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Verizon: We are Not Blocking Google Wallet, Viewed Differently Than Other Apps

The Android world was furious last night when word broke that Google Wallet would not be available to the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus. The reasons for this move were not all that surprising with the ISIS NFC payment system from VZW, T-Mobile and AT&T on the way, but people still have the right to be frustrated.

Words like “block” that were used to describe the situation appear to have hit a nerve with VZW. In a statement released within the last few minutes, they want to make it clear that they do not “block” apps (except for tethering apps of course). They also want you to understand that Google Wallet is not like the rest of the apps in the world as it does not simply access the OS or basic hardware of your phone. Instead it needs to be securely integrated into a hardware element of your phone, something they are not comfortable with yet.

Full statement after the break.  

Recent reports that Verizon is blocking Google Wallet on our devices are false. Verizon does not block applications.

Google Wallet is different from other widely-available m-commerce services. Google Wallet does not simply access the operating system and basic hardware of our phones like thousands of other applications. Instead, in order to work as architected by Google, Google Wallet needs to be integrated into a new, secure and proprietary hardware element in our phones.

We are continuing our commercial discussions with Google on this issue.

So while they continue having “commercial” discussions with Google over Wallet, we should point out that Google pointed the finger directly at Verizon for this app being left out of the phone. That’s right, even earlier this morning a Google rep had this to say to CNET:

Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product

Whoever is to blame, I’d say we are a long way from seeing it officially supported. Politics. Fun.

Cheers Mark, Tekroo, Tyler and Mike!

  • Anonymous

    How about… not buying from them…? Use another provider? It’s not that hard.

  • Go to hell Verizon.


    hmmm, testing to see if this works… root the galaxy nexus… install market enabler… choose sprint as the carrier…see if it appears in the market…gonna try it because i don’t feel like installing modcao’s rom…no offense, i just want to keep my regular updates without rooting personally but i’ll do it for this…

  • Anonymous

    BS. It taps into NFC like a multitude of apps do and will that Verizon will have no problem with.  They probably would have been better off not saying anything.

    I do put part of the blame on Google, Wallet is only available on the Nexus S 4G to begin with anyway, is it even on the GSM Galaxy Nexus? Once Google makes it an app on the Android market that works with any phone with NFC then people can start raging at Verizon but as it is now, I don’t have much of a problem with it.

  • bedoya

    Can’t you just APK it on to the Phone

  • whoster69

    Screw Verizon.  This is why we need phones not tied to carriers.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not worried at all. I give it a week before someone manages to side-load wallet on this device.

  • Anonymous


    • The caged bird sings.

      Kudos to apple, they don’t allowed carriers to dictate to them on what they should and shouldn’t put in their phone. AT&T tried with the 4g logo on the iPhone 4s, and apple told them to go fu. Ck themselves. Google is a carrier’ puppet. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    Totally VZW

  • Anonymous


  • George_B1981

    At this point I am just going to wait for AT&T to release the Galaxy Nexus, yes I said it….. Screw Verizon, I am taking my $650 else where…… It just seems to me that Verizon is doing everything in their power to ensure the Nexus fails, why? Because they don’t have as much control over as they do with phones from HTC and Motorola……

  • iCrap

    Like I said in a different post it would not surprise me if this is the last Nexus phone Google will give Verizon for a very long time.

    • James Pelaccio

      If this phone ships under the present circumstances then Verizon may never see a true Nexus device ever.

  • James Pelaccio

    So what this is telling me is that the Nexus name on this device is officially devoid of all meaning. Verizon is not getting a Google Nexus device in the traditional sense. Now that I’ve wrapped my head around that I’m over it, as I will definitely be rooting and Verizon shall be thwarted!

  • Tim242

    Tethering apps are no longer blocked for me.

  • should read: “we arent blocking it we just didnt allow it on the phone” …two totally different things there.

  • Anonymous

    So it sounds like they’re saying that they’re not blocking Google Wallet.  They just haven’t approved it yet and are not letting it be activated on the phone………….  Huh?
    In other words, because we didn’t allow it to be put on the phone doesn’t mean that we didn’t allow them to put it on the phone…

  • bigrob60

    I hate politics.

  • Anthony Vella

    Verizon does not block applications.

    Isn’t that statement spoken by Verizon actually allow for a lawsuit for mis-communication and opposition against their own actions? AKA blocking tethering apps.

    • Tim242

      Tethering apps are no longer blocked for me.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon: We’re not blocking it per se. We’re just making it unavailable for always and eternity. Totally not blocking it, though.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon is proven to block numerous apps, so you can call BS right there.

    Second, I don’t need my Wireless ISP to be “comfortable” with the configuration of MY device, any more than I need my wired ISP to be comfortable with the hardware and software I install in my desktop PC.

    I swear, every statement from Verizon just makes me hate them all the more. They are so transparent. What they need to be comfortable is a mafia style cut of the action from any NFC transactions. These are the “commercial discussions that are occurring.

    • Anthony Vella

      No the commercial discussions are how can we legally tax all purchases made through NFC to ruin the idea and make us more money. Its pathetic, American companies are rich bastards that don’t look to their customers, its all about the green. Soon you’ll also see 10 senators get paid off to pass a bill allowing Wireless Companies regulation on mobile purchases.

  • Anonymous

    Does this really matter?  Most of us that visit this site will have it Unlocked, Custom recovery and ROM’ed anyway so we will effectively circumvent Verizon’s nonsense anyway….

  • You know who else has had their nerves touched? Every damn Verizon customer waiting for an official launch date of the Galaxy Nexus. They sure responded to this quickly, now respond to our launch date demand dumbasses!