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Two New Galaxy Nexus Dates Echo Our Previously Reported December 9 Launch

In case you missed our report from last Friday, we were told by a number of reliable sources that December 9 would likely be the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. We mentioned that it sounded odd being a Friday and all, but that was what we were hearing over and over again. So last night and this morning, two new reports surfaced that echo that same date. I don’t want to say that it has been signed, sealed and delivered, but it is certainly looking like we are close to closing this deal.

Stores should be receiving there shipments over the next couple of days (seen here), and then from there it is anyone’s guess if Verizon is going to announce anything. We have heard rumors that this one may just sneak by with a slight nod from VZW PR and nothing more. Then again, we could hear something official this afternoon. You just never know anymore, especially when it comes to this phone.

Price is almost guaranteed to be $299 on-contract for the 32GB version. 

On a related note, we also have a DROID 4 launch date mention in the screenshot above. We had previously reported back in November that December 8 could be the launch of this phone, but have since been told differently. Tough to imagine that Verizon would launch the D4 in two days without having mentioned it even once. They just announced their new XYBOARDs and white RAZR this morning – seems like that would have been a perfect time to mention a phone that would be out on Thursday. It could still happen, but the chances of it getting bumped to later in the month are pretty good. December 22 is what we are hearing as a current target.

*Note – Yes, the screenshot above says “12/8/2011” for the Nexus, but it is referring to when marketing materials will go up.

*Note 2 – Why does that screenshot say “EVO 4G LTE Smartphone”? It could be a marketing term.

Via:  Engadget, RootzWiki

  • Stopped into one of the Verizon stores in Chicago’s loop just now on my lunch break and spoke to the manager.  He basically “confirmed” this saying that I could come get the GNex at 9 am on Friday. I know everyone already knows this now but still nice to get a little extra confirmation.

  • Anonymous

    No date confirmed yet – but my friend just texted me that his store received the Nexi 5 minutes ago!!

    • Anonymous

      Where do you live and how easy to convince is your friend?

      • Anonymous

        Upstate Central NY – Just talked to him again and he said they will be on sale Friday… Said he can’t give me mine early because of loosing his job…blah blah blah… Looks like I will be waiting till Friday morning… Such a long time away….

  • forgive me for not having the know-how to find the proper answer for this…but is the galaxy nexus a world phone when its lte, or no?

    • In general the answer to your question is “No.”  You would not expect a Verizon LTE phone to work on the GSM network in Europe, which is largely what people are talking about when discussing a “world phone.”  A “world phone” is just about synonymous with “GSM phone.”

      • well i’m not expecting their lte to work there, moreover i’m expecting SOME service, not just a blank void of nothing like my droid-x. 

        i travel a lot, and might be spending three months in europe coming next year, and it would be nice to not have to rent a phone or be completely screwed. if my phone worked and i could just deal with some sort of roaming (most specifically maps and google search, and text messaging), that would be killer. 

        • what i’m also questioning is i’ve seen all this crap about how awesome the antenna’s are in the nexus, so…i’m wondering if it’ll cover all bands, including gsm roaming, or no.

    • Joe

      There has been no indication that the Nexus has global GSM. It only has CDMA/EVDO and LTE. The only Verizon LTE phone to indicate global GSM capabilities is the Droid 4. I guess you’ll just have to decide what’s more important to you. 

      • but would the unlocked hspa+ version work both here and overseas?

        • Joe

          If you import the unlocked GSM/HSPA (no LTE) version then you could use it here with AT&T or T-Mobile (need to verify if it supports T-Mobile’s 3G frequency but 2G and voice works for sure) and overseas. It will not work on Verizon at all.

  • David Verba

    Personally, I think they are doing a type of guerrilla advertising. Look at all this hype around this phone – you can’t buy this type of advertising.  Like Blair Witch Project.  Hell, I’d put money that Verizon is the one’s who leaked much of this crap we are seeing.  We created this hype – and if you stand back and look at everything – it makes a LOT of sense…..

    • Mark Wilk

      I don’t think Verizon is smart enough for that.

  • David Verba

    Personally, I think they

  • Scott

    Will be the Verizon GNex be GSM compatible?

    • Tblain

      Verizon does not use GSM.

