. I thought maybe they cancelled everybody’s PO.

          Like I said, if anyone deserves the first one, its you.

    • gregmr

      In some cases you’ll want the higher clock speed. A Samsung screen at that resolution is the killer deal with this one though

    • Anonymous

      A15’s are about twice as fast as the A9’s. Therefore, A15=2*A9 => 2*A15 = 4*A9….

      So, dualcore A15’s are as fast (if not faster) than 4 A9’s. Look it up.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I guess you missed the whole point of my post.. it was NOT a post about speed, it WAS a post about more efficient power management obtained by quad core chips. Power management to feed a hungry tablet.

        • Anonymous

          The fact that the Tegra 3 is quad core has nothing to do with power efficiency, it’s all about design features and die size.

    • Melissama

      Um, fortitardine, the exynos (and apple) dual core chips will be based off the next gen cortex A15 processor architecture and not the older A9 used in the Tegra 3 quad core.  The A15 dual cores clocked as 2Ghz will blow the Tegra 3 quad core out of the water.  The A15 has a much more efficient processor design.  Plus in the real world, my Transformer Prime is often laggy (may be honeycombs fault) and the wifi and gps blow.  I will be returning and using the funds for the new Samsung 11.6.

  • Anonymous

    i would purchase this.

  • EC8CH

    This is the reason I’m not totally sold on the Transformer yet.

    • Anonymous

      Asus will have better updates and support though. Hands down.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Hell, they are already prepping ICS and likely, already have it ready to roll.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I guess time will tell what “barely larger” means as there starts to be a tipping point where I would not be interested in carrying around a restaurant menu sized tablet.