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Two New Galaxy Nexus Dates Echo Our Previously Reported December 9 Launch

In case you missed our report from last Friday, we were told by a number of reliable sources that December 9 would likely be the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. We mentioned that it sounded odd being a Friday and all, but that was what we were hearing over and over again. So last night and this morning, two new reports surfaced that echo that same date. I don’t want to say that it has been signed, sealed and delivered, but it is certainly looking like we are close to closing this deal.

Stores should be receiving there shipments over the next couple of days (seen here), and then from there it is anyone’s guess if Verizon is going to announce anything. We have heard rumors that this one may just sneak by with a slight nod from VZW PR and nothing more. Then again, we could hear something official this afternoon. You just never know anymore, especially when it comes to this phone.

Price is almost guaranteed to be $299 on-contract for the 32GB version. 

On a related note, we also have a DROID 4 launch date mention in the screenshot above. We had previously reported back in November that December 8 could be the launch of this phone, but have since been told differently. Tough to imagine that Verizon would launch the D4 in two days without having mentioned it even once. They just announced their new XYBOARDs and white RAZR this morning – seems like that would have been a perfect time to mention a phone that would be out on Thursday. It could still happen, but the chances of it getting bumped to later in the month are pretty good. December 22 is what we are hearing as a current target.

*Note – Yes, the screenshot above says “12/8/2011” for the Nexus, but it is referring to when marketing materials will go up.

*Note 2 – Why does that screenshot say “EVO 4G LTE Smartphone”? It could be a marketing term.

Via:  Engadget, RootzWiki

  • Stopped into one of the Verizon stores in Chicago’s loop just now on my lunch break and spoke to the manager.  He basically “confirmed” this saying that I could come get the GNex at 9 am on Friday. I know everyone already knows this now but still nice to get a little extra confirmation.

  • Anonymous

    No date confirmed yet – but my friend just texted me that his store received the Nexi 5 minutes ago!!

    • Anonymous

      Where do you live and how easy to convince is your friend?

      • Anonymous

        Upstate Central NY – Just talked to him again and he said they will be on sale Friday… Said he can’t give me mine early because of loosing his job…blah blah blah… Looks like I will be waiting till Friday morning… Such a long time away….

  • forgive me for not having the know-how to find the proper answer for this…but is the galaxy nexus a world phone when its lte, or no?

    • In general the answer to your question is “No.”  You would not expect a Verizon LTE phone to work on the GSM network in Europe, which is largely what people are talking about when discussing a “world phone.”  A “world phone” is just about synonymous with “GSM phone.”

      • well i’m not expecting their lte to work there, moreover i’m expecting SOME service, not just a blank void of nothing like my droid-x. 

        i travel a lot, and might be spending three months in europe coming next year, and it would be nice to not have to rent a phone or be completely screwed. if my phone worked and i could just deal with some sort of roaming (most specifically maps and google search, and text messaging), that would be killer. 

        • what i’m also questioning is i’ve seen all this crap about how awesome the antenna’s are in the nexus, so…i’m wondering if it’ll cover all bands, including gsm roaming, or no.

    • Joe

      There has been no indication that the Nexus has global GSM. It only has CDMA/EVDO and LTE. The only Verizon LTE phone to indicate global GSM capabilities is the Droid 4. I guess you’ll just have to decide what’s more important to you. 

      • but would the unlocked hspa+ version work both here and overseas?

        • Joe

          If you import the unlocked GSM/HSPA (no LTE) version then you could use it here with AT&T or T-Mobile (need to verify if it supports T-Mobile’s 3G frequency but 2G and voice works for sure) and overseas. It will not work on Verizon at all.

  • David Verba

    Personally, I think they are doing a type of guerrilla advertising. Look at all this hype around this phone – you can’t buy this type of advertising.  Like Blair Witch Project.  Hell, I’d put money that Verizon is the one’s who leaked much of this crap we are seeing.  We created this hype – and if you stand back and look at everything – it makes a LOT of sense…..

    • Mark Wilk

      I don’t think Verizon is smart enough for that.

  • David Verba

    Personally, I think they

  • Scott

    Will be the Verizon GNex be GSM compatible?

    • Tblain

      Verizon does not use GSM.

      • Scott

        A Verizon employee told me last week that the iPhone 4S had a sim card. Trying to confirm the global capabilty for the GNex since my family travels a lot internationally.

        • Steve

          The Nexus does not have global GSM capability. The Droid 4 has global GSM though.

          • Scott

            Ugh!  I don’t want another Motorola product.