      • Scott

        A Verizon employee told me last week that the iPhone 4S had a sim card. Trying to confirm the global capabilty for the GNex since my family travels a lot internationally.

        • Steve

          The Nexus does not have global GSM capability. The Droid 4 has global GSM though.

          • Scott

            Ugh!  I don’t want another Motorola product.

  • Tblain

    What I am wondering is what all the Android blog sites are going to write about after the GN is released and the reviews and battery life articles have been posted. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for this device to come out and will likely make a bee-line to my nearest VZW store Friday morning to try to get my hands on it, but really, I think we are starting to reach an overkill on the GN posts. I am caring less and less about the leaked “info” because it has been nothing but a chain around my neck yanking me around. I just can’t take it anymore! 

    Ok, i lied, maybe just one more.

  • Djwatson217

    My Rep just told me they got them in the store today.

  • Anonymous

    Well….damnit, it’s about damn time!! YEEHAW!!

  • Aids Lolaids

    I swear to god if they delay the Galaxy Nexus to sell white RAZRs…

  • Paul

    Hoping the D4 comes out on the 8th.

  • Anonymous

    I was super pumped for this, but the development on the ICS port for the Bionic is going so fast I think I will have a fully functioning ICS phone before this ever hits US retail shelves. I think the only things left to get working are 3G/4G, sound, and the cameras. The rate he/they have been flying through the rest of the stuff to get working leaves me no doubt it will be ready by weeks end. At least a V1.0 where everything works and just needs to be fine tuned and optimized.

  • this is obviously a fake, as it refers to a phone that Verizon doesn’t sell, the EVO.  Why would everything else in the post be using real phone names, yet all of a sudden they use some inside marketing code word that just happens to be the name of a big phone on another carrier?  makes no sense.  fake.

    • Cam

      It does if this is a 3rd party retailer (Best Buy, etc), not an actual VZW store.

  • Djlowproz

    so droid 4 before g-nex maybe the droid x3 will comeout also before the g-nex js…

  • Dshudson

    If I had a dime for every GNEX release date post.. I could buy one at full retail. 

  • timmy13

    Pre order online on the 9th without an actual release date? Just spoke with a Verizon rep. Is this true Kellex?

  • PowerCouplers

    Am I the only one excited that the new power couplers came out?

  • Rob Becker

    Does midnight on the 8th sound ok with everyone?

  • Vaglvr

    a week ago i gave up on waiting for this thing. and now i’m in love, all over again. i’m charging this baby to my bill…sorry i need money for christmas shopping this month.

  • Stating El Obvious

    LOL @ Previously Reported…

    • Mctypething

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. “Previously reported” aka – posting every iteration of any release date rumor regardless of the quality of the source and the viability of the date. Real reporting implies you did a damn thing to arrive at the information and verify it’s accuracy.

      • Anonymous


        • Mctypething

          u mad bro? u getting the Transformer Prime?

          • Anonymous

            Nope. I’m getting a bucket full of rubber d*cks instead…you know….for my butt.

  • Doug

    How many people will camp outside verizon Thursday night so they wont have to wait an additional 2-4 weeks on the verizon wait-list of horror?

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! Droid 4! The phone I’ve been waiting for…

  • gadgetryan

    anyone know if we can get this via the verizon wireless web? 

  • Bfirebird101

    I love how there is a Galaxy Nexus ad directly to the left of this typing box, but when I click on it, there isn’t any more information than what Kellex can give us…. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Re note 2, it looks like they’re saying Evo 4G wall graphics will be “refreshed” with the nexus, meaning the Nexus posters will replace the Evo.  That’s my read, at least…

    • Mark Wilk

      Yeah but Verizon doesn’t sell the Evo, Sprint does.

      • Anonymous

        Good point.  I wonder if Verizon refers to anything else as Evo, though that seems unlikely.  Is this for a third-party store that sells for multiple carriers?

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Looks like the EVO 4G mention is telling them to take down the EVO wall ads and replace them with GNex ones. “Refreshed” is PR speak for “Replaced” in retail.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Every time I get to a computer, this is exactly what I do:

    1. open Firefox
    2. type in http://www.droid-life.com
    3. crtl+t
    4. type in http://www.phandroid.com
    5. ctrl+t
    6. type in http://www.engadget.com
    7. then press F5 forever

    • i like where you’re going with this but it needs to be chrome. no phandroid either. the verge also makes the list

    • you know there are add-ons for firefox that will reload your pages for you.

