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[Infographic] A Closer Look at Android’s 10 Billion App Downloads

All week, we have been celebrating the 10 billion app milestone that the Android Market achieved. 10 cent apps anyone? Yes, please.

If you were dying to find out more info on those 10 billion app downloads though, then the Android Developers team has you covered with one massive infographic. Stats that you will find include the most popular time to download apps, which countries download the most, which categories are the hottest, how many miles have been navigated on Google Maps, and how many cans have been knocked down playing Can Knockdown. Fun facts.

Full infographic after the break.  

Via:  Android Developers

  • Austin

    How about the number of android apps?

  • Anonymous

    Those Asian countries love them some apps

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    10 Billion downloads, 17 apps purchased.

  • Bb


  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if the 466,216 miles run by fieldrunner are scaled miles or actual miles.

  • HNicely69

    Hmmm…does this not include Verizon since they “don’t” use Carrier IQ?!?  Hahah

  • Anonymous

    Love it.  Great post!  Productivity app DLs are at 4.67% and Games are at 25.6%  We now know how much work is really getting done out there on those ‘Smart Phones’

  • Dominick DeVito

    The Quantity is great, now it’s time for the quality to catch-up.

    • Anonymous

      In an unbiased way. Seriously, not giving more props to Android or less to iOS. I don’t see the iOS applications/games being much higher quality at all. They’re pretty equal. Some are worse some are better. One example, I was playing with Spotify on my i*ad2 and the interface is almost unbearable compared to Android.

      • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

        You are just blind. IOS apps are 10 times better as far as glitching goes. Content is one thing, just plain don’t work, well that Android.

      • JMonkeYJ

        i agree in regards to apps, but iOS definitely gets the lion’s share of the top-tier games first and often exclusively. i really wish android had the game support of iOS.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else that #4 the American Android has the only mouth? not only that but is frowning? Whats up with that? Or maybe its a redneck stach?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        stache and beard

        • Anonymous

          Still havent shaved since Halloween. Going to run with it through the end of the year. I love my beard, face is so cold without it.

          • i just shaved mine this morning. i went from august 28th till today and decided to go with the stache

  • It’s great to see the growth of Android over the last 2 years. I remember when I first got my OG Droid and was jealous of some iOS apps but there isn’t that much anymore that’s exclusive to iOS that I find myself missing out on.

  • Captainhowdy13

    Wonder how many of those were “Big Breast WallPaper” or a virus… JK of course!

  • Jrummy16

    Interesting to see this compared to my own reports. For me, the time users download apps the most is Friday at 5pm. Monday at 4am sounds right for the least amount of downloads. The UK and Germany are at the top. I guess I better get some Korean translations.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to start downloading at 4 am on Mondays.

    • aventador779

      Faster speeds 😀

    • dammit now everyone is going to start downloading at 4am. Way to tell everyone bravoleader, droidlife and Google. gah. lol

  • Love it

  • Kris Brandt


    Oh, Android…how much you’ve grown….