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Video: Motorola Shows Off Splash Guard Coating on the XYBOARD


In other non-Galaxy Nexus related news, how about that splash coating that Motorola is putting on all of their products these days? If you were looking for a device that has been released when it was supposed to and not delayed 10 times can withstand a beer spill or a quick splash of your child’s juice, you may want to think about the DROID XYBOARD or RAZR. In the video above, Moto demos their water resistant coating, while reminding you that just one droplet can ruin it all.

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  • Justin Kos

    moto makes great electronics and horrid ones at the same time

  • Anonymous

    This is why i love Motorola, they seem to be three steps ahead of everybody.

  • No

    will it help all those flushed locked bootloader p.o.s..

  • eddieonofre

    now its tiem to make an example by putting teh tablet inside a swiming pool

  • Anonymous

    My kids splashed water on my RAZR yesterday, phone took it like a champ, no issues.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone tried putting Rain-X on their phones? I’m sure it wouldnt last as long, but might be the same effect

    • Dylan Blom

      pretty sure it would wear off after a while because it is just a thin wax coating. and after touching it for a day it would completely be gone

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    This coating rubs off in a few weeks.

    • Anonymous

      It seems that mctypethings hurt your feelings pretty bad. Look at what you are doing lol?

  • Anonymous

    Motorola once again doing hardware right . . . now we just need the hardware guys to start convincing the software guys to give the people what they want.

    • Anonymous

      Owww you are not satisfy with their new moto UI. I do not care if ICS comes in 4 to 5 months. I will enjoy the second best skin, which moto has it right now 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I actually rather like the stock UI on the RAZR; I just want the option of running vanilla or, at the very least, of flashing my own kernel. That encrypted signature is the real killer.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty sweet stuff. I’ve always thought that with all TS devices it should be easier to make them water proof. I guess water resistant is a step in the right direction

  • jam120992

    the music sounds like it was stolen from the social network’s film score 

  • Anonymous

    The music is straight out of an 80s workout VHS video…

  • Dshudson

    Can it withstand being shi* on? 

    • Anonymous

      Well, Moto did that by encrypting the bootloader’s signature, so I guess so.

      For serious, though, I already dropped my RAZR in the snow will zero ill effects (other than my heart stopping for a minute or so).

  • Shaggygobie

    -_- I thought this was a nice community. I was wrong *facepalm*

    • Anonymous

      It used to be…..  Just wait till the quad cores drop and everyone starts flaming all other phones including this beloved nexus…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • I guarantee someone bitches about this.. and makes some snooty anti-motorola remark and then probably finishes with a I WANT MY GALAXY NEXUS remark.

    freagin nerdsheep.

  • Ike

    They should use a Never Wet coating. That stuff is crazy.

  • If only that tablet had a name that wouldn’t make me embarrassed to say it in front of others…

  • Cool just tried this with my Razr! Now where is my Nexus without nano-coating?

  • Zebra

    Now if only Moto wouldn’t design their products to be all cornered/jagged and ugly. 

    • Anonymous

      You are clueless.

  • Anonymous

    I wish my Xoom had this. Can I send it in to Moto for an upgrade?

  • Shaggygobie

    Interesting, but where can I buy this coating myself? That way I can put it in my own devices. It’s got to be available to the public..

    • Earl Echols

      Probably not since the process requires the product to be put inside a vacuum chamber hit with plasma, then a monomer coating…

  • Anonymous

    I bet it cannot repel this:

  • No one cares. Go find out whats up the Gnex

    • OG Droid

      Thank you. No one cares about this crap, except that loser douche Angelface.

      • Anonymous

        look who is talking about loser lol. I like when you keep making me famous. Your nexus will not be release Friday lol. What about that for bad news for you?

    • noboby cares about all you galaxy nexus trolls. i have an original droid and have been with this site from the beginning. i dont really ever comment because i normally dont have anything to add or have any questions. looks like youre in the same proverbial boat… unless this was sarcasm, which i doubt.

    • Anonymous

      You care alot. You are on this post fool lol.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t care about this.

    • I actually thought it was pretty cool – it’s a nice break from pointless Nexus post after pointless Nexus post