    • Anonymous

      Turn your computer off and go outside. Have a catch, throw a frisbee, ride a bike….

      • BloodyWanker

        In the snow, bro?

        • Anonymous

          Yes bro, snow frisbee is the tits.

          • Jason

            I’d rather just grab tits

          • Bob


    • joder

      Glad to know I’m not alone… sad I know.

    • Ed

      what you should do is set all three as home pages like me (plus a few other android websites) so you don’t have to always open those tabs

      I open chrome and just watch all the pages load.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize there are programs that let you subscribe to RSS feeds, right?

      • BloodyWanker

        Nice name.. I am a blog.gawker guy myself

      • babadush

        Google reader is one

    • Tre

      You’re working too hard there. Here’s a better way to accomplish this routine:

      1) Download the ReloadEvery extension for FF.
      2) Open up those sites in 3 tabs. Right click on each and choose Pin Tab.
      3) Right click on each page and choose Reload Every and choose the number of seconds you want the site to reload.

      So, next time you turn on your computer and open up FF, all of those sites will be available automagically.

    • Anonymous

      my.yahoo.com is what I use, and I have the entire Android spectrum on a single page. Woot Woot!

    • Anonymous

      I do the exact same thing, well I get it done a little faster though (I use Google Chrome)

  • Im sure the EVO is just abbreviated for some marketing materials. Electronic Video O something, etc.. 

  • stealthvoodoo

    “Evo” refers to the style of signage.

    There is “Legacy” and “Evo” (short for Evolution). Evo is basically just the new all white, smooth curvy lines stuff. You’ll notice they make mention to both styles in that same paragraph.

    It’s not a 3rd party, necessarily, it’s just a reference to how the different styles will be handled.

  • Poopoo

    Evo references the type of store it is. Evolution or legacy.

  • Anonymous

    People having “dreams” about this phone do realize in a month or 2 other phones will have ICS and then this phone is just another phone


      dominick… is that you???

      • Anonymous

        It has to be. The username name confirms it.

      • Dominick DeVito

        He’s in love with me apparently. My #1 fan. He told me he keeps my picture by his bed.

    • Binglut9

      too bad they all will have skins

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Another NEXUS phone.  That has no garbage apps, no crappy vendor skins, and will receive the latest OS upgrades first while those other phones wait 6 months to get them, if they get them at all. Take the time to learn about what your’re trolling about and you will know why we want this device.

    • Anonymous

      But are they nexus phones?  Part of the allure is that this will get updates directly from Google and in a timely manner.  The Moto and HTC and other Samsungs will get ICS, and sure there will be better specced hardware out in a month.  But all of those you’re in the same boat as now – locked up and forced to wait on the manufacturers for updates.  To me the Nexus is the true Android match for the iPhone experience.  Who knows what Google will have cooked up for it over the next couple of years?

    • xyzlene

      will the other phones running ics be locked??? will the ota’s come directly from google. UMMMMMMMMMM NO!

  • Anonymous

    “this one may just sneak by with a slight nod from VZW PR and nothing more.”    pffft … I doubt it will even get that.  I have never seen such a reluctant product launch. 

  • RE: Note 2: If you read on it says they will refresh the EVO 4G wall graphics with G-Nex images.  It’s pretty common to reuse wall graphics templates for similar products (meaning 4G phone, similar size, etc.).  


    any sources for Costco’s release date and accessory pack???

    • B_Friday_is_back

      Maybe a $50 deal, like the HTC Rezound had on black Friday???

      • TROLOLOL

        i would love to have an extra battery pack/battery charge dock

  • Anonymous

    I’m so excited for Friday!

    • Anonymous


      • Mark Wilk

        7am waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta wait in line…

      • bigrob60


  • It’s weird that supposedly this phone is 3 days away and Verizon has still yet to announce it. 

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s not really 3 days away.

    • Jason

      VZW has done it before, announce it either the day of or the day before. I should get a job at there marketing firm, seems like it would be a pretty easy job. “Your phone came out”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve literally had dreams about this phone the past two nights. It’s bothering me at this point. I wonder how much it will be off contract at Verizon stores?

    • To funny! I had a dream about this phone last night.. Wife said im jacked up..

  • Anonymous

    Why is there no screenshot justifying the 9th?

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Did anyone else stop reading at “On a related note, we also have a Droid 4…”, comment and then go back to reading? 

    • Dirk Diggler

      Kellex, time to make the name change from droid-life.com to nexus-life.com 😀

      • TROLOLOL

        then back to droid-life after the nexus is released.

      • Kevoskee

        Hey man, get a life. How about you make that website getalife.com and stop talking about a verizon blog site please 

        • Dirk Diggler

          It wasn’t a negative comment you big fat troll. I just feel the Droid series is selling out now, and nexus products gives us that feel of the OG Droid.

          • xyzlene

            really. you just came to that grand epiphany now??? droid fell off once the droid x was released… the bloat and blur sealed the deal.

            been talking about the nexus line for the past year on this site, and now people are listenin’

          • Dirk Diggler

            No, I guess I have just been in my own little bubble. I have been happy with my OG on Cyanogenmod 6 for the past two years. So I guess I was just speaking about the current phone market as opposed to the market two years ago.

        • TheAndroid1

          Darn, it’s already taken. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I skipped the paragraphs about the Nexus and went straight to the Droid 4 info. 🙂

  • Bfirebird101


    • Anonymous

      The Terminators love when you people drool over metal and circuit boards. C’mon.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Heck freakin’ yeah! Gimme that phone for crying out loud! 

  • Notsurprised

    how can this be credible with the mention of a EVO 4G LTE smartphone.  that’s a sprint phone

    • TheGuest

      Its a 3rd party store obviously. They are using the same poster on the wall or some shit. Who has two thumbs and doesn’t care because I am getting mine online… *This Guy*

      • Yea but looks like if the date is correct there will not be any pre-orders on this one

    • stealthvoodoo

      “Evo” refers to style of display. There is Legacy and Evo. So they’re referring to the new “Evo” 4G LTE display

  • Ngalarza10

    December 9th definitely looks good for Galaxy Nexus, I contacted Wirefly about the Galaxy Nexus (seeing if they would offer any discounts to me as a FedEx Employee), they said they could not confirm a price but they would be receiving the phone on the 9th. I don’t know how to post my e-mail, nor do I really want to for privacy reasons but here’s the copy-paste text of what the rep said:

    “Thank you for choosing the sales department. Yes we will be getting the
    phone on the 9th don’t know how much the phone will be however. I can be reach  at
    703-657-4325 if you have anymore questions

    thanks again,

    • Anonymous

      Everybody call Antoinette!!

    • TheGuest

      I am going to “reach” her !!!

  • EVO 4G LTE mention?

    Must not be official VZW internal.  Probably 3rd party retail locations…

  • Jose Avila

    WTH is going on is it tthe 8th or 9th?

  • tjmonkey15

    Every time I read an article that doesn’t say “THE NEXUS HAS BEEN RELEASED,” I die a little inside.


      then you’ve been dead for a while. HEEEYOOOoooooooo

    • Benjamin Mackie

      I really dont understand why VZW doesnt make it official, make it available for preorders now? Why all the hype? This isnt a damn iPhone. Easily they have at least 10 million people who are willing to spend $300 for a new phone and renew their contract. Thats a cool 3million, and a ton of contracts signed. Why do they not want that?

      • TROLOLOL

        easy. they now don’t have to spend a dime on marketing.

        • tjmonkey15

          Yep.  Us diehard Android/Nexus people will buy the phone regardless of how little advertising they use, so why bother spending the big bucks.  Everyone’s already buying Droids out the yin yang, but now they’re making the super nerds happy with a Nexus phone, so everyone wins, right?

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Knowing what I do about corporate sales, I am betting Google didn’t pay them any money to market the phone beyond posters and in-store stuff, so we aren’t going to see big ads like we do with the Moto phones.  They will instead just put the phone on the shelves, and let the walk-ins and employees sell it.

          Besides, what’s VZW going to say in their ads? “Buy this phone, it doesn’t have any of our crap on it and never will”?

          • Jason

            So the manufacturer has to pay the carrier to advertise the phone? I would think if the carrier buys the phone from the manufacturer they would want to advertise and sell it so they don’t loose money? I don’t know sh!t about this so that is what I came up with in my head. No clue if it’s right

          • Jeremy Turnley

            It’s complicated.  From what I understand of the relationships, there is up front money exchanged for exclusives from both sides (Verizon has lots of different budget lines, like any big company – marketing and vendors are not likely coming fromt he same pot internally).  Moto fronts some money to VZW to carry their devices, which covers initial outlay for device orders and marketing, then both of them make money on sales afterwards.  Verizon might pump more money into marketing on a device that they will make more per unit on than one they don’t, but that up front exchange has a lot to do with it – look at the difference in promotion between the Rezound and the Razer. 

            In the end though, all the power is in the carrier’s hands – manufacturers need the carriers to sell their units in the US (and Europe nowadays, too – the market there is looking more and more like the one here every day).  The carriers, on the other hand, have a dozen or more manufacturers to choose from, so they really can put the screws to them.  Moto and VZW must have qute the give and take relationship given how much of Moto’s market VZW controls.

      • 10 million vzw nexus sales.. hahahahahahaha

      • I think they are busy pushing the DROID brand and really don’t want to push this device because of how open it is. Very sad.

        • Anonymous

          According to the Verizon rep I spoke to yesterday, your theory is 100% accurate. She said they don’t want to market the Nexus too much and have it take away from potential RAZR or Rezound sales.

      • Go_back_to_school

        I think your math is off- did you mean 10K???

  • BillyT

    Any online ordering information yet?  Same as stores, the 9th?  3:00 AM?

  • So does anyone know if the 16GB will be released as well on the same date for $199?

    • PaulD

      As a broke college student, I was wondering that myself.

      • Justin Kos

        dont spend so much on beer and weed for a week and youll be fine

        •  What fun would a new nexus be without beer and weed?

    • user01

      The rumors/tips are leaning towards there being no 16GB version for Verizon…only 32GB @ $299.  Though, there’s always the possibility of an intro sale…one rumor floating around said 32GB introduced @ $199 (limited time special)

      • Anonymous

        I would love that to be true. If it’s $299 I might wait a bit and hope a deal pops up in a couple weeks. But I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a 32GB version at $199.

  • Anonymous

    What is that EVO 4G LTE Reference?

    • Anonymous

      It says to replace the EVO signage with Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Makes sense… I guess someone didn’t get the Memo that the EVO is a WImaxx device… I’m guessing it’s not a Corporate store.

  • Anonymous

    any thoughts as to the “12/8 afternoon soft launch” rumors? either way, I’m going to be in a corporate store on the 8th trying to get my grubby fingers on a GNex, but if you told me it was worth it, I’d feel less like a moron…

    • Jeremy Turnley

      I am swinging in after work as well, even if I have to come back the next day.  I am becoming less and less happy with my Rezound every second – the thing sure is slow for being the fastest clocked phone on the market, and the data connection decides it’s not going to work at least once a day – and it’s in the OS, not the hardware becuae it will do it whether it’s on 3G, 4G or even WiFi.  What a POS.

  • it says EVO 4G LTE in the galaxy nexus screen.

    • OreoMan

      I noticed the same thing.

  • Really hoping this wait is over soon.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Wait, I dont see the Asus Prime release dated listed there?

  • Derp

    Called my local corporate store today and she told me to check the website for info and that she didn’t know anything about it.  :/

    • Because nearly all VW employees are morons when it comes to this stuff.  Not once have I ever gone into one of their stores and been able to ask a legitimate question about something other than “How do I turn this thing on?”.  And when they don’t know, they make shit up.  This has happened to me just as often.  That is one of the reasons I stayed away from android for a while because the employees didn’t really know what it was.  This will be my first android phone and I couldn’t be more excited.

      • Vaglvr

        i’ve never asked for anything about my new phones with those store monkeys. that’s why it pays to read forums, blogs and watch videos pertaining to what model you’re looking at. 

  • Anonymous

    Pocket Book Ready? Oh ya!!!

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG (little girls voice and waving both hands)

    • bigrob60

      All I can think about is the wrestling South Park episode. Right when they find out a WWE scout is